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Ryobi Assorted 18v Garden Tool Kits $90 Nearly 70% off @ Bunnings


Came across these on Bunnings home page absolute bargain considering the usual retail on these kits.

The hedge trimmer is usually over $239 from memory.

Seems like a nation wide deal but confirm with your local store.

Ignore the ticketed price it will scan up as $90 at the register

Blower kit


Hedge Trimmer Kit


Line Trimmer Kit


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  • Purchased the blower kit at Auburn Bunnings, looks like they have a few. did see lots of hedge trimmers though.

  • Poor old dumb conservative voters:
    "What's this battery crap? They're only good for a tv remote. Unless it's gotta smoke billowing out its useless."……..

    • +1

      It's not about voting… it's simply a comprehension of the laws of physics.

      Experience and common sense allows people to know that the limited power from a cordless trimmer or hedge cutter is pathetic compared to what's possible from petrol powered tools.

      • -2

        Conservatives and science……lol.

  • I got the ozito blower for xmas from wife, 5 year warranty. Worth returning it & getting this unit?

    • You've got a far greater range of tools in the Ryobi range for the battery.
      Ozito only 'recently' started their interchangeable lithium battery range
      Ryobi also offer brushless tools, which I think Ozito don't.
      Ozito will eventually catch up & with a 5 year warranty & cheaper price, they would be my go to in future, but I am already invested in Ryobi

    • Without comparing the specs and having used both they were both pretty similar. I felt the ryobi was slightly more comfortable to use and the nozzle directed the air a little better. The ozito is still great and will do the job just as well. I'm with you on thinking about returning my ozito blower though, great brand and battery is very appealing!

      • The ozito cost her $109 ( have receipt ) but the 5.0Ah battery sounds good on this unit… but the ozito 5 year warranty is great IMO. This states 245km blow & ozito claims 210.

        • +1

          The amperage matters - longer operation time

        • Good luck finding a Ryobi now, all the Sydney stores I spoke to today were sold out by lunch time

        • @darthhasbro: yea, I got the last one @ Noosa :)

    • +2

      not bad, but id still rather something that can plug into 46 different tools, not sure if the black and deckers do that?

      • Not sure either but from looking at the pictures of the batteries, they look very similar to my dewalt cordless drill batteries.

        This website also mentions compatible but who knows: http://www.blackanddecker.com.au/powertools/productdetails/c...

        I don't have much of a garden and already have a $50 ozito corded blower/mulcher so don't need any of the B&D tools.

      • Actually that's the main reason I got the B&D blower and hedge trimmer as the battery is compatible with my B&D matrix system (which is basically 10 tools in one system). Having said that this deal is better value than the B&D blower as the battery is 5Ah.

        One thing I dislike about the B&D blower though (I suspect the Ryobi has this deficiency too) is that it is only single speed/full speed. My el cheapo $25 Wesco blower has two speeds which is great. Low speed for doing the indoors (wooden floors, staircase etc) and high speed for outside.

  • About 10 blowers left at West Burleigh (QLD). They appear sold out but there's a stack sitting on the top shelf.

  • No blower left at Compton Road Bunnings(BNE south), 7 left at Underwood.
    Plenty of trimmers.

    • It's because the battery on its own retails for $139

    • There's three blower at underwood and the liner trimmers were at the front of the store, 9 should be left.

  • -1

    Ryobi is taking a while to release an 18V vac unit (or even dual 18V, like the lawn mower)

    • I would rather have a small and compact unit, over one with a suck function.
      You can always just blow things away even if stuck in a corner.

  • Bunnings Oxley have lots of blowers but no hedge trimmers (didn't check for line trimmers). Bunnings Rocklea have about 5 hedge trimmers left and a few of the other 2. Was eyeing off the hedge trimmer before Christmas so great timing on this deal.

  • +1

    Grabbed a blower from Preston (Melb) bunnings.. Heaps left as they are priced at $199.. Scans at $90 :)

  • Just got the blower - thanks OP. Mandurah Bunnings has plenty left in stock.

  • +1

    Just picked up blower and liner trimmer from Subiaco WA had a few in stock. Thanks OP.

  • +6

    What a great deal!

    I was just saying to the misses how I needed a new blower, she was not impressed.

  • Ryobi OZ bargains tool of choice!

    Plenty of blowers left at Woodville SA, Hedge trimmers and line trimmers there was some but low quantity.

    I wonder if there's going to be a special on any of the non-garden style Ryobi tools, but I am not sure my wallet could handle it.

    • +1

      It seems like this is a response to Masters promotion.

  • Michinbury has maybe 10 of the blowers as of 1030am. Mismarked display for $199 but they are going to change it now

    Not sure about the trimmers etc, the displays can be a tad confusing (especially with incorrectly marked prices)

  • Thanks heaps. Had already ordered the bunnings vouchers from credit card points just to go and get the blower and hedge trimmer skins. Now I got batteries and chargers too for a cheaper price.

    Line trimmer I have a petrol one so don't need another. I think I'd miss the petrol smell :)

  • Is this deal so available on the extended hedhe trimmer or just the base. Extended one was same original price but better reach.

    • I don't think so. Had a chat with an employee for a while and we scanned through a heap. Nothing else other than these 3. I'm also not sure if the extendible one comes in a kit.

      • It was a kit package as well, but thanks for the heads up,seems like a promo on the 3 most common/basic ones. Would be crazy is all ryobi one+ were included, I'm going for blower + hedge trimmer. Giving the Line trimmer a miss.

        • Obviously ask, or take both to the counter and get them to scan the extendible one first. If you have any luck let us all know and I might go back and change mine.

    • Just the normal SKU.

  • Plenty of stock of all 3 at Underwood QLD. They are all over the shop though, some up high, some in special areas outside of the garden tools area.

  • Just got the hedge trimmer and blower from SA Marion store, plenty of the blowers only a few of the hedge trimmer there.

  • A little off topic, but can anyone recommend an inexpensive electric blower/vac/mulcher?

    Looking at the Ozito at $49 and Masters also have an even cheaper one called a Roki!! Anyone know of this brand?

    But no replacement bags listed on Masters site and when I emailed them they said "what replacement bags"!! :O

    Go figure? Are they saying you the bag lasts forever (NOT) or you just buy another Roki blower/vac/mulcher when you need another bag!?

    • Roki is going for $29, just buy a whole new unit lol. Probably lasts less than a year, return of fails, but masters returns policy isn't as generous and easy as bunnings (I think).

    • I find electric annoying with all the cords and never found the mulcher function useful, so maybe see if you can find some reviews online.

      You could always try it out and take it back claiming not fit for purpose.

    • Had a (corded) Ozito. It blew (up). Returned for refund under warranty. It can't really mulch, chokes on slightest amount if sand. Horrible grinding sounds.

    • I have that cheap ozito blower vac and it is rubbish, the 'mulcher' gets blocked all the time and you spend more time unblocking it so the thing actually sucks or blows. Even when blowing the thing has no power, this new cordless one is heaps better.

  • Ashfield Bunnings has all the 3 items in stock
    The hedger one is at the front of the store though

  • Any comments on the line trimmer, I'm buying the other 2, especially blower for the battery but holding back on the line trimmer due to bad reviews. I currently use petrol lawn mower and have a petrol line trimmer as backup, it a bit of a nosiy beast but does a good job.

    • The line trimmer is great, with the 5ah its awesome. You can get nylon blade heads for it too.

  • Out of stock at Thornleigh and Carlingford, NSW.

    • Carlingford has 1 hedge trimmer on very top shelf, North Rocks has some hedge trimmers as well.

  • plenty of blowers @ arundel… worth the battery itself for $90

  • Thanks for posting, picked up the hedge trimmer from Nunawading. In the 5 mins I was there, saw two other people there, each picked up 2x blower kits. Looked like there were maybe 3-5 of each kit left at 10am, so would be surprised if any are left now.

  • stupid question but for ppl with a blower already and buying another blower for the battery, what r u going to fo with 2 blowers?

    is the battery powerful enough for the hedger? im thinking of buying hedger and blower but i will have 2 of each arrgh

    • It's not really about being powerful enough, they are the same voltage but the runtime is different… 1.5 amp hours vs 5 amp hours.

      So the 1.5ah battery will run about 1/3Rd as long.

    • The battery is the biggest capacity battery at the moment so is powerful enough for the blower. It just depends on how big of an area you have.
      This is a cheap way to get a 5.0ah battery and a spare charger + blower. Could always sell on eBay I guess.

    • The hedger kit comes with a small battery (1.5ah). The blower comes with the good (longer lasting) battery at 5ah. So, don't think there's much point buying a second hedger…

      I have a 4ah battery with my line trimmer bought 2 yrs ago, which lasts for a decent amount of time, and this is what I'll use in the hedge trimmer.

  • +2

    All gone at Browns Plains QLD ( the blower and hedger at least). 3 Other people waiting there when i went looking, with more on the phone talking to the redshirt.
    He later Told us that they sold them all yesterday evening with people buying them for the batteries alone (as is evident here on ozbargain).
    He also mentioned it was a response to a Masters Sale - they have a Black and Decker unit (2.0ah) for 95 bucks, which is half it's normal price, as someone pointed out earlier.

  • Just pickup up a blower from Malaga, Perth omw to visit family.

    There were 3 more blowers, 5+ hedge trimmers, and 8 line trimmers left.

    You'll need to look in the isle section, as all the stock was gone from whatever display table they'd setup to advertise the sale.

  • Quite scary the power of Oz bargain. Went to 4 bunnings and couldn't score a single hedge trimmer even though the computer scouted that they all had about 5 left. Everytime I got there I can see someone leaving with one of the items on special

    • +4

      I hear we're about to form our own church.

  • +1

    Cheers OP - grabbed a whipper and a blower…I'm up for a big night :)

  • Just went to buy the $99 charger plus 2.5Ah battery set.
    Guy on tool til suggested if I wanted longer battery pack, go check if any blowers left for $90 includes 5Ah battery. 2.8hrs to charge - not a fast one then?
    Fortunately two left at nunawading.
    Thumbs up to him.
    Don't need blower, but my wife can use this one ;)…
    Waiting for associated tools to go on spesh now….

    • +1

      The charger is a fast one but the 5.0ah is a very large battery.

  • Drove to closest bunnings early morning empty shelf heh. Ah wells looks like this bargain was snapped up way early started yesterday

  • There is 1 line trimmer left in Rockdale. I took the second last one, the hedge trimmers i believe were gone, only the blowers left.

  • Just bought a blower from nunawading. I called b4 hand and the guy said the system shows 50 in stock. Only saw 6 on the shelf. Between going in and coming out saw at least 4 ppl with a ryobi in their trolley. Gonna sell the charger on eBay since I got one already.

  • +1

    Belmont wa still has some of each. Just picked up hedge trimmer and blower. Thanks op

  • Picked up the 5 a/h battery with bonus blower, will bring a couple of old Ryobi one plus tools I have back to life. Thanks OP.

    There's 5 blowers, about the same amount of hedgers and heaps of line trimmers left at Bunnings Ballarat.

  • No line trimmers left at hoxton park

  • +1

    Was at Bunnings Midland (WA) about 9:00 am and there were about 14 Line Trimmers left. A couple of blowers and hedge trimmers left as well. The line trimmers were in a separate pile away from the Garden Tool section.

  • How does this compare to the Ozito Power X 3A series…trimmer and blower for $149 or is Ryobi superior

    • Generally superior. The one+ system is really good.

      • Cheers…I'm always nervous about battery quality…I've got a Makita blue cordless drill with 2 18v's and the batteries weigh a tone compared to other 18v ones I've picked up before…

        Plus I may have the got the last blower at Nunawading. Couldn't see anymore on shelf but there were some high up on some other shelves…couldn't see whether they were just the blower or this battery pack version…

        • The cells in these new 5ah and 2.5ah one+ packs are top quality, Samsung I think. They rival my 30C li-po 4.4Ah pack that I made in terms of power and capacity.

        • Sorry, Bosch Blue, not Makita from post above…
          Like an idiot I should have bought 2 blowers, or 3. 5ah is huge.

  • Thanks OP. Managed to get a blower.

  • Thanks OP. If you are thinking of the line trimmer, only get it if you are a 90 year old woman scared of petrol trimmers or want to use it on 2 or 3 blade of grass only… Pretty gutless, only a single cord whipping around. It will work, but very slowly and painfully.

  • There is one left at Oxley and 4 at Rocklea QLD, good luck to find one guys. Thanks.

    • There is one left at Oxley and 4 at Rocklea QLD, good luck to find one guys. Thanks.

      There are none left at Rocklea (45 minutes ago) and there were around 30 when I left Oxley around 2 hours ago but sounds like they have none left now.

  • Picked up the last blower unit from Broadmeadows. Broden was there 1 minute before me and loaded the last 3 on the shelf into a trolley. Staff told me there wasn't any left and he grabbed the last 3.

    Had a look around and found a unit sitting in the wrong position further down the aisle.

    Best to start ringing around and get staff to reserve stock.

  • +1

    Picked up hedge/line trimmer at Port Melbourne. Plenty of stock available particularly on the line trimmer and blower

    • Yup, I got two blowers just before they closed today, still had a quite a few left. There aren't any left on the actual shelves, but there's extra stock above the shelves.

  • Supposedly 36 blowers left at Bunnings Modbury.

    Anyone know how much they usually sell for?

    • The blowers are worth little. Its the 5AHr battery and charger that we want, normally $185 for the pair.

  • -1

    None left at Noosa, QLD. System showed 4 in stock. Staff and I couldn't find them. Asked the shelf stocker, he said must be an error. Me thinks the shelf stocker kept them. Blowers that is. There was 2 trimmers.

  • sold out of the blower kit in Belmont NSW

  • Thanks just picked one up at Underwood qld and used it out of the box on first job only about 3 minutes to blow grass off paths on regular clients lawn. Works well enough on regularly kept job.

  • Got the last blower at Mornington, a few hedge and line trimmers left though.

    • Just went past after 5 and there were blowers there.

  • Grabbed a blower from Oxley qld about two hours ago, they had a handful left then

  • greenacre none left

  • Just picked up a blower and line trimmer at Moorabbin Vic. Only a couple of each left on the shelf. Hedge trimmers were gone.

  • +1

    A few blowers left at northland vic no line or hedge trimmers. Cheers OP.

  • About 30 blowers and at least 15 trimmers at North Shore, Townsville.

  • A few blowers left at Taree and Port Macquarie for those on holidays. Taree has heaps of blowers and line trimmers but no hedgers, Port Macquarie had no trimmers but lots of others. I got the trifecta, couldn't help myself

  • got home from buying it this morning and fully charged it. the blower works a treat. 25% battery used in about 10 mins of continuous use.

  • 4 line trimmers left at Morayfield otherside of ryobi line

  • Thanks OP.
    Managed to pickup 1 blower from Ashfield NSW (plenty blowers left and line trimmer)
    And 1 hedger from Artamon NSW (only 1 hedger left .. no blower)

  • Thanks OP. Got the last hedge trimmer and a blower from Gladstone Bunnings.

  • +3

    I won some drill bits!!

    Who else won something from https://ryobiwin.com.au ?

    • +3

      My blower kits don't seem to have this leaflet with the code. What does it look like?

      • +1

        Yeah, couldn't find a code either in my blower kit

        • Same here, bought 2 blowers and 1 hedge trimmer from two different stores in Perth. Took all the parts out of the box and unwrapped… no promo leaflet / unique code in any of them on battery compartment, charger station etc. Meh.

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