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20% off Everything @ Myer on eBay


The offer entitles you to a 20% discount off the purchase price for up to 3 transactions (excluding postage) at the Myer Store on eBay.com.au up to a maximum discount of $500 per transaction. Full T&Cs here.

Official response from eBay re pricing issues…

Don't forget a further 1.25% cashback via Cashrewards…

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  • +28

    Jv would say any bargains

    Edit: is it me or does everything seem overpriced ?

    • +18

      That's just Myer in general

    • +15

      JV is around… dont steal his thunder! loll he'd be left with nothing!

      • Well now Myer has decided to remove all the discounts and jack up prices. upVote revoked

        • Yeah I saw some toaster was on discount but now no more.

  • Couple of Dyson and Nespressos are already ~20% off.
    Another 20% off would make it ~>35% off RRP

    • -1

      Better off buying Aldi coffee pod machine.

      • Nespresso > Aldi

        • As a professional ozbargainer I think aldi is better.

        • @Turd: You know, Ozbargainers have taste buds.

        • There's no doubt about that but Aldi is definitely better value for money. You get 80% of the quality for less than half the price - for the frugal man Aldi is hard to beat.

      • No way …

      • +2

        Better off buying a French press. Those coffee pods are the biggest waste

    • no stacking anymore :(

  • +4

    I thought overpriced is the standard Myer/DJs pricing - no?

  • +5

    No Eneloops or Finish tablets. No deal.

    • -2

      no iPad's, no deal

      • +1

        first thing I looked at…just like Bing Lee & GG I suppose.

  • +4

    QC25's are $319 after 20% off, not bad

  • +2

    So annoying this appears after I spent my $100 voucher from last month :(

    • +2

      was the voucher a code? if so, you cannot stack them.

      • +2

        Ahh it was, so maybe wouldn't have worked. That makes me feel a little better :)

    • +1

      Not sure if vouchers work on their eBay store. I thought I read in another discussion thread that they do not (could have been DJs, I can't remember).

      Can anyone confirm?

      EDIT: to clarify, when I say voucher I mean a hard copy gift voucher/gift card.

      • Was referring to a $100 discount code (after spending $200 in May) rather than a gift voucher.

  • +1


    Great! Now Jura A5's down to $799 (was $1599, down to $999 and now $799) to a whole 50% off for a Jura auto coffee machine


    • +1

      Price on eBay has now gone back up to $1599

  • +1

    No mobile phone ..

  • +5

    Over inflated prices as usual, to be a real bargain from Myer prices need to go down 50% to 70%.

    • Agree

  • Lol lots of people already bought the chewbacca mask for $52 + $10 delivery before this sale. But even during this sale it'd still be cheaper at kogan for $29 + delivery (provided that it's in stock though).

  • +2

    Code appears to be stacking on top of displayed discounts, so there are some very good prices on some things (e.g. Dyson V6 Handstick for $319.20, for those who missed the Good Guys deal).

    • The tech guy at Myer forgot to bump the prices up. Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad !

      • +1

        Out of stock now. Looks like the last 3 were snapped up in the last ten mins :-/

        • Most likely myer took it down on ebay store to avoid double dipping

  • DO Costco still sell Levi jeans for $50?

    • Yes - don't know the exact price though,.possibly limited sizes too.

    • +1

      514s are about $35 at Costco, I think.

  • +1

    Olympus e-m1 + 12-50mm $1087.2, not bad. cheaper in static ice is $1259


    • +5

      they upped it to 1699..damn i was close to pulling the trigger

      • :(

        • :( x 2
          I was looking at that as well, sigh.

  • Where are the ipads?

    • +3

      I believe if retailers start discounting iProducts (outside of a few percent), they find it very very hard to get any new stock. Not that I'm accusing Apple of price fixing or anything.

  • Neato D85 for around $769 is good

    • My previous Neato batteries both died

  • There are some tower fans I'm interested in but it's saying $65 postage and ETA is 21-25 business days. What the…

  • +1

    Lego is 20% off and the code stack on top of the existing 20%.

    • They've removed the 20% discount now

      • I made my purchase before they took out the discount so hopefully they would honour it.

        • Me too. Already got the order confirmation email from Myer saying "Your order is being processed", so let's hope so.

    • Had just finished adding a bunch of lego to the cart and then Myer removed the existing 20% off lego. fml.

  • Is there some way of entering the discount code + total without committing to buy? Does clicking 'proceed to checkout' commit you to that (it forces you to login to see)?

    • If the seller has "pay instantly" turned on, then you get the option to assign the coupon before committing to purchase.

      I believe most online retailers do this.

    • +1

      Use "add to cart" then proceed to checkout. You can add the code at checkout without committing to the purchase.

  • The breville dual boiler and oracle are at a decent price. pity the $100 cash back is expired.
    Wish this hadn't come up for sale again (since the ebay goodguys sale)…as again here I am debating whether to sell off my ageing Expobar Minore 3 (plumbed in version) and just "downgrade"??? to one of the Brevilles.

    • You missed the $699 HN deal a few weeks back?

  • +1

    They just bumped all the prices up! No stacking of discounts :(

  • +24

    Sorry, have to now neg, as Myer have jacked up all their prices.

    Not original poster's fault, just poor show from Myer.

    • +1

      This - negging for same reason.

      Screw you, Myer!

  • +6

    Sorry TA, nothing against you but upvote revoked due to myers dodgy price increases

  • +11

    Do ppl just auto upvote these types of deals? If this was Dick Smith everyone will be negging

    • +6

      I take that back. My cart just increased in price.

    • Yep, many do.

    • Too soon … RIP Dick

  • +1

    Done… a new, decent Iron for $108.15 inc. Postage: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/231818429188?_trksid=p2060353.m27…

    Usually $150, this Iron is one of the best as rated by Choice plus loads of rave reviews elsewhere (eg: http://www.productreview.com.au/p/braun-texstyle-7.html)

    • +8

      Except they now have jacked up the price. It was good whilst it lasted.

      • +3

        OMG! They have too!! Disgusting behaviour from MYER. That Iron was down to $135.19 which was already 20% off their normal price then I added the code to get it down to $108.15. Wow, glad I got it when I did but I'm now contemplating revoking my greenie on this deal but again, no reflection on TA at all, just MYER.

  • +9

    Myer had 40% sale end yesterday on cookery. Now it's 20%. I can find many online shops selling it for 50% off every day. Neg for me

  • +20


    I just went to take a piss and when I came back all the jeans in my cart increased in price by 10%.

    NEG VOTE!!!!!

    This was $799 just a second ago. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-BES870BKS-Barista-Express-Esp…

    Good Guys were selling it for $521 with the 20% discount. (profanity) me…

    • +44

      That will teach you. Being on ozbargain is more important than taking a piss.

      • +2

        Had to help one of the ladies with their computer at work too.

        • +1

          Unprofessional. Come on. be a professional ozbargainer.!

        • @Turd: LOLOLOL no one addresses Myer being a d***

    • fudge i was thinking hard about this too.. wasn't going to impulse buy a frikin coffee machine though (without looking into it)… LOL thats made the decision much simpler thanks Myer keep the dosh in my account loll

  • +4

    Sorry TA. I have to revoke my vote. Prices jacked up.

    • Yep, just did the same. Sorry TA, no reflection on you or what WAS a great deal for those of us quick enough.

    • same.

  • +4

    After the price hikes it's a poor deal with lots of over inflated prices

  • +3

    TA, Can you please change the title in BOLD to to [[Price Increased by Myer by 10-20% across the store ]]

  • -1

    Why is this deal getting up voted so much?

    Myer jackibg up prices to the point that the discount is normal price.

    • +2

      The prices weren't overly high when it started. I found a few bargains

    • +1

      They did NOT jack up prices. the 20% off prices was for the weekend, super weekend. The myer ebay team didnt update the prices so yea.

  • +1

    Rather than neg, just mark this deal as expired. Its still a huge + for me as I got my purchase in for the 50% off Jura a5 before it increased

  • +12

    They just increased most of the prices. Look at this before and after screenshot I took from about 30 minutes ago-


    • wow. Good fine

    • +4

      Looks like the were having a sale on items over the weekend and didn't update the listing after it ended. You can see the prices on the left are marked down and their original prices (List Price) are crossed out.

      Prices weren't increased, they just stopped the previous sale.

  • We need to report Myer to the RSPCACCC

    • -3

      Why? Prices on eBay changes all the time. ACCC eBay for allowing price changes?

      • +3

        Unethical vs illegal

  • if only they had sonos on their ebay store, then I would be all over it.

  • Got a coffee grinder before the increase. Thanks TA

  • +3

    Neg for myer's impuriating move jacking up prices

  • +1

    Not buying anything Myer.
    Like everyone, the cart prices increased by 20% at checkout! So no deal.

  • +7

    Im def dobbing them into ACCC along with Good Guys, not good enough

    • It's not against the rules.

      Ebay sellers are allowed to change their prices.

      • +3

        It's deceptive marketing.

        • -3

          To the people that negged my comment, I will happily withdraw my opinion and agree with you if you can actually give me a reason as to why it is not negative behavior, by negging without a reason, not really giving any decent contribution to the website, I dont see how my point wasn't valid or worthy of a neg.

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