This was posted 5 years 9 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free NRL or AFL Season Pass from Telstra (Post Paid Mobile Plan Required)


To get your pass, dial #820# with your compatible Telstra mobile and follow the prompts.

Then you'll get a SMS with links to select either an AFL or a NRL pass

Things you need to know
You must be on a consumer or small business Telstra post-paid mobile plan
One 2016 Footy Pass per customer (NRL or AFL). Redeem offer by 31 December 2016 using your compatible Telstra mobile on the Telstra mobile network. Pass expires 31 January 2017.
Existing Telstra AFL Live Pass or NRL Digital Pass holders are also eligible for one 2016 Footy Pass if they are on an eligible Telstra mobile plan.
If you’re an existing subscriber, and you are eligible for our 2016 Footy Pass, ongoing subscription payments for your NRL Digital Pass or AFL Live Pass will automatically stop when you activate the 2016 Footy Pass, unless you subscribed through an app store. If you purchased your AFL or NRL subscription through an app store, cancel with the iOS App store or Google Play Store
You must have a compatible device. The pass is for use in Australia only.
For compatible devices, visit AFL FAQs here or NRL FAQs here.Not available with any other offer or promotion.
This 2016 Footy Pass is included as part of your eligible Telstra plan. You will not see this appear on your bill.
Standard data charges apply when downloading or using the NRL or AFL app. Video data usage is currently unmetered only for eligible Telstra customers using a compatible device in Australia.

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        • @dfitzpatrick:
          Can't cast the AFL app..
          Maybe you can cast the screen though if you have a sufficiently powerful device (my only Snapdragon 400 certainly isn't)

          I'm planning to use Android x86 this year.
          Tried with my ANdroid TV stock last year, but kept running into periodic problems with location being incorrect.

      • It actually isn't restricted to any platform. Plus, is managed by Telstra, so no licensing issues there.

        Once you link the Digital Pass with a Telstra account, you can use your Telstra login credentials to log in to the NRL Digital Pass on for desktop, or the NRL app on any mobile device.

    • +1

      I managed to get it working form my PC to stream to my chromecast. I think I logged into the Online app with my Telstra ID

      • +1

        How did you get it to work on your pc? I've tried bluestacks and that doesn't work

  • +2


    Reply when used :)

    • damn it. its gone :/

  • +1

    do you need to end subscription to avoid getting billed in one years time?

  • +2

    Worked for me with Corporate 3rd party Telstra provider.

  • oh and is it meant to say weekly subscription?

  • I have Telstra Bigpond Cable, but not Mobile Post Paid
    Huge AFL fan if anyone doesnt want/use their code and wants to PM to me.

    Confirmed can use own login on app.

    EDIT - got one thanks.

    • I'm a Telstra cable customer too … but my mobile is with Vaya.

      How did you get the free pass being a Telstra cable customer?

  • Dialing #820# worked for me. Awesome thanks

  • If someone doesn't think they will use a code to watch AFL then I'd really appreciate putting it to use please.

  • Would appreciate a NRL one if someone has one spare

  • BigPond customer but no longer a Telstra mobile customer. Would love it if someone could pm me an nrl code if they aren't interested in using theirs!

  • I am after an AFL pass if anyone is kind enough to PM me a code.

  • Anyone have a spare AFL code? Please PM. Much appreciated!

  • This didn't work out for me - a long chat with Telstra only to work out that I wasn't eligible for some unknown reason. After about 30 mins of live chat, ended up with having to cancel it (as it wouldn't set up correctly), but scored a $10 credit for my trouble.

    Thanks for the note though OP, maybe it's just because of when I signed up (as I already had an Apple Music promo attached)…

  • thanks OP!

  • So Telstra sends you two links in the SMS - one for NRL and one for AFL. I've gotten the NRL pass using one of the links.

    If someone can confirm that both can be used concurrently, I would be happy to send the AFL code to someone (assuming my NRL pass doesnt get taken away from me!)

    • You can only activate one of the codes, whatever one you use essentially makes the other link invalid.

  • Would love an AFL code if anyone has a spare, please PM. Cheers!

  • Any code would highly appreciate Cheers guys :)

  • +1

    I’m a little confused about how the expiry dates listed in the deal will work. I currently have an active free 12 month AFL subscription (from the last deal) that expires on 14 Dec 2016. Should I be able to activate this new offer once my current one expires, and before 31 Dec 2016 as stated, to get another 12 months (season 2017)? Or will this pass expire on 31 Jan 2017 as mentioned?

    • +1

      I also had the free 12 months from last year. It overrides your current subscription. Mine is now saying valid until 29/02/2016

      • Good to know but I'm not wanting to override my current subscription. I'm hoping to score another free 12 months once my current one expires. :P
        Hoping someone may be able to confirm is this is possible?

  • If I remember correctly, last time we could cancel the subscription straight away and still have it for the year without worrying about auto renewal. Can anyone confirm?

  • Would love an afl code if anyone has a spare. Will pay with good karma or my first borns soul, depending on your alignment

    • Used my work phone, looks like my kid is safe and I keep my good karma, aussieaubs check your pm

  • I assume that a non-telstra customer can create a Telstra ID (which I believe is required if you do not purchase this subscription through the App Store or Play Store), and then utilise the code sent to a telstra customer with this offer.

    If anyone won't be using their AFL code, I'd happily try to use it as above and report back with results.

  • Would appreciate a NRL one if someone has one spare as well - i used my own one on the AFL… thx in advance if you can help out.

  • This is awesome - thanks OP

  • Thanks OP signed up for NRL

  • I'm a Telstra Cable customer. Would love a code for the NRL. Fellow Ozbargainer please PM me if you any has a spare code! :)

  • AFL code.. If available pretty pls

  • I have Telstra Bigpond Cable, but not Mobile Post Paid
    Huge AFL fan if anyone doesnt want/use their code and wants to PM to me.

    Confirmed can use own login on app.

  • Would love an NRL code if anyone has one spare… I have Telstra Cable and a Telstra Pre-Paid, neither of which eligable here.

  • Thank you!! I scored a code from last years deal and then forgot to use it and it expired.

  • I too have Telstra Bigpond internet but not Mobile service. Would appreciate if someone could kindly donate an unused AFL code via PM.

    Many Thanks.

  • thanks OP, great find !

  • If anyone has a spare AFL code, please pm if possible.
    I actually watch games from previous years as well as ones I miss out due to work.

  • Awesome deal thanks OP.

  • So how do I get my friend to do it and then can I still get the pass?

    • have them dial #820#

      then get them to forward the sms to you

  • Ol gil is on pre-paid :(, if anyone is kind enough to spare ol gil an AFL code, pm me please

  • Also in the queue for AFL code. Started watching last year and really like it. Cheers

  • Anyone who has a spare AFL code PM me, pretty please?

  • Wouldn't mind if anyone had a spare. Pre-paid unfortunately.

  • Like a lot of others on pre-paid here, so if anyone is kind enough to pass an afl spare pass it'll be appreciated.

  • I'm after an NRL pass if anyone has one and doesn't want it. Thank you!

  • Oh seems to work with business/work phones too (including those with Macquarie Telecom :-)

  • would love an afl pass if anyone has a spare code

  • Can someone please confirm for the NRL pass that if I cancel the subscription now, it's still valid for the year and that it just won't auto renew???

    • I wouldn't trust it to auto-renew
      You're better off creating a new TelstraID and using that (if its not linked to a card/account then they can't charge you.

  • On prepaid - if anyone kind enough and not want there NRL pass I would be so greatful

  • I'm seeking a spare AFL pass if anyone has one! I'd be more than happy to give you a Bioshock or Civ 5 Steam code I have in return! Thanks :)

  • Hey guys I would really like an AFL pass, I can think of nothing to offer as such but am more than willing to pay it forward when something like this comes to me. Please PM me. Cheers

  • +1

    I signed up to the fantasy league competition also but used this opportunity to get my NRL digital pass. If anyone wants a NRL digital pass once I get it through my fantasy league one, PM me. First in will get it.

  • +2

    Awesome deal. Gotta love Telstra customer bonuses. Go Doggies!

    • +2

      excellent, I knew there was more than jus me barracking for the Doggies.

  • Fix title!!

    Season pass should be "Mobile TV pass" or something
    Because, you know, sport is a real world thing and a season pass implies a membership to all the non-finals games. For a moment I thought I could save $400.

    • Hang on, are you implying that ozbargainers get off the couch and attend sporting matches? I thought we all sit around on the net all day searching for bargains or watching our free foxtel sports

  • +1

    I claimed mine. PM me if you still need a code.

    • Can I please have it? Can't PM you as you don't have it on. PM me, thank you!

      • Sent to you.

        • thanks again!!

  • Please delete

  • I have also received my free passes today for signing up early to the NRL Fantasy Comp.

  • +1

    I’m confused. I signed up OK, says I have the Live Pass for the year. I logged in on the AFL app OK too, but when I try and access “premium” content like past match replays, it doesn’t work. Takes me to the signup page telling me my “preview has finished”. What gives?

    • I told my borhter about it and it's working for him, won't work for me. In the AFL app when I go to the menu, it says "Subscribe" where his says "My Account".

      It also prompted him to sign in with a account, where mine uses my normal gmail account. I have used My Telstra account for cheap prepaid SIMs, and managing my inlaws Telstra account. I bet that's causing the issue. Ripped off!

    • Same thing happened to my father. Everything looks the same in the manage my account bit, identical apart from the welcome yournamehere message, but when he goes to play the premium content it offers subscription methods and a signup, whereas for me it plays the video :-(

  • would love a code for AFL if someone would like to help me out

  • Yeah I would love an AFL code also have cable but no post paid mobile. PM me please

    • Me too please. Thanks!

  • Hi, Huge AFL fan but unable to get foxtel due to Mrs who hates me, so would really love an AFL code. I have cable but no post paid mobile. PM me please. eternally thankful if you can help

  • Does anyone have an AFL code?

    I have a postpaid iPad plan but sadly it doesn't let me sms.

    Many thanks!!

    • You absolutely sure? Both kids have iPad SIMS (Inserted in Android handsets), and they can send and receive SMS just fine.

      I can even call them! (They just can't dial out to me - Skype fixes that lol).

      Now, I'm FAR from an Apple expert, but maybe an app like this?

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Tried to remove the iPad and put it into the android, but can't send or receive texts/calls.

        Guess the sim is for data on the iPad only.

        Still hoping someone has a spare AFL code…

    • +1

      Thats what the messages app is for. Its imessage & sms in one app
      Or u can pop the sim into a phone & do it

  • If anyone has an AFL code they won't be using I would very much appreciate it!

  • Thanks, now I have enough codes to last me until the end of next year. I use it to stream non televised games all the time or if I'm travelling. It's brilliant, used about 30GB over a weekend unmetered watching every game once.

  • thanks op! worked like a treat

  • Works for enterprise customers in case anyone was wondering. Sent it to a bunch of ppl at work and they all got activated.

  • I dont know how this service works but we have Telstra post paid mobiles.
    Do you have to watch on your phone or once you get access approved are you able to login on your laptop and watch on a bigger screen (well bigger than a phone)

  • OK before you all get too excited…don't. I picked up this deal when it was posted last year. I activated it last December in order to stream the whole season. I can't believe how disappointing it is. It looks like someone is filming their TV and then streaming it. The stream isn't even full screen! Google Live Stream for a far better alternative that's also free and live.

    • +3

      not sure what you're watching it on, it works great on my iPhone and iPad…

      • Lenovo K3 Note and internet speed is fine. Ok, so I just checked out a few games e.g. Charity Shield. Stream was pretty good, not amazing, but acceptable. Also screen size was alright. During the 9's though, it was certainly below average for me as mentioned above. For the moment I will have a play with both NRL Pass and Live Stream and reserve my judgement until we are at least a few rounds deep. I prefer, however, to view it with LS on my PC. I can cast to my TV via my phone, but I think using Chromecast to TV is blocked via LS. $90 bucks is acceptable though if you have no Foxtel, but LS is free. I just cancelled my Foxtel, but miss all the footy related shows. Wife is happy though…

      • Watched all of the non Channel 9 games on a combination of NRL and Livestream. NRL app is crap. It is created so that it is only viewable at certain sizes (mobile devices) with no chromecast support. Nrl app disappointingly took about 50% of the screen. Livestream was full screen on ipad and mobile phone. Using Android I was able to screen cast it to my TV. However, coming from HD Foxtel it pales. Free though. You need to unblock the geo restriction, but I'm sure most OZB users have Getflix or similar already. Some more user reviews:

    • yeh, not sure what you are on about… works great on iphone, ipad, android tablet..
      i loved it, watched about 6 games a week, plus all the video news/highlights.. great when you arent in an AFL state…

      was prepared to pay for it this year, until this deal came up.

  • Anyone else get 'Plan: Weekly $4.95' for the AFL code at the end??

  • If anyone would like to send me a free code I'd appreciate it. I spend over $200 p/m with Telstra but unfortunately all 6 of my mobiles are prepaid.


  • I'd love a code if anyone is willing to part with one! <3

  • Effing awesome! I used my sisters work mobile and scored me a pass. Go the swannies!!!!

  • thanks op

  • Sounds like you need a Telstra login for his to work? Is that right?

    If I buy a $2 sim (which I need to do anyway) - do I get to set up a Telstra account?

    I was thinking I could then dovetail that account into a code I can get through family members

  • I have Telstra Bigpond Cable, but not Mobile Post Paid
    Big NRL fan if someone wants to kindly PM their unwanted code…

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