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AmEx Credits: Woolworths Spend $100+ Online & Get $20 Back, Dan Murphy's Spend $80+ Online & Get $15 Back + More


Some new offers that have appeared recently:

Woolworths Online Spend $100 or more, get $20 back. Expired

Register by saving the offer to Card and spend $100 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at by 29/02/2016 to receive one $20 credit. Limited to the first 40,000 Cards to register.

Dan Murphy's Online Spend $80 or more, get $15 back Expired

Register by saving the offer to Card and spend $80 or more, in one or more transactions, online only at by 29/02/2016 to receive one $15 credit. Limited to the first 40,000 Cards to register.

Virgin Australia Holidays Spend $1,000 or more, get $100 back

Register by saving the offer to Card and spend $1,000 or more, on holiday packages at by 01/04/16 to receive one $100 credit. Limited to 20,000 Cards to register. Exclusions apply

The Co-op Spend $100 or more, get $20 back

Register by saving the offer to Card and spend $100 or more, in one or more transactions, in-store at selected The Co-op locations or online at by 07/03/2016 to receive one $20 credit. Limited to 10,000 Cards to register. Exclusions apply.

If these offers do not appear automatically on your card please register your AMEX card using the manual links below, kindly provided with thanks to forumninja

Woolworths Online Spend $100 or more, get $20 back Expired

Dan Murphy's Online Spend $80 or more, get $15 back Expired

Virgin Australia Holidays Spend $1,000 or more, get $100 back

The Co-op Spend $100 or more, get $20 back

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AmEx Statement Offers
AmEx Statement Offers

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  • +6

    Woolworths online and dan murphy online :(

    • Dan Murphys online is fine - pickup in store

      • Want gift cards. To spend at wollies when ever or for opal

      • Wollies let you buy online and pick up in store?

        If not, then the postage kills the deal.

        • Yes, but can only pick up at specific stores, and so you need to go to woolies online and see what 'pick-up' stores are in your area.

    • I got the Dan Murphy eGiftcards today and clicking on the link to my gift card online it even states:

      Congratulations Daniel,
      Daniel has sent you a $20 Dan Murphy's digital gift card.
      Can use at Woolworths

      I assume then you can use at Woolworths. I also got my AmEx email etc and I will assume I will get the $15 credit soon.

      • I can also confirm that it worked at Woolworths for me this afternoon.

  • Got woolworths only no Dan.

  • Thanks unity :)

  • +1

    Now can we order giftcards online? (I assume click & collect works)

    • Gift cards excluded

      • +2

        @zerocritical: Why do you say that? I can't see anything about excluding gift cards from the Dan Murphy's offer on the webpage or in the terms and conditions.

  • Both dan murphy's and woollies are for online only, no gift cards then. :(

    • you can order wishcards (ecards & phyiscal) online at dan. I might have to bite the bullet & see if that works.

      • +17

        I ordered an $80 egift card from Dans

        Now just have to wait for the statement credit and work out exactly where the Dan Murphy's egift works

        Also $5.60 cash back from cash rewards too if that works

        • Keep us updated! Can you use at woolies or not sure?

        • Very interested in the outcome of this one :)

        • +3

          @Chthonic: Yeah egift card has already arrived. Will try it out this morning and report back.

        • Did you receive an email from amex after buying the e gift card? Very interested if we do get the statement credit.

        • +1


          the pic he linked to, is the email, I think.

        • it doesn't say if it's a Wish card or a Dan Murphy's card :)

        • +2

          @unity1: Yes, please do confirm if the egift card is valid at Woolworths/group. The physical gift card I bought in store back in August 2015 from this deal was an valid at Woolworths.

        • -8

          Straight from the terms and conditions:

          "Gift card purchases are excluded."

          Don't like your chances of getting the credit back..

        • +1

          @ptrg: that's for Woolworths, there's no such condition for Dan Murphy's whose egift cards my be Wish cards valid at Woolworths group.

          EDIT: confirmed to work in store at Woolworths and Big W thanks to unity1

        • +3


          It always says that but in the past for me it's always worked. Amex don't have any way of knowing what you ordered.

        • @unity1: How do you get $5.60 back from a $80 gift card? The cashrewards website says 3% for gift cards.

        • time to get some gift cards for valentine…

        • +2

          @feihong: That's what the cash rewards receipt said. Expected cash back: $5.60. Let's see if it even works.

        • @unity1: Thanks. I just got the email from cashrewards and it says the same thing too ($5.60).

        • @ptrg: Not sure why the down votes? It clearly says "Gift card purchases are excluded." in the AMEX T&C's for DM. Still might give it a shot though..?

        • Feihong & Unity1, can it be use for Woolworth purchase with the DM online gift card? Have anyone of you try yet?

        • @Purple: I believe so. It appears that Unity1 has already tried and they worked from his comments and replies.

        • Feihong, thanks. I logged in Cash rewards & go to DM website, made an order & check out, DM asked me to provide DM login details to check out, which I did, I did not receive any email from Cash Rewards re cash back. What did I do wrong? Can Feihong or anyone help? Thank u kindly.

        • @ptrg: No sure why the neg, but they've had that in their t&cs for a few times & it's worked everytime for me. i.e. I've walked into Dan/Woolies/etc bought a wishcard (usually branded as Dan Murphy, but actually a wishcard) & the credit comes back onto my Amex a/c. they don't seem to have a way to distingush what you've purchased.

        • +3


          OK i tried both cash rewards and amex rebate.

          both worked. got cash rewards back on the same day and $15 credit back in 3 days. not too bad at all.

          used $80 dan murphy gift card in Big W to purchase nappies :)

          ALL GOOD!!!!

      • +2

        Can you please provide the link? I cannot find it on their website. I can only find their own issued gift cards.

      • +1

        Link? Can only find the Dan Murphy's alcohol gift card.

    • Gift card purchases are excluded are on the terms

      • They always are listed, but never enforced (I don't believe they check what you've purchased), so everyone in the past has had success. If not, I suppose you end up with a giftcard

  • hey, im finally working again with 3 months of pay checks just curious which AmEx people are using, never had a credit card before.
    keen to get 1 this week for some of these deals though.

    • +4

      There is an 80000 Qantas ff points card going at the moment.

    • +2

      I would suggest Velocity AmEx. No annual fee for life and you still get points. Also, when you sign up using one of the referral codes you'll get extra bonus points too. Check the referral wiki on this site or send me a PM if you need help. Cheers!

    • +2

      depends on what you're after…

      no annual fee cards —> amex qantas discovery or amex velocity and you earn either qantas or velocity points, depending on which one you prefer. Earn rate is 1 point per $1.

      The platinum edge is also good, although there is a $249 annual fee, I think. However, you get one free return domestic flight each year (which usually more than offsets the cost) and the earn rate is better - up to 3pts per $1.

      Wiki link for referrals here:
      You get bonus points for using a referral and referrers get bonuses too.

      • +3

        Still "only" $195 for Platinum Edge, went up from $150 two years ago. 3 points per $ on groceries is good — I convert my points directly to Asia Miles. Well worth it if you also claim the free flight every year.

        • +1

          Thanks, I wasn't sure about the fee.

        • thanks fellas, will do some research based on your comments.

        • +1

          +1 for the Edge. I convert mine to Velocity at 1 to 1.15 (they offer a 15% transfer bonus a couple of times a year…)

        • Do Woolies egift vouchers purchased through cashrewards qualify for the 3 points per $ on groceries ?

        • -1

          @peck: no.

        • @peck:

          Yes they do (bluedufflecoat is wrong).
          I have tried this myself and someone else here posted about it too.

        • @illumination: this is on top of the 5% discount? I didn't know that… that's better than the entertainment deal then?

        • +2


          I don't know what portal the entertainment book one goes through now (haven't used it in a few years), but the one via CashRewards definitely gives you 3pts/$ in addition to the 5% discount, yes.
          So it's pretty darn good!

        • +1

          @illumination: Great! Thanks for that… will change my giftcard patterns again, LOL.

        • @bluedufflecoat:

          Haha no prob. I did the same!
          Also random tip/info.
          Kmart/Target do not get you 3pts/$ but Big W does (for whatever reason).

      • +1

        First year of Platinum Edge is still available without fee here:
        No referral points, but some bonus points if you spend at Priceline.

    • im actually headed to NZ for a 3-4 month work contract in Auckland (April-Aug) which card is worthwhile having overseas as well?
      are most of the deals just for Oz stores?

      • +5

        Honestly no Amex cards are useful for overseas. I'd recommend a 28 Degrees Mastercard or a Velocity Global Wallet card.

        In regards to getting an Amex for this deal, I'd recommend either a Velocity Escape Card or a Qantas Discovery Card (both directly through Amex, not a bank). They both currently have referral deals where you get 15,000 points after spending $300 within the first 3 months on the card (if you use the referral link). If you're interested (mod edited), there is a Wiki here where you can find referral links.

        Personally I use the Velocity card, but I have both due to the free points bonus. If you're already tied to either Velocity Frequent Flyer or Qantas Frequent Flyer, I'd recommend you stick with the one you get your points to. But if you feel the need, sign up for both and take advantage of the offers.

        EDIT: I forgot to mention both these 2 cards have no yearly fee, so providing you pay off your bill each month, there's no extra to pay for the cards at all.

        • +2

          Pretty much worthless for holidays and trips, yes, but it's worth pointing out that an Amex is quite useful if you are relocating overseas, since you can transfer your Amex card to a new country without having to worry about not having a credit history or requiring a low-limit card secured with cash, etc.

        • thanks, went for the Qantas Discovery card in the end since i may be out of the country for the rest of the year so no point getting the others at this stage, hoping to get approved and get card before deal ends on Monday (will ask for express post, leaving country etc)

        • oh crap, i forgot to go through referral link… shesh i dont think i have the time to cancel and start again. how many bonus points did i miss out on or someone else?

        • ok, will cancel this tomorrow and use referral links and forget about getting the woolies/DM deal, left it too late

        • @shonofear: 15000 points for you and 10000 for your referrer.

        • @bluedufflecoat: is that on top of the 12500 on the Qantas? making it 27,500

        • It's not on top, it's just 15,000 all up I believe, so you missed out on 2500.

      • +2

        28degree card, Bankwest platinum master card, Coles reward card or Citibank visa debit card. They all have no international fee.

      • +2

        Get a citibank debit card and a 28 degrees credit card. Theres no monthly/annual fee on either card and you can withdraw cash overseas or buy things with the citibank one without fees.

        Use the 28deg card if you want to do credit purchases as it has no international fees either.

        • how about citibank credit card? purchase online(eg US) no international fee too?

        • @adpaholic: I only have Citibank debit so i'm not sure about the credit cards but there's no fees on the debit card for international transactions.

  • Both Woollies and Dans appeared on my Amex Ultimate card. Cheers!

  • I'm guessing that we can't buy a gift card online from Woolies…

  • These always turn up when you don't need them, then when you do they're gone!!

  • Man I think it's time I jumped on an Amex

  • Amex works with Apple pay too which is handy, although some places won't take Amex or charge a fee if used.

  • Any good deals on at Dans?

    • +8

      Really depends what you drink.. they have JW gold at 64.95, 2 bottles at $130, with 6% cashback with CR. You could land 2 bottles at $53.60 each. Just one of many whiskey/whisky examples. Have a look at what you drink, if its currently on a good special, add in the increased cashrewards cash back and chances are the price is as cheap as you'll see it. 2 slabs of heineken + .90c bottle opener and you have heineken at $31.50.

      As for the woolies one-
      10% off on your first order with code SHOP10 via CR, spend $135-10% =121.50, $20 cashback on your first order(minimum $120 spend after discounts), $20 amex credit and you're $81.50 for $135 worth of groceries! Assuming the CR offers can be combined which it looks like they can.

      • $64 a bottle when you sign up or log in to My Dan Murphy's

        • Think its delivery only deal

      • THANKS! Just gave this a go for Woolies, so see how it all adds up in the end!!

      • I dont understand but after spending $136 I got the 10% discount with SHOP10 but not the $20 discount.
        IS there anything else i need to do?

        Edit: got it, its a cashback reward. but I have used different account name then the cashrewards, will I get the $20 back?

  • took the Woolies offer

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