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ORICO 2599US3 2.5" SATA to USB 3.0 Hard Drive Enclosure $4.97 US ($6.61 AU) Shipped @ Zapals


I was after some external enclosures to use with my growing SSD collection and these have always worked well. Amazon reviews are good too.

It's $4.14 with $0.83 for HKPost shipping.

This External Enclosure can convert any 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD into an external hard drive for ultimate mobility and convenience. Super speed USB 3.0 interface makes the transmission rate up to 5Gbps. When connecting it to a USB cable, you can get extra memory for your computer. Built-in foam cushion offers great quality and durability. This hard drive enclosure supports Windows and MAC system, without using any drivers.

Convert Your SATA HDD/SSD Into an External Hard Drive
Suitable for 7.0 & 9.5mm slim 2.5 inch SATA HDD SSD (SATA I/II/III).

LED Indicator
Blue and red LED indicator shows status of power supply and HDD activity.

Plug and Play
Self-powered, no driver and reboot needed.

Compatible with any Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix Desktop or Laptop.

High Quality Chip
Efficient USB 3.0 chip, exquisite workmanship, lower power consumption. Multiple protection for your devices.

Fashion Design
Compact design, ABS fireproof materials, bringing you the feeling of smooth and cozy.

Slim and Portable
12mm thickness, easy to carry.

Tool Free Design
No tool needed, just 3 steps to install: first, pull hard cover and put your hard drive in, then connect the USB 3.0 cable, blue LED light will be on.

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  • +6 votes

    woah that is cheap, thanks clear :)

  • while this is an ok drive with good compatibility, i dislike the quality of the plastic… its maybe one step harder than your avg. ice cream container but i did get it from a local seller for $10 delivered so cant expect too much

    you would do well to put it in another bag just for longevity, eg. a camera bag etc.,

  • Thanks got one

  • Here I go buying things I dont need again. I got 5 don't need 1 thanks OP.

  • A question to those computer-savvies. I have an SSD that I bought a while ago, but I am procrastinating to take my computer apart and install it. So, if I buy this enclosure, can I use that 2.5" SSD externally, and have OS installed on it? Or I can only use it just as an external storage drive, and have to install it internally in order to put OS on it?

    • would need to be installed to an internal sata connection to have an OS installed as the benifit from the additional speed.
      to run as a USB boot drive would not be benificial in the long term but could be useful if moving to multiple computers, tho easiest way would be in install linux on it

    • +5 votes

      So, if I buy this enclosure, can I use that 2.5" SSD externally, and have OS installed on it?

      You can, but you shouldn't. SATA is faster and more efficient. I've seen benchmarks showing internal is 2-4x faster than external, same SSD.

      Also getting Windows to run on an external disk involves a bit of mucking about.

      • Thanks. Will stop being lazy about it, dissect the thing and install it properly.

        • I agree with the suggestions to put your drive internally. Putting it in there is quite straightforward. You will connect two cables to the drive, one for power and the other for data. A lot of people say don't even bother with brackets, just velcro or double stick tape the drive somewhere out of the way. The more difficult part is the setting up the bios and boot drive.

          Linus from Tech Tips gives a funny walkthrough of how to do it.

        • @twocsies: Thanks for the 411 and the video link, twocsies. If a zombie can do so can I. :)

    • All of the above.

      Just look up similar computer models on youtube and get some idea, then take your time to carefully open it up step by step. Usually easier than you think. Migrating O/S can be tricky, just get cloning software ( included with Samsung ).

  • I particularly like the feature that when you connect via USB you get extra "memory" for your computer.

    Not to mention that it is also self-powered (sentient?), compatible with my favourite UNIX laptop, has exquisite workmanship, somehow provides multiple protection to my devices, has an efficient rather than inefficient USB 3.0 chip, thankfully is fireproof (I'm looking at you Samsung) and last but not least, it's smooth and cozy.

    I'm sold!

    • +10 votes

      Seems like you forgot to tick the associated box.

    • self-powered

      Wonder if this sucker is nuclear? Don't think the couriers would like that.

      The best message is right there on the case: "Easy your PC"
      I think there's something in that for everyone…

      • Wonder if this sucker is nuclear? Don't think the couriers would like that

        It would make them think twice before throwing your package though

      • The best message is right there on the case: "Easy your PC"
        I think there's something in that for everyone…

        A grammar lesson?

  • Any discount codes?

  • I got the same thing, different design. I have to say USB 3.0 is super fast, I transferred Windows 10 ISO on USB 2.0 at first and it took like forever and I remembered I have a new HDD enclosure with USB 3.0, so I plugged it in and transferred Windows 10 to it and it took seconds.

  • "Supporting Max. Hard Drive Capacity 1TB". So it won't work if I put a 2tb drive? Sorry if this is a silly question, I don't know much about hard drive enclosures.

    • Correct. Only 1TB max for a 2.5" (laptop sized) drive.

      • SSDs go up to like 2TB…

        • Indeed. It would probably be a limitation of the chipset being used in this enclosure.

        • @Clear:

          Thanks for clarifying it!

        • @Clear: I've found over the years it's usually a limitation due to marketing rather than technical.

          ie. The biggest drive available at the time is what the case is marketed as supporting.

          I have cases where the largest capacity drive "supported" was 500GB because that was the largest available at the time, they happily work with 2TB HDDs.

    • For me it says

      Supporting Max. Hard Drive Capacity 2TB

      Am I missing something here?

  • Doesn't support UASP? but still a good price though

  • shows as AU$5.51 for me when I have AUD selected. Do they charge in AUD?

  • As good as some of the latest Zapal deals have been, I'm kind of queued up waiting for 4 orders dating back to 27th August for the first order. Yes, it was a deal of the day cheapy, but still I was kind of expecting it. My other orders are much recent, but they have not progressed in the queue other than saying it is "processing". I did try to contact them but they're almost always offline and the email I got back was to say that I should have got the tracking post and/or couriers instead.

    Not sure if I can trust them anymore.. hence until I get my orders all turning up, I'm gonna self impose this company for now.

    • That's why I hate dealing with these kinds of China/HK based online business. It's not a bargain at all consider your extra waiting time, stress and usually low par of quality. After all your time worths a lot more than couple of doughs.

      • I think the problem I have is that they almost "Force" you to purchase the higher shipping rates (either courier or registered post) that basically makes up the cost of the "freebie" anyway. When you put this into effect, then it is no cheaper than any of the other Dropshippers who already default to basic shipping and tracking.

  • Thanks OP, excellent price.

  • I've actually used an orico before, worse case caddy I've come across. had poor connections with cable/chip, causing hdd to intermittently disconnect every 15s. honestly was better to buy a patriot.

  • yasss ozb delivers the goods

  • You've gotta love Amazon reviews…

  • Nevermind. Slightly different to mine.

  • Does this support TRIM on the external SSD to mautain the maximum life of the external drive?

    • Isn't that usually built into the controller on the SSD itself?

    • From memory I don't think so.

    • I've seen a discussion about controller chipset for external ssd here on ozb many months ago. I was under impression that good quality chipsets are less likely to kill a ssd and prolong its life expectancy. better do more research on this model.

  • Thanks Clear, awesome deal. Great price for SATA 2.5" to USB3

  • Good price, thanks op!

  • Nice, LOL you added some colour to Jv's profile picture. What happened to TA symbol?

  • Any enclosures which work with 2TB HDDs? Have a temperamental platter.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Noob Q: Can this be connected to LG smart TV for TV program recording?

  • Good deal,but i won't buy it because i do not need it…too much waste on this Earth..

  • Got one. Need one also for a 12.5mm 2.5 inch SATA HDD. Any suggestions?

  • Cant' find zapals in cashrewards?

  • Got one thx op.

  • Interesting, does that mean my non working yr 2000 laptop hdd can be extracted and converted into a portable hard drive with this?

  • I've got one of these, it doesn't work in a USB 3 port, it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting to windows.
    Toshiba and Seagate drives work with same port and cable. The Orico works in USB2 port though.

  • Anyone know if you can boot OSX on a Mac using this and a SSD?

  • Price gone up a little?

  • My first post…. How do I know if it will fit my laptop HDD?

    • It will fit all laptop HDD as long as it is not the 2TB HDD. 2TB HDD is a little bit thicker as well.

  • Hi just a note that re Zapal postal service, last time I purchased similar item from Zapal, the parcel was lost in transit after 4 weeks waits, but they are happy to refund my payment after some communication through Paypal, a bit disappointed with their post service but their customer service is good enough. Cheers


    Great start.

  • Was going to order but I'm not giving my phone number to a random Chinese company to save $5

  • A bit off topic but can anyone recommend a JBOD enclosure that would take 6-8 2.5" HDD?

    I accumulated so many of these 2.5" over the years and had them in a variety of cheap (but good) 2.5" enclosures such as this one, and now am just sick of having so many lying around. would rather have them all in one enclosure, perhaps sitting right next to my tv and access them via one single USB cable.

    If I manage to do this, I'd also have 6-8 shock proof enclosure bags which I'll be happy to sell to whoever interested.

  • Nice, I got mine for $25 or so elsewhere for an unused 2.5" drive I had lying that I wanted to turn into an external drive….

  • Does anyone have a good alternative with a metal / harder plastic exterior?

  • For a noob like myself, could anyone please explain what this thing does? I was gonna look for an external drive that's capable of storing 1TB or more..

  • Bought, thanks

    This is the first time I actually bought something from them after some free stuff from them.

  • Anyone knows good deal for 3.5"? Thanks

  • Thanks op. Bought one

  • At this price I'm going to give this one a go. First time ordering from slapaz (whoever started that, grr, can't get it out of my head now!), what are the delivery times like?


  • Is Zapals OK? Just saw something cheaper than outside a lot.

  • I got a paypal receipt but nothing from Zapals so far.

    Anyone else have no email from Zapals?