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Bose QC35 $379.95 Delivered @ Sony Clearance Centre (Videopro) eBay


Bose QC35 $374.36 Delivered with CODE15 coupon and Cashrewards @sccdfo eBay

10 in stock at time of posting

They seem to restock every 30 minutes or so.

Black Sold out 15:50:27
Silver Back in stock 12:22:09
Original 15% off eBay deal

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  • Damn wanted to buy these for my flight on Saturday :/

    • Don't worry, they will restock tomorrow, just be on the lookout :)

      • Yeah but don't think it will arrive by Friday :(
        Great deal +1

        • -1

          Buy from Myer or the likes now and return these ones when you get back!

  • +1

    For anyone wondering whether or not their items will be shipped tomorrow, if your order was placed before 1pm then yes, it will be shipped tomorrow. Any orders placed after 1pm will be shipped as soon as stock arrives in their warehouse as these were backorders. :)

    • Thanks OP. This will be mid October, yeah?

    • +1

      Just got mine shipped today, depending on when you ordered, the stock will be shipped out accordingly so if you bought it during the earlier restocks you may get it earlier than mid October :)

  • Will they be restocked sometime today?

  • Can someone post a picture of the packaging when it arrives, I was thinking that if doesn't arrive in time before I fly overseas then I'll just buy one from Myer and return the ebay ones to Myer as a refund when I get back. Just want to make sure that there is no difference in the packaging

    • +1

      you worried too much. there is no difference

    • +1

      Don't worry these headphones are relatively new and since they are Australian stock I doubt that these would have different packaging.

  • If it gets restocked, Ill jump in!

  • +3

    Black just got restocked.

    • Yes restocked. It says delivery latest by 30 September but there is a description that says its backorder and shipment will arrive early October 2016.

      • Mine says it will come by Tuesday 27th…Lets hope it will be on the 27th :D

  • Hmm, well thats a bummer..

    ended up grabbing a black, im not in any rush

  • Thanks heaps picked up a black just now. Don't forget 1.5% cashrewards too.

    • I had issues paying through Paypal while on my PC web browser. Ebay keeps saying there was an issue signing onto Paypal which is weird. I had to resort to purchasing through the Ebay iOS app which went through fine (using Paypal). That cashreward wasn't mine. It was fate :-(

  • Black and Silver back in stock now!

    Called them and they dont have an ETA on delivery, hopefully before mid Oct.

    End up buying from the $479 listing as Im going overseas in 2 weeks.

  • my silver ones ordered yesterday were sent this morning, so I may receive them tomorrow.

    • was your purchase before 1pm yesterday?

      • just checked, looks like I ordered at 12:43pm

        • thanks! i ordered at like 3pm so according to comments on here, i must be in the back order batch =/

  • Nooooo! I pulled the trigger for 409 :(

  • Argh, was debating should I get one, ended up buying two, one for wife and one for me! :) Travelling to Thailand in November so will get another 10% off via TRS.

  • I ordered both of mine at around 1pm. Didn't have anything about mid-october then and simply said 'Back-order, next shipment coming in the next few days' but it's now been changed to mid-october.

    Nothing with shipping yet so doesn't look good for me.

  • Worth the upgrade from Plantronics Backbeat Pro which is already excellent?

  • Expensive…should I get a black one? Ive too many pairs already..

    Momentums, Audio Technica (Noise Cancelling), Yamaha Pro 300 and B&W P3s….

    Bought :)

  • Thanks OP! wondering how long it will take for the back order….

    • +1

      On their eBay page in big red letters it states mid October..

      • Oh thanks for that… didn't see that one hmm…. I was hoping to take these bad boys on my overseas trip in early oct. hmm… so my TRS extra goodness may not eventuate…..

        • +1

          Someone mentioned getting headphones from Myer, claiming TRS refund, then when you come back return Myer ones for refund, maybe worth the hassle?

        • @raspudala:
          Haha…. now there's some food for thought

        • +1

          @raspudala: the thing is that do you claim the TRS refund using the Myer receipt then?

          If you do that don't they stamp on the receipt so you can't return the product to Myer anymore?

          Or is it that you ask for a receipt earlier from the ebayer store and use that receipt to claim TRS?

          Sorry just a noob when it comes to these kinda things

        • +1

          @annexe: There are other eBay suppliers, you can purchase for roughly $400 and get it very soon. When you add in the TRS money back, it will be cheaper than buying from this supplier.

        • @Adamiam:
          Unfortunately I've already pull the trigger on this… so just keeping my fingers crossed for early shipment :)

        • @shortie84: Sorry mate I've no idea, was just posting what other people have suggested here, don't know about the details :(

  • Just got a black one! I was going to get a silver one yesterday because the black ones where out for so long and was scared they ran out. Thankfully the wait was worth it! Both colours are great tho!

  • Tempting

    I already used the eBay code. A new ebay account is easy. But can I use the same card for a new PayPal account?

    • No, you'd need a fresh paypal account with a credit card that is not linked to any paypal account which had already used the code.

      • Damn… I'll see what I can do

  • Got the black one, Thanks OP!

  • Bit, both available, got black. Currently beside pool at Bali so a week too late for TRS for me! Even so, great deal.

  • Black sold out again, just missed it :(

  • +1

    They aren't really selling them out per se. They will just keep bringing them back and will then order bulk stock from Bose and then ship out after mid October.

  • Item listing has ended for black.

    I'm sad :'(

    • I think you can purchase the Silver temporarily, then contact them to change the color when stocks in. Hmmm might work. Silver is great anyway

      • Dunno… don't wanna be stuck with a pair of silver headphones if that plan doesn't work out…

        • Silver is great I think, it feels premium though. Best case scenario for you: Ebay extends the sale and the seller get it back in stock tomorrow lol.

      • Just gave them a call, they said they won't be getting any more blacks in so this won't be an option, just a warning in case anyone is thinking about doing this to get the black version.

  • Has anyone's been shipped yet?
    I ordered before 1pm and haven't been marked for shipment.

    • They are not getting stock till mid Oct mate.

      • If you ordered before 1pm they said they would be sent from their current batch.

        On top of this, the October date only came into it today. Prior to that it said "Back Order, more stock due in a few days".

    • I ordered before 1pm and was advised it was shipped via message but my eBay purchased history hasn't been marked as shipped yet (no tracking too)

      • Just an update, my Bose QC35 shipped! stoked!

    • Just to clarify, this is 1pm on 20/09/2016. I ordered before then and it hasn't shipped for me either.

      • Yeah 1pm yesterday.

  • I was in the pre-1pm group, still waiting for shipping notification. Tried to ebay message them and got an out of office message.

    • Yeah I'm waiting too. I took the 'Shipment arriving in a couple of days' thing to mean sent this week. I'm starting to think that this isn't the case.

    • +1

      Just got shipping notification now.

  • Ordered 1:44 but still hasn't been shipped. Hoping they will get stock by the end of this week (as it was stated in their product description page when I ordered) and they start shipping them out.
    I messaged them through eBay on Tuesday and they said that I should be fine to get mine before 1st October and that Bose have moved their shipments to come in quicker

  • Anyone got a spare set and looking to offload to a willing buyer? I missed out on the deal last night due to PayPal issues.. not fussy about the colour (:

  • Ordered just before 2pm, 20/09, order shipped early this afternoon.

    • Damn. I ordered both of mine very close to 1pm on the same day, but have nothing :(

      • Beginning to think they are not sending them out according to the time they recieved the order and its random. Sucks for me.

  • Mine got shipped just now and I ordered ~ 3pm? They probably do random shipment.

    • Paid at 1:42pm for the black ones and nothing yet.

      • 13:44 paid, silver and nothing

        • Mine just got marked as sent.

        • im from brisbane and they told me: this morning at 8am
          New message from: sccdfo (2,997Red Star)

          Thank you for your email.

          Sorry for the delay we have 483 items left to post as of this morning including yourself we are getting at least a 100 done a day.

          You are getting closer to dispatch as we are moving on to all orders from the 21st of september today and tomorrow.

          You may receive tracking over the weekend, however it will not be active till monday night when australia post scan them into the truck.

          Once again thank you for your purchase and patience.

          kind regards,


  • My eBay purchased failed
    "This order was not successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount. The seller hasn't received payment for this order yet"
    spoke to eBay support and they said it was a known issue that they are working on and not to worry.

    • When did you get that? By email? Sorry to hear

      • Order placed on
        Wednesday, 21 September 2016 around 6:45:04 PM
        Payment method - PayPal

        right after i ordered, paid by PayPal and then got the message on the eBay order screen.

        spoke with eBay support and they assured me they were working on the issue.
        so it looks like i missed out

  • I ordered 2 from different paypal accounts but the same eBay account, ordered approx an hour apart. Delivered to same address. 1 has been marked as shipped, but the other has not. Wonder if they just sent them together.

    • First in First out, there must have a been a few people who have ordered between the time from your first and second order.

      • +1

        Both my orders were posted on Friday

        • Good to hear mate, mines yet to deliver :( haha

  • Just posted

  • Ordered after 4pm on 20/9

    Just got the eBay sent notice

  • My order before 1pm on the 20/9/16 just touched down in Melbourne, should be delivered on Monday :)

  • +1

    Messaged seller about the shipping status, and received out of office notice. 2 hours later, my headphone was shipped. The seller must've been busy shopping 500 headphones lately. LOL

    • Ye, he's been under a crazy load, he told me he's the only one running the eBay store so he's been working non-stop trying to get everyone's order out asap. Everyone should just be patient haha, you'll get your order eventually.

  • Devasted I missed out on this =(

  • Mine just got shipped and my order was placed 4:30pm

  • Still waiting for mine ='(

  • posted at 1:30pm today,

    ordered placed at 1:50pm

    • Darn, my order (silver) was at 1:57pm, here's hoping mine is posted soon too.

  • +1

    just got my black one delivered this morning - fantastic!! thanks again OP!!

  • Just got mine, silver looks really cool, thanks OP

  • Just got mine delivered just then :)

  • Did they notify you on eBay that it was shipped?

  • Got mine today, they're beautiful!!

  • Both of my orders which were placed an hour apart shipped on Friday and both arrived today

  • Brought 2, Got the first one delivered (ordered quite early but after 2pm) the second one still not being shipped yet(ordered after 6pm).

    Thanks for the post OP, these head phones are really awesome.

  • Bought a black one, received a silver one… What do you suggest I should do now?

    • Paint it black

    • I think you can contact them and say you got the wrong item. or item was not the same as description w.e.

    • Definitely email them and ask.

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