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Jetstar Birthday Sale FREE Return - Travel in Oct-Dec and Jan-Mar + MEL-Honolulu $339 Return + Further extended to Asian cities


This is their birthday sale, details in the link.

Some sample ones are
+ Melb - Bali $199 - $219 return
+ Melb - SIN $199 - $249 return
+ Melb/Syd - Honolulu - $339 return (despite the sale fare advertised at $359, I found many dates in Mar with lower price)

** Jetstar website has been ozbargained now. You can use mobile site to search and book ticket **

EXTENDED TO ASIAN cities on return sale fare:
- This is NOT a price error, this is how Jetstar system pricing works.

The basis of this sale is that return ticket is FREE and one of the sales route is MEL/SYD/… - SIN and because return leg of SIN - MEL/SYD/… is $0 so if you search ANY destination from Australia which has connecting flight in Singapore, the return leg is just the cost of flight from that destination (mostly Asia) to Singapore which is really cheap. All you need to do is find the cheap departure date and make sure the return flight is within the sale period of Singapore sale period.

This will also apply to HKG, SGN, KUL (~$16AUD return to Mel for example) or ANY destination that is connecting via SIN. For future reference, if the sales includes Bangkok then the same concept will apply for any destination with connecting flight via Bangkok.

Your departure flight DO NOT need to be within the sale period as long as your RETURN flight is within the sale period, you will see $0 fare for return flight


  • If you book more than 1 tickets, SEPARATE the booking if possible because you will receive $25 Jetstar hotel voucher for EVERY Itinerary booked. So if you book 2 tickets on 1 itinerary you will only receive 1x $25 Jetstar voucher. Voucher expires in 2 weeks. So that’s $25 “cashback“ of your cheap flight. You can use that to book hotels.
  • Just for future reference voucher only issued for flights depart from Australia. Remember to pay using PoLi because Direct Deposit sometimes doesn't get you voucher like it happened to me last time I booked.

  • Since last year, Jetstar/ Airasia has changed the rule and it cost more to add luggage later. So if you need check in luggage, you'd better add it when book your ticket. The cons is if you forfeit your ticket you will lose this as well.

  • This may be for useful for someone, Jetstar also has 30kg check-in luggage for the price of 25kg together with this sale. I just checked and it only applies to some routes even though the email states that it applies to JQ flight.
    i.e Mel-DPS has the same price for 25kg and 30kg but MEL-SIN doesn't.

  • You DO NOT need Club Jetstar Membership to book these fares, so do NOT waste your money. Just book from the link in this post !!!

  • Use PoLi / Direct Deposit payment method to avoid credit card fee.

Thanks to GearUp
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