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10% off Aussie Sellers in eBay in Selected Categories (Minimum Spend $30)


Guys I'm a long time ozbargain leecher and first deal time poster, hopefully this post meet the site requirements.

Similar to this previous promotion except the code is now CAUS10 instead of C10AUZ.

The offer entitles you to a 10% discount off the purchase price (excluding postage) of new items listed by Aussie Sellers in Selected Categories on eBay.com.au, when you when you spend more than $30 in one transaction during the Offer Period.

“Aussie Sellers” means retailers that sell items that are located within Australia.

Only 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in one transaction (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).
The total discount is capped at $300 per transaction.

Terms does not included promotion end date so I assume it might run all the way to Christmas.

Full terms

Selected Categories” means:
Antiques (20081)
Art (550)
Baby (2984)
Books, Magazines (267)
Clothing, Shoes, Accessories (11450)
Collectables (1)
Crafts (14339)
Dolls, Bears (237)
Health & Beauty (26395)
Home & Garden (11700)
Jewellery & Watches (281)
Music (11233)
Musical Instruments (619)
Phones & Accessories: Dummy Mobile Phones (136699)
Phones & Accessories: Home Telephones & Accessories (164874)
Phones & Accessories: Mobile Accessories (9394)
Phones & Accessories: Mobile Phone Parts (43304)
Phones & Accessories: Other Phones & Accessories (42428)
Phones & Accessories: Prepaid Recharge Cards (29778)
Phones & Accessories: Smart Watch Accessories (182064)
Phones & Accessories: Smart Watches (178893)
Phones & Accessories: Vintage Home Phones (182098)
Phones & Accessories: Vintage Mobile Phones (182073)
Phones & Accessories: Wholesale & Bulk Lots (45065)
Pottery, Glass (870)
Sporting Goods: Golf (1513)
Sporting Goods: Hunting (7301)
Sporting Goods: Paintball (16045)
Sporting Goods: Scuba, Snorkeling (16052)
Sporting Goods: Skiing, Snowboarding (36259)
Sporting Goods: Swimming (74050)
Sporting Goods: Volleyball (159129)
Stamps (260)
Toys, Hobbies (220)
Vehicle Parts & Accessories: Pocket Bike Accessories (10064)
Vehicle Parts & Accessories: Vehicle Electronics & GPS (3270)
Video Games & Consoles: Arcade Machine Accessories (13718)
Video Games & Consoles: Original Game Cases & Boxes (182175)
Video Games & Consoles: Other Video Games (187)
Video Games & Consoles: Strategy Guides & Cheats (156595)
Video Games & Consoles: Video Game Merchandise (38583)

Mod: New code includes new categories, allowed as new deal, also a duplicate exception due to vote count regardless.

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  • +2

    Seems legit, just tried it on my Shopping Cart

  • +13

    Nice work, have a million upvotes

  • +1

    I can confirm the code works just brought a couple bifenthrin bottles using the code.

    • +29

      Where did you bring them to?

  • +2

    FYI: C10AUZ is still working!

    • +1

      Was just about to say that too! No they don't stack (someone will ask). The new code still excludes mobile phones (but not accessories).

  • +8


    • Now just need to find a listinf

      • they aren't gonna ship the Mavic until mid December, even Apple store dates are pushed to 21st December, such a shame really.

    • Buy Mavic from US stores, cheaper even with shipping

  • +1

    Categories are so limited :(

  • +1

    all the bargain spam posts are incomming too

    • +1

      Individual posts would've already been made with C10AUZ, that's been active for some 2 months and is still active. Unless something from the newly added categories take your fancy.

  • +4

    Oh good. I've been holding out to buy a vintage mobile phone.

    • Are there any > $30?

      My gf still uses a nokia..

      • This one apparently. Haha. I wonder if this is intentional.

  • Whats difference using this one over C10AUZ has it got more options?

    • +3

      Looks like new categories now, 29 main categories vs 22 previously. Deal now includes some parts these extra 7 categories: sporting goods, stamps, vehicle parts, video games, dolls & bears, arts & antiques.

      It's quite similar however. Also things like video games only include specialised categories within (eg arcade machines), not normal video games for sale.

  • Damn was hoping to buy a phone soon.

  • +1

    So confusing. Don't bother check which is which. Just try all 3 codes in the cart to see the what item get what discount.

  • Well I was looking at a 45mm diameter stainless steel knob ring today in Sydney, is 'bedroom goods' covered?

    • +9

      Probably want surgical steel if you're putting a ring through your knob.

      • Better hope its sterilised

      • No no just around it! I've already got several from eBay, but you want Damn precise measurements when working with steel… :)

    • Wow this worked, thanks OP, I saved 4$ and now I'm suffering with a priapism

  • +2

    Last time I can add a overseas seller item together with a Aussie seller item to get the discount. Is it the same case this time?

  • +2

    So if the seller changes the item category into one of the aforementioned - will the discount work?

    • yes

  • Thanks got some hot tub spa chemicals. Must come under home and garden. Set now for the year. 😂

  • Hi do you search under sellers on this free?

  • -1

    Can this be stacked with the $100 click and collect voucher?

    • +1


  • Ripsurf gets 10% from some retailers, but not Target, the place it's cheapest.

  • Damn dog food not on there

  • +1

    Discount only works if you use paypal

    • +1

      I think that's the same for all these eBay deals, but still good to point out.

  • +1

    just bought some phone accessories from a UK seller in GBP and it works :)

    • Same with USA. Happy!

    • China also..

  • Just tried using it in this category: eBayHome & GardenYard, Garden & Outdoor Living ItemsOutdoor LightingsChristmas Lights Worked fine.

    Other sites are listing C10AUS as the code, that doesn't work, and I read somewhere else on here this morning (but now can't find it again) where someone listed C10AUZ, which is also no good, at least for the items I bought from Aussie sellers in Home and Garden.

  • +1

    This is better discount than the 20% discount as most of the prices have not been inflated by 15%.

  • +1


  • When will this end? Can this stack will Groupon 15% off?

  • +2

    Just a heads up that I managed to use this on an international order today.

  • Thanks!

  • -1

    Anyone know when this will expire?

  • Tried to use it today, its giving me this message "Looks like this code isn't ready yet. Please try again later." Anyone else had this?

  • Damn Overseas items not working anymore! It calculates based on goods located in oz. :(

  • +1

    Got an update from a seller that said to try CAUZ10. That worked for me.

    • omg it works! :D

      Thank you!

  • Hmm this is weird. I used CAUZ10 on my $61 purchase of a kids shirt + Pokemon Sun (3DS) and it only applied a $1.20 discount. Anyone else getting this issue?

    • I bought 2 things under this promotion and had the same result - I think one of my items didn't qualify but at least it got it over $30 for me to get something.

      Looks like these items are in the right category (assuming they weren't classified incorrectly by the seller) which would leave the other option be they weren't considered 'Aussie'.

      I guess try contacting eBay if it seems incorrect.

  • both codes expired?

    • Seems like it :(

      • agreed, all over

  • No longer working. Wonder if there is a new code. It's changed a few times.

    Saved $200 using CAUZ10 a few days ago…lucky I caught the end of it!

    Thanks OP and other contributors.

    Edit: T&C page is still up http://pages2.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/domestic

  • +1

    Back on. Code is now CAU10. T&Cs here… http://pages2.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/domestic

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