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Samsung UA55KU6000W 55" (140cm) - $956 @ The Good Guys eBay


Well, I have been watching this since the last GG sale, which came to roughly $1248 from memory.

Its $1195 BEFORE discount. Just bought it for $956 pickup! My first bargain posted, here's hoping its a good one! Go get em people!

Original 20% off Home Appliances & TVs at The Good Guys on eBay Deal Post

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  • Awesome. Thanks for sharing

  • Great, I've just bought one for my new house.
    The old Sony 40" will go into the bedroom! Cheers!

  • Is this a 4K TV and does it have HDR. Never been happy since I got my Sony, should have stuck with Samsung like I have in the past

    • Yes and yes! :D

    • I think it has HDR but it is a 8-bit color panel so it won't be good HDR.

      • Having 10-bit colour depth helps prevent gradient banding being visible during certain high contrast scenes, typically involving the sky: http://imgur.com/gallery/0sIqnDx So yes the gradient might not be as smooth on an 8-bit panel during those particular scenes, but does that really make it 'bad HDR'? Honestly I think most people will barely notice the difference. It's a much bigger issue on OLED where almost every scene is high contrast.

        • I have a question regarding HDR. So if i understand this correctly, there are 2 levels of HDR 8 bit and 10 bit, this TV being 8 bit. Does all content look good in HDR or does the movie have to be filmed from the start with HDR, so i have to look for films with HDR specifically in mind? Does this apply to only the 10 bit version?

        • @jackwoz:

          Also which HDR is it? Dolby Vision or HDR10? Which standard is going to win out?

        • @jackwoz:

          You have to look for films with HDR, according to an LG promo video I saw.

        • @jackwoz: You don't need to worry about how the content was filmed. The content needs to be mastered in HDR for it to make use of HDR. There are currently 2 HDR standards, HDR10 and dolby something, this tv only supports hdr10. HDR10 content will look better on a tv that supports HDR even if it's an 8 bit panel, whether or not there's a noticeable difference vs a 10 bit panel, it's hard to say. Frankly i dont think you should care about it, since you aren't going to realise that there's a subtle difference unless you have a 10 bit and an 8 bit panel tv sitting side by side.

  • Great TV, especially at that price.

    I bought mine a month or so ago at $1,150 (IIRC), and I reckon that it was a bargain at that price.

    • Hey Chris! Have you tried the TV on free to air or Foxtel (if you have it) and if so what does it look like? I'm concerned about it being blurry and almost unwatchable.

      • Who on Earth used "blurry and almost unwatchable" for this TV?

        It's excellent, but I guess that it would be blurry if I did not wear my glasses……

        • +1 vote

          I wasn't faulting the TV. From what I've heard it's great but I was simply asking you, since you own the TV, what free to air / foxtel looks like on 4K as that is mainly what I will be watching. I don't want to purchase a TV and have the quality look worse than what I am currently using due to the upscale.

        • Just have seen in a few reviews for this TV that is struggles with lower quality content like standard def channels from Foxtel or stuff from a USB (eg tv shows/movies). You have the TV so what do you think in this regard. Since I'll be moving to a place without an antenna, Foxtel & USB stuff will be my main watch so this is a big issue if no good. What do you reckon mate?

        • @VLine90: all TVs struggle with standard def. i was flicking through TV channels last night and 576i is terrible. 720p is bad, and 1080i channels are acceptable.

          it was always going to be like that, i mean, to smooth out upscaling 4x the res is always going to be difficult.

          there's only so much smooth you can do before making it look like a cartoon.

        • @insular:

          Yeah I'm not after the world's greatest picture but just checking if it's watchable. What TV are you watching on?

        • @VLine90: i mean, it's watchable, and gets better the further you are away from it. as the pixelation becomes less apparent but low def is never good.

          blurays and other hd content should be fine. will try later.

          i have the samsung in this thread.

          reality is, 4k content is just not out there and will take several years to become mainstream. we don't even have ONE broadcast channel in 4k, whereas other countries are trialling it.

          we have very few FTA channels that broadcast in 1080i as well, which sucks.

          there's so few bluray players on the market as well. xbox one S is a good and relatively cheap option, but i will wait to get a drive for my PC that i have hooked up to this screen.

        • @insular:

          Yeah this will be my one and done TV for a while. Moving out of home in the next few months so I'm deciding if it would be better to go for this at a big discount or go for something around the $1500 range and make that my TV for the next 10 years.

        • @xND: We watch free to air (mainly ABC and SBS), and it's fantastic from a couple of metres away.

          SBS HD and Blurays are stunning.

  • Whats the warranty ?

  • Anyway we can get the 200 store credit as well?

  • Does Harvey Norman sell this TV? I'm just trying to figure out where is more convenient (considering also the AMEX offer)

  • dear op,

    thanks for finding this. i was looking all morning and couldnt find it.

    fwiw ppl, this has good input lag. it is going to be my new computer/gaming monitor.

  • This 55" inch model is cheaper than the 50" in the same series.

    Does not make sense.

    JB Hifi also has a higher price for both modfels.




  • anyone know the box dimension please?

    • Are you wondering if it fits your car?! Same thing here…! I've got a Toyota Corolla Hatchback :-?

      • Yeah.. got a civic here..

      • I don't know the dimensions of the box for this TV … but I can tell you that I recently bought an LG 55" OLED and the box was a couple of inches too tall for my car. I have a Mazda CX-5 (2015 model). Apparently you can't like it down so your car needs to have enough height clearance for the box.

        • This isn't true for LCD's, only applied to old Plasma's with heavy glass panels. I bought the 50" model of this a while ago and it fit fine in a CX5 lying down.

        • @groook:

          Well I don't know about that … but I bought it from JB Hifi (the LG 55" OLED). The guy wheeled the thing to my car and then it wouldn't fit as it was a little too high. The guy says then I won't be able to drive it off coz they won't let me lie it down. He then wheeled it back in store and charged me $39 to arrange delivery.

          It was only a 5min drive from the JB store to my house too…

        • @groook:
          Bing Lee delivered my 42" plasma (bought new 5 years ago) in the back of a station wagon laying FLAT! It is a Panasonic so it still going strong.

      • Should fit easily. I brought a 55 inch 4 years ago in one. Physical size of boxes have reduced since.

      • I've got a Golf and just made it with about 2 mm to spare with front seats moved forward. My wife had to drive home, I couldn't fit with my long legs :)

    • I have a civic and have put a 55 inch tv in there before.

      • The whole thing about TV's having to be upright is to avoid certain motion/bumps etc. putting stresses and flexing on the screen and potentially damaging. Lay it flat, screen facing upwards, secured in its box/foam, the box secured somehow ideally wedged and cushioned and drive like a granny. it'll be fine.

    • +5 votes


      Package Size (WxHxD)
      1485.0 x 819.0 x 154.0 mm

      Set Size with Stand (WxHxD)
      1242.6 x 787.5 x 310.5 mm

      Set Size without Stand (WxHxD)
      1242.6 x 718.4 x 63.2 mm

  • Videopro had it for $1170 sat only this is an amazing price its way below jbs staff price buy it guys !!!

  • Was tossing up between this and the 7000 series…..

  • Bought this a couple days ago pre-20% discount and they said they can't refund the difference ..

  • Been trying to convince the old man to get a KS8000 but for half the price this might push him over the line

    • I would hold out a little longer. The 8000 will be significantly cheaper soon when next year's models arrive.

      • damn you for saying that.

        however, this happens every damn year. just be happy with what you have. and if you're not. give it to someone else as a hand-me-down.

        younger siblings and old people are my victims.

        • For this price i wouldn't bother waiting.

        • @Xizor:
          Agree, you'll be waiting until end of Q1 next year anyway. Then stock will be hard to find…blah blah blah

        • Yeah I agree with the others, just grab it at one of these 20% sales. Usually next years models are announced at the start of the year, but they usually don't hit the shelves until march-july depending on the model

        • From my research for a friend the Hisense 55" 3300 model is very very similar to this, better in some ways i'd suggest (and not in others probably), with 3 year warranty. But are stupidly good value for money i reckon.

      • When do the new series generally get launched?

        I'm keen to pick up a TV. Really like the look of the 8000 series, but don't want to pay $2k at the moment

  • Great price! Paid a few hundred more for a Sony with no HDR not that long ago.

  • i know this is a good deal…i really dont need another TV….already have a hisense 50" UHD (but with no HDR)…aaarrrggghhh

  • And $200 store credit coz it's almost $1000.

  • I was thinking of getting a 40" as I plan to hook the tv to the wall. But this is such a good price. Has anyone hooked a 55" tv on the wall? Not too heavy?

    • As long as you get a bracket that supports it and someone "professionally" installs it if you are worried about that.

      I have a 60" Sony Wedge TV (from 2014-2015) and its something ridiculous like 30-40KG hanging on the wall no problems!

    • These new TVs are very light. Less than 20kg.
      Easy to wall mount

    • I have the 50" version of this on my wall using a cheap bracket from Selby. Just make sure you screw into studs with some decent sized screws and it'll be fine.

  • +3 votes

    Bought, thanks OP. Taking my crappy ALDI 55" 4K Black Series ($699) back. For only $257 more this telly is too good to pass up.

    • haha me too. will put them side by side for a few minutes to see the difference before i do.

  • That's a great price - what's 'wrong' with the TV?
    I find you can get very good TVs for cheap, a few years ago I bought the Panasonic TH-P50ST50A for about $1,200 and it's absolute quality!!

    I'm hoping this might be a similar TV, where it performs above its price but might just not have all the little bells and whistles?

    • I have this as well as a slightly higher end samsung smart TV from 2014, much prefer this one! Even without the magic remote the new UI is just so much better and way more responsive.

    • your Panasonic TH-P50ST50A will look better than this tv.

      This tv is good for the price though.