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Soniq 65" UHD LED Smart TV $998, Samsung 50" 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV $1298, LG 49" UHD LED Smart TV $1198 @ JB Hi-Fi

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  • the first one is 50" so ua50ku6000…. dont forget 50hz native but motion is good

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    Wow, undercuts ALDI by $200 on the 65" https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/253617

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      And 3 years warranty vs only 1 year warranty with ALDI

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        And the Soniq panel is better quality than ALDI's Bauhn

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          but pickup is only available from their Melbourne Distribution Centre in Dandenong, which is sad for someone like me, who lives on the other side of the town. and delivery costs $59

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          @OzSikhs: Yeah in your case I would pay the extra $200 at ALDI and get the inferior product

        • @2000voltz: is that sarcasm? I'm confused

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        can anyone confirm if the soniq actually has 3 years warranty? i don't see the model (U65VX15A) being listen on the soniq website.

        FREE 3 Years Extended Warranty Online Offer for Smart TV Models

        The SONIQ FREE 3 years extended warranty online offer only applies to the following smart TV models: E42S14A, E43V15B, E47S14A, E55S14A, S42V14A, S42V14B, S48V14A, S49VT15A, S55V14B, S50VX15A-AU,S65VX15A-AU, E55V13A, U42V14B, U55TX14A, U58V14A, U65TX14A. It only applies to brand new models, not refurbished models.


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          I just rang the Soniq head office (as the warranty would need to be done after registering it online through them)and can confirm that this model does not have the free extended warranty. Normal warranty period applies.

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          @koom: I just picked up one from store and it says 3 years warranty on the box

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          Really? I think I'm sold then.

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          Details Tab on the JB site:
          "Manufacturer's Warranty - 3 Years" for the Soniq U65VX15A 65" Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV

        • Bought one last night and registered online. Email came back and says 12 months warranty. Plan to ring soniq on Monday to demand 24 more months.

        • Yep, kept a printed copy and I've got 2 labels on the box too, I presume the latter applied by Soniq themselves…..

          It will be hard for either JB or Soniq to deny so lets see what happens come next week.

        • @dreamerman: initial thoughts?

        • @OzSikhs:


          SONIQ offers, on payment by you, a 36 month extended warranty in relation to its televisions and consumer electronic products ("Product"). You can purchase this here.

          Sure it says included, or available?

        • @Steptoe:

          Warranty 3 years confirmed below.

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          looks like soniq has updated their website and included the model

          FREE 3 Years Extended Warranty Online Offer for Smart TV Models

          The SONIQ FREE 3 years extended warranty online offer only applies to the following smart TV models: E42S14A, E43V15B, E47S14A, E55S14A, S42V14A, S42V14B, S48V14A, S49VT15A, S55V14B, S55V16A-AU, S50VX15A-AU,S65VX15A-AU, E55V13A, U42V14B, U55TX14A, U58V14A, U65TX14A, U65VX15A-AU and E40V16A. It only applies to brand new models, not refurbished models.

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    How can this be?!?! EOFYs over and the salesmen said it was the last day to get the cheap prices!

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      I think every salesman says that, every day, to every customer.

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        Yep, they always say it's the last day and there won't be another sale in a long time lol

        • its the 1st of july today. So we are having an EOFY sale

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      If you're actually wanting to buy a tv. The sale actually is better towards the end of july through to the end of august.

      • I'm curious. Can you elaborate please?

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          It's a repeating pattern that I have seen when camping for a tv that I have bought. I have seen this pattern for 3 years now and the time the tvs go on sale and then 'further negotiable' in stores are july and better, in August.

          You don't have to take my word, but it's what I have seen.

        • @Aced21:
          Ta. I will watch with interest.

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          @chewbot: sadly my parents were impatient and thus we bought the JU7500 65 inch for 4300 with extended waranty and delivery bing lee, where in August the TV went down to 3700.

          Good luck with your tv.

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    Any comments on the 65" Soniq quality?

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      I am struggling to find any reviews online for this model

      • Reviews for the older model seem all right - might be worth checking it out in store!

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        There are 5 reviews on the product page :)

        • Thanks for posting the Somic 65",as i didn't know how to.
          I went in yesterday,to buy it,& looked @ the 4 pg catalogue,to only realize it start's now. Had 1 of the 2 @ Westfield Marion store, put aside. Cheers

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          @wendi 23: Posting a deal is really easy give it a go, if you make a mistake a mod or power user will edit the post so you don't need to worry.

        • @TRENT86: Ok 👌,cheers for the advice. Update: JB Hi-Fi @ Westfield Marion store,had none in stock. When holding my order,they said it was another Sonic 65" HDTV,and i would have to wait a week or two, but pay now for it…FFS 😈

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          @wendi 23: By the way if you ever want to post a deal but want to know something just msg me if i'm online :)

  • Could try get HN to price match the 50" Samsung then claim the 12 free bottles of wine they have on offer :)


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      they are by the website

  • Once you see HDR there is no going back.

    • is it better than oled 1080p without hdr?

      • The answer there is not clear cut. It depends on what you prefer (more blacks vs vivid color). You can go with no compromises and chose an OLED HDR!!

    • Doesnt it only work if you are viewing HDR recorded content, of which there is very little?

  • am i reading that right? the Soniq only has 2 HDMI ports?

    • yup

      • wow skimping on hdmi ports must save a bunch of money in production i guess…

        • thanks I didn't notice that.

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          You only need 1 HDMI port on the TV. If you have a home theatre AV receiver.

    • TX, this is the VX model. Not sure if there's any differences

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        the tv base is different, and there's no 3d in the vx.

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        I wonder of the input lag issue is better with this model…

  • Bauhn 65" says "All ports support HDCP 2.2 and [email protected] playback". Does this Soniq have the same? Flipped through user manual but could not see any info on this.

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      it's on page 9, video format supporting -> second column HDMI -> 3840 x 2160P (30Hz)

    • Looks horrible as a monitor at [email protected] Will buy a GeForce GT 720 tomorrow that supports [email protected] which is native to this Soniq 65".

      • So if I play GTA for example on 60fps in 4K, this tv will only display 30fps?

  • Just paid for the Soniq 65" UHD LED Smart TV for pickup. Was just about to buy from ALDI tomorrow but luckily this came up first. Will be using it as my PC monitor. Anyone know if this box can fit in a ute?

    • Was told specifically by JB Hi-Fi staff member,that the TV 📺 has to be standing upright for transportation.
      Roof racks,here we come 😇

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        Huh… I thought only Plasmas (glass screen) had to be transported upright.
        I've transported 60", 70" and 75" LCD's laying down, without problems.

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        JB Hi-Fi staff member is dead wrong.

        Any LCD panel can be shipped and transported in any orientation. Hell, they even get shipped on pallets laying down.

        All the more reason to not believe a single word that comes out of a salesman's mouth.

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      I managed to just fit the BAUHN 65" into a 2013 Corolla Hatch laying flat in the back as seen here: https://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/67715/40584/bauhn_65.j... It was SNUG though but took that pic because I couldn't believe it myself :p The front seats were all the way forward and the seat backs also tilted forward too so I was smashed up against the dash & steering wheel plus being a Manual it was difficult but as the store was only about a km away it was do-able… just ;) Low speed, late night back-street driving all the way.

      I used to worry about only transporting them upright but that was 'back-in-the-day' when a 40" HD screen cost $8000+. I've transported many TVs & large monitors laying flat including cross-country in the baggage hold of a Jetstar flight and haven't had any problems. Not saying it's false information however if it was such a big deal to only transport them upright then the manufacturers would build in devices allowing them to monitor the way the TV is handled so they could avoid warranty repairs. They do this with some high-end IT gear which is understandable but I really don't think it's a big risk for TVs nowadays. Best not to rough it up too much either way but a large panel of glass such as a TV panel would take rougher handling better if it was standing upright versus laying flat so I assume that's why they say that.

      • thats a job well done, is that one of the newer corollas, does it have tighter interior compare to older models?

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          Yeah, I've edited the post and included the year. It's one of the newer shape Corollas but pre-facelift. The 2013 model. Yes, I think it's probably one of the more 'compact' interiors out of the four Corollas we've owned over the last 20 years but still big enough to haul stuff like this around and still an excellent choice of car :) I've safely hauled stuff in Corollas that many can't fit into their crappy little dual-cab ute trays! Managed to squeeze a motorbike in a few years back, a Postie but a motorbike nevertheless!

      • that's awesome. thanks for sharing that picture with us. is that from this weeks Saturdays special (early) or the previous ? would love to hear your review on the TV.

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          Nah, it's from the December deal. Just moved house at the time and had $1200 burning a hole in my pocket so took the plunge ;)

          TV review? It's perfectly fine for most normal viewing. Definitely do not regret it. Has the slight audio sync problem but only with the inbuilt tuner however it's not enough to bother us. Also has the motion blur issues so no good for gaming and can sometimes be noticeable when watching movies but again not enough to bother us. When watching TV we're usually multi-tasking so it's fine for that. I'm running a Chromecast 2 for YouTube, Netflix & PLEX which is what we do most of our serious watching with and it's incredible for that. No audio sync issues and amazingly crystal clear picture but still has the occasional moment when the motion blur catches the eye. Tested proper 4K and it was absolutely outstanding but also absolutely non-essential too. Just far too much clarity TBH. Could only get the 4K up to 30Hz however that may have been the limitation of the video card in the PC and I honestly couldn't be bothered digging deeper. 1080p Netflix is glorious enough for us :)

          The SONIQ in this deal looks identical to the BAUHN and it wouldn't surprise me if it is in fact made in the same factory but from all reports the SONIQ apparently uses a 'better' panel plus the 3 year warranty is a nice sweetener. Either way for under $1000 I'd jump on it for sure but just understand that although it's an excellent TV for general viewing it wont win any prizes for critical viewing in a proper Home Theatre or Gaming setup. Oh and as per most modern TVs the built-in speakers are very sub-par so you'll at least need a cheap sound bar or even just an old Amp & speakers to improve that.

    • ute with a canopy?

      • Yeah but used my wife's RAV4 instead. Plenty of room.

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    Anyone knows the box dimension for Soniq 65"?

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      It is 940x1550x180. Went into my RAV4 with plenty of room to spare.

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    Looking at the specs and the response time is listed at 5.5m/s which is definitely acceptable for gaming.

    Will let you know as I've bought one via click and collect picking up Sunday.

  • As per Soniq website this polroduct dosen"t come under free 3 years extended warrenty.

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      It does, it says so on the box but have to register online.

  • You guys thinks the - Soniq 65" UHD LED Smart TV $998 - is a way much better deal than this one with the 200$ giftcard last week ? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/254407

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    Anyone tried to further bargain with JBHIFI for Soniq 65?

  • Looks great offer for 65 UHD…Kogan was selling 55 4K UHD LG panel for under $1000 , do u think Kogan with LG panel is better than Soniq?? But hey size matters as Kogan doesn't seem to have 65 in 4K !

  • I knew this would happen, I wanted a 65" tv but when the Soniq 58" deal at GG came out last week i thought it was too good to pass up and bought it. Its great but I would have preferred the 65".

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    Bought a soniq. Was going to line up at aldi, but this is much easier. Had problems with their referbs in the past and their service direct was horrible. At least this way I can just go back to JB.

  • Whats the Soniq like as a PC monitor? does it do 4:4:4?

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      Using it as a monitor right now and is nice at 3K [email protected] Took a quick looks and there are a few options grayed out, maybe because I am using HDMI instead of VGA. I know from my now passed-on-to-my-wife 42" FHD LCD TV that this is the case.

      • Thanks mate. No probs with text and movies on computer i assume 😁

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          Watched hi def Batman VS Superman last night until 3am!!!!

  • None of the stores have stock in WA

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    How is it everyone (65"). Waiting for mine to come next week and I'm hoping I haven't made a bad decision!

    • I think a great buy at under $1k for 3 years warranty.

  • Note on 3 years warranty for Soniq 65". Just read the warranty card that came with the TV. It says need to register online www.soniq.com/au/ewarranty to get 3 years warranty. However the link lead me to 404.

    • Hwz the TV! Review please. Did u try to call Soniq??

      • Will ring soniq today. Was at JBHIFI yesterday and sales rep said it is 3 years so that is reassuring. Sorry I don't quiet know how to write a review. I am not a visual-phile by any measure. Further I only use it as a mega-monitor. I do not even use the android-smart TV thingy. All I want is to spend under $1k for a 65" UHD LED TV and I was prepared to wait to get that price.

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      Received email from Soniq for my 3 years warranty!

  • Re: Soniq 65" How come I put my audio cable in on the side of the panel but it still using internal speaker…… Awww

    • That is for audio-in. To get audio-out there is a toslink digital output.

      • Will this works…? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/400770740194

        I got one without the square slot in… And can't plug it in!

        The problem is.. Mine 10yrs old audio system only fits the 2.5mm or slimmer…

        • you can use that cable to connect to "Digital Optical Coaxial Toslink Signal to Analog Audio Converter Adapter RCA DG"
          there's another cable you will need to connect from the rca audio to the 2.5mm socket. i've got one of these adaptor but they don't amplify the signal very strong. get yourself a cheap soundbar that has the digital input would be the way to go.

        • You are right about the soundbar but my digital to analogue converter seems to work fine. Maybe my expectations are lower than yours.

        • @dreamerman: do you know where I can change settings for Audio Output to my Soundbar, which is connected via Digital Optical Cable to my Sonia TV

          TV is still using internal speakers

  • A number of Sydney store appear to have restocked the Soniq.

  • Do really budget TV's such as the U65VX15A-AU have netflix app and the CPU to decode 4K netflix?

  • Soniq 65" arrived today! Running it on my pc as 3rd monitor. Thank-you for posting very happy with quality for the price :D

    • hi this soniq is not a 3d tv?