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Dick Smith Clearance: Nikon D3200 Body & Twin Lens Kit $248, Canon 700D Body & Twin Lens Kit $299 (after $100 Cashback) + More


This is huge guys! Available in-store only nationally from 9am today. May have something to do with yesterday's massive share price drop. Unfortunately, I have no idea on stock levels, but hopefully you'll be able to snag what you want. Will try to upload a receipt later for you. Good luck!

Seems these prices may apply to David Jones (powered by DSE) as well. See the comment from paleorama. If prices aren't advertised in-store, ask at the counter. The Canon is tagged at $999 but scans at $399, plus you get a $100 cashback by redemption.

  • All PS3 Games Now $10
  • All XBOX 360 Games Now $10
  • All PC Games Now $10
  • Clearance PS4 Games Now $20
  • Clearance XBOX One Games Now $20
  • 70% Off Clearance Gaming Accessories
  • 80% Off Disney Infinity
  • 80% Off Skylanders
  • All PS Vita Software Now $5
  • All Wii Software Now $5
  • PLUS Crazy Console Pricing
  • Action Camera Accessories from $1
  • Compact Cameras from $29
  • Action Cameras from $69
  • Digital SLR Cameras from $248

Thanks to aurotaro for the full price list:

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  • +4

    Does dse still have a gaming section? I thought it was tiny

    Might be worth stacking with the 10% extra value on gift cards if you are after the Nikon lenses


    • i wouldn't mind getting the lenses for this, never mind the body.

      • Oh didn't read it properly I thought that price was just the 2 lenses. Now I am tempted to go down to dse…

    • +1

      Everything about Dick is tiny. Definitely not huge like OP thinks.

      • +8

        Everything seems big when you're as tight arsed as TA ;)

        • Not anymore. Huge DSE now. Moderated.

    • +5

      Full list of PS4 Clearance Games: - (Some people have managed to get Uncharted and newer releases for $20. But this is the official list)

      Last of US PS4 - $20
      Batman 3 Lego PS4 - $20
      Evolve PS4 - $20
      Far Cry 4 PS4 - $20
      Infamous Second Son PS4 $20
      Infamous First Light PS4 $20
      Destiny PS4 - $20
      Minecraft PS4 - $20
      Shadow Of Mordor PS4 - $20
      GTA 5 PS4 - $20
      Alien Isolation PS4 - $20
      Watchdogs PS4 - $20

      • Tried uncharted but they said it's not on the list

  • Is this nation wide?

  • +4

    Wondering if Go Pros are included

    • Just called my local store, they said only older models are included. He said all the W.A. stores out of stock (of the older models) too.

  • +3

    When's the last time anyone has seen PC games in a Dick Smith?
    I think there will be incredibly limited stock for any of this …

    • +3

      I wouldn't waste time going to a store unless you're close, they usually have a few PC games at best and a handful of console games

    • +8

      if you're lucky you might get Dragon Puzzle Adventure 1998 or something

      • LOL! Good one.

    • I picked up Diablo 3 + RoS and SC2 + HotS for $5 each at a previous clearance. I've seen the occasional WoW expansion as well, but not much outside of Blizzard games.

  • Very limited stock for those D3200 & Twin Lens $248 (old stock, model not even listed on their website)

    • +7

      DSE pulled the link this morning. Was there when I checked earlier…

      • This is a bargain even as an older model (lens should still be the same!)

        • 18-55mm VR has been updated with newer model.

      • were you able to check stock?

        • Can't. but older model…Most sell the newer D3300

  • My misses is going to a dick smith store now. (im at work)

    I will report back in a few hours.

    I will tell you which store and what she bought when she returns ;)

    • +146

      Insert joke about wife visiting cheeky dick while you're at work…

      • +6

        upvote (LOLING)

      • LOL

      • +14

        You had me at insert.

      • +1

        Misses + * dick smith store* =
        ~ Buying a desirable replaceable dick for him

        Fun Facts:
        The Dick Smith competitor (JB Hi-fi). The JB abbreviation of JB Hi-fi means a dick in chinese slang word. So it's basically a High-Fidelity dick store.

        No difference with dick smith

        • +5

          and a steam train entering a tunnel isnt?

        • +8


          Ohhh, you're this person

          You must be fun at parties!

        • +2

          Yes because Ozbargain is a well known and highly culpable rape-encouraging site.

        • @Spackbace: Now now, let people have their opinions. I'm still trying to figure out why wife visiting cheeky dick contributes to rape culture, though. Surely, there's consent on both sides to whatever monetary transaction ensues between wife and cheeky dick, no?

        • -1


          Yep, that's me - have you been cyber-stalking me again?

          I'm the life of the party bro…

          What i say is true though, and i've been doing it myself for years, but i've had an epiphany. All you OB hacks should think about it - believe me, not one chick with a clue (or guy for that matter) would have negged my comments. Some of these jokes are pretty tedious…we've all seen them before, let's move on yeah?

          @King Tightarse:

          Unfortunately yes - some of these comments contribute to a culture where that kind of conduct is condoned. You and i may not be thinking down that track, but you've been to the pub, surely…


          I'll concede that i may not have chosen the best example…

          Yours Sincerely,

          "Just trying to save the world, one comment at a time".

  • +2

    Great. My local DSE has about a dozen games across all platforms.

  • +2

    Catchy title, Huge Dick…

    • +9

      Was going to go with 'massive', but though I'd err on the side of caution lol…

      • This is why you're not just the king of bargainz, you are the king of lulz too!

      • +7

        never would have thought I'd be seeing a post that has a huge dick in tight arse.

    • Did you mean a huge knobhead or that "something"?

  • They hardly stock anything good these days. Especially now that they sell whitegoods

  • I don't think the share price drop is that concerning. The market prices shares efficiently and DSE's current price reflects its weaker than anticipated results, non-cash impairment and strong competition from market leaders JB HiFi and Harvey Norman.

    Even though the lower the share price, the potential for even greater sales perhaps?

    • +14

      yes. Liquidation sales

      • I cashed in my DS gift cards as soon as I saw this OzBargain deal.

    • +6

      Share price was inflated, there's multiple articles about it.

      Basically all figures were fudged ("legally" - though shouldn't be IMO) to make the business look like it had turned around, when in reality it was struggling years ago & is still struggling.


      • +1

        Yep, still the share price drop is a market correction since DSE profitability and risk level was not appropriate at the time of listing.

        They were trading a very fine line with their accounting practices, it was only a matter of time before this was exposed.

        The CEO, Nick Abboud owns 6.5% of total DSE shares meaning he has a very vested interest in turning around the firm.

        • +9

          The CEO, Nick Abboud owns 6.5% of total DSE shares meaning he has a very vested interest in turning around the firm.

          And if he does, the other 93.5% of investors will say "Abboud time!"

        • @carwashhair:

          And if he does, the other 93.5% of investors will say "Abboud time!"

          Such a typical Dad joke……

      • +3

        "…the current road is rickety and will slowly lead the company off a cliff."

        I have a bad feeling what you said in that thread might come to fruition soon unless they turn the business around.

        • +1

          I think we'll see something happen following the Christmas trade and how they go for the retailers.

        • +1

          It was well known in retail circles that DSE was working on a limited life span , most people are amazed it lasted so long.

          It was purchased by a private equity group who were interested in a short term cash grab , they are gone with the loot now and the average punters get to watch their money go down the tubes.

          here is a bit more info :


  • +1

    Worth checking out the Melbourne City store during lunch break or is this a waste of my time?

    • +8

      Check your pocket internet device, it might be able to make calls too?

    • Call them first.

    • +8

      Stock currently
      They were also bringing out a whole heap of cod ghosts for ps3 for $10. Probably also for Xbox 360 and something else

      • +1

        Wonder if they'd price match those at the fish market?

  • someone got list???

  • +5

    I reckon there will be more dick deals coming…yesterday their share price dropped near 60%, and I'm one of the unlucky shareholders, FML!

    • mate, you would have had to be an absolute numpty to buy into Dicks float.

      Sorry to hear it, but you really should have done your due diligence.

  • +1

    Limp dick

  • Wow. That d3200 price! Can't imagine there being much stock.

    • +2

      Ring around, you'll be surprised. Epping VIC has 8 in stock as of 9:12am.

    • None at neutral bay 2089

    • Dropped in to Bentleigh DSE, Vic, apparently someone came in this morning an cleared $1000 worth of Nikon ex-display stock. As of 12.30pm there was only the D3200 body and one lens on display.

    • Got the last D3200 twin lens kit from David Jones Brisbane City….was marked on sale as $888..asked the rep to scan and came out as $668….told the rep about my "tight arse friend" who bought it for $248 from another dick….he called another dick….and bam!…they only had the display model left…only the body was on display and looked fairly "untouched" so I decided to go ahead…..the rep was in total shock when he found out the price…he said "I would have bought it for my dad if I knew this deal!"…..right after I paid, another guy (fellow Ozbargainer I reckon) showed up asking for the same model…but sometimes "not all good things to those who wait" :)

  • +1

    CONFIRMED NIKON D3200 twin lens kit 248 one left at waurn ponds store. Will check geelong westfield. THANKS OP!!

  • I'd love to know what their 'Crazy console prices' are if anyone can get to a store to check

    • +2

      My store didn't have any PS4's or X1's but they had PS3 500gb for $150 and 250gb for $99

    • PS4 500gb white $299

      xbox one with kinect $299

  • -1

    Not all xbox one games $10 eg halo5 still 78

    • +1

      XB 360 are the ones at $10 I think.

    • When I only get 5 a day, I'm not even going to waste one on this comment.

  • Not all xbox one games $10 eg halo5 still 78

    • +13

      You can say that again.

    • +1

      maybe because it says all xbox360 games are $10
      while xboxONE CLEARANCE games are $20 (which includes halo mastercheif collection)

  • +8

    Damn Rundle mall DSE has nothing!! Massive anti climax for the dick!

    • saves me a walk, was just about to check it out.

      • The sign for the d3200 was 999

        • But they had stock?

        • @Steptoe: Sorry for the late reply. All of SA sold out according to one of the stores.

    • +6

      Shoudln't have listened to you…
      I went anyway
      arrived at 9:10am
      there was a guy with 2 cameras picked them up for $248

      I asked for a console - last one, White PS4, i picked up for $299

    • I just went there before all games are behind the counter has heaps left

    • You stuffed up. The games were put near the TV's.

  • Is Dick Smith Closing Down?

    • Yes. They have been slowly winding up since they merged with Tandy and had some terrible middle management that went unnoticed for years despite losing a lot of great experienced floor staff.

      • +2

        I am with you on this.

    • +4

      Not this is not confirmed. The latest is basically they are struggling MASSIVELY due to poor Marketing and even worse Management. They will continue to trade over Christmas period but it will be an amazing feat to see them still in operation in even 9 moths time.

      Here is the most recent article about their demise http://www.afr.com/brand/chanticleer/dick-smith-woes-sum-up-…

      • +3

        December 4 is likely to go down as a pretty significant date in the life of Nick Abboud, the chief executive of Dick Smith.

        The listing of a company would be a big day in the life of any CEO, but Dick Smith is not just any company and Abboud is not just any old CEO wage slave.

        After engineering an incredible turnaround in Dick Smith’s fortunes in just over 12 months, Abboud reward is an impressive pay day.

        At Dick Smith’s $2.20 offer price, Abboud’s 6.5 per cent stake in the business was worth almost $34 million.

        That will easily put him onto BRW’s Rich Bosses list in 2014, and, based on this year’s rankings, make him one of the top 100 richest executives, based on their share holding in the company they help run.

  • -6

    This is not true. Am here at DS no specials.

    • Which store are you at? I'm guessing the signage may not be up yet?

  • +8

    Nikon D3200 out of stock


    • When I walked in the Warrawong store, I saw one staff on the phone. So turned to the other staff for checking the stock and she said they should only had one left. And then the first guy finished phone call and said the last one was just on hold by that call. :( Should call first before I went.

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