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Virgin $40/Month BYO Plan with 10GB Data (Was $60) No Contract


$40 per month (no contract):

  • 10GB Data (6GB + 2GB online only bonus + 2GB bonus when you get a new number or switch networks)
  • Unlimited STD NTL Calls, Text & MMS
  • $300 International Calls & Text Included
  • PLUS Online Exclusive: 50% off 1st month access

Also includes: (1) Free Voicemail in Oz (2) Rollover unused data, calls & text (3) earn Velocity reward points.

PLUS 1GB free for every month you listen to Guvera. As per this DEAL (1GB Guvera Bonus Data - offer ends 30 April 2016)
PLUS 2GB free every month when you stream Presto.As per this DEAL
(surely many of you have taken advantage of this 6 months free Presto offer)

Edit: If you are an existing Virgin Mobile customer you do can still upgrade (or downgrade) to this plan and still acquire the full 10gb of data (with the 50% off the initial month - according to service rep I was chatting with). Click service chat in the link below and ask them to do this for you.

Virgin Mobile uses the Optus 4G Plus Network.

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    wow… that sounds really good!

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      But not quite good enough for an Positive vote?

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        Voted. Apologies.

        • +2

          Accepted. :)

  • -2

    Can existing users out of contract switch to this plan ?

    • +3

      Can't be existing customers on optus network. Will need to get a $2 sim to port out and then sign up with virgin.

      • Do you mean port out to a Telstra network and then sign up with Virgin?

      • Nope, you do not need to port out. I added the info in the post description :)

    • +47

      You can only be virgin once, can't be virgin twice

    • Yes - contact the service rep and ask them. I did not have to port out.

  • can you data share on virgin?

    • -2

      not that I'm aware of…

      • +38

        Jv the Virgin specialist.

        • +1

          I hope he treated you well :)

        • +3

          jv backwards is vj

    • yes

      • No..

        • yes !!!!!!!!!

        • @itsdanthaman:

          Can you elaborate? I was sure the answer was no.

        • the answer is (profanity) yes. Ive been data sharing for years with virgin.

        • @itsdanthaman: why are you deliberately being vague? Sounds like you're trolling.

        • hold on, hold on……… are we talking about tethering data to another phone or pc?

          if so then yes. cant get clearer than that?

        • +1

          @itsdanthaman: Oh, tethering data. Yeah, that's allowed. But data sharing is different. Say your friend was on Virgin with only 2GB and you've got 10GB. Collectively you've both got 12GB so your friend can leech of your data.

        • @itsdanthaman:

          cant get clearer than that?

          data sharing is sharing your data between plans on the same account. The answer is no

  • Is that 10gb for the life of the plan? Also intersted in data share.. Someone please confirm. Thanks

    • +7

      From T&C:

      Bonus available on $30 and $60 SIM Plans. You will receive the bonus data on top of your standard monthly data allowance (to use in Oz) until you cancel or change plan

  • Can anybody work out what the International costs are to the UK? There could be 3 options ranging from $2 per min to 40c per min? On the $60/40 plan

    • +1

      40c/30 sec plus 40c
      call connection.
      Billed per 30 sec.

  • I've got an iPhone 6 with Telstra expiring its 2-year plan on Sep 2016. I'm paying $86/month for only 3GB. Can someone do the math to see if I should cancel my Telstra now, and get onto this for more GBs? Thanks! :P

    • +3

      Your best bet is to ring Telstra and find out what your payout figure is and then working backwards from there.

    • +1

      Check your payout figure from your Telstra App.
      Normally it's Monthly Payment*Remaining Months.

    • +2

      You'd be expecting an ETC of around $600, maybe a little less. Because you'd be paying $46 less over the next 7 months ($322), it would effectively cost you around $280 to make this switch. Generally it's not a good idea to terminate early.

    • Just checked. On the app, it says, $576.26 to "alter contract", which I'd think it also means to cancel it. My contract ends Sep 17, 2016, which means I still have to pay $86 per month for the next 7 months (Feb to and including Aug).

      If I cancel, I'll get more GBs, and I'll pay $576.26 (to cancel) + $40 (Vodafone) for the next 7 months = $856.26.
      If I don't, I'll be stuck with 3GBs, and I'll pay $602, so that's $254.26 less.
      If I don't, and add 2GB per month, I'll pay $602 + $20 for the next 7 months = $742, and it's still $114.26 less.

      Oh well, I guess I'll have to be stuck with Telstra then.

      Correct me if I'm wrong.

      • +2

        $40 (Vodafone)

        Its Virgin (Optus)

        • My bad…

      • I am in the exact same boat with the same plan, finishing in Sept with Telstra. Sick of the meagre 3GB data. Thanks for doing the maths. I have vowed never to get on a contract here-on.

    • Just for your information I paid out my contract with Telstra (same as you, iPhone 6 Plus until September and only 3GB) which costed me $98 a month (payout is $700) yesterday. I signed up with Vodafone on their $60 month to month no contract BYO which gives me 12GB per month.

      This made sense to me as I was constantly going over the tiny 3GB from Telstra as I tether on the train for work and they give me a phone + $60 reimbursement. So now my phone is completely subsidised with more data (but I need to cover the pay out figure).

      Sick of Telstra to be honest, so I'm glad I made the switch.

      • +1

        Still got decent coverage on the train?

  • Guys how does this work when porting your number over from another network? When will the number on your old network cease working?

    • +1

      My experience with other telcos is they send you a new sim card and you activate it once you get it, this takes anywhere from a few hours to a day or two. After activation, you can use your old sim until it stops working which at that point the new sim starts working immediately. So there isn't usually any time when you're uncontactable except when swapping sims in the phone. No guarantees this is how Virgin works but I would imagine so.

      • cheers!!!

  • +5

    Has anyone been able to order a sim for the stated price? Every time I try going through it reverts back to $60? Am I missing a promo code or something?

    • +2

      $20 Off on $60 SIM Plan: available when you're eligible for, and sign up to, a $60 SIM Plan with the switch/upgrade bonus data from above. You'll receive a $20 credit (not redeemable for cash) each month until you cancel or change plans. This offer can be used with the "Online Only 2GB Bonus", "50% Off First Month's Access Fee" offers we also mention here but cannot be used with other special offers unless stated otherwise. Offer ends 11 February 2016.

      So it's a $60 plan, but you only pay $40 because you get a $20 credit each month. Make sure you're getting a new number or porting in from a Non-Optus Network to qualify.

      The $20 credit should be automatically applied, but take a screenshot of the $40 offer just in case.

      • So we should go ahead purchasing the plan? It'd be a hassle having it glitch up and chasing them up on it.

        • +3

          Seems unlikely to be a problem, the only reason I suggest taking a screenshot is because people should always take a screenshot.

        • @jonsnow: Happy to paste a screenshot - if anyone can advise how to link to / paste a screenshot here.

  • what's the network like? better than optus/voda?

    • +3

      It is Optus' network

      • 4G?

        Edit: "powered by the Optus 4G plus network"

  • +5

    Rollover unused data, calls & text

    Jeez, that seals the deal.

    • +4

      Only to the next month. Not used until you use your months allowance. Still quite useful.

      • +4

        Oh ok, still seems like a great bonus!

      • Data rollover could be awesome on this plan

        • +3

          Could be awesome, but keep in mind once you hit your monthly quota in a month, you won't have any rollovers for at least until the start of the month in two months time.


          January Quota 10GB | Usage 5GB | Rollover 5GB FEB

          February Quota 15GB | Usage 11GB | Rollover 0GB Mar

          March Quota 10GB

          I was with Virgin years ago but due to this restricted definition of 'Rollover' I found it quasi-useful. Reception was very poor back then too, rural Victoria had to roam onto Telstra heaps.

        • @THICKnSLOW: hmm yeah that rollover is not as great as I originally thought :(

  • +17

    My guide to porting:

    1. Buy a $2 SIM from an non-Optus network usually Telstra or Vodafone, someone you can call for customer service)
    2. Register that SIM, you will be asked if you have an existing number that you'd like to keep - Yes. PLEASE NOTE: Porting your number away from your current provider will effectively cancel your service with them.
    3. Wait for your number to be ported. An easy way to tell is that you will lose service on your current SIM. Your $2 SIM will now have your number. All calls will go to that SIM. You will need to add credit if you need to make calls or use the internet.
    4. Go and sign up with Virgin Mobile, repeat step 2 with Virgin Mobile.

    Note: Porting will only take place if the details on your account match ie. Name/DOB/Account number. Making sure these details match will greatly increase the likelihood of your number porting quickly.

    I have no affiliation with any provider, only telco experience.

    • Will there be any issue if I port from a post paid line to pre paid?

      • +2

        Negative. You will need to verify an account number if porting from a post paid account.

    • Thats i have load credit to the $2 sim before porting to virgin or not required..

      • +1

        Not required. Just needs to be an active service.

    • How long does step 3 and 4 take? Wondering how long I will be without the ability to make outgoing calls or use data.

      • I've seen it done within 3 hours. Cautiously, I would say 1 business day. It's very important to get the account details right. Mismatch in name/DOB/account number will cause delay with follow up calls.

        Also, be proactive. Calling customer service can be a chore but it will make sure your port is completed.

        EDIT: I've seen it done in less actually. About 15 minutes to port to Telstra and 15 minutes to port to back. Both teams are quite fast with porting if details match.

        • I ported my number from Vodafone to Tpg within 2 minutes, that was yesterday

    • Is the port done after you sign up? I couldn't seen any provision for a port during the checkout/sign up process.

    • +1

      Also, I confirmed with the sales rep over the phone. You only need to APPLY for the service by 11 Feb (today) to get the 2gb bonus. You can Activate/Port to Virgin whenever before the simcard expires (which the sales rep says would be 3-4 months at least).

      Moreover, you have no commitment to Virgin even after applying. You only commit to Virgin AFTER activation (porting). So you can apply RIGHT NOW, and then decide not to proceed/activate and just trash the sim.

      This means you should ALL apply right now multiple accounts/etc. Receive your sim, Wait for your CURRENT plan to expire. Cancel the service, port to a $2 non-optus account whenever, then activate the Virgin and benefit 10GB/month on the $40 (reduced from $60) plan.

      All the above confirmed by Sales Rep

  • Are there any current deals for $2 non optus sims? I might wait for the next $5 Telstra sim.

    • +2

      Not sure why you'd want to pay more than $2, both Telstra and Vodafone sell SIMs for $2 at any time. You don't get any plan inclusions, but you don't need any if it's just for porting purposes.

      • +1

        I think he means $30 sim on sale for $5

        Edit: Or maybe not…

  • +2

    I wonder if i should port to another network to get extra 2GB a month…

  • If you are also with Amaysim unlimited, for 1cent more you get an extra 5gb. Further to that instead of being charged per mb, it's per kb for data (according to plan contract), for power users with optimised data settings this will save a ton of data. Win.

    • What you mean by 1 cent more for 5GB extra? How?

      • Sorry my basic math must be off at 4am! It's an extra 10 cents ;)
        Amaysim 5GB plan is $39.90 for 5GB. This deal gives you an extra 5GB to equal 10gb.

        The best thing about the change is they charge per MB. Which means if you lose signal or have your data turn off for whatever reason that costs you an MB. Virgin charging per KB, same carrier also…brilliant.

        • So amaysim is 5gb or 10gb for $40? How can you gwt the extra 5gb?

          Which one calculates per mb? Amaysim or virgin?

        • @dreamzz: 5GB UNLIMITED offer with Amaysim:

          Amaysim calculate usage per MB, Virgin per KB, both use Optus towers.

          The deal in this thread is 10GB, see OP.

        • @FrugalShopper: I am on the Amaysim 5GB plan already. Don't see anything on the links you provided about getting an extra 5GB for 10c though…

        • @dogboy: Oh really? I just got it from the Amaysim site, it has the details of the UNLIMITED 5GB plan you are on. The 10cents is just the price difference between the Amaysim plan which is $39.90 and the Virgin one is $40, although technically it is a $60 plan with a monthly $20 discount applied. To get a total of 10GB check the OP for a breakdown but basically it is 6GB (normal) + 2GB for joining the Virgin plan online + 2GB for coming over from another network. I did it and am currently waiting on the sim pack from Virgin, hope it helps you.

        • @FrugalShopper: But you can't port from amaysim to virgin if you do you won't be eligible I believe as they are both on the optus network :(

        • @kent08: Other people have had experience porting to Telstra then to Virgin as mentioned in some other comments. Other people still have managed to port over directly, chat to a Virgin rep to see if they can assist you.

        • +1

          @dogboy: I think FrugalShopper hasn't written the comment above very clearly.

          What he is saying is that Amaysim 5GB plan gives you 5GB for $39.90. For an extra 10 cents with Virgin, you get an extra 5GB i.e. the current deal in this post.

          The way he wrote it sounded as if Amaysim was giving an extra 5GB for 10 cents, not Virgin.

    • Link?


        With the exception of the 50% off for the first 2 months offer they are plugging. That's the Amaysim 5GB offer…. I'm not affiliated with either company, just a guy looking for the best deal based on my needs of more data, rarely have I seen a better deal then the 5GB UNLIMITED Amaysim and I have loved their customer service so will be sad to go but the Virgin deal looks to tempting.

        • I'm with you now. I thought you were plugging something Amaysim was offering. I'm actually on the plan you linked with Amaysim but still got a few coupons left from the Woolworths deal last year, interesting…

        • +1

          @camcam: Nah, just being sincere, I liked Amaysim, never had any dramas. Better deal here thoe and that's what the sites about so I'll be going to Virgin to.

  • Aww man I juat signed up to Optus' equivalent deal for 12 months :P

    • That's still a win! :D

    • +1

      Optus deal has data sharing which is why it was a better fit for me. No roll-over though.

  • Does the sim need to be delivered and activated by the 11 of Feb?

    • It does seem fairly tight. Can you only buy a Virgin online or can they be bought elsewhere?

      • It does seem fairly tight.


  • +1

    I am with Virgin and just spoke to their premium department. They would let me pay out the remainder of my 6 month contract and transfer to the BYO plan. Going to think about it over the next day.

    • +4

      Yeah they let me upgrade from their previous $50 Unlimited w/10GB Data plan as well. Excellent customer service from Virgin considering some of the other telcos don't offer these cheaper prices to existing customers.

      • ah really! i called this morning and they said they'd be able to do it, but might not get the full 10gb… still looking into it and will be calling me back

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