Parking Thief - Should You Give in to Them?

So I was at shopping centre carpark looking for parking. A car on my left (right next to me) was about leave. So I tried reverse and wait for the spot. But another woman (and her 2 teenager daughters) pulled right up behind me and deliberately blocked me from reversing. I asked her to move back so I could reverse so the other car can get out, but she wouldn't. So I had to move forward a bit to let the car out. Then, the woman behind me jumped right in and took my spot.

Normally I would just swear it off and move on, but something got a better of me that day. My parents got out of the car and asked her to leave, she would't and said its her parking while her daughters giving us the finger. So my dad stood in the spot and wouldn't let her park either.
Another man drove past and jumped to her aid and screaming at us to leave like he about to punch the sh*t out of me and my parents. He said its her parking and we need to leave, and it's his sister (probably just made up)
Then another lady nearby started calling the police and said we were abusing the woman. Both of them had no idea who stole the parking but automatically came to the woman's aid.
Note: the woman is caucasian and so are both the man and the nearby lady. I'm asian background.
In the end, the security guys came and advised us to give in, they were nice enough to find another parking for us.

So, what would you have done? Should you just give up every time and let them just take your parking? Or would you step out and ask them to go away? Was I at the wrong because the person took my parking was female?

What's the moral of the story? Just give up because you just can't win in this situation.


  • Been there OP - happened at Chadstone and my blood was boiling. Since ur parents didn't teach us to take revenge on such things hence we just moved to another spot just like you did but my whole day was ruined.

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    What's with all the "do this to their car…" etc.

    Get over it mate, not worth the hassle, you may spend 5 more mins looking for a park but instead you got in an altercation which has now taken up more time than moving on to another park would have.

    P.S. Get a motocycle, park anywhere :)

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    Am I correct in my understanding that a spot appeared behind you (ie, after you passed it) and you tried to claim it rather than the person behind you who was yet to pass the spot?

    If that were the case, in all fairness… that spot was rightly theirs.

    That said; if I ever was involved in a parking space dispute I would under no circumstances leave my car unattended after being accused of spot theft!

    • Sir Cockington the third haha

    • This is exactly what it sounds like.

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    You had driving past the spot i.e. needed to reverse to get back too it so i say you missed it find the next. Lady was in the right you were in the wrong.

  • Why people keep saying I had driven past the spot? Was I not clear by saying it's right next to me on my left? The woman who took my spot WAS NOT THERE. Only after I indicated and reversed, she pulled up right behind and deliberately blocked me!!

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    • i dunno what these idiots are on about.

      driving past means you are no longer able to maneuver your car into the spot. you did not drive past because you were still able to reverse into the spot

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        You're missing this part

        I asked her to move back so I could reverse

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          and your missing this part

          A car on my left (right next to me) was about leave.

          this is how i read it. he initially wanted to go in head first but the lady wouldn't let him "reverse" so he moved in front of the parked car so he could reverse into the spot.

          just because you dont go in head first into a spot doesnt mean you're not trying to park.

          going by your logic its ok for someone to take a spot when you're trying to reverse park.

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          @wkd: You are absolutely delusional. If he requires the car BEHIND him to reverse, he is definitely well past the spot. OP was not reverse parking - he was reversing his vehicle far back enough to let the previous occupant out. in doing so, he required traffic behind him to also reverse. This is blatantly holding up and impeding traffic. If you need to cars to back up so you can park, you're doing an illegal manoeuvre.

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          think about it this way.

          IF he was past the parking spot and the lady was right up his ass, how on earth would the person in the parking spot get out.

          so he must have moved in front to let the person out and the lady behind left a gap and then stole his spot by going in forward.

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      So you were going to reverse past the spot to let the other person out?

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      I'll give you a handy tip.
      Rather than stupidly continuing to repeat that the car pulling out was "right next to you", why not be more specific and say where the front of your car was in relation to the parking space?
      Was the nose of your car past the right line of the parking space?
      If the nose of your car was past the right line of the parking space, I think it's unreasonable for you to expect someone to reverse and make way for you.

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    Indicate & move in. If you cant, you missed the spot.

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    happened to me once at the airport, I was following a chinese couple back to their spot at the corner. waited 2 mins for them to go but then a caucasian male came from other direction claimed his right to park there saying he waited 10 mins
    right after the couple got out I went in and he exploded, he even reversed his car and accelerated right toward me. then he scared and pull off and got out of the car to confront me. after a few words he knew he couldnt get it from me so he took off. sometimes it's because we are asian they think they can scare the shit out of us. well don't worry karma will teach them someday. they can get away from it 9 times, but the tenth will be right to the ass

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      Why you say Chinese couple?

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        what's the issue?
        Facts are facts. Have we got so PC and overtly sensitive that we can't even describe things at face value?

        • who said i was making a PC statement?

          I was jus wondering and fact is you don't know if they're Chinese if you want to be pedantic.

      • Well because they're chinese. I am just stating the fact or giving details that's all i did not imply anything.
        The fact is they told me to follow them whislt the other guy just came to know the couple were about to leave but he claimed he was waiting for 10 minutes. What i am saying is imagine i am a heavy bloke instead of being a small asian, would that guy try to hit me with his car or confront me? No. I wouldnt happen that way.

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      Your situation is completely different - this person actually stole your car park. OP wanted the car behind him to reverse so he could reverse to give room for the car parked to leave. That's dumb as hell. Hey, if there was no one behind him, sure. He coulda reversed. But that wasn't the case. He's basically holding up and impeding flow through traffic.

      • Happens to me tons of time. I would check the traffic first before giving the signal to reverse to the person behind. If they can't move back a little, fine i am moving up. But i would stay still then waiting to park. OP's spot is stolen is unacceptable.

        • If you need traffic behind you to back up so you can back up to make space for a car to reverse out of it's spot - it ain't yours. That's hogwash.

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    Deflate the tires with a rock in the valve cover or rest some nails against the tire so they puncture when she leaves.
    Otherwise invest in some of these for future encounters.

  • This kind of thing happens all the time, best advice is to move on.

    Not worth ruining your day or days for no reason.

  • The competition at a parking lot is fiercer than at school.

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    Ive come to this thread late but I was always lead to belive there is no reversing on the driving area. You passed the spot so you miss out, at the end of the day it was not worth the time or effort you have put into this.

    Im also sick of seeing all the im not white they were remarks like its a conspiricy. At the first sign of those remarks it makes me instantly think less of you, just because some people are petty like that doesnt mean most are, or we would have a wall like trump wants lol.

    Id have told you that you should move on as your in the wrong because as you admit you drove to far forward to facilitate your park.

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      You're absolutely right - you can't reverse in a car park just because you saw a car park. You can only reverse into, or out of, a car park. They're all d*ckheads here.

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    Should do what ppl in Asian countries do. Wife or someone in your car gets joust and stands in the middle of the car park to reserve it for you. (: I give this job to my wife around xmas time (:

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      Where do you get your jousting sticks?

  • Geeze, all of this escalated over a car park?

    Just park in those "pram" car parks— they're closer to the door anyhow.

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      Closer to the door, the main concern for 80% of people, lest they need to take 10 steps to walk inside from their car… wouldn't want to accidentally get some exercise would they…

    • My local changed the disabled spots at the door to pram, I was so mad (im able bodied). Lol this is where my rage geta rude, I feel like the ladies with kids could walk the 10mtr to the door if they have a pram…

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    Are you fricken serious? You were past the car park, and you wanted to reverse, and the car behind you to reverse? Hell no. You drove past the car. You can't reverse. Car behind you has the right of way. I can't believe everyone in this sub is agreeing with you.

    • Must be agreeing with him because he is asian. How racist.

  • In this situation, I'd just walk off and say "I really hope nothing happens to your car whilst you're shopping"

    Let them worry about it the whole time until they get back ;)

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    I think because you were already beside the car pulling out you had lost your opportunity to grab the spot. I think the driver behind you felt no obligation to reverse to let you have access to the spot. I know I would have assumed the same if I was the driver in the car behind you.

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    Just let their tires down and move on. Life is too short…

  • Reminds me of a situation I was in once. Come around the corner of a car park and a lady in her car is just sitting there blocking traffic. People are loading groceries into a car ahead of her so we assume she is waiting for them. We stop a car length or so back from her and a car just in front of us (but behind her) puts their reversing lights on so we indicate for the spot.. Lady in front suddenly reverses back almost into our bumper blocking the other car from reversing out. We reverse back as far as we can into the corner. Car in front then precedes to drive forwards, backwards over and over again still blocking the other person from getting out. Then gets out and comes and bashes on our window yelling at us because we are in the way and the other person can't get out. I say no the other person can't get out because some idiot keeps driving backwards and forwards behind them! Lady says I've been waiting ten minutes that's my spot you need to reverse around the corner so I can have it. We refuse, original spot in front of stupid lady finally opens up and she drives into that spot, now the other poor person finally has room to get out and we take her spot. Then get abused for another ten minutes by the stupid lady. Tbh you sound a bit like the stupid lady in this situation.

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      Its a whole different story. You did try to reverse back as much as you can. And the other lady was trying to grab 2 parkings instead of the one in front of her.
      As in my story, the woman "deliberately" blocked me when I try to get the only spot I was waiting for.
      But up to your judgement.

      • Ahh yes but I'm sure when the lady retold the story she would have told everyone I was blocking her too. I reversed because I am polite, most people aren't and you have to accept that. And even though I reversed I still don't think the lady had a right to the spot.

        • she didnt, cos clearly she was waiting for the one in front of her. what if, there wasn't a car leaving in front of her and she was in fact waiting for the one behind and in front of you? would you still come up and block her?
          thats the story i like to hear

        • @mcp2kpro: yes, I would still come up behind her and indicate for the spot. Because you can't wait for a spot that's behind you, unless you are an idiot.

        • @ang911: or you trying to do reverse parking since someone block you from behind, who knows. Yep you can tell most of people here is idiot, the fight goes on..

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          @mcp2kpro: If you plan to reverse park into a space you are waiting for, you don't wait past the space…

        • @gokhanh: if you see someone indicating they want that spot before you arrive, they can't reverse safely because you deliberately block them. Then you jump in and take their spot because they've past the spot excuse. Then you're a jerk. Not doing illegal, just jerk in general. I bet you don't even give way on the road because you're not obliged to. That's the whole point of my post.
          At a intersection where you can't move forward due to traffic and someone indicating they want to slide through the gap to get to where they wanna be. You move your car forward just to block them.
          At a merge road, where people wanting to move into your lane, you deliberately drive faster to block them.
          You get the picture, its morally wrong.

        • I bet you don't even give way on the road because you're not obliged to

          You know what they say about assumptions, don't you (I bet you don't). I give way when the person who needs it isn't pushy, aggressive, or feels as if they are "in the right". I also don't drive at 3km/h in car parks hoping someone is leaving, tail people in my car who look like they might be leaving, or expect that if I see someone leaving, that no matter how far I am from the spot, that it "belongs" to me. At any rate, we only have your side of the story. Tell us something to clear things up; when you noticed the person about to leave the parking space, were you a) stopped right behind them already, indicating for the spot or b) driving past them and realised they were leaving so you had to quickly reverse?

          So I tried reverse and wait for the spot.

          Implies that you had almost gone past when you realised, not that you were indicating already and waiting.

          At a intersection where you can't move forward due to traffic and someone indicating they want to slide through the gap to get to where they wanna be. You move your car forward just to block them.
          At a merge road, where people wanting to move into your lane, you deliberately drive faster to block them.

          Nope, I don't do any of those, nice try though.

          if you see someone indicating they want that spot before you arrive, they can't reverse safely because you deliberately block them

          Yes it is, except you were't waiting with your indicator on already. If you had been I bet you that other person would have kept on driving. You didn't mention anything like this in your story, as stopping behind the car that's about to leave is silly; you wait before the spot so it's in front of you; not next to you, not behind you or whatever. I don't "block" people even if they aren't in a convenient position to get into a spot; I don't arrive so late at shopping centres that I need to join the masses and drive around carparks for half an hour at 3km/h hoping someone is leaving :)

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    Get a life, only a parking spot, there are heaps more important things to care about 😎

    • Yeah, lots of sale and discount to care about :)

  • record the number plate, follow them all the way home, put poop into the cars exhaust pipe, they will enjoy the smell for the next 30 days. does it make you happy?

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    Ah the fuzzy rules of car parks! They made a Seinfeld episode about this sort of stuff.

    My personal view is that if you're sitting in a row waiting for a space to free up, you can't call dibsies on the whole row, only what's in front of you up until the next waiting car.

    E.g. if someone was waiting in the middle of the row, then I overtook them and waited near the end, and then a space frees up at the end, I can take that space without feeling like a jerk.

    • and I agree whole heartedly. what if, someone was waiting on a car beside, right next to, or on their left and not few cars behind, would you then come up and push them out of the way to get that parking?
      Its fuzzy cos there isnt a law about getting a parking. We just assume the mutual respect and sharing pubic space, first come first serve. Unless you're greedy and claim the whole row to your self cos you were there first. That's a different story.

      • Yeah as you said there are no hard laws.

        Look, if I was in your circumstances as you described, under my own rules, I'd yell DAMN and give it up because it wasn't in "front" of me (regardless if the car behind me rushed to block me).

        But the real issue is when your rules and someone else's rules are different - brings out the worst in people. It happens all the time.

        When it's me leaving the parking space and I see a potential fight escalating between drivers, I usually indicate who I'm giving the space to (applying my own rules) - and that has always prevented fights in my experience.

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    Keep a tyre valve removal tool ($5 from ebay) in your glove box or in your wallet. Remove two tyre valves for some inconvenience.

    • don't forget to order some valves to keep in your glovebox incase you start a new trend, (and an inflator)

  • People are crazy at shopping centres and the fact her kids gave you the finger and her general behaviour - parking is the least of her issues. Some people are just @#$^&& so just move on. I have seen people punched out at shopping centres or spat at over the smallest things … remember online shopping is your friend.

    • Not just online shopping, Ozbargain is your BEST friend lol
      On serious note, had similar scenario, @OP, regardless who took the parking spot, you can't change the past. Move on, and channel your anger to do more positives activities, eg: to improve better communities. That will give you lots of positive energy and happier state.

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    My preferred method of 'revenge' is easy, quick, cheers me up straight away, and doesn't cause any damage to their vehicle. It's also great for when people park in too close to your car.

    make sure you give no sign of being annoyed, go park elsewhwere / load up your car ready to leave depending on if you are coming or going. Then quickly adjust their side mirror/s to a different angle. Optional is folding the mirror/s in when you are done. then go about your day smiling, and picturing their frustration at trying to get the angles 'just right', failing, and trying again and again over the next few days. it's one of those things that can take ages to get just right.

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    "Note: the woman is caucasian and so are both the man and the nearby lady. I'm asian background."

    Mate, I'm not asian, but I feel for you.
    I've seen the exact event unfurl right in front of me several times in the past.
    Involvement meant receiving abuses, and both times, the non-Caucasian people said just let the situation go.

    Talk of being aussie!
    I'm afraid ours is one of the most racist countries in the world.

    Now for some giggles, watch:

    • -5

      Mate, I'm not asian…

      Just looking at your grammar throughout that comment, I call BS.

      • +1

        Whats his grammar has anything to do with his ethnic? You can tell people race based on their grammar now? if that's not racist, I don't know what is. Stop being denial StewBalls

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      It's so weird that every one asserts this idea that Australia is uniquely racist, not that it has some racists, like all countries, but is particularly racist. Very racist. The most racist! I've never seen any hard data to prove this. I don't even know how you would prove this. And when we say "Australia" is racist do we mean white Australians or all of us? Because I can tell you, growing up, my non-white classmates were incredibly racist and bigoted.

      You could interpret this incident as racism or you could interpret it as people feeling a need to defend a women and 2 young women than it being racist. Maybe it was sexism that made them favour her over you.

      I don't like when people get involved in situations they don't understand. Once a drunk young women bumped into me in a busy street and then proceeded to abuse me. I just basically laughed it off and told her to go home and sleep-off whatever she was on. Bystanders intervened and assumed I was the one who was in the wrong, it was only when she turned on her would be rescuers they realised she was the one being the jerk. Of course, none of them bothered to apologise to me for assuming I was some (profanity) who was abusing some woman in the middle of the street.

      • +1

        I don't embrace the idea Australia is the most racist country, but there is racism exists whether you're in denial or not. Some people will experience it more than others based on their ethnic. Of course, if you were a racist, you wouldn't admit it either and would try to censor the crap out of it.
        Now what happened to us might have been sexism or racial motivated, whatever. Nobody stood up for us including my mother, and she's a female. Nobody try to resolve a peaceful solution but instead calling the cops on us, yell at us to fck off, that's the woman space blah blah…

  • Note: the woman is caucasian and so are both the man and the nearby lady. I'm asian background.

    That's it, pull that race card, princess…coz every argument and dispute that you have everywhere is obviously racially motivated.

    I hate to break it to you, but this same scenario has happened plenty of times to a lot of us; unfortunately, some people in this world are just asshats without any need for external motivations like bigotry, they're just pricks…period. Get over it.

    • Yep. This didn't happen to OP because he presents as Asian - it happened because he's a shit driver.

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    you were in the wrong. move on.

  • So if I read it correctly you had actually driven passed the spot and someone behind you hadnt and took it.
    Seems fine to me yet you also try to make it racist, away and have a good talk to yourself
    Racist my arse

    • Not totally past, just in a position that the other car wouldn't able to get out unless I move back. I have indicated and reversed then the woman showed up. Now I believe she came later and I have already indicated, she shouldn't try to block me and take it.
      Oh I didn't say she took it out of racial acts. But just stated that, the man came to her aid without reason, yell at us. Then the nearby lady called the cops that I abused the woman who took my spot. So did I abuse her? I didn't scream at her while her daughters in passenger seats flipping the FU finger at my dad whos old enough to be their dad or granddad. That's not educated and those nearby people instead of defusing the situation, they attacked us. Were they all white? YES! Was it racist? For me, they are. But you weren't there so think whatever you like to believe.

      • +1

        OP you need english lessons. When people say "youve driven passed the spot" they mean "you've driven next to it". Youre taking it literally. You've driven passed it is when you need to reverse to let the car out.

        • Oh my English offending you now?
          I didn't know "youve driven passed the spot" means "you've driven next to it". Btw, go check your literacy while you're at it. Youve, Youre aren't the correct words.

        • as long as the message is conveyed, its all good.

          heck, is this forum becoming a grammar school now?

        • @mcp2kpro: Holy crap. If you have to REVERSE to give space, that means you have driven past. You literally have to move BACKWARDS to give space to the occupant to vacate the spot. How is you having to reverse not indicating you had past the spot? Are you for real?

  • OP please draw a diagram showing the position of the cars. Also, why were you next to the car that you were waiting for and not behind it? Normally you should be behind the car to allow it room to exit the parking spot.

    • Yeah that would be helpful because it would make a difference if you are parallel or 90 degree parking.

    • +1

      Mate if I could draw a line here in this box I would but it doesnt matter as some people here believe if you have to reverse even just a metre to get the park, they have the right to take it. So be it. I guess each follow their own rules. But I'm glad majority here would think the same way I did.

  • -1

    Why didnt you smash her windscreen?

    • +1

      even when I didn't smash her windscreen, nearby lady already calling cops on us saying we abusing the woman. If I did smash her car windscreen, then that nearby lady would call the cops about a murder attempt.

      • +1

        you should have atleast slashed her tires when she left !!

        • +2

          Because that's a criminal act and only a moron would do that or even suggest it…

        • @gokhanh: Thug Life Hommie

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    Very clearly the OP did not have the right to the parking spot. If he had to reverse to let the person out, and still couldn't get in, he had gone too far. It was the woman behind's spot. You don't reverse in carparks. Stop whining and get over it. Its a bloody car park, it would have taken the whole of 5 minutes to find another, even if it was packed.

    • -4

      mate, how could I reverse when I clearly stated that the other woman just showed up and attempted to block me?
      If it was that easy 5 mins parking, then she wouldnt even desperate to take other spot they were waiting for.

      • -1

        again, english mate. read what he is saying. Nobody said anything about whether you CAN or CAN'T reverse.

        • +3

          I said you can't reverse. Its basic car park etiquette.

    • +3

      Give up. OP is a shit driver.

  • Instead of being racist, to me it looks like the guy was just trying to help a woman and her two daughters being abused by 2 men (you and your dad). As you said he didn't know the whole situation and if he just passed by, saw a man blocking a woman's car and thought it as a threat to her. Was the woman and her daughters pretty, if so more reason for the guy to jump to their aids.

    There are many pricks around, although sometimes they are racially motivated, most of the time they are just pricks in general.

    • my mom was there too, I wish somebody would help an old woman too. But then they probably think a bunch of asian people abusing the white lady and her 2 daughters (who happened to continue flipping FU finger at my dad) and called the cops on us.
      But my post wasnt about racism, its about the bloody woman who was so ignorant and jerk! as are some people here who think taking someone spot when they were there & indicating first is the right thing to do.

  • Thats why you get a dashcam or something but only if it happens to you a lot. If you really need to take revenge then do any of the things mentioned to teach her that someone is waiting for a spot, cos it seems she doesnt get it even after been told. Yeah if there are other cars around just park right in, cant really trust people to read your mind. Normally people have the common sense to know someone is waiting for a spot but sometimes ppl dont or just dont care.

    Normally I dont think I would care (even though it hasnt happened to me before) but if its like last min shopping before Christmas where you can wait a while then I might get a bit annoyed. I know I wouldnt want to be stealing other peoples spots cos who knows, it could be one of these vindictive ozbargainers ;)

  • -1

    As much as i would like to say i would walk away everytime, i don't and it just ends up eating me up for the rest of the day, stupid people are going to be stupid, don't let it wreak you day or week for that matter they are just not worth the time.

    For those of you that must seek revenge or fight the good fight. I would strongly recommend you look at brake fluid, cheap at less than $10 and you don't need that much to cause heaps of damage. Pour it over the bonnet or for maximum damage poor along the door seals, as brake fluid will eat the door seals and strip the paint.

    As little as a few well placed drops should work, and pray for heaps of rain. Of if they have been like the Op's, pour it all over the car that should mean a full respray plus all the door seals.

  • Ok I guess I probably wouldve just let it go because I wasnt in the best position to take the park and had needed to reverse a little to actually get it. Yes she couldve reversed to let you take it but like everyone else shes just wanting to find a park fairly quickly and get in and do what she needs to do etc. I think most people in the same situation would do the same thing and not reverse just cos theyre in the best position to take the park and youre not. Also just letting things like that go is the best idea otherwise fights like what happen erupt and its really not worth upsetting the people youre with, yourself further and also compromising your personal safety over a park

  • This is why i don't go to shopping malls after 10am lol

  • +4

    I don't know why almost 90% of the people here are jumping to conclusions in your favour, perhaps they're after a few token +1 votes on their comments.

    The fact that you had to reverse to let the car out means you already passed, or mostly passed the car then realized he's leaving. Given the lady behind you was fairly close behind, it obviously meant that she's in line for the spot as she can ultimately let the car out without reversing or moving forward. LESS CONGESTION!!

    YES, this is what causes MOST OF THE CONGESTIONS in shopping spaces, morons who feel self-entitled because they spotted a car leaving behind them, then they want to stop and let everyone else reverse so that they get their selfish selves in, throw in some shitty parking skills and it's a recipe for disaster!

    OP, yes, definitely let it go as you did.

    • -1

      If everyone every now and then move back and give way a bit, it will also help out A LOT with congestion, Sure you can argue if I need to reverse then I miss the spot and you will stay there and block every one else to force me to give up the parking. That doesn't help and only means you're a mean selfish person.
      It goes both way, the law doesn't state you need to give way, people just do out of mutual respect for a shared public space.

      • +2

        You wanted that lady to reverse her car for you, so YOU could take the park (which, by the way, wasn't YOUR park, as the other car was still in there, clearly that particular parking spot still belongs to the car that was already in there, not YOU!) You didn't get what you wanted, then you went on to abuse the lady for not doing what YOU wanted…I think you are the mean selfish person. Not her.

      • +1

        If everyone every now and then move back and give way a bit,

        That's like me saying, guys if everyone just drives nice and well, they'll be no accidents.

        We can't all crawl in a shopping centre carpark with 5 meter distances between us to suit your warped agenda of parking.

        Use your brains, by you reversing to let the car out (in your situation) meant that the lady behind you had to reverse, guess what? Someone else behind her has to too! Before you know it, you caused a sea snake of madness because you felt self-entitled.

        RULE OF THUMB:

        Most shopping centre madness, driving accidents and traffic build-ups are caused by people with retarded driving skills, in addition to a warped understanding of parking/driving etiquette.

      • +1

        If everyone every now and then move back and give way a bit, it will also help out A LOT with congestion

        Better yet, if people would just keep driving instead of stopping in the middle of the road because someone may be leaving, that would also help with congestion…

        • not may be, they were leaving.

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          The lady who just came up from behind could keep driving too

  • Not only in the carpark. When we used to line up for left turns to freeway about 20 minutes, someone will come from right lanes and put indicator and move on. If we get frustration it may end up with an accident. So, say all is well and move on. They will pay the cost somewhere else. Just listen music if when you have more time in cars.

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