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60% off: Box Damaged Sony Headphones MDR-EX150AP $31.98 or MDR-ZX330BT $67.98 - Free Shipping - Sony Online Store


This popped into my email so I thought I'd post it up for others…

Edit: Looks you might be able to save an extra $25 if you fill out their survey and get your Sony store voucher https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/226290

See the T&Cs for full details - https://sites.sony.com.au/Damaged-Carton-Sale.html

MDREX150APB Offer: http://www.sony.com.au/product/mdr-ex150ap/sku/mdrex150apbqe
Offer is a saving on MDREX150APB (SRP: $79.95 AUD inc. GST, Sale price: $31.98 AUD inc. GST) models only.
Items may have damaged carton. All products have full manufacturers warranty. Available in black colour only.

MDRZX330BT Offer: http://www.sony.com.au/product/MDR-ZX330BT
Offer is a saving on MDRZX330BT (SRP: $169.95 AUD inc. GST, Sale price: $67.98 AUD inc. GST) models only.
Items may have damaged carton. All products have full manufacturers warranty. Available in black colour only.

MOD: credit card checkout page seems to dislike chrome/FF, but worked for MSedge/IE. If you change browser, you lose your cart, so start the process on IE

Update: It seems as though Sony has made the items unavailable to purchase as of a couple of hours ago. Post will be updated if it becomes purchasable again.

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  • How badly is the box damaged?

    • No idea, each product page has this "Some items may have damaged boxes. Full manufacturer warranty."
      I cant imagine the product inside is damaged, and even if it was, your rights under Aust Consumer Law would apply i.e. it would be classed as a major problem and probably a refund.

    • Sony headphones come in that horrid plastic thats hard to cut open anyway

        • +19

          Not sure why you're being thumbed down…

          But have a thumbs down anyhow.

    • +1

      Really? and are they genuine or "genuine"? ;)
      I had a quick look could only find the MDR-EX150AP for at least $56.85

    • +2

      Those ones on ebay for $19.95 shipped are mdrex15, these are mdrex150. Different model, specs are different

    • +11

      Can get the earphones on EBay for fifty cents a pair.

      They are actually just foam earplugs with strings and don't have Sony written on them but it'll look like you've got a pair of those expensive earphones and if you hum your favorite songs you don't needed to miss out on your toons! A great alternative for the cost-conscious music lover!

    • +7

      sorry lads….. my mistake.

      • Good man!


  • +9

    I used $25 e-coupon from the survey few weeks ago and got the earphone for $6.98. It is a real Ozbargain after all. :) so happy day^^

    • I wonder if the voucher could be used on this deal? T&C of the e-voucher state "This offer is not valid in conjunction with any promotional offer and is not exchangeable for cash or cash equivalents." We'll wait and see if anyone reports success.

      Edit: I've updated the post pointing people to the $25 survey linky.

    • Did the same. Ordered and then was about to post the deal, but had just been posted

    • Yep, worked for me too. I got the bluetooth version.

    • After 4% Cashrewards on RRP, $3.78

      • +2

        Doh. I've failed as an ozbargainer, used my $25 survey voucher, but forgot about cashrewards as I ordered on my phone! Lol.

    • I never got the voucher

      • Me neither :'(

        • neither did i.

          suprising that, i went back to the form and all my details were saved there checked my email hoping it came and i missed it but nope nothing.

        • +1

          @imtahir7: It takes them 7 days to email a voucher!? - "We’ll email you a gift card in the next 7 days allowing you to claim $25 off your next Sony Online purchase."

          Does their email server use carrier pigeons to deliver mail?

        • A customer service rep told me their accessory vouchers (for newly registered cameras) go out on Fridays so really it means 'within 7 days'. It might or might not be the same deal with the survey vouchers.

          I would get in touch with them via web chat if you've been waiting more than a week.

      • -3

        Real ozbargainer will hit the survey with at least 5 different emails. Got 2/5 of surveys I did.

    • I never got the $25 voucher after doing the survey, but I used the $30 accessory coupon to get it for $1.98 before cash rewards.

      They will go well with my alarm clock and memory cards.

    • -2

      Are these any good? I have NFC !!!

    • +1

      Thanks mate.

      EDIT: Was hoping these would have noise cancelling, which is something I'm looking for, but unfortunately it doesn't so didn't end up getting it.

    • Cheers mate

    • tthanks for reminding me

  • +10

    never received my $25 voucher from Sony :(

    • +15


      Report them to the Police.

      • wtf lol

      • it not a local crime, sony is international, report it to the AFP

    • -1

  • Got one of each

    Thanks OP. Great deal !!

  • great deal and finally found a use for that $25 voucher :D MDRZX330BT for $43 delivered is a srs bargain

  • up to 7 days for them to email you the $25 off voucher

    • +25

      They're using the new Australia Post email service.

      • +4

        ask them to deduct 50 cents from voucher and use a ePriority Label

      • +4

        They will leave the notice in your inbox, bring your email to the local posties then you can pick up your voucher there.

        • +3

          My one doesn't even bother with notices, I'm supposed to telepathically guess when I have email. Then 4 weeks later I get a "final" notice.

        • @bobjane:

          Then 4 weeks later I get a "final" notice.

          I lol'ed

  • +1

    Nice got it for $1.98

    • How sir?

    • +4

      Using the unethical $30 voucher trick?

    • +1

      Less than $40 for the two. Used same $30 discount code on both.

      • Kind enough to share the $30 discount codes with us?


        • Some #*[email protected]# used my genuine code given by Sony with my purchase, so code I used was replacement - now used up.

  • thanks for the heads up! grabbed a pair

  • $25 off voucher is used as voucher or a coupon?

    Coupon is on product review page, voucher is on payment details.

    EDIT: Nevermind, link above shows it is a coupon, not a voucher. 😂

  • Damn I just used my voucher on a cheaper pair of earphones :( as i couldnt find anything else to use it on. I take it i cant get another voucher?

  • Does anyone have a $25 voucher that they are not using now?

    I just applied for mine and will give you that one once I receive it within 7 days.


    • Same haha

    • Can I have a voucher as well please. I am looking to buy the on-ear headphones as I have recently broke mine. I just completed the SONY survey, so will send you the $25 voucher code as soon as I get it, should be within 7 days.

      Cheers upfront :)

  • Thanks OP

  • Can you use the MDRZX330BT on an iPod or iPhone 5S?

    • Yes

    • Can this be used with the tv.. Panasonic cx700a ??

  • +3

    anyone know how long the voucher takes to come through?

    • Yes I have the same question keen to buy both of these but I haven't recieved my voucher yet =(

  • Why are there so many "damaged boxes"?

    • +2

      They fell off the back of a truck.

    • +2

      They were run over by a truck.

      • They fell off the back of a truck and then the truck reversed back over them.

        • 3 black hondas with green neons ran them over whilst boosting a truck.

    • +1

      These didn't happen to come out of a white van did they? Lol

  • If only they would stop using DHL . If you're not home - ya don't get it. I asked if they could post or use any other courier or even aus post but Sony said no.

    • +1

      They have a contract with DHL. The contract has been for over 12 years when my friend used to work there. They manage most of their logistics.

    • Sony uses DHL to hold all their Sony stock aust that's why.

      • Yeah I get it but they're one of the only carriers that wont deliver to PO locker, PO, Newsagents or whatever. They suggested I send it to work. I don't think my employer would be very pleased about that

        • don't know if its a recent change but they are (also) using TOLL. I received one of the xmas sale soundbar's via TOLL…it was DOA and TOLL came and picked it up today to return to Sony (after a LOT of messing about on the phone with Sony who did their level best to fob me off with driving it half way across Perth, leaving it with an 'authorised repairer' and then driving back across Perth to pick it up a few weeks later).

      • It's not DHL, the big co we all know, its "dodgy" DHL, which is some subsidiary company.
        I had a nightmare trying to get a TV delivered. They don't answer phones, they don't return calls, they are rude, late and tell lies.
        The "real" DHL were noticeably pissed off with this lot because they get mistaken for them and people call up all the time.
        You can check the difference when you receive tracking details - different websites.

        As The Finn says, if you are not at home first time around - good luck…

  • Damnit. I really don't have a use for another set of headphone or earphones (assuming my xiaomi's every clear malaysian customs).

  • -2

    Removed. Guys are getting upset that their orders might get cancelled. Search OzBargain for $30 off.
    Yes, $1.98 and $37.98.

    • That code does not work.

      • -1

        Seek, and you shall find.

    • Which one did you use?

  • If anyone has a spare $25 coupon I would like it, thank you.