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Dick Smith Clearance: Nikon D3200 Body & Twin Lens Kit $248, Canon 700D Body & Twin Lens Kit $299 (after $100 Cashback) + More


This is huge guys! Available in-store only nationally from 9am today. May have something to do with yesterday's massive share price drop. Unfortunately, I have no idea on stock levels, but hopefully you'll be able to snag what you want. Will try to upload a receipt later for you. Good luck!

Seems these prices may apply to David Jones (powered by DSE) as well. See the comment from paleorama. If prices aren't advertised in-store, ask at the counter. The Canon is tagged at $999 but scans at $399, plus you get a $100 cashback by redemption.

  • All PS3 Games Now $10
  • All XBOX 360 Games Now $10
  • All PC Games Now $10
  • Clearance PS4 Games Now $20
  • Clearance XBOX One Games Now $20
  • 70% Off Clearance Gaming Accessories
  • 80% Off Disney Infinity
  • 80% Off Skylanders
  • All PS Vita Software Now $5
  • All Wii Software Now $5
  • PLUS Crazy Console Pricing
  • Action Camera Accessories from $1
  • Compact Cameras from $29
  • Action Cameras from $69
  • Digital SLR Cameras from $248

Thanks to aurotaro for the full price list:

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    • Could you send me the invoice too?

      Mod: Removed email address, please use private messaging.

      • and me three, thanks! :)
        could you please pm me? Thanks

    • Hi Zyklotrop, could you please pm me the invoice?

  • So the Launceston store (tassie) has at least one D3200 in stock, I just saw it half an hour ago. I picked up a few PC games and The Last of Us Remastered on PS4 :)

    Thanks heaps TA!

  • Nothing in town hall sydney store.. Dont waste your time.

    Heaps of games all full price.

  • any luck in melb cbd on the xbox one?

  • Shadow of Mordor xbox one for $20. Good deal?

  • +1

    Can some one send me a copy of the invoice for Cannon D700 Twin Kit

    • Me too!!

    • my email is 'Mod: Personal info removed, use PM'

    • It's Canon 700D. Nikon have a D700 though. ;)

      • give me d700,

    • You've got PM. Canon 700D.

      • can I get it too thanks mate. Also where can I pricematch it? OW?

        • You PM'd me so you got it!

      • Hey Malouphix, could you please PM me a copy of the invoice?

        • Sure, send me PM and I'll reply.

      • Me too thanks!

        • Okey dokey, send PM and I'll reply.

    • Me too. Would greatly appreciate it

      • PM me and I'll send you one.

  • Nothing left in Parramatta / Chullora

  • Wow, insane!! This is why I love Ozbargain. Any stock left for Canon 700D in Vic?

  • Thanks OP got a few PS3/PS4 games.

    Last of US PS4 - $20
    Batman 3 Lego PS4 - $20
    Evolve PS4 - $20
    Far Cry 4 PS4 - $20

    And got Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands for the PS3 for $10.

    Didn't see any accessories for the PS3/PS4 or Xbox other than Skylanders. This was Mount Druitt.

  • No D3200 available in the two stores I visited (Springvale, Brandon Park)… however I noticed a D3100 display model in the cabinet and decided to pick it up as it scanned through for $269. Was only after it for the lenses anyway.

  • +1

    Thanks for the heads up OP! Managed to score a 700D from the Warrawong, NSW store. Believe they had another one or two in stock…

    • Did they have any Nikon lenses cheap?

      I was there at 9am, but didn't see this post until just now so had no idea.

      • +1

        Not sure sorry. I merely rang up and then made a dash from work to grab the 700D…didn't look at anything else!

        • No worries mate, thanks anyways.

        • If you've got the reciept on hand could you send me a picture?
          My email is 'Mod: Personal info removed, use PM'

    • They still have Nikon 700D TLK (Twin Lens) display model in cabinet.

      Also Nikon S9900 and Sony HX60V display models.

  • Wife bought last boxed 700d tlk from highpoint. There was the display model remaining.

    • Awesome score, by now the display model would've probably gone too. Any idea if there was a SLK too?

      • +1

        No. This was 12.30.
        Several compact cameras there at the time.
        Moonee ponds stripped of cameras.

        • Was there anything at the Highpoint David Jones?

  • +1

    Playstation vitas are $99 for the wifi and 3g version

  • tightarse I love you man. Scored gta v, ghost recon, tomb raider, res evil 6, moh warfighter, diablo for ps3 and sly trilogy, invizimals and three vita action packs with a 16gb mem card and 8 gb cards.

    There was still three action packs with 8gb cards that i left for other ozbargainers at innaloo wa as of 9.22am.

  • has anyone bought the xbox one? please post receipt if you have.

  • +7

    Canon 700D already on eBay. $699.00


    eBay username nelsonhooi

    They don't waste no time these snipers.

    • +1

      Ah, the ol' 'unwanted gift' line.

    • He's earning more for this than most people do in a day.

      • Hrmmm true, I should've bought 5 and could take a week off.

  • +1

    I rang Ringwood (Vic) and no stock there.

  • love the description

  • Bought a lot of go pro accessories by Kaiser bass for $1

    • Which ones mate? Would u know if the suction cup one is part of it?

      • +1

        everything from kaiser bass except the selfie stick($10), chest and head mount, and tripod mount ($10). they were still coming up full price, but the store person offered me the cost price i think

    • which store? parra still scanned at full price

      • Liverpool NSW. Are you sure it was the Kaiser bass brands and not the gopro brand?

  • got 3200 in Cockburn, wa. Last one. No 700d here.

    • damn you beat me to it!

  • idk if it's been mentioned yet but, PS3 500gb $149. DSE at Westlakes SA had 2 an hour ago.

  • +1

    thanks for leaving the rest who wanted to use one instead of making profits

  • btw lady at emporium told me theirs were all sold out by 10:05

  • +2

    Just came back from Point Cook DSE.

    They had a sizable, but lackluster range of games. The highlights of the $10 games were:

    • GTA V (PS3 only)
    • Bioshock Infinite
    • CoD Ghosts
    • CoD Black Ops II ($5 on Wii U)
    • Splinter Cell Blacklist

    As for consoles, PS4's are $479 (normal price). For the rest, PM me since I don't want lurkers to know. I'll respond if your tenure is >1 year (1/12/14 or earlier).

    • Purchased PS4 GTA V for 20

  • any playstation 3 consoles?

    • +1

      PS 3: 12GB at Kmart for $129, 500GB at DS for $149, I think

  • +1

    Thanks ta! Scored black ops 2 for $10 and 2 recharable batteries for $6 (Canberra centre) a few games left there

  • I think previous posts said $149 for the ps3 500gb

    Anyone tried DJ's in Melbourne?

  • Went to the Woden Store (ACT) picked up;

    Civilization: Beyond Earth (PC) - $10
    Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4) - $20

    No cameras left there or anywhere else in ACT.

  • Got the last 700d single kit (double was already sold out) at Murray Street, WA. Also the William Street store was sold out too.

  • I have a Sony NEX C3. Anyone know if either the Nikon or Canon lens included are compatible (with adapter)?

    Thanks :)

  • Lots of cheap go pro accessories still at the Melbourne CBD Bourke St store.

    • What brand? The go pro accessories were full price for me at both the stores i went too! I checked the official gopro brand and the other one starting with K

      • Kaiser Bass, nothing too exciting, roll bar mounts, surf board mounts, things like that.

        • Dam, my local scanned them at full price sadly. I needed some.

      • yeah only some of the Kaiser baas branded ones are on sale at the store I went to, and only the smaller bits. the main ones I was looking for were still $35.

  • anything else at bourke street? No more cameras?

  • Is it just the Canon 700D and the Nikon D3200?

    Am after a 6D and was wondering if its worth a visit??

    • doubt DS would sell a 6D

      with that being said, 6D has been out for quite a while now (over 2 years), i'll leave it up to you to decide whether you should wait for the next variant or not.

    • Nikon D5500 with 18-55 VRII KIT $447 @ Dick Smith Store after Nikon Cashback $347 (Final Price)

      • edit post removed

  • +12

    This seems to have been missed, but if you're lucky you can also find the Canon 7D Mark II with the EF-S 18-135 IS STM Kit for $978 odd.

    On top of that, Canon are now doing $200 cashback for that model. Thus they're $780. That's… insane. Given that they're currently advertised at DSE for $2,579. So possibly the biggest bargain/discount of the whole sale.

    • Add to that, you get double cashback ($400) on any other Canon product over $200 in the same receipt. So basically a free $200 Canon product. Or a $48 Canon D700 Single Lens Kit if you can still find it.

      • Would the double cashback work if you bought 2x 700D?

        Can potentially get 2x 700D SLK for $49. That's if you're lucky enough to find 2 let alone 1 ie.

        • Along with the 7D MarkII?

          Or just 2x700D outright?.

          If it is outright on the same receipt you would get $200 cashback. ($100x2)
          If its on different receipts you would get 2 separate $100 cashbacks. (T&C's allow more than 1 cashback)

          In the end the cashback is the same.

        • the way i read it, its any 'other' canon product. The way i read it is that you can't claim a camera thats on the claims list.

          Or else you can claim 2x700D twice, which doesn't seem right.

          I stupidly didn't include any canon product on my receipts as i didn't know!!

        • @Alfonso:

          Yeah I agree

      • It's a shame the 18-200 lens kit is 'only' $198. Otherwise that would have effectively been a free lens.

        I wonder if you can get them to jack the price up somehow…

        • I did that in the previous canon double cashback from last year. Got JB to up the S200 from 192 to 200. They had to check with the manager and was really bewildered lol.

          Btw how did you initially find out about the 7th anyway?

          Edit: nvm u mentioned below. Which city store was it?

      • If a Participant purchases two or more Eligible Products in the same transaction, the Cashback or Double Cashback (as the case may be) will be applied to the Eligible Product with the highest cashback.

        So an elegible product is okay for both a cashback and a double cashback. You can only have one, but the higher amount will be given.

        so 7D + 700D = $200 plus $200 double cashback
        700D + 700D = $100 plus $100 double cashback

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