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Nexus 5X 16GB (H791) for $314 Shipped @ eGlobal with Free Shipping


Price comes down to $314 during eGlobal free shipping weekend. Available in both black and white. The site lists 700MHZ (Band28), so it should be the H791 version unless eGlobal made a mistake. Best to check before buying. Received confirmation from eGlobal to be the H791 version.

Credit goes to magicmoose for finding the deal.

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    49 more for the 32gb might be worthwile given the lack of SD

  • The lack of an SD card seems really limiting

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      If vanilla Android experience is not a requirement, this is a really good buy.

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        this. whilst this is a great price for this phone, the redmi note 3 pro is better and cheaper.

        • Hi, what specs or whatever makes the redmi better than the nexus

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          Its a mixture, note 3 is better at some things (better battery, better screen, SD card) while Nexus is better with Band 28 and marshmallow.

          Note 3 is also very much a better price for the same amount of ram/storage (220 for the 16gb version vs 310).

          Personally, I think the G4 is probably a better bet then the Nexus 5, if you don't like the idea of using a chinese phone

        • @Pacify: Thanks I was deciding between the two but I wasn't sure about the differences. What do you mean marshmallow? And do you know if either of the 2 phones work with vodafone?

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          Marshmallow is android 6.0. The redmi uses a version (MIUI) of android 5.1.1

          As for vodafone, the only major band the note 3 lacks is band 28 which is 4gx at 700mhz . I don't think vodafone uses band 28, so should be fine.

          Personally, I think the only real reason why one would choose the nexus or G4 over the note3pro is the band 28. if you don't use it, then I think the redmi is a much better buy

        • @Pacify: the redmi also has marshmellow but only on the china version of MIUI at the moment (international rom coming soon)

        • @xEnt:

          thats good to hear, there are a few things from marshmallow that would be great to have

  • Their livechat is offline.

    • Yeah I noticed, I send them a support ticket earlier today. Hopefully a reply soon.

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      It's confirmed to be H791 :)

      • Thanks.

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    using nexus 4 8gb, so i think i will be good with 16gb :)thx for tip :)

    • yours' dead yet? I fear mine will last forever

      • A small portion of the screen doesn't respond, been using it since 2013 :)
        And to be frank it has the same ram as nexus 5x….. lol

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    I can only give a warning about this seller. I ordered a Nexus 5X end of last year - there was a problem with it and the return handling was very dodgy. In the end I had to use the PayPal money back guarantee.

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      Apparently the nexus build quality was not very good for the past nexus 5 and also these newer phones?? Certainly makes me want to buy through google directly..

      Edit: but that price omfg!

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        The 5 and 5X are plastic instead of glass/aluminium like some flagships, but the build quality is generally pretty decent.

        • I'm delighted with my 5. When the battery died after 20 months Google just replaced the phone, no probs. They shipped it from Hong Kong, took only a couple of days.

        • Sweet, good to hear. I've got my heart set on the g4, but as a super cheap skate I am waiting till its closer to the 300 mark. I already have 3.5hrs screen on time with a htc one m7 so there's actually no need to change but for the better display.

        • @ankor: by the time the G4 is $300 the G5 will have been around for a while and you'll want that ;) you have to pull the trigger at some point.

        • @magicmoose:

          Yeah I know. I probably would have kept my galaxy s3 to this day while pining for new phones lol. Pity it didn't survive a dip in the pool.

  • this or the xiaomi redmi note 3?

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      think it comes down to how important band 28 is to you. If you don't care, I think the redmi is better value

      • specs wise, yes. but this one has better resale value i guess - easier to flip it off on fleecebay when you want to upgrade.

        • thats true

      • Does xiaomi have nfc? I use tap and pay a lot.

        • I don't think it does.

  • Hi All!! I'm new to Australia and OzBargain. I'm thinking to buy this mobile. but is the insurance necessary for shipping, which costs $35 extra?
    Please let me know what are the advantages of insurance.
    Thanks :)

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      no that's throwing money down the drain. just pay by paypal. if the item goes missing or is damaged on arrival they have to refund you anyway, insurance is pretty much a scam

      • Thank you for the reply :)
        I'm new to paypal as well. So, could you please tell if the refund will be done only if we pay by paypal(in case of damage etc.)? I thought to purchase using debitcard.

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          technically if you pay by credit card you have some protection as well but not as good as paypal and involves a lot more work. you can claim return postage up to $40 from paypal if the phone is faulty and you have to return it. likewise if it goes missing the dispute process is very straight forward for getting a full refund if the seller decides to be shady and play hardball.

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          @xbai: Thank you for the information :)

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          @xbai: Created paypal account and ordered one. Eagerly waiting for it.
          Thank you :)

        • @bozer:
          no worries hope it arrives smoothly!

  • Thanks, bought one.

  • Does this have a significantly better camera than the Redmi Note 3? I currently have a Nexus 4, and the camera is my only real complaint.

    • Yes it does

  • Got one. Thanks brOz

  • would eglobal be eligible for TRS? this is greystock isn't it

    • Not too sure about this. H791 is suppose to be the Australian model, so logic suggests that it's local stock and GST is charged. But don't quote me on it, best check with eGlobal.

      • Definitely grey stock, and since it's outside Australia you don't pay GST - so there's nothing to get refunded.

  • When I checkout it's adding postage? is this over?, ed NVM changed shipping type

  • dang, just bought this and paid 25 for postage!

    • Shipping fees?

    • many, many bad comments about this store here and on WP. Avoid at all costs (and the cost is only $15)

  • Bought! Been using a 16gb Nexus 5 since 2014 and never had an storage problems. About time I made a decent upgrade

  • So far did anybody receive it?

  • Does the Nexus 5x 32gb h798 support all the frequencies of Telstra? Also does the phone need all the frequencies that Telstra offers like 700MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 2100MHz? or does it only need a few?
    PS I'm new to this

    • +1

      No, the H798 does not have 700MHz Band 28, which Telstra uses for 4GX. It will still work but you will not get the best speeds or coverage. The model you want is the H791.

      • So the 700HMZ Band 28 is only for 4GX, does 4G still work fine with the H798 or will there be some drop outs with speed and coverage?

        • Well 4GX is 4G, just Telstra's marketing term for the new band. It has better speed and penetration into buildings etc. and is being rolled out in more places. You probably won't get dropouts in the city as those areas will be covered by 3G at least, and for the moment I think you should be OK in the country. But 4GX is the way of the future so you may as well get a phone that supports it. You will get much better speed with 4GX.

        • @magicmoose: Thank you for the help, I think ill just stick with the Nexus H798 32GB as I'm not planning on having the phone for a long time.

  • Band 28 aka 4Gx from Telstra doesn't appear to have much effect in the bush. If you plan going off onto weird roads, the only one available seems to be 3G.

    Am I right or wrong ?

    • I believe Telstra are currently expanding their 700MHz footprint into the country. You may as well get the H791 since they're usually around the same price.

  • Cheers bloke. Ordered.

  • anyones order shipped?

    • Nope, I ordered the H798 model last Friday but haven't received any dispatch notice yet.

    • Packing & Delivering soon here

      • have you contacted them?

        • Nope, should I? It says allow 3-5 days to prepare the order, and then 3-5 to be delivered.

        • +1

          this is what they told me
          Thank you for your reply. With regard to your order, we would like to confirm with you that your order is currently being processed by our warehouse and it shall be arranged for dispatch in around 1 working days due to the free shipping promotion. The package should arrive to you by this Friday. Once the order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking information in a separate email for your reference.
          In the meantime, should you need any further enquiries, please feel free to contact us.

        • @mobiguru:

          Got an email with the tracking number :)

        • @josepet: mine still says processing….

        • @mobiguru:

          When did you order it? I did on Sat morning.

          My phone just left HK

        • @josepet: yes saturday morning…lucky you

    • Got the tracking information and its just left Hong Kong effective this morning. Based on the duration between my friend ordering a Nexus 6P and it arriving to his door step I estimate it should reach my hands by Thursday, perhaps Friday to account for extra busy-ness from the free shipping promotion

      (Ordered Saturday)

  • Mine is packing and delivering soon too.. I ordered Friday.

  • +1

    Got my tracking number 5 minutes ago :)

  • Any one get a message like this:

    After checking on your order, Unfortunately it has failed our security check due to a high risk score. This maybe due to a high level firewall that was detected from our system. Please place a brand new order using a different ip address (i.e. your home computer).

    After checking with the management, as we are unable to offer free shipping, we can offer $15 discount. Please advise the new order number and we can arrange to make the arrangement.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

    Best Regards,
    eGlobaL Digital Cameras

    • No, mine has arrived in aus according to tracking.

  • Received today morning. Will check after going home in the evening

  • Looks good but it doesn't have even the dummy screen guard to protect the screen until I get one. Also, it is heating a little. It was more while upgrading the OS to Android 6

    • Did you get the right charger? Mine got an Eureapean one in the box, and they gave me an adapter, but the charger can't fit into the adapter.

      • I also got a different charger with round pins along with adapter. But charger fits well into the adapter.

  • I also got a different charger with round pins along with adapter. But charger fits well into the adapter.

    • The adapter is BIG. I'll be looking for alternative charger or adapter over the weekend

  • If you're looking to track your delivery, look up the DPEX tracking number on the Toll site for additional details;


  • Ordered Sunday night, delivered today. Really impressed with eglobal so far. Annoying to get the euro charger which is the only complaint. The phone is sweet, glad I waited for a good price.

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