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60% off: Box Damaged Sony Headphones MDR-EX150AP $31.98 or MDR-ZX330BT $67.98 - Free Shipping - Sony Online Store


This popped into my email so I thought I'd post it up for others…

Edit: Looks you might be able to save an extra $25 if you fill out their survey and get your Sony store voucher https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/226290

See the T&Cs for full details - https://sites.sony.com.au/Damaged-Carton-Sale.html

MDREX150APB Offer: http://www.sony.com.au/product/mdr-ex150ap/sku/mdrex150apbqe
Offer is a saving on MDREX150APB (SRP: $79.95 AUD inc. GST, Sale price: $31.98 AUD inc. GST) models only.
Items may have damaged carton. All products have full manufacturers warranty. Available in black colour only.

MDRZX330BT Offer: http://www.sony.com.au/product/MDR-ZX330BT
Offer is a saving on MDRZX330BT (SRP: $169.95 AUD inc. GST, Sale price: $67.98 AUD inc. GST) models only.
Items may have damaged carton. All products have full manufacturers warranty. Available in black colour only.

MOD: credit card checkout page seems to dislike chrome/FF, but worked for MSedge/IE. If you change browser, you lose your cart, so start the process on IE

Update: It seems as though Sony has made the items unavailable to purchase as of a couple of hours ago. Post will be updated if it becomes purchasable again.

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      • -1

        my paper was bigger and longer

      • Is it soft enough for use in the toilet?

  • I put my home suburb on my work address.. I don't think it's going to get delivered today afterall facepalm

    • Different postcodes? You might get lucky, depends how smart they are.

      • Close but different postcode. Alas they were not smart enough, didn't arrive.

  • Received my just 5 minutes ago - the box was completely fine!

    • -1

      And you didn't upvote this deal.

      • -1

        we get it…

        now pls stop

  • Earphones are surprisingly very good - doesn't get distorted as much as sennheisers in the same price range! Thanks Op!

  • thanks again, received my BT this morning, cheers !

  • -1

    I paid via BPAY on Monday for 2 separate orders. Called their customer service yesterday and complained. Today I got an email asking me to provide them with BPAY ref numbers as they are unable to trace the payment… DRAMA! Not nice Sony!

    • +5

      You BPAYed on Monday, Public Holiday Tuesday, and you complained on Wednesday? You realise BPAY isn't instant…?!

      • Thank you for your comment. I should have worded it differently - I did not complain yesterday but I followed up on the order. From my experience BPAY never takes more than 24 hours (paying off credit cards etc.) Although I am not saying that this always should be the case. What is surprising though is the fact that as of today they still cannot locate the payment.

    • -2

      that's why better to use cc or debit card

      • If I only could I would certainly do it. There was a glitch on the website when placing the order and cc payments did not work. BPAY was the only option.

  • +6

    Let the brodening begin!! Oops I meant "unwanted Christmas gift"

    • +2


      Noice cancelling

      I didn't know these BT ones were noice cancelling.. Noice of Sony to include dat feature moit!

      • Number 4 is the ZX110NC model, not the BT one listed here.

        • haha true! perhaps this really is an unwanted christmas gift then!

    • +1

      Lol they will NEVER get over $100 for pair. "Tell them There're dreaming!"

      • +1

        Only if you get a QC representing you. ;)

      • They're* (just noticed my little error there lol)

  • +1

    Mine is still pending :(

  • I have received mine this afternoon in mint condition. The box wasn't damaged at all. Awesome deal! Once again thanks OP!

  • Still haven't received mine and I'm in Sydney! Was one of the first to order. This is BS

    • got it! delivery man came after 6pm, was a full Aussie bloke. Funny

      • As opposed to half an Aussie bloke?

  • Another satisfied customer who ordered one of each and received brand new sealed items!

  • FWIW (too late for the deal now, but for future reference) I got my ZX330BT headphones delivered this afternoon, and the box was not damaged at all.

    It was, however, in the wrong language on the front of the box - looks like a batch meant for China accidentally landed here, and they just decided to sell it rather than send it back.

    But yeah, absolutely no "box damage" at all :)

    • +1

      so your's doesnt have english on front of box?

      I own 770 headphones (bought retail), box is the same english/chinese on front, eng/chi/kor on back

      • +2

        no it has english and chinese.

        on the back it has both language + korean

        not sure why that is not sellable?

        • It's the first time I'm seen any Sony product with prominent Chinese wording on the front of the box - usually Sony Australia would sell products packaged for Europe.

          It's the only thing I can think of that would explain "box damage" because the product I received was otherwise in perfect condition.

          A bargain regardless :)

    • Same here, have had many Sony products but don't recall ever having seen such prominent Chinese writing on the box. I've ordered 'carton damaged' headphones from Sony.com.au before and those were really damaged boxes.

      • +1

        maybe the products was suppose to be for China and got sent to Australia instead. They didn't want to ship it back hence the cheap price.

  • just received the headphones today, the box was perfect no damage.
    wish i ordered more haha

  • +1

    User manual



    Received mine today as well.

    Box is in excellent condition and not damaged.

    thanks OP.


    How do ppl find the quality of this headphone compared Beats etc..

    Also there is suppose to be a setting to change the quality of the headset
    Suppose to press power+ vol-/vol+ to change quality

    Though I can't seem to change it.

    • You need to do the quality-change thing from a powered-off state. So if the headphones are powered on, hold down Power for a couple of seconds to turn them off.

      Then press and hold the volume+ button and press the power button for 2 seconds until you see a light. It will flash blue briefly, then red to indicate battery charge (3 flashes is fully charged) and THEN it will flash blue 1-3 times. 2 flashes is SBC High Quality, while 3 flashes is AAC.

      • -2

        Yes I know about that since i read the manual.

        I am just not sure if it changed cos the light flashes blue too much so it is hard to tell

  • I have received the Bluetooth headphones and there was no damage to the box. It sounds amazing. I would bought 2 if I knew it sounds this good.

  • Got mine too.. totally brand new.. they must be running this out for the new model.

    • Just tried it. I have 3 other bt heatphones to compare against. These are actually pretty good. Base isnt great but for 40 bucks these are awesome.

      • What do you mean when you say the bass isn't great? Not enough of it or the quality of it isn't good? Also, do they get very loud?

        • Max loudness isnt that loud.. but still ok. My other headphones at plantronic backbeat pro which excellent. For 40 bucks u really cant complain. Would not be worth 150 though.

        • @hippyhippy: How are the backbeat pros? Especially compared to these cheap Bluetooth ones?

      • I was just going to write this. Tested it now, quality is good, but lacks bass ;/

        Buuut A bt phone with a good bass would be $100+, so I'm ok with this one.

        • I can probably add a bit with EQ on them. How's the max volume?

        • I thought the bass was pretty decent. Especially for a bt can.

  • +3

    Paid with Bpay on the 23rd, payment status still showing as "Payment pending" on the order status page :/
    Going to wait and see, if it doesn't update by tomorrow arvo I'm going to give them a call.

    • Keep us updated, I was thinking the same time frame :)

    • +2

      Had the same issue and called. Phillipines call centre took my details and forwarded them on. A day later was cleared but now still waiting for despatch.

    • Called sony again today. No cigar.

    • Mine is same. Still showing "Payment Pending".

  • +4

    All these people that jumped on the deal and got their headphones but can't even + vote the deal.

    • +2

      Correct. People nowadays do not know appreciation.

    • Well to be fair, I odered mine when I got the email from Sony, then came across the deal listed here afterwards. But I'll +1 it anyway ;)

  • Anyone can comments for this Sony BT headphone compared to Air-Fi Matrix2 headphone?
    I'm trying to buy Sony one from gumtree (close enough to the sale price here :D) but wondering if the sound will be better than my Matrix2…

    • If you already have the Matrix 2s, sound improvement (if there's any at all) on the Sonys will definitely not be substantial enough to warrant the $100 or so you'll pay on Gumtree.

      I have Audio-Technica ATH-M50xs and they're basically the best sound in this price-range. But they're not wireless so I got a pair of the Sonys to wear to the gym (wouldn't have paid more that the $40ish dollars I got them for though).

      Probably not exactly what you were looking for but hey, best I can offer. A few reviews of the Matrix 2s say they have great sound quality for the price so I doubt the Sonys will be any better.

  • -1

    anyone else's in-ears (MDREX150APB) ring out?

  • +2

    I paid via Bpay 22/1/15. Status just changed to payment approved, awaiting dispatch. So others that paid by Bpay, check your account, hopefully it has also updated.

    • +1

      Woo yep just clicked over :)

  • +1

    woohoo my bpay paid order just clicked over to approved and 'despatch pending'. :)

    edit: as also noted in above two posts

  • Woohoo received. Thanks very much OP. There's a few Chrissy pressies sorted.
    Boxes are in mint condition too (as others have mentioned)

    • +5

      What day is Christmas in your culture?

      • +5

        It's expired xmas gifts for gumtree ^_^

  • Received as well. Just like the rest said, it's brand new!

  • +1

    Received mine too. Bargain indeed…Thanks OP!

  • Received. No damage. Sounds good.
    Cheers OP

  • Used the bluetooth headphones today and it surpassed my expectations! They were lightweight, produced decent volume and it connected via bluetooth hassle-free.

    Should note that there is virtually no noise cancelling/isolation. Also don't expect to use it for a phone call in a loud place. The microphone picks up EVERYTHING.

  • Received my BT headphones today, although also had a curious call from the driver asking if he could drop them off without a signature. That was fine although he asked if he could take the paperwork attached to the box which I thought was weird. Either way I agreed and he left them exactly where I asked. Any reason for him to ask for the paperwork?

  • Thanks OP. Even without the $25 voucher I'm glad I jumped on this deal.

  • Has anyone compared the max loudness levels between an iPhone and an Android phone? My Nexus 6P doesn't seem to go as loud as iPhone when using the Sony BT speakers (or when connecting to an aux port in a car). Any way around this?

    • The volume limiter where you cannot raise it above a certain level is a know point for headphones, and there is an app to get around it. It is apparently part of Google's design to limit ear damage.

      I can't find the app for the life of me right now, but I know I looked it up a while ago because my wife was annoyed about it on her Nexus tablet with headphones plugged in.

  • I think that this BT Headphone uses nuclear energy. I'm playing it during the entire day, for 3 days, and still running. Amazing!

    About the sound, I feel a difference on max level when I play on the laptop and when I play on the phone. On the phone, the max is lower than on the laptop

  • Invoice received, they're on their way :) (Paid by BPay)

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered on 23 Jan paid via BPay on 27 Jan, shipped on 28 Jan, received today. No physical damage to box box however box has a lot of what looks like Chinese text on box…..perhaps the damage is in error in spelling or incorrect description or information on box.

  • +7

    For anyone who BPay'd but their status is still on payment pending, I rang them yesterday, and they said that they are awaiting stock into the warehouse, and that the status would remain until their receive stock.

    They confirmed they had received my payment though.

    Weird for them not to have a status in between for awaiting stock, but that is their system.

    • Thanks for the update! Was getting a bit worried there… at least by the sounds of it they're still going to honour the deal even though they've ran out of the 'damaged' stock.

      • +1

        Oh wow, so mine just changed to Payment Approved / Despatch Pending with an estimated delivery date of 30 January 2016… so looks like they're still going through them slowly.

    • Thanks for the update! I tried to call them this morning but their switchboard has so many sub-menus, it took me a long time just to get through all the voice recorded message so I just hang up.

    • Thanks for the update.

      Did they give you an estimate on when they're expecting to receive more stock?

      • +1

        Unfortunately not.

    • I'm going to make a call as well. I made payment on 23 Jan.

      • It just went through to Despatch Pending :)

        • ditto, about 30 minutes ago, and I ordered on 24th.

  • These are great headphone for the money. The only downside is that it doesn't have aptX in the bluetooth profile.

    • That aptX looks like a bit of a scam anyway. 1 mbit/sec should be all that is required and bluetooth v2 and up support 3 mbit/sec.

      • in regards to bluetooth versions, this states it supports v3.0
        I googled the differences between v2 and v3 and unless it states it supports v3 + HS it wont be much different?

        I only ask as I just brought a cheap bluetooth dongle for my windows 10 pc. Music sounds great but there is the odd skip or pause in the music every 4 or 5 seconds.
        Would getting a v3 blutooth dongle help this?

        • Yes I think you are right. v2 vs v3 with no HS should be very similar.

          I doubt lack of v3 + HS would cause skipping.

          I would first try checking the dongle in another PC and seeing if the problem still occurs. These sort of things are often software related.

          Also could be range related - a cheap dongle may have an inferior radio which wouldn't transmit as far.

  • Received in WA

  • got the bluetooth and earbuds today and boxes were not damaged at all

  • got it this morning in WA, apparently right side is not working, does this still have warranty?

    • Yap - "All products have full manufacturers warranty."

    • similar problem here. Right side is not working. Have you looked into it yet?

      • Called their customer support today, the guy said he would arrange someone to give me a call within a week and give a replacement to me.

        • Thanks I'll call them tomorrow

  • +1

    received today and box is 100% undamaged … not sure why Sony would do this, maybe clear out unwanted/discontinued/surplus stock?

  • +1

    I called Sony today since it was still stuck on payment pending, they took my details down, confirmed payment and said they'd pass it on so the order could be released, I'll update when I get the dispatch email.

    • ok mine is out for delivery today which is a fat chance as its nearly 5pm.. lol anyway cant complain.

    • Sony just got back to me via email, it will be dispatched tomorrow :D

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