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60% off: Box Damaged Sony Headphones MDR-EX150AP $31.98 or MDR-ZX330BT $67.98 - Free Shipping - Sony Online Store


This popped into my email so I thought I'd post it up for others…

Edit: Looks you might be able to save an extra $25 if you fill out their survey and get your Sony store voucher https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/226290

See the T&Cs for full details - https://sites.sony.com.au/Damaged-Carton-Sale.html

MDREX150APB Offer: http://www.sony.com.au/product/mdr-ex150ap/sku/mdrex150apbqe
Offer is a saving on MDREX150APB (SRP: $79.95 AUD inc. GST, Sale price: $31.98 AUD inc. GST) models only.
Items may have damaged carton. All products have full manufacturers warranty. Available in black colour only.

MDRZX330BT Offer: http://www.sony.com.au/product/MDR-ZX330BT
Offer is a saving on MDRZX330BT (SRP: $169.95 AUD inc. GST, Sale price: $67.98 AUD inc. GST) models only.
Items may have damaged carton. All products have full manufacturers warranty. Available in black colour only.

MOD: credit card checkout page seems to dislike chrome/FF, but worked for MSedge/IE. If you change browser, you lose your cart, so start the process on IE

Update: It seems as though Sony has made the items unavailable to purchase as of a couple of hours ago. Post will be updated if it becomes purchasable again.

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    There was a 'damaged box' sale from Sony which was posted on OzBargain before. The damage was almost completely cosmetic with things like half peeled price stickers and scuffed corners. If this sale is the same, this is an absolute bargain price!

    • +3

      sadly I haven't reieved my voucher I might jump the gun and just buy them haha

  • Thanks OP!! Got the ZX330BT's for $43 after my Sony store voucher.

  • Thank OP grabbed the BT set.

  • +1

    got a pair of each using both of of my $25 vouchers.
    Great work OP

  • Thanks OP! Glad I waited. Was going to spend the $25 voucher on memory card but this earphone is way better purchase

  • Got this BT Set at hardly normals in Singapore for my sister when I was on holiday, it works alright. Thinking of grabbing one for myself now its that cheap lol!

  • Thanks op. Anyone willing to swap a sportsdirect code for their Sony one? Will send straight away. Edit : Swapped. Thanks all.

  • Hi guys, if anyone has a spare $25 coupon I would really appreciate if you could PM me the code as I would really like to purchase the MDRZX330BT.
    I have just registered for a code and will send you my code as soon as I get it. Thanks :)

  • +3

    They need to use stronger codes, someone could just take an expired code and change some digits.

    • That's what all the people are doing for the $30 coupon smh

      • -2

        not working for me..i tried but not valid

        can u give me a code

        • Sorry I have more integrity than some people here and would not steal someone else's code for my own benefit…

        • -2


          what u mean steal?

          so put some random number

        • +3

          @tyler.durden: You must understand that those coupon codes are issued to people when you make a valid purchase in line with the promotion's requirements. By choosing "random" numbers (yes we all know Sony is stupid enough to use non-random codes), you are simply using someone's voucher, someone who made a valid purchase, and probably does not use ozbargain. When the time comes for them to use the code, they will realise that their code no longer works and they won't know why - because some selfish ozbargainer took advantage of the situation for their own benefit…A whopping $5 extra discount than if they obtained the $25 coupon legitimately…


        • -4


          well they can contact sony
          and probably get a new code..

          either way, these random codes not working anyway

        • @tyler.durden: Well that's a different story, but ultimately I would not cause someone so much trouble for a few dollars. Hopefully someone will PM you their $25 code.

  • Don't need another headphones but for that price, why not? Hehehe. Thanks Op.

  • I got a set. Average sound but pretty comfortable. Good value at this price. Great post!!!

    • +1

      The BT ones? How many hours do you actually get out of them?

      • "Up to 30 hours of music on a single charge"

      • Yeah BT ones. I would guess about 35 hours with NFC off.

  • How long do the coupons take to come through?

    I did the survey just now but I'm guessing these headphones will be gone by the time I get coupon.

    • 7 days

      • Yea I can read the "up to 7 days" bit too… but I'm asking how long it took other people to get their code.

        Unless you've gotten one (which looks like you haven't), your reply is of no use.

        • +2

          @tyler.durden: Go troll somewhere else mate, you're boring.

  • I grabbed one of both. Thanks digitalterrorist.

  • +1

    Just filled out the survey for the second time. Hopefully they actually send me the voucher this time

    • I didn't think I got the voucher the first time as I don't remember seeing it and with a heap of emails I have I couldn't find it. Even searching for Sony store and sony voucher.
      Then I searched for sonystore (one word) in my emails and it came up. So bonus and used it to buy a pair.

  • +1

    Confirmed Cashrewards of 4% is on the RRP:

    Retailer: Sony
    Date of sale: 22 Jan 2016
    Sale Value: AUD 169.95
    Expected cashback: AUD 6.80

    • I initially thought that but they'll end up refining the cashback to the sale price.

      • Hm..whenever i buy something on sale they've always paid out % based on the RRP :O Surfstitch is one example.

    • if this true anybody bough the MDREX150APB vie cashback will receive $3.2 while he only paid $1.98 so $1.22 profit.

    • Has anyone actually received their cashback from these clearance/super deals by Sony?
      Waiting on the summer of sony purchase cashback atm.

    • Damn. I forgot to use CR.

  • Edit: too slow.

  • Bought both, thanks!

    I have a $30 code since 03/15 and never got this promotions. Finally I did :). Does someone know how many times can I use my code?

    • check with mewdex

  • Anyone got a $25 off code to spare? I'll send mine as soon as I get it. I just did the survey for the voucher. Don't wanna miss this.

    Edit: Nvm, managed to use the $30 one.

    • Which $30 one did you use?

      • From a previous deal.

    • How do i get the 30 dollar code? Waiting for the 25 but i think these will be gone by the time that arrives.

  • I am almost about to place the order, but the credit card details page is crashing on my Chrome…v47.0 :-( Any suggestions OPs?

    • bpay always works

  • Can anybody who got the $25 voucher previously conform the title of the email or the email address the voucher was sent from. I thought I received it a while back, but I've searched my inbox high and low and can't find it.

    • +4

      should say in title "Your $25 MySony Gift Card Inside"

    • +3

      Title : Your $25 Sony Gift Card Inside
      From: [email protected]

    • Thanks for that guys. Can't find it anywhere. It may have gone to spam and been deleted. Can the voucher codes be retrieved via your Sony account on the site?

  • Also willing to trade my £10 Sports Direct voucher for a $25 dollar Sony voucher

  • Can anyone comment on the quality of the earphones? Versus Xiaomi Pistons?

    • I'd like to know too.

  • The people who paid full price will get delivered first.

  • Yew cheers OP - so cheap with the $25 voucher. Got the BT one order confirmed. Awesome!

  • can someone give me a spare $25 if they not using.

    I can send u my code when i get it.

  • What is this $30 code that you guys speak of? ;)

    • -1

      For us to know and for you to find out.

    • Apparently some expired codes from a previous deal can be modified to work (something along the lines of that). Not entirely sure how it works to be honest but I used my $25 to purchase the headphone.

    • Was just joking guys xD

      I made a post on it before regarding the method of the code and got 100+ votes and 14 negs in two hours before I had it removed as it was 'unethical.'

      • Ah makes sense, but I bet you some person somewhere is bashing away on their keyboard making codes to put towards brodening. Blame Sony for being so loose :/

        • Yeah definitely, can probably make $20-$30 per pair that broden dumps on abay.

  • +2

    Can someone give me a spare $25 if they not using.

    I can send u my code when i get it.
    I filled up the survey just minutes ago…..

  • Have ordered Sony MDRZX330BT using $25 coupon.. Lets see the quality..

  • -1

    I know everyone is asking the same question, but if anyone could please give me a $25/30 off code I would greatly appreciate it. Have been using terrible Skull Candy earphones at the gym (with uneven earbuds) and these Sony ones would be perfect. I've signed up for the Sony promotion and will gladly give you my $25 off code once I receive it, I honestly just really want to order these before they sell out.

  • Thank you! :)

  • great deal! hopefully no cancellations! ><

  • anyone kindly send a voucher code please?
    Looking to get the BT version.
    Have just filled out the survey, will definitely return the voucher code once received.

    Many thanks

  • Thanks mate, Found the $25 voucher that I forgot all about and used it to pick one up $42.98 is a Bargain.

  • If anyone has a $25 voucher they aren't using, I would love to have one. Will pay it forward when I get the one I just signed up for. Cheers.

  • Would love if someone could PM me if they've got a spare $25 voucher they're not planning on using. Mine hasn't come yet (checked several times) :(

  • Is anyone else having trouble by the MDRZX330BT headphones. I am on the site and nothing is happening whenever I press buy now. I am on chrome

    Edit: All good now tried internet explorer or whatever the new name is and all good now.

    • Internet Explorer > Chrome

    • Microsoft Edge new name. lol

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed both

  • Argh - the code I got here looks like it was used by someone else - probably all the guessing of coupon codes!

    If anyone else has a code I could use, in return for my code (whenever it arrives in from Sony), I'd appreciate it.

    • Isn't the code you're offering in return already used by someone else, as you stated.

      • No - I just did the survey and will get a code from Sony… but it may only arrive after the headphones are out of stock.

        The idea was to get a code off someone and send my one to them once I get mine.

        Doesn't matter anyways, got one so I'm sorted.

  • Cheers OP :)

    I bought the MDR-ZX330BT for $42.98 plus 4% cashback through cashrewards with $25 voucher.

    So glad i didn't blow my Sony voucher on something else earlier. Glad i waited!

    • Have you got a cashrewards email yet?
      I grabbed a pair of both for about $73, pretty stoked with that if i get the 4% cashrewards back It'll be even better!

      • No not yet. My emails don't usually arrive until after a few hours or usually the next day.

        I will let you know when mine arrives.

      • Mine's arrived. Got discounted off the original price too (not even the damaged box price)!

        • Can confirm. Email says cashback was $6.80 (4% of RRP, not the discounted price).

        • I wish the tax invoice would come with the RRP. Ordered 2, so I would be able to get TRS back of it =P

      • I just logged in to Cashrewards and my cashback is showing up now as $6.80 as others are also reporting.

        • Do you guys know how long the cashreward will be made available in the account? A lot of them are listed as 'pending'.

        • @babymeng: eta. 3 months

  • Nice find OP. Does a yone have a $25 or $30 credit they don't want or need? Would love to get a set at a bargain price.

  • Got the blutooth one. Cheers OP.

  • Bought 2 THX

  • Seems to be accepting credit card payments, but failing to complete the order … even though it charges the credit card.

  • Still waiting for my $25 voucher. If someone has a spare one that they are not using right now I'd be happy to send mine over once I receive it. Thanks

  • +2

    I thought cashrewards dont give cashback for purchases using gift cards or voucher codes which are not listed in their website?