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Dick Smith Clearance: Nikon D3200 Body & Twin Lens Kit $248, Canon 700D Body & Twin Lens Kit $299 (after $100 Cashback) + More


This is huge guys! Available in-store only nationally from 9am today. May have something to do with yesterday's massive share price drop. Unfortunately, I have no idea on stock levels, but hopefully you'll be able to snag what you want. Will try to upload a receipt later for you. Good luck!

Seems these prices may apply to David Jones (powered by DSE) as well. See the comment from paleorama. If prices aren't advertised in-store, ask at the counter. The Canon is tagged at $999 but scans at $399, plus you get a $100 cashback by redemption.

  • All PS3 Games Now $10
  • All XBOX 360 Games Now $10
  • All PC Games Now $10
  • Clearance PS4 Games Now $20
  • Clearance XBOX One Games Now $20
  • 70% Off Clearance Gaming Accessories
  • 80% Off Disney Infinity
  • 80% Off Skylanders
  • All PS Vita Software Now $5
  • All Wii Software Now $5
  • PLUS Crazy Console Pricing
  • Action Camera Accessories from $1
  • Compact Cameras from $29
  • Action Cameras from $69
  • Digital SLR Cameras from $248

Thanks to aurotaro for the full price list:

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      • +1

        $68, very happy

    • I bought a D3200 Body only from Bendigo and they had one left after mine… Might go in again and see if they'll sell the display model cheap.
      Was hoping I would get a 700D!
      You don't happen to have a 18-55 lens for the D3200 do you?

  • I wish liquidation sales like this where it's an ozbargain discovered deal, can be made so that OZB buys all the stock, and all the long running members get dibs at buying one of each item.

    • fantasy

    • +2

      I'll pass your wish onto Santa Claus.

      +237 votes with 11321 clicks = plenty of lurkers

  • Got Nikon J3 (red) $99 and Sony FS3 $8.

    thanks op

  • Anyone know which store EOS 700D still available in Melbourne??

    • Yeah, I know…

    • Prob 0 at this point, haha. I wish I checked OzB this morning!

  • Got the last 700d lens kit at golden grove, the display one! Thanks so much - been looking at this camera for ages!

    • I got the display at my local DS too! The guy (owner of the store I think) was pretty angry they were selling them for $399 haha!

      Edit: guy also forgot to take out the SD card. 8gb Sandisk Extreme for free.. woohoo!

  • +1

    From Southport store Gold Coast I got….

    Xbox One Assassin's Creed Unity Ed $299 - no idea if they had any left…
    xb1 Forza 2 $20
    xb1 Farcry 4
    Ps4 - fifa 15
    Play charge kit $10
    Heaps of Ps4 games just being put on the shelf…

    No Nikon D3200 or Canon 700D

    I actually bought a 2 year extended warranty for the XB1 for $49 but after reading this I wish I didn't seeing its looking like they're going under. Hope they don't :)

    • any PS4 consoles?
      are extra controllers on sale?

      • +1

        yes they had ps4 @1pm Tues, no controllers….

  • Grabbed the last xbox one controller with charge kit for $25.50 and two xbox one media remotes for $7.50 each - Coffs Harbour. Score! Thanks OP!

  • Has anyone been able to buy ps4 controllers with that 70% off? I had tried at vic gardens but even though it was on the clearance table it wasn't part of the deal.

  • +2

    Cheers op.

    Went in for a look at my local DSE in Nambour, came out with Wii games for the kids (yes, still only have a Wii :) ), good deals for those that have never had Skylanders or Disney Infinity, at 80% off I grabbed:

    Disney Infinity Starter Pack $5
    Disney Infinity 3 pack - Villains $6
    Skylandars Sforce Starter Pack $5
    Skylanders Sforce 3 pack $4
    Infinity Power Disc pack $1 (whatever it does, anyway, only $1)
    Total spend $21, thought it was pretty good, means we'll get more life out of the Wii. Paid with ING orange everyday paywave, so will get some cash back also.

    DSE Nambour still had a few games for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Infinity gear, PS3 console for $149. Didn't check cameras. Was told that there was a few people out front before opening who got the consoles first.

    • +1

      Infinity Power Disc pack $1 (whatever it does, anyway, only $1)

      Extra power-ups for your character (such as extra health or faster running), which the discs are placed underneath the figure.

  • +2

    Anybody score a PS4 controller? They had some at my local, but scanned full price.

    • i tried at my local one near work but it went through at full price as well.. even though they had it on the clearance table.

    • +1

      PS4 controllers are not part of the clearance, as well as the official charger dock and camera.

      • +1

        I can confirm the stand is, and the playstation TV is.

  • 2 x Xbox 360 | 1 x PS3 500gb @ Erina at 2pm

    • How much is Xbox 360 ? How many GB ?

      • Both XBOX 360 250GB and PS3 500GB marked as $149 in Sydney store

  • Thanks Op. Long time lurker. Picked up the d3200 twin lens kit at Innaloo this morning. Day made :D! I think they had more when I left.

  • so wrt cameras.
    anyone had luck getting them from David Jones at the same price?

    • David Jones Sydney is powered by Dick Smith, had same prices

  • Grabbed an Xbone controller! Last One Though

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Awesome post. I spoke to the manager at one of the stores and apparently this clearance sale will be adding more and more items every day this week. She reckons possibly phones and phone accessories tomorrow.

    • Someone else said audio/visual tomorrow.

  • Fess up, who got Doncaster to put the cameras on hold?

    The staff have said there are 3 remaining but they are on hold for other customers..

    • +1

      More like on hold for themselves.

      • +1

        Bingo. Rarely put clearance items on hold for more than 30 mins - 1 hour.

    • +1

      According to the manager at the store I bought my games from, you aren't allowed to put clearance items on hold. So I guess something it up with them :/

    • I bought a 700D TLK and a D3200 TLK at Doncaster Dick Smith around 1pm, the 700D was the last one and there were 3 D3200 shown in the system, the store person went into the back storage room and then insists that they "only found one despite there were 3 displayed in the system" and it took them (2 staff members) to look for the cameras

      • Just wasn't meant to be for me.

        I'm stuck at work and have called in favours with mates around the place and no luck anywhere.

  • Still quite a few games left at Elizabeth SA, but none that interested me so I didn't buy anything.

  • DJ's Melbourne all out of 5500's. JB won't price match on receipt only if advertised and in stock..

  • so hang out for tommorrow? Damm wanted a camera…

  • +34

    Full list for today here:


    Got what I wanted, except for a PS4 GTAV, if anyone bought some extra, please PM ;)

    • xbox one shadow of mordor - don't really want anymore

      • Sorry, I meant if anyone bought some extra GTAV, please PM.

    • Is that what should scan on the system?

    • +1

      Thanks. Two questions:
      1 Canon 7D Mark II with EF-S 18-135 IS STM Kit for $978 - not a deal after all?
      2 Are these prices available tomorrow as well, or completely new sale tomorrow?

      • +1

        It is a very good deal for a very good camera and lens.
        Camera body only is $1429.00 the cheapest.
        Lens would be another $350 at least.

        • Yup, understood - but I couldn't spot it in the PDF uploaded so not sure if that was actually ever a possible deal. Sorry, I probably wasn't very clear.

        • +2

          It's a deal I just grabbed the last one at Belco in ACT for this price Woolies discount card gave me another $49. So it's 978-49-200 (cash back) total = $729.

        • +1

          @TechVisar: Thanks legend

        • @TechVisar: wow really? i just bought a brand new 7d for and bought the 18-135 lens from teds ebay wiuth 20% off for 2200… I'll get $400 off that (and another 10% at the airport this weekend)… but its no 729… thats upsetting!!

        • @geoffs87:
          That's what happened to me as well I bought 70D and EF 24-70 F4l yesterday from Ted's to get the deal on ebay for $1960 (after 20%) I will get 300 from cash back. Now got the MkII couldn't resist for this price. IF Ted's have any return policy I will return it.

        • +1

          @TechVisar: Doesnt look good:


          14 Day Exchange: If for any reason you are not happy with your hardware purchase, Ted's offers a 14 day Exchange Guarantee. This allows you to return a hardware product you have purchased from Ted's within 14 days and exchange it at the original purchase price for any other hardware product in our range. Goods must be returned in original condition with the packaging and receipt. *Offer excludes Demo and Run Out models, accessories (except when being returned with a camera purchase) and professional products.

          DOA (Dead on Arrival): if your product does not work on arrival before any use then you may returns the goods free of charge and we will supply a replacement pending inspection.

          Wrong Goods Supplied: if the product(s) you receive are different from the product(s) listed on the receipt (emailed to you immediately after completion of the online order).


        • +1

          @geoffs87: Even worse - can't even claim the credit card insurance as i bought the original camera online! noooo.

          Damn you dick!

        • @geoffs87:
          Thanks mate that's helps me a lot

        • @geoffs87:
          Can't you get a 7D MkII at disk Smith and return the 7D for a good lens or sell it in Gumtree

        • @TechVisar: Probably could - it was a one day sale supposedly, and the stores near me were sold out. Devo

      • +1

        Well, I'm in no way associated with DS. The manager of my local store was pretty cool and he let me view the whole list.

        What's on the list is what's in the store, so yeah as long as you have a look at the NEW price column, and there's stock…. that's what it is.

        • Cool, cheers.

    • $150 for an xbox one goes alright haha. Shame there would be hardly any in stock.

    • Mate you doing God's work

      • +1

        Just got lucky with a good store manager. I spotted the list on the counter and asked him if I could view it, and he said go ahead, sales are sales.

    • Legend!

    • the heck! JBL Flip 3 B/Tooth Speaker from $129 up to $179 lol!

      • +1

        It was on sale in the previous catalogue so it has just gone back to its normal price

  • Any idea where I can get a battery and charger for my display model Nikon d3200?

    • I got mine at ebay @ $25 from hong kong

    • How much did you get the display model for?

  • +1

    Riverton (South Perth) is out of stock on everything (all digital cameras gone) except a couple of Xbone games, don't bother :( I went there just before 11am

    • If you dont mind the drive, Midland (Great Eastern Hwy store) has plenty of games :)

      • Was more interested in DSLRs tbh, cheers anyway

  • are those prices from the PDF today, or for tomorrow? So anything in stock on that price list should scan at that price?

    • They're the prices released today. Spoke to the manager, those prices will stick until they run out of stock, or a new sale is announced and yes, anything on that list will scan at that price.

  • Can i return a game after opening it?

    • no

  • WTF?!?!?!?! Nikon J3 from $597 to $99 dollaroos!!! what a bargain!!! =)

    • got last one in red @ sydney central FYI.

  • Just got canon 1100d twin lens $199 no cash back :(

    No idea is it good?

    Warringah mall Nikon V1 $49 J2 $79

    • Good starter camera, normally sell around the $350 mark when on special :)

      • Are you sure? All I found on ozbargain $350 is single len but I have twin lens.

        • +1

          Um, isn't that better then haha

  • +1

    How many are in the market for a decent camera to lug around and create the millionth dull travel blog and how many of you are re-selling the goods to make a profit?

    Anyway, in the market for an 60" samsung tv and new macbook, any word on whether dick smith will be selling their stock or wait around until december 4 to find out?

    • whats Dec 4th?

    • Neither - Looking to have some fun and try something that I've always wanted to.

      • When you get butterbuts.com up and running, let us know.

        • +1

          I definitely will ;)

  • I got logitech 350 remote for $24, Philips Advanced Gaming Headset $1.993 Roccat Kulo 7.1 Headset $23.99 & x2 Nixon Coolpix S02 @29 each.

    This was in Vic @ the Morwell store.. They had other left as well as xbox 360, xbox one & Playstation games, digital photo frames, gaming headsets & mouses.

    • interesting, i wonder if the gaming keyboards and that kind of stuff are on special?

      • Nope, they're not.

      • Basically nothing apart form Roccat. Roccat Arvo should be about $20.

    • Ended up getting our 700D from the Traralgon store, Morwell didn't have too much in the way of DSLR. They were putting all their PS4 boxes out the back when we went in though! Haha

  • +1

    Does anyone know whether they are going to do a 70% sale off TV's and other high end items? I am going to turn up at 9am tomorrow and scope out the scene.

  • +4

    Bondi DSE

    D3100 TLK $269
    Nikon 1 J2 SLK $79 (heaps of silver, red and pink)
    A3000 SLK $99
    PL3 SLK $98
    SX280 ex-display $59.40
    SX50 ex-display $97
    L820 $59.10
    S9600 ex-display $99
    SX-16 $47
    S32 $29.70
    Ixus 155 $49
    S6500 $49
    P520 $99
    S02 $29
    Pentax Q7 02 Standard Zoom 5-15mm f2.8-4.5 $149.40
    Pentax K50 SLK red $239.40

    • +2

      Store manager said they had 4 D3200s. All gone in the morning. He said they didn't have any 700Ds and was wondering why people were asking. He was rearranging the table and I hung around for a while. Went to the counter to buy a TZ40 for $98. Saw a 700D TLK on the counter…. asked him about it and he said he found one at the back and asked me if I wanted it. DONE!

      They gave me 2x 8gb USB keys too lol

      • +1

        2x8gb, the cherry on top of the bigger cherry - good buy!

        • +1

          The guy was gonna give me an 8gb sd card but it was $3 instead of free. I said no thx. And he tried to push a $20 discount on all sd cards. Asked about 64gb. DSE branded high speed for $80. Oh heeeell no! That's when he decided to give me another 8gb USB key. He had already given me one for the TZ40.

          They were also offering double warranty for half price. Curious to know if any ozbargainers took it up. I didn't and never do.

        • +1

          I bought the extra two years for 55.

        • +1

          @wlqrichard: and since the cost of the item is below $400 it's an instant replacement not repair. :)

        • @CVonC:

          holy fk, i just checked my receipts.. turns out i didn't get the usb keys for free.. the douche used my mates rates $10 coupon.. he even asked me if I wanted to join (a 2nd time) and I gave him my email.. i then asked him if i could use it on the 700D separate purchase.. and he said "it doesn't appear for another few hours"… i should've checked the damn receipts! didn't realise he would blatantly lie in front of my face.. WTF for? just to make a quota??

          need to refund these 2x 8gb $9.98.

          so annoyed ffs!

        • +1

          @CVonC: not sure if Dick will be around to honour their 2 year warranty

    • if you're still around would you be so kind to get me the Nikon J2 Silver? Thanks mate

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