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Samsung Galaxy S5 $397, LG G Flex $397, SanDisk Ultra 16GB $9, Panasonic 40" FHD TV $499 + Games Sale from $7 @ Harvey Norman


Few Harvey Norman boxing day deals. Merry xmas everyone :)
Get an extra $25 off when you spend $150
Get Extra $50 Off When You Spend $350 Using Amex Offer

Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB Smartphone $397 - IN STORE ONLY
Samsung Galaxy S5 Blue $397
Nexus 5X 32GB $598 - 16GB $546
HP Officejet 2620 All In One Printer $16
LG G Flex 32GB Smartphone $398
Sunbeam Fiesta Mixmaster Folding Mixer - Pink $49
WD Elements 1TB Portable Hard Drive $68
Seagate Expansion 2TB Portable Hard $108
Targus Intellect 15.6" Laptop Backpack - Black $14
Sandisk Ultra 16GB SD CARD Or Micro $9
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8" Wi-Fi 16GB Tablet $199
TCL 48" Full HD LED LCD TV $488
Logitech G29/G290 Driving force Steering Wheel $300
Panasonic Viera 40" Full HD LED LCD TV $499
Nikon D5200 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm Lens Kit $488 (After cashback)
Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mirrorless Camera with 14-42mm Lens Kit $492
SONY 65" X85 Series UHD LED LCD 3D Capable Smart TV $2499
Logitech Driving Force Shifter $48
SanDisk Cruzer Edge 8GB USB Flash Drive 3 for $9
Norton 360 Multi-Device Internet Security Software 1 Year for 1 Device $18
Apple TV $86
Laser 16" Laptop Bag $8
Games Reduced
Little Big planet 3 $12, God of war 3 $28, Infamous 1st light $7, battleifield 4 $11, Borderlands the handsome collection $33, The Crew $18, far cry 4 $24, destiny $12, ,mad max $44, titanfall $7, Call of duty aw $28, metal gear soliv d $12, Forza 5 $14, sniper elite 3 $12, need for speed rivals $9, alien isolation $22, Thief $13, dead rising 3 $10, The order 1886 $28, Minecraft $16, Until Dawn $28, Assassin's creed unity $18 & More

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2015

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  • Does anyone know if HN will match their own price and give refund according to their Price Match policy?


    It is mentioned that they will match even their own price 7 days after the purchase.

    Got too excited when I saw Amex deal and bought LG Nexus 5X from HN just a couple of day ago :(

    • I know some retailers who don't price match to themselves. Not sure if HN does.

      • According to their own policy, they will match their own price.

        I am not so confident as this is a special price, or will be out of stock before I can ask to match the price.

  • Nice one. Purchased the S5 using the $25 welcome voucher - $374!. Used my 28 degrees M/C as well so 6 months price protection!

    Been waiting a good few months for a decent deal to upgrade from my Galazy S2, which coincidentally I purchased from HN 3 1/2 years ago, for almost the same price ($394 from memory!)

    Merry Christmas.

  • Here to drop by….Merry Christmas. So hardworking TRENT86!!

  • Anyone know if any of good guys or officeworks or any other stores can price match and beat the s5 price including their $25off signup offer? Or just better off buying from HN?

    Plus any other extra little ways of saving $$ through buying 5% off woolies gift cards then HN gift cards or anything??

    Need to justify breaking my rule of upgrading my phone that still works (s3) as I would normally use a phone until it dies.. would also be kicking myself if I see the s5 cheaper in say 6mths time too! :p surely fellow ozb can understand!

    • +1

      Better to just buy from HN.
      They will not beat with signup offer, it specifically says excluded for coupon codes:

      Also there isn't much stock in OW. And you may not be able to get stock in HN for them to price match. Not really worth the hassle.

    • Does woolies sell Harvey Norman gift cards? I have 5% off woolies egiftcards with me, can I convert to HN gCard?

      • A bargain never waits for anyone, lol. if you want it, it is best to get it now, not wait till tomorrow when stores open to convert a gift card. haha

  • Is this Galaxy s5 from Harvey Norman 4G compatible? I have heard of versions which are not. Specs on site has no mention of 4G.

    • LTE as mentioned on HN website. Anyone get other color rather than B&W?

      • come in-store on Boxing day then choose :)

        • But you don't get the $25 off if you go instore lol.

        • @lplau: $25 extra for something other than B&W worth it :)

  • Comparison here of Huawei P8 and Samsung Galaxy S5: http://www.phonearena.com/phones/compare/Huawei-P8,Samsung-G...

    It seems to me that the P8 has a superior build but maybe not much else. I recently got a P8 from the DSE deal. I'm thinking of switching to the S5 - I also have a Samsung Galaxy tablet so there would be some synergy there with sidesync maybe.

    Any thoughts?

    • Yeah I want to use sidesync on my galaxy tablet too :D

      …I'd say go with the S5. As long as you keep it nice and snug in a case, or just dn't drop it everywhere, i think it should be find. Better camera, water resistance, side sync etc. worth it in my opinnon .

      • You were right! I hesitated and was lost. I don't think I'll see a price like this again for months.

  • lg flex or s5?

    • LG Glex has batter battery life but you can always chuck a spare battery in, LG Flex is enormous but give you better screen for movies and web browsing experiences, LG Flex also comes with style ;)

      • LG G Flex 2 (Grey) has been close to $350 before. I picked up one for $364 from memory.

        • Aussie stock though? As far as I know HN is the only Aussie retailer that sells it, all the others are import stores

  • I was looking at the galaxy s5 for the wife, but for those of us without AMEX cards - would you not be better off with a grey import LG G3 off ebay for ~$320-330 ish? Doesnt have the waterproof feature, but the G3 has a better camera & screen?

    • +1

      Is G3 better than S5?

      • Most specs are exactly the same (processor, GPU, memory), except the G3 is a bigger screen with better resolution - also meaning the phone is slightly bigger cause of the bigger screen, but not proportionally. G3 camera should be better too, has that laser focus thing and OIS, which the Samsung does the stabilisation in software.

        Only downsides to the G3 are the S5 has is waterproof, and is supposedly a little better on battery even though its smaller capacity. You have to question whether a $50 difference is worth it considering you would have better warranty coverage in Aus with the Samsung.

        • Samsung AU warranty is rubbish.

        • @wtfnodeal: how so? what's your experience like?

        • @Cronut: called the warranty support line and the lady on the phone:"hello, hello? I cannot hear you, can I give you a call back?". She didn't even ask for my phone number. Wrote an email to the warranty claim section got a reply "thanks for your email and we'll get back to you very soon ". Of course after 6 months later no call back or email reply from Samsung. Luckily just a 1 month old battery I was chasing a replacement under the warranty claim which I ended up chucking into the bin. Samsung warranty mega fail!

        • +1

          I found S5 screen is much much better than G3. with a minimum brightness setting, you can see S5 screen easily, in the other hand, you have to set G3's brightness to max, to be able to see it easily - this means your battery on G3 wont last as long as S5. S5 also has the UPSM feature. one happy S5 user

    • Hey tissue

      Why don't you have AMEX?

      Seriously, I don't have AMEX either… but that's justbecause I'm lazy and CBF reading the terms and conditions.

      • Just not into getting another credit card…even with the 100,000 free points offer.

  • Any issues with the S5 and voda 4g?

    • +5

      There is always an issue with Voda.

  • -1

    ok S5 question. is the camera able to do wide selfie mode? is it really good improvement compare with similar older galaxy range (not S6 obviously)

  • Just did a quick search on fleabay for S5. Ranges from $329-$450 new.
    Is this really that good of a deal? Got the $25 voucher & Amex card ready. But for some reason resisting.

    • are the sellers local or overseas?

      • Interestingly they were all local..

        • +1

          Had a quick search, many look like units that have been opened for whatever reason from sellers with less than 100% feedback. Search also brought up a lot of S5 Mini's.

          I would still buy from harvey.

        • @scrimshaw: thats what i said.. prob he mistaken s5 mini and s5

    • Likewise, it seems $400 is the average (mostly grey) but even then this deal doesn't seem appealing enough for me..

      • Kogan is around the $500 mark and i have not found cheaper.

    • are you sure they are not S5 MINI?

  • LG G4 or S5?

    • G4 i reckon. LG owner and fan tho. So my biased view.

      Any good deals on G4?

      • Waiting for a good deal for G4 desperately.

      • Believe it or not still waiting on receiving my LG4 from Quality_Deals. Sent me one with broken screen, wrong colour and last time wrong phone.

    • G4 is definitely better, from an unbiased perspective.

  • Many people here says s5 camera is good but found Alot complain in Internet about camera quality of this phone? Confused

  • Does anyone know whats the exact model number for the Galaxy S5 HN sells?

    • should be G900I

  • Ordered the S5 with CC and got an "Order Reviewed" email. Does that mean there's virtually no chance that I'll get it as I'll have to wait until Monday before the order is processed and of course there won't be any stock then? Darn it!

    • Ive got one of those as well - as well as a congrats email from Amex for the $50. $322 - gotta be happy with that!

    • why Monday? HN will be open on boxing day however, website shows open everyday…confused…

      • In the confirmation email, it says that the order will be reviewed on the next business day - which is Monday.

        One more thing…I chose to have it shipped for $5.95. Does anyone know if they send by Regular or Registered with Tracking?

    • I got that email and then shortly after I got a confirmation email saying they will email when ready to pick up

    • Got the same email. Hope it gets "confirmed" and there's stock available. Already bought a case off eBay as well.

    • Why is my order being reviewed?
      We endeavour to provide a safe online environment for our customers by implementing routine checks for orders. This is to ensure that no purchase is made without the card holder's authorisation.

      This review may take up to 24 hours. Please note, orders placed outside of business hours may not be processed until the next business day.

      What happens next?
      Once your order has been reviewed and approved, we will send you an order confirmation, followed by either a delivery or pickup email. If any complications arise, we will be in contact with you.

  • +1

    Got the s5 with the $25 off "excited" for my daughters birthday :)

  • Got this message via email after ordering an S5.

    "Thanks for placing your order with us. However after careful review, we have decided to not accept your order. We apologise for any inconvenience."

    Anyone have any idea why this might be the case? Feel like I just wasted my $25 voucher. However, AMEX $50 acknowledgement came through :)

    • +1

      Did you choose shipping or store pickup (which store)?

      I placed an order too, pickup ACT, got following email:

      Thanks for placing your order with us. It is currently being reviewed by our online team.

      • I think they've outright rejected my order. Yours looks like it has gone through

        • That sucks!

        • Will it be not allow to stack 2 codes? Can anyone confirm successful by stack these 2 codes on other items?

        • Chat service was useless. Asked to call tomorrow. I hope no one else has run into this issue

        • Email service was much better. Will give Gerry some credit there. An error on their end. My G5 is now safely in my hands. $322 is an absolute bargain

  • oh.. come on where is my welcome email// so slow…

    Actually what is the correct order? Newsletter first then create account, or create account first? Putting same email address on both.

  • Get rid of my note 3 to LG flex?? Curved 6" is enticing but 2gb ram scares me off..

      • Yeah you're right. spec wise definitely but I just think it's a boring phone..

        • Why would you say so? Curious..

        • @virhlpool: boring because has no sexy curves along body

        • @eisniwre:

          Alright.. I thought it had to do with features.

        • +1

          @virhlpool: appearance count first!

        • Even the cheap phones have great specs these days and work well once rooted, cleared of bloat etc but they look like.. Cheap Chinese. Phones. Specs are important but not always the selling point for me.. Each to their own of course though.

  • If I had the option to vote more than once then I would. Great deal and effort.

  • Anyone with spare $25 coupon code mind PMing me? I signed up a couple of hours ago but haven't received anything the code yet. Don't want to miss out on the Galaxy S5!

    • Same here, need the code. Pretty please..

      • Me three please as their emailing system are so slow and I don't want to miss the deal. Cheers.

      • Damn, no code came thru, please PM me if anyone has spare code, wonder if it is just the same code for everyone?

      • make it four.

        i'm desperate for the signup voucher + Amex 50

    • Use an email which you have NEVER subscribed to HN newsletters.
      If you have any doubt, then create a new hotmail and then subscribe it to HN Newsletter again and it will work.

      If you use a email which you have used before, it will simply just update those subscriptions (even if you unsubscribed before it won't work for the coupon).

  • Thanks for posting, bought S5, great value for Australian stock.

  • i read that some reviews about S5 have reception issues?

    • What issues? I doubt that considering the popularity of this phone in Australia as well as globally. It might not be a great phone but for $322 it's a great value for sure.

  • Great prices on witcher 3 and far cry 4 - 44 and 24 respectively. Anyone seen them for cheaper?

    • Was around ~$16 shipped for FC4 from Ubisoft and it also came with a beta code for The Division yesterday.

  • S5 is a nice phone at a great price. But using all these prepiad Sims require a dual Sim phone at the minimum

    • I use prepaid cards without a dual sim phone and I'm surviving

  • hmmm…I've always want an S5, but then again, my current phone is G3, so really there is no need…

    …but then again, true OzB-ers buy now, ask question later…decisions decisions

  • order a S5

    • How long you have to wait for welcome code email?

      • 5 minutes in my case.

  • Is S5 a great deal at $322 in terms f value that you get?

    • Yes

  • Code arrived in about 10mim for me. Bought the TLC for $413. Thanks again @TRENT86.

  • Also code seems to only work for the email that it arrived on. Don't think you can gift it..

  • Any deals on micro SD cards?

    • the sd card deal is for normal and micro :)

      • Thanks Trent86

  • Does the amex card need to be in the same name as the harvey norman order?

    i just used somebody elses card however have not received the $50 email and am guessing because it was not in the same name

    • No need, I ordered for my mum and using my CC. got email saying the 50credit on the way…

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