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ANZ QFF Black CC 75,000 QFF Points ($2,500 Spend in 3 Months) @ $0 First Year


same deal as posted by lmh86 in October. That one expired in October but while looking for some info on ANZ's website I saw that the deal is back on. It was quite popular and this is great for people who missed out last time.

Lmh86's deal

Online offer only

Two Qantas Club lounge access passes per year and discounted first-year Qantas Club membership

Minimum credit limit $15,000

Offer available to new and approved applicants who apply for an ANZ Rewards Black credit card account
"Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, or when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card within the previous twelve months. "

To apply for an ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card, you need to

Be 18 years of age or over
Have a good credit rating
Be a permanent Australian resident, earning a minimum annual income of $75,000
Be a non-Australian permanent resident with more than 9 months remaining on your Visa, earning a minimum annual income of $75,000

If youโ€™re not a Qantas Frequent Flyer member yet, you'll get an complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership.

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  • Still waiting for my 75k QFF from the Oct promotion. Spent the required $2,500 in the first week.

  • Waiting for 12 months period
    "Not available in conjunction with other offers, packages or promotions, or when transferring from an existing ANZ credit card or where you currently hold or have closed an ANZ Frequent Flyer, ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold, ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black credit card within the previous twelve months. "

  • Online offer only. Apparently this means something about having to have been invited through an online savings account?

    • No, it shows up on the ANZ credit card webpage:

      (the previous offer only showed up if you were logged into ANZ Internet Banking)

      • yeah I'm not totally sure… I saw it on the home page and asked anz about it on online chat, and the guy said 'online' means you get the ofer through your account. I asked if I opened an account whether I could do it and he said only if you get invited through your account. I don't know that he knew what he was talking about. I sent him the link with the ad on it and said it was dodgy advertising if people with an account couldn't access it but he just kept telling me the same thing about having an account. perhaps calling them would clarify. but anz's customer service seems to be pretty terrible across all platforms including on the phone and in branch too…

  • I find it hard to justify the large annual fee and the limitation if you are already have an ANZ credit card..

    • yes no point with annual fee

      • I haven't looked into the new deal, but if it's the same as the older one, you get 2x QANTAS Club passes, $400 for a year's QANTAS Club membership, insurance, etc etc. It's a pretty good deal. No decent Platinum / Black card is going to be fee-free, except for the first year (which this one was last time round I believe).

        • I have a citibank one for free. Free insurance and Rewards program.

          Don't think they do that anymore.

        • Except the NAB Platinum QFF Visa which is annual fee free to shareholders (>500 shares). Has the usual high status card benefits .. ๐Ÿ˜† .. !! Keep in mind the reurn on NAB shares is currently around 9% pa (inc. franking credits). Definitely a win/win .. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ .. !!

        • @cornucopia:

          One could argue that the $14,380 to acquire said shares is a bit more than the annual fee ;)

          (I've got that card, quite nice, but my ANZ gets more action. NAB waived the annual fee though which was nice).

        • @zfind: One could argue that way, but given I've owned the NAB shares since 2009, one would be wasting one's breath!!

        • @cornucopia: what if you buy and dispose of the shares once you get the card?

        • yes i think you approx. get your money back on the bonus points and then it depends if you use the insurance, passes etc. re the money you save with amex deals, can get this with a fee free amex. so I guess it just depends if you use the other perks and how much you spend on it, whether it is worth the hassle of opening and closing etc. compared to using a fee free Qantas amex one…

      • +2 votes

        No fee for the first year (so get the points & benefits & cancel after the first year).

        • Cancel within the first year :)

        • @spillmill:
          Be careful to do this a month or so beforehand too. Takes a while to close the account.

        • I am in the process of confirming no annual fee for the 1st year with ANZ.

          When called to double confirm this morning, i was told there is an annual fee payable for the 1st year after looking into information in my account. The staff insisted the 'no annual fee' deal expired 6 months ago.

          I will leave it to you all if you want to double check for a peace of mind.

    • I got this last year, with the intention of closing after the first year because of the high annual fee. To be honest, It's been pretty good.

      I've saved:
      * ~ $1k thanks to various Amex offer (obviously you could use any Amex card for this)
      * ~ $100 on Qantas lounge passes
      * Who knows how much on travel/item insurance
      * On top of that, you get 2.5 points per dollar spent at Qantas. For someone who travels a lot for work, this was worth almost 100k in points (or a few thousand dollars in seat upgrades and holidays).

      My first year is nearly up, and I am debating whether I keep it or not. But if you have the spend, there is value in having this card.

      • From the sounds of things you got really good value out of it. But given that there's an annual fee coming up, I think you'd be better off with the AMEX Explorer (especially with the huge sign-up bonus). The only somewhat significant drawback I can think of for you is that you won't be able to earn Qantas points anymore. Although, bluntly speaking Qantas points (relative to the other programs) are not the best points from a redeeming for flights point of view.

        • I guess if he travels a lot for work and is a Qantas Platinum or higher, he would get some good value and chances of upgrading, reward seat availability.

        • @lilkid28: I have been platinum for 2 years. I have never been upgraded. Actually 12 months ago they downgraded the whole dam plane to the type with no business class, so my chances of getting upgraded took a slight dip there. I would sit on the pilots lap, if they offered.

      • I am currently using the ANZ Qantas Black card, spend around $85k per year, just call them and the annual fee waived for both of my card and an additional card.

        • One supplementary card doesn't cost money anyway though

        • @illumination:

          It costs $65 (an annual Additional Cardholder Fee of $10 and an annual Rewards Program Services Fee of $55)

        • @divious: oh ok whoops my bad

          This must be a somewhat recent change (last 8 months) then because I got a supplementary card for free on an ANZ Frequent Flyer platinum card in March for free. Wouldn't have got it if it cost money

        • @illumination: I did that last year (and they waived the fee), but when I called this year they said it was no longer an option on the Black cards. So had to pay the fee or cancel.

        • @illumination:

          the only reason I requested the supplementary card is the Amex offers, so are you still using the supplementary card for free of charges?

        • @shankur:

          Are you a high spender? Also, try to call them again and talk to another staff.

        • @divious: Yes still using the supplementary card now. I requested a supplementary for the same reasons. Wasn't charged at the beginning and haven't been charged yet. If I get charged I'll close the supplementary card.

        • @divious: Spent circa 80-100k on the year. They were pretty unequivocal that they had changed their internal rules on the Black level cards. Little annoying, but I rarely used the lounge access (Platinum on OW), so I changed to an alternate card.

        • what did you say for them to waive the annual fee?

        • @jcheah12:

          Just asked if they could waive the annual fee for my card as I spent more than $70k a year. He told me to wair for him to check what he can do, then cane back ans said ok the annual fee will be reversed and you will see in the statement next couples of days.

        • @divious: and will the annual fee be waived for every year or just that year?

        • @jcheah12:

          I managed to get the annual fee waived for 2 years, the next anniversary will be Nov 2017.

        • @divious: amazing, thanks mate

        • @jcheah12:

          Did you manage to get the annual fee waived for your card? If they don't offer me a free card this year, I'll threaten to cancel my card.

        • @divious: nah havent applied for it yet, will do this month

      • My annual fee is coming up in 1 February and I called ANZ and they waived the fee.

        • That's good, but I wasn't after the fee being waved, I was after the QFF, so I declined the fee waive.

    • oh really? last promo had no fee. Thats a bummer.

  • So if i already have a normal ANZ CC, this wouldn't be applicable if i apply for a new Black card ?

  • I applied for this on Saturday. Yes, firstly I had to deposit $100 in a rewards saver account to become an existing Client to get it free . Which I will of course get back once approved. I asked for a $6K limit though and they said that was fine. Gave them 2 payslips and proof that my pay goes into an Aussie bank. Have conditional approval.

  • How's this compare to the Citi Signature fee-free card deal?

    • Citi signature is free for life.
      This deal is free first year

      Get this deal, use for under 1 year then cancel.

      Citi will always be my fallback card forever.

      Sign on to new cards to chase the points.

      • Is the Citi Signature still free for life? This is something I missed out on and would love to grab.

        • Ah sorry I'm not aware of what the current citi sig deal is. All I know is I'm on the free for life deal.

      • I haven't seen it fee free for life for ages though.. do you know something we don't know?

        edit: Beaten. Didn't refresh before commenting sorry.

  • How long does it take to get the card?

    I am flying in 2 weeks so would be great to get the Qantas lounge access then.

    I have CBA Diamond but flying with a friend, would be rude to go in Amex lounge by myself.

    • call the concierge service on 1300 580 765. I might be wrong but I don't think they will check your minimum spend. It takes 5-10 business days to get the passes. Valid for 1 year from the day you call.

    • Be aware that you need to explicitly request the lounge passes from their concierge service.. mine came a few days afterwards, but I think your timelines are tight given that you'd need to wait a week or so for the card to arrive after approval.

    • If you were after the actual AMEX card, I got mine approx 10 days after I applied for it.

    • The CBA Diamond card gives you 2 visits to the Amex lounge per year. However I believe you can use them at the same time to invite a guest.

      • Can just rock up and use right? Don't need to call a concierge and get a pass or whatever?

      • Only Diamond? Sigh, I turned down their offer to upgrade my platinum last time, too much hassle to change all my direct debit arrangement :(

      • .. looks like the lounge visits is a fairly new addition. Didn't have it in the past (pre-2016). But looks like you need to fly QF/JQ International to have access? That's a bummer

        • I think the CBA Diamond always had the AMEX lounge access. And because it's AMEX lounge access you do not need a boarding pass with QF/JQ to gain access. You just need a boarding pass + your credit card.

        • @illumination: Ah okay, maybe I must have been confused with the VA lounge that comes with the ANZ cards. Oh well, probably not going to be useful to me anyway since I usually fly international out from Melbourne rather than Sydney

  • Not sure if you get the passes before making the $2500 spend. If you make that spend o/s, it will cost you forex.

  • Excellent! Been ages since a decent points offer with a reprieve on the annual fee!

  • Great card, got the 75000 points and enjoying most of the Amex offers too. I don't have an Amex issued card so this is the next best thing.

  • Will anz be able to tell if you simply load $2.5k into PayPal? Or does it have to be a legit expense? A lot of my expenses are already sorted out and I can't be bothered changing them.

    • Call your council and see if you can pay your rates upfront. Usually councils can credit that to your account so you won't have to pay next quarter etc.That is the easiest way I can think of to bulk spend 2.5k. Otherwise, but 2.5k worth of woolies gift card?

    • A lot of utility bills can be paid just like that too, even if u have DD set. Next bill, it'd deduct from ur positive balance first before charging ur normal DD as usual. I put my Vpay deal from HN towards my water bill (and yes, I have DD set still)

  • Does anyone know how strict they are in enforcing the minimum annual income? Has anyone had success with obtaining this card with an annual income of over $50k but under the required 75k?

    • me, my income is under 75k, but the credit rating is very good and I got an approval automatically, no needed to send payslips and tax returns.

    • But at the same time many applicants including me with income > minimum required got rejected. So there are other factors being looked at, just try and apply.

  • 75,000 QFF Points

    What is that equivalent to in cash/services roughly (e.g. half a flight or $300)?

  • What is 75,000 points worth? For instance in 100 dollar gift cards.

  • Ok I'll post my 2c here, be careful which link you use. ANZ is notorious for not backing out annual fees if the incorrect link was used. in my my case even though i sent out the link with the fee free first year, they still didnt back out the annual fee.

    • +2 votes

      I had the same experience. Received quite a bit of push back over the phone when I called to double check that the Total Annual Fee waiver had been applied to my application.

      They repeatedly stated that the link that I had used was invalid or expired.

      Luckily, I'd saved the hyperlink and took screenshots of the T&Cs clearly stating that the Total Annual Fee (Annual Fee + Reward Program Services Fee) would be waived in the first year.

      Tldr; Take screenshots of the T&Cs and save the hyperlink to cover yourselves.

      • Well, i had to fax (they don't even have an email) them the link I had used and after a couple of days received a letter saying I must have been the incorrect link. Anyway, i called them again yesterday, they backed out the 370 annual fees but not the 55 rewards fee. Scammers.