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Dyson V6 Handstick $319.20 @ The Good Guys eBay


Great price on this :)

NEW Dyson V6 Handstick $358.40 $319.20

Original price $448 down to $358.40, now $399 down to $319.20 (price drop as of 16/5 7pm)

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    Great vac, and this is a nice price. I love mine. If you can find it, grab a deal with a free accessory pack. (also I find this version deals with cat hair just fine, no need to upgrade to the pet version unless you have long-haired pets I reckon).

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      "you have long-haired pets" - i wouldn't dare to describe WIFE as a pet!

  • I need to change my current Hoover vac from Godfreys…its dying i reckon…using since last few years :)
    With so many Dyson Vacs these days on bargain Market im trying to see which one is better for me.
    Mostly will be used for vacuuming 4 rooms. I can afford around $350 mark.
    Appreciate your recommendations guys Dyson V6 Handstick or something else?

    • Dyson V6 Animal is awesome, even if you don't have an animal.

      Thing is the battery life will not last you 4 bedrooms. Think it lasts around 20 with turbo mode on.

      Go a barrel and a hand stick. I got both for around $1k

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        its 20mins without turbo and 6-7 mins with turbo/max on.

        • That sounds about right. Mine is always on charge and only use it every now and then

      • Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I had no issues with four bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (all rooms are decent size) and stairs. The key is vacuum often ;)

        • I do it every weekend, maybe it's just me then

        • @Da dpG: Maybe it is the vacuum cleaner. With V6, one move and you are done 90% of the time :)

        • Same, 3bed 2bath, two lots of stairs and it just about does the whole lot in one charge every weekend.

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      With the handstick you need to appreciate it is rechargeable and holds approx 20 minutes max vacuuming charge. It does however pick up almost everything on the first pass which means you vacuum more space in less time. I think for 4 rooms, you may have to do two, then recharge for 30 minutes to an hour before you do the next two. It is also quite versatile as it can vacuum cobwebs from the ceiling and get under and around stuff very easily.

      • Indeed, I like the fact that it is cordless and doesn't weigh as much as a typical upright, and there's no cable to drag around like barrel vacs. Need to empty the dustbowl more often but that comes with the territory of being a chore.

        Might buy another one.

    • +1

      I can vacuum my 3 bedroom townhouse on one charge: 3 bedrooms + living/kitchen area. It's surprising how much you can cover in 20 mins.

      Bathrooms I usually do every other day on their own anyway to pickup hair and fluff from the towels etc.

      This is the beauty of the handstick in that you can quickly grab it and keep things neat.

      The idea of the handstick is "little cleans, more often", so it's not really meant to cover a full house clean on one charge, but more clean as you go/notice things dusty/dirty.

    • If u solely to vacuum 4 bedrooms, it would be sufficient. Other, if it is carpet, I would go to animal version although its our of your budget range. You can buy the head separately anyway. At this price, u should buy if u looking for one.

    • The other thing to consider is you have to hold down the trigger the whole time you are vacuuming. It is not a toggle on/off switch. It gets pretty uncomfortable for me to vacuum for anything more than a room or two.

      • +1

        This is the only annoying thing, I agree. My sister bought a different brand handstick and it has a latching on switch so you don't have to hold it down.

      • Rest the vacuum cleaner on top of your finger. However, it's a key feature of Dyson - it saves battery as it's instant off. Definitely helps when you try to move in around and under tight spot.

  • +7

    It runs for 20 mins with turbo mode off.

    If you can't vacuum 1 room in 5 mins (4 rooms in 20 mins), you are definitely doing something wrong.

    Routinely remove any hair caught up on the brush head of vacuum and make sure the bin isn't past the full mark for optimum performance

    • this. mine is a year old and i used it from full charge, to empty and just finished my whole house yesterday doing that. even had the turbo mode on for a minute.

    • Yeah, the main thing is to make sure the bin isn't too full otherwise performance really drops off.
      I usually empty after doing each room as I have a bin in most rooms anyway.

  • What is the difference between normal V6 and V6 Animal?

    • brush head

    • +6

      You get extra tools for vacuum couches and stuff: the mini motorised head.

      The main head is the same.

      The only one that has a different 'direct drive' motorhead is the V6 Motorhead:

      Apart from that you either get the normal brushbar motorhead (supposed to be for all floors) or the fluffy roller motorhead (specifically for hardfloors). The Absolute comes with both.

      Be aware that you can't buy all the various main heads separately. I found this out as I bought the standard V6 at a really good price on one deal and thought I could by the fluffy head roller afterwards…turns out you can't. You can only buy the smaller attachments, so make sure you decide what application you want it for and get the model with the right main head(s).

      • Excellent explanation thanks!

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    Just for research purpose, was $318.40 the cheapest ever, or was it any cheaper than that?


    • +1

      I bought at that price during a period where you could get a free tool kit via redemption through Dyson.
      Not sure if it was the same deal or not.

    • was $318.40 the cheapest ever

      Cheaper now by 20 cents.

      • +1


    • I bought this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/208192 worked out $374 but it came with the accessory kit worth $99, which I value very much. So I could look at it as paying the lowest price and getting the toolkit half price. Bang for buck, I like the deal best with the bonus toolkit.

  • Good vac for a good price, if you are on the fence, get it

  • +3

    The same product is $399 at Myer Ebay, so if anyone still has a $100 voucher left from previous deal this will make it $299.

    • plus 10%off at Myer eBay if that is still on today.

  • +3

    $398 at harvey norman, with bonus $40 gift card (not for harvey's) Couple this with the spend $350 get $50 statement credit from AMEX and price is looking pretty good $308 (taking $40 gift card and $40 off).. but not sure where i would use the $40 gift card, restaurants maybe useful

    either way i am still on the edge… Do i need a stick vacuum? or am i just spending money because i don't want to miss out.. so conflicted..

    @tassieeagle - you nearly had me :)

    • Yup the HN one is a better deal. Only if you want the gift card else $348 is cheaper than this deal

    • Anyone know if HN still give a $25 credit for newsletter sign up? Could be used with this, making it less than $300!

      • not sure why you got a neg, but i balanced you out.. is this still going.. i want $25 extra off purchase

        UPDATE: i had an old voucher (may have been used. not sure) didn't work; also signed up another account and no voucher.

        so no extra $25 off… :( A+ for effort but

    • Do you get to choose the gift card on pick up or is it randomly assigned? I had no option to select a card.

      • +2

        i think (haven't purchased but looked at T&C's) you get a 8 digit code, and need to redeem it online for a gift voucher at a few different places; i think i would go for the good food vouchers..

      • +1

        As nugga said, I dug around to read up on it coz HN don't provide much details.

        But it seems like, u get a 8digit code and a link to another website to redeem ur code into a voucher, the vouchers are only the ones shown. I'd go for the food or the super cheap auto one, the rest aren't that good IMHO

  • Thanks OP, i just ordered GoPro hero 4 silver (A$420,not sure good deal or not but its cheaper than anywhere in australia in that price)

    P.s: I own V6 Obsolete (bought it on last sale in Goodguys)so glad i bought one

    • +1

      V6 Obsolete

      I've heard good things about that. Future-proofing I see. ;)

      • Seriously, you won't believe until this machine sucks all the dirt from the carpet.Can't happy enough i own one.

  • -1
  • anyone know if the older dc39 attachments are compatible with this v6 stick?

  • does the 20% off deal also apply to the absolute? it comes up on tgg item page for the absolute but I don't want to click on buy now and find out it doesn't apply on the absolute.

    • It should (although, the discount may only apply to the initial $500 value). However, you'll have a chance to enter the "COLLECT" coupon and view the applicable discount before proceeding with the order. I used the "COLLECT" coupon to purchase the V6 Animal for $438.40 (the original price was $538).

    • It does - as already mentioned, you enter the code and review the price before proceeding to final payment, so you can check that the code has worked and you are happy with the pricing.
      Good luck!

      • thanks for the replies, can confirm that it worked! can't wait to have a play with it when I collect it :)

  • Soooo… I might get the Harvey Norman offer (since I have an AMEX) but is it possible to redeem the Free Tool Kit for just the V6 somehow?
    I never used the AMEX before, does the redemption/cash back come back right away? or in some sort of statement later?

    I wanna buy it tonight!


    • +2

      you will pay the full price and the AMEX will apply a credit to you credit card account (pretty much immediately) i.e pay $398 then AMEX will credit you account with $50. this is what makes AMEX so good it is between you and AMEX so any other deals you can manage to bundle in do not effect your AMEX credit or vice versa.

      In regards to the free tool kit it looked like it is only available with the motor head of fluffy version from what i could see; if that not the case yell out because i want a free tool kit :)

  • +1

    Well, regardless of a deal, I was going to be purchasing a vacuum cleaner today. Originally, my preference was the Dyson DC45 for $297. After reading OzBargain, I changed my preference to the Dyson V6 for $358.40. After checking Ebay, I finally decided on the Dyson V6 "Animal" for $438.40, which is fantastic, as it's the model I really wanted, but couldn't justify the additional $250 (when compared to the Dyson DC45). Thanks OzBargain!

    • So which one did you get?? LOL

      • Whoops, wasn't real clear with the previous message. I ended up going for the Dyson V6 "Animal", as it ended up being within budget after the discount.

  • Hi all… looks like you can get the $99 toolkit free with the purchase of any V6 IF Goodguys is a 'Participating Retailer'.
    How would we find out??? Anyone know??

    A link on the HN site took me to this:

    Elegibility speil:

    1. To be eligible to claim, claimants must purchase an eligible Dyson vacuum cleaner from participating retailers.
      Selected models are as follows: Dyson V6 Motorhead, V6 Fluffy and V6 Absolute.
      Offer not available in connection with Dyson vacuum cleaners redeemed under reward programs.

    If they are might be worth updating this great deal.

    • +1

      I bought mine from the TGG during a previous ebay deal and claimed the promo on at the time
      You'd want to be quick though as I believe it expires today - 16th May

      • Thanks dbun.
        Have you received the toolkit yet or are you still waiting?

        • I bought last year during the same Mother's Day promo

      • Does anyone know if we can order today and todays date will be on the invoice so we can claim the free promo???

        • I did read somewhere, can't find it now, that purchases up until 16th, but claims close 10-JUN

        • +2

          Crap…looks like we missed out…unless the Dyson site is taking the UK date.

          Here's the T&Cs

          1. The promotional offer commences on 18.04.16 and ends on 16.05.16 (promotional period) and is available while stocks last. \
            All claims must be received by close of business on 10.06.2016


    • +1

      i think they are referring to the motorhead model, from what i can see there are 5 models

      The one posted here is the base model, which comes with a motorhead but is not the 'motorhead'

      from what i can see the motor head model comes with the mini motorised head as well but not sure what makes it any different to the animal..

      • Re read the eligibilty I posted above friend. Straight from the horses mouth:

        Selected models are as follows: Dyson V6 Motorhead, V6 Fluffy and V6 Absolute


        • +2

          that's what i mean doen't look like it applies to the lower end models. it doesn't mentioned the base model (which is in the OP) or the animal model only the 3 top shelf models (Motorhead, Fluffy and Absolute).

        • @nugga1984:
          Ahhhhhh…my apologies. I assumed 'Motorhead' was the entry level…(also an awesome band. R.I.P. Lemmy)

          I plan to nab the absolute anyway. My house is all hardwood and tile with two large rugs in the sitting areas. I need both heads and I have pets so….might as well go top of the tree and be done i figure.

      • +1

        Their naming is a bit confusing as they all come with Motorheads, but the "Motorhead" model comes with what they call a Direct Drive Cleaner Head which has more power than the standard Motorhead.

        Apart from the "Motorhead" Model, they all come with the same heads (one, or the other, or both), just different attachments (tools) in the box and the Absolute has the HEPA filter.

    • So can we claim it on the model posted here or not?

  • Ouch, just bought this yesterday for $448 at HN store. Even with the AMEX $50 credit still paying $50 more if I buy it today at HN. I just checked the receipt, it doesn't allow return for change of mind.

    Anyone know anyway to claim price drop protection off a bank-issued Amex card, or any other way to claim the $50 back?

    • you could try to claim the difference between the HN price you paid yesterday and what they advertised it for today.. maybe.. they are always hard to deal with when it comes to their best price guarantee and they do say competitor’s advertised price (i guess they do not see them selves as a competitor)


      How do I claim?

      Simply show us evidence of our competitor’s advertised price for the identical product advertised 7 days after your purchase. Once we verify the price is genuine (inclusive of delivery or installation costs) and the product is ready for immediate delivery, we will happily match or refund the difference to you.

      What are the exclusions?

      Competitors that do not operate multi-store omnichannel retail operations
      Conditional offers, such as package deals, cash back, bonus, bulk purchase or limited quantity
      Trade, special event, club or membership offers, or prices not available to the general public
      Clearance, seconds or refurbished lines, or ex demonstration or display offers
      Offers by any resellers, classifieds, auction sites, manufacturers, distributors or importers
      Offers that require delivery from an overseas based distributor direct to the customer
      Advertising errors (either ours or competitors)

      • You can't claim price guarantees for "Ebay discounts/rebates" afaik.

        • +1

          I was thinking along the line of price matching the old price against themselves at the new price, i.e old price at HN = 448 new price at HN = 398; purchase was made within the last 7 days try to claim the best price guarantee.
          but as i said above not sure if they would go for it as they probably do not see themselves as a competitor.

        • @nugga1984:

          Generally they will just refund the difference as goodwill (probably won't beat it though).

  • +2

    My only issue with the Dyson handstick is emptying it. Its never as easy as the what the website says to hit the button to open the barrel. I struggle to try to get it to open and then when i do open it dust just goes everywhere. All the hairs and fibers that gets sucked up make it get stuck inside the barrel so it never just falls out.

    • empty more frequently, say at 50% capacity

  • the price just went down to $399 ?

    • sure did, this makes it like $318? Bargain.
      But what do you do when you got it at the higher price?
      I went for the Animal in the end, but I am asking anyway cause the Animal went down by 1 dollar and if they drop it further I'd like to know what my options are!

      • +1

        just email and say you want to cancel and then reorder.
        i've cancelled orders heaps of times and had no problem

  • +1

    I was half way through the transaction to buy one of these and my PayPal wouldn't process, so I started again. In the interim Good Guys reduced this to $399 which takes it down to $319.20, less CR, it was slightly less than $315!

    • +1

      same here!
      i am no paranoid that they dropped them all down the stairs and they have to knock some cash off!

      • Probably price matching Myer, not that they have any reason to. I actually called Myer yesterday to see if they'd price match the DJ's 20% off which was about $370 and they said they could not go that low so $315 is an absolute steal. I think they are obsolete but I have the DC 59 and I absolutely love it ( this one is a gift).

  • wow 269 sold in 24 hours as 08:53pm. This is a great price, bought one and will collect tomorrow

    • 659+ sold now! They're going like hotcakes.
      When I was collecting mine I saw 3 of them at the counter for other people.

  • Arggghhh! It won't let me choose a store to collect from. Keeps saying operation is timing out. I can't miss out on this deal. Its been long enough :'(

    Edit: Still having no luck. Can anyone else get through!?

    Edit 2: Never mind. I used explorer instead of mozilla and it worked… But anyhow, first time dyson owner yay!

  • Lucky I waited until night time to order this one else paid more….

  • Thanks OP! This deal is now better than Harvey Norman combined with Amex cash back.

  • Would ppl recommend this 1 compare to the DC45?
    I got the DC45 for $187 (with the $40 Amex).. Would be about $130 more for this V6 deal.. Does it worth the extra $130?

    • +1

      where did you get the DC45 from?

        • Great deal. Too bad I don't have Amex and DJ store card.

        • @thomas163: def worht getting an Amex card, especially for the Shop small deal, which will come around Nov.. the DJ Amex card is 1 of the best 1 (to me anyway), coz you can get Amex offer and also DJ offer.. very happy with mine.. :)

  • +8


    At the current price of the regular V6 at $319.2 you can purchase the mini-motorised head for $55 from Dyson for a total price of $374.20 - which makes it a V6 "Animal" ! Call it plastic surgery if you will.

    The Dyson V6 "Animal" and the regular V6 are exactly the same except that the Animal has the additional mini-motorised head.

    Specs are the same, look at "What's In the Box"

    The V6 Animal is $437.60 after the COLLECT discount.

    Save yourself $63.40 and buy the regular V6 + mini-motorised head attachment!!

    • Yep!

    • Good info…too bad the attachment is not on eBay retailers

      Can you link the mini motorhead? Where to buy from Dyson?

      • +1

        Hi neonlight,

        Online! :) here it is mate - http://shop.dyson.com.au/onderdelen/motorised-head-917096-06

        • Cool. Thanks mate. So really the animal just has this in the box in addition to normal V6? I'm very surprised everything else is the same. Although I saw a promotion for $99 accessory pack for V6 animal or higher range if you purchase before June.

        • +1


          No worries. Yep correct, no difference at all. V6 Animal is just V6 + mini motorised head, you're paying the extra $63.40 for the package to be branded "Animal" lol.

          If you intend on using the accessory pack, by all means it is worth it to opt for the V6 Animal over the V6.

          V6 Animal + accessory pack = $437.60 + $99 FREE = $437.60

          V6 Regular & mini-motorised head + accessory pack = $374.20 + $99 = $473.20

          In that case, you would save $35.60 with the same amount of goodies. And don't forget to link the promo here! lol



        • @xis123:


          Here's the link and yesterday was last day