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Bush DAB+/FM Digital Radio $12.20, Bush DAB+ FM Clock Radio $16.60 + More @ Dick Smith


Pretty good price for this, probably won't last long
Bush DAB+/FM Digital Radio $12.20
Bush BCR35DABW DAB+ Digital and FM Radio $21.55 OUT OF STOCK
Bush DAB+ FM Clock Radio $16.60
Bush BR30DABAM Digital Radio with AM/FM Tuner $17.45 OUT OF STOCK
Bush TR82 Retro DAB+ Radio $22.55 OUT OF STOCK
HP Deskjet 2131 MF Printer $27

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  • -1

    No AC adaptor?

    • +1

      Bad specs on Dick Smith page.

      It also says No DAB, NO FM… so a missing AC adapter wouldn't make much difference.

      User manual says it's included.


      • I searched for the model on Google Images and it seems like it's usually packaged with an adaptor. Fingers crossed. :)

    • +1

      Manual says it's included.

      (Oops, I should have refreshed page before posting..)

  • That does seem like a good price for the Digital Radio.

  • Cheers, Just did two for click 'n collect!

    • -2

      How? No click and collect option

      • +5

        There is a Click N Collect option.

        • -1

          Not on the mobile site

        • +2

          @jv: When it comes to shopping mobile sites suck major

        • @TRENT86:

          When it comes to shopping mobile sites suck major

          It was impossible to place on order on my iphone…

        • @TRENT86: When it comes to shopping mobile sites suck major

  • +1

    $10 shipping. :(

  • 11.95 shipping for me. Not available at any stores near enough to make it worth while !

  • +2

    Lol, if you buy 9 of them, you can save $20 by using RACE20 promo (for $20 off a $99 spend)
    that'd make them $9.97 each….
    current sell price on Ebay is around the $50 mark,

    Hmm, where's Broden!

    • Where are the t&cs for this promo code?

  • +1

    Excellent price for the DAB radio. I purchased one recently from the Good Guys 20% off eBay deal and was happy with that price ($48 - 20%). The quality beats the Kmart $35 one. Plenty available for click and collect around Sydney so just ordered a spare.

    • +1

      A spare radio? Great idea!

  • Bush used to be a decent brand, not sure about these days. Haven't had one for quite a while.

    • +1

      When I worked at DS a couple years ago these were nothing special, but not bad either. Did the job at an inoffensive price.

  • +1

    Just added some more cheap models :)

  • +1

    Bush DAB+/FM Digital Radio

    Own one. The AC adaptor cable broke/frayed on the plug end. It is a decent radio, but the cable is pretty flimsy. Always use batteries for it now.

    • How fast do they run out?

  • Great for kris kringle!

  • thanks op. didn't need one but got one anyway.

  • The DAB radio with AM/FM is out of stock

  • First two are gone. Only clock radios left.

    • That was quick. Just as I was deciding which one to buy and then BAM!

  • Thinking of getting one of these. Just wondering if anybody has tried any of these bush radios and what the sound quality is like.

  • I don't know which model to buy lol. Two of them look like alarm clocks, which is not my thing. Does digital radio have extra stations? Not really sold on it yet as a technology.

    • +1

      Wait any longer and the decision will made for you anyway :)

    • +1

      Definitely worthwhile. Digital radio sounds a lot better and has about 3 times the number of stations. However, it has been slow to roll out and is useless outside capital cities. http://www.abc.net.au/reception/radio/dr_coveragemaps.htm

      • Is there any delay between analogue and digital broadcasts?

        • there's about a 3 second delay before it hits digital.

        • @zzymurgy: Thanks. I am interested in the secondary stations e.g. classic rock and 80s music radio. Do they play as many ads as conventional commercial radio or is it more like a Pandora service?
          I basically just want continuous music, no talk(= verbal diarrhea) and minimal ad breaks.
          Definitely a shame that you can't pick up the DAB service in regional areas as this is probably where I am going to end up soon.

        • +1

          @wolfenator87: Should have mentioned that, there are usually no ads at all on the secondary stations. You would probably love MixFM's 80s station (http://www.mix80s.com.au/) or Triple M's MORE 80s and 90s station (http://www.givememore.com.au/shows/more-80s-and-90s/).

          Unfortunately it looks like neither of these stations streams on the web or on their proprietary app, but a third-party app like TuneIn or iRadio might support it.

          (I would never listen to an American 80s station online as they don't play INXS or Icehouse!)

        • @zzymurgy:

          Most of these radios use a single speaker for sound. Meaning mono audio. Which is ok for talkback and news stations but not for music. To get decent stereo sound from these radios you would need to connect them via the line/headphone output to an external stereo amplifier/receiver or speaker system.

          .977 the 80s channel is an American internet radio station that plays Australian artists from that time. Such as Icehouse, INXS, Men at work, Crowded House, Little River Band and Olivia Newton John.

        • @zzymurgy: Gotta have lots of those two superb Aussie bands in my playlist :)
          But yeah, thanks for the info. I will definitely look at getting a DAB radio in the near future, preferably one with an AUX out because I have lots of powerful speakers around the house eager to get used more often.

    • As a technology it's just radio stations with better sound quality.

      Internet radio is better in every way - DAB is really only useful when you don't have internet access.. which is basically never.

      Here are the stations.


      • +1

        Disagree, there's barely any er "internet radio" I rate above "real radio" (which is broadcast on the internet but im assuming you're referring to podcast oply broadcasting or something).

        • +1

          Niche internet radio stations were alright until they started playing a bucketload of ads, and you also have issues with buffering at times and other things like low playback quality.

          I now listen to Pandora which is ad free on WP(one of the main reasons why I will stick to WP8) and it plays a very precise and hand picked selection of music once you dictate what songs you want it to play. The app is very sleek too.

        • +1

          I actually did mean just the delivery system - not the content. Most if not all DAB stations also have internet streaming.

          Digital radio has a few minor quality advantages over analogue radio, but it's still essentially the same.

          Internet radio has all those same advantages PLUS a bunch of other ones.

          • On demand : with FM/DAB you have to listen when the station says you have to listen.
          • Global: Wherever you are, you can listen to content from anywhere in the world. Not just whatever the local broadcaster decides.
          • Democratic : Any little niche interest can have a station. You don't have to have a large market appeal to be viable.

          Broadcast is largely pointless these days - arguably the only exception being sports and breaking news. Not many things need to be "Live" for everyone at the same time.

        • @KentT: Actually the #1 advantage I can see of traditional broadcasting mediums is that they do not require internet access.
          If you relied upon DTV(for TV based content) and FM/DAB radio(for music, news, talkback etc) you could minimize your reliance on ISPs, at least for these two functions.
          You could for instance, eliminate a home broadband connection entirely and stick to mobile 3G/4G if you required basic internet functionality to use sparingly e.g. check emails, whatsapp, fb messenger.
          Unfortunately I think I love the net too much to talk about cutting back on my usage, but I'm cheap too haha!

  • Bush TR82 Retro and BCR35DABW out of stock

  • Bought it from this deal 6 months ago. Quality is OK especially for the price

  • Darnit. Really wanted 1 of the portable ones for my gf when she's at the AFL, but out of stock whilst I checked that it was possible to run on batteries.

    • digital radio has a lag when you are watching live anyway (unless they have fixed it?)

      • This one had AM/FM tuner as well as DAB. It was perfect for her.

        • bummer - I use this one, though don't remember paying quite so much for it. 1 AA lasts forever on it.

  • Just went to get one of the DAB clock radios that the OP just added. But out of stock. Even the one I purchased 20 minutes ago is now gone. I think it's been OzBargained or Dick Smith just woke up and realised their mistake.

  • All out of stock now.

  • +1

    So will the people that ordered one receive it? or will dick smith say its a pricing error?

    • Isn't a price error. I already got a text from DS that it's ready to collect.

      • Wow, that happens?


  • thanks, ordered

  • +1

    Grrrrr I've been waiting for the one pictured to go on sale somewhere. Sounds quite good for its size/brand etc, we have one at work, very good for low-medium volume listening

  • +1

    Got one just before they all evaporated.

    • Best bargain I've seen on here for ages, they are great for that money. Though I did get the last $20 Logitech x100 on the shelf today from Pakehnam Officeworks so shouldn't be greedy, I'be already gotten one bargain today lol

  • +2

    Hesitated too long and they went out of stock.

    • I wanted to get one for my dad but couldn't decide which one of them to get. Oh well.

  • Click & collected

  • You snooze you lose. I've learnt from past miss outs.

    • +2

      Strangely, in JB warehouse sale today, I benefited from snoozing just the right amount of time. WiFi camera I was interested in for hours fell from $89 to $49, I bought, then it was gone minutes later.

  • In case anyone wants one the HP Printer is still In stock, usual price is 49 I think

  • Thanks again TRENT86, bought the $12.20 radio for c&c :-)

    The major downside of that model is the lack of buttons to select station, just station+/- (according to manual). With 57 stations in Brisbane, and probably more than that elsewhere, that's quite a task to locate your favourites every time you change stations. (Stations are shown in display, so previous station plays until you find & select new station.) Among those are 4 Coles channels! Bought this to leave on 1 station.

    Bought a Sangean DPR-65+ for $13 from DS a long time ago. 5 station buttons for easy access to favourite DAB+. I leave it on car dash with antenna extended, plugged into head unit, with power from USB adapter (which also charges 2 AA batteries). Works & sounds great.

    • +1

      You can store up to 10 favourite stations as presets, then you'll only have to flick through those instead.

      • Thanks - that will make it much more enjoyable to use :-)

        Found it almost hidden at end of manual: "5. Store Presets".
        After storing preset stations, press Preset & use channel+/- to move between 10 preset stations, then press Select.
        Still, 1 press dedicated buttons are much easier to use when driving. But at the price… I'll live with the minor inconvenience.

  • any of these have Audio Out to connect it to a some speakers?

  • If anyone has buyer's remorse and is in Sydney I'd love to buy one off you for my old man. I doubt it tough :)

    Thanks op

  • +1

    Damn… haven't gotten any bush in a while

  • It says there's stock in my local store for click and collect, but won't let me click the button. I've tried lots of different postcodes, none let me click collect. Some stores actually say out of stock, so not sure what's up with that

  • +2

    This sale makes me annoyed :/, I was just looking at these radios in store but they were the full price and this post didnt appear for me and I look at Ozbargain all day, but I was playing fallout 4 grrr.

  • The Bush radio in the photo above sounds pretty tinny. If you listen to the radio a lot, I suggest paying a bit more and getting a good quality one. I also have a Sangean DPR67 which I bought on sale and sounds excellent. The cheap Sangean, don't know the model number, also sounds tinny.

    • +1

      Yeah, at full price I'd be disappointed but it's what I expected for $12.

  • Silly question but why don't smart phones come with DAB digital radio?

    • +1

      No answer from me, but I'd like to add an extra silly question: I want to know why cars don't seem to come with dual DAB radio + FM radio (at least, the ones I looked at didn't seem to last time I looked properly in 2012). If they can do it for $12 now, surely it could come standard in every car for very little extra cost?

      • The technology is there but something is holding it back. Apathy, lack of awareness, price(not really an issue anymore) etc.
        Unlike digital TV which had a planned cut-off date from analogue and a big media push by the government to get everyone on the 'digital ready' bandwagon. Not that they should cut off analog radio anytime soon(terrible idea) but the point is that more could be done to push the technology which has been available for 5+ years already.

        • Cost is still an issue. Car tech needs so much testing it's crazy, and that can get expensive.

          Your new $12 digital radio might be great in the home, but can it last 5 or 10 years in a car that's parked outside? That's hours of 70-80 degrees in an Australian summer, or -40 in the cold parts of the northern hemisphere.

          The answer is probably yes. But if it doesn't, replacing them is expensive. For barely noticable advantages, it scores low on the risk/reward scale.

    • You can stick a 3.5mm audio plug into the phone, and connect it to a stereo system and listen to radio on the web.

      • Say again???
        Listening to radio on the web is selective (40,000 odd radio stations available. Have you (must have)missed something in your advice(?)or does it do an auto select?

  • thanks, picked up one today.

    Off topic question $30.04 for this, Is it a good price?

  • So I just got an email telling me my order was ready to pickup. An hour later I got a second email saying the order was cancelled and they are giving me a refund…

  • +4

    Order ready to pickup yesterday, now got the cancellation email.

    edit: price back to $50

    I am going to report to ACCC, surely they can't cancel an item ready for pickup and then jackup the price.

    • Try ringing the store, tell them you got a ready for collection notice and say your double checking it's ready. Interested to know if the stock is actually there or not.

      Their stock levels are usually always wrong however, have had a few times when been in to collect and they say "We thought it was here, but can't find any" though they've always supplied later.

    • +8

      Same here, seriously need to ban DSE from OzBargain!

  • Yeah, I had mine cancelled as well. I'm guessing that Dick did a dodgy… Have tried sending a communication via their "contact us" thing but it doesn't give me any confirmation that it's been sent (OK, it's worked after the fourth attempt)
    Dodgy dick!

  • Same thing here - ordered yesterday, got a confirmation from the store, and 2 hours later a cancellation email. This is frustrating!

  • Gotta say the sound quality of the BCR35DABW is pretty average for something that is supposed to RRP at $129, but does the job at $21 (which is pretty much what I said about the BR25DAB I guess)

  • +5

    Got to the store to pickup and got told my order was cancelled due to pricing error. Then got the email 2 minutes later. Bastards

  • What the hell Dick??

    Got email yesterday that it's ready to collect but just now got the below email.

    This is to acknowledge that your Click & Collect Order has been cancelled & Dick Smith will be processing your refund.

    Dick Smith acknowledges that the goods within this order have not been collected and all risk and title will transfer back to Dick Smith.

    Your refund will be processed within 3 business days. Depending on your financial institution these funds will then be available to you in a further 3 to 5 business days.

    Date you placed the Order: 17-Nov-2015

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