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First Food Box Delivered Free - EG 4x People 5x Meals Classic Box Worth $189.95 @ HelloFresh (New Customers)(Excludes WA/NT/TAS)


Recently I took advantage of the Cash Rewards Offer for NEW CUSTOMERS to Hello Fresh and Thought that was pretty amazing ($85 off the total cost).

However since getting my box I got a generic code for NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY which is used in the check out to discount your order by 100%. This works for any combination of Classic, Veggie or Family Box.

Bonus is that you can choose different options depending on what box you want.

Classic - 2/4 people, 3/5 meals
Veggie - 2/4 people, 3 meals
Family - 4 people, 4 meals

Best combination being for 4 people and 5 meals on the Classic Box for $0 delivered (usually $189.95)

Remember to Cancel it straight away if you dont wish to have it every week as its a subscription service which will to continue to deliver to you unless you tell it otherwise!

Changes to your account (meaning ordering or cancellations) need to be done before Wednesday 11:59PM (Sydney time) the week prior to your next delivery. Users should cancel or downgrade their box after they've ordered as they prefer. You can deactivate after you have made your order by clicking on your account and settings. Click deactivate immediately as the 1st order will still be delivered, just nothing subsequently after this.

Happy Eating!

** Havent tried the cashrewards discount in conjunction but doubt you would get the rebate on $0
** Only valid with Households first Box
*** Subject to you living in an area that they deliver to
**** I got given multiple cards to give to friends but they all have the same code - not sure how many order will get through but hopefully its unlimited!

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to most suburbs in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra and in Albury, Bendigo, Ballarat, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast Cairns, Townsville and the Southern Highlands.

Referral Links

Referral: random (504)

Referrer gets $50-$59.99 credit (active subscription req.). Referee gets $50-$59.99 off their first box (Updated 19/4/21).

From 11 May to 2 June 2021, referrer gets $50 credit and referee gets $70, $20, and $10 off the first 3 boxes respectively.

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    FYI, HelloFresh had been banned for a while due to referral spam however this code is a coupon code. We have tested it and gets you a $189.95 food box for free. I'm getting mine delivered next week so will update then.

    Just note, you need to cancel before Wednesday 11:59PM before your next scheduled delivery to not get charged. So for example, I'm getting mine delivered Monday the 19th, I need to cancel the next one by the 21st at 11:59PM. Remember this is a subscription. You can unsubscribe immediately after you sign up if that helps you to remember.


      so cancel the wednesday before the second delivery? (the first delivery being the 'free' one)

    • Do you choose deactivate right now or order last and deactivate?

    • I was given this code by a friend recently (same code, didn't realise it was generic) and we ordered the family box for 5 meals. It arrived despite me paying nothing! There was plenty of food but we didn't like the food at all - they sounded nice in practice but we found them super bland.

    • Got mine deliveredthis morning, decent amount of food, cancelled my subscription so a free box of food excellent deal OP

    • +2 votes

      Just to update. Got my box on Monday and cancelled later that night. Very easy to make healthy meals with all of the ingredients included. I'll give a more detailed rundown at a later time but here is what was in my box.

      Protein-wise I got (4 person box):

      • 2 x 363g Salmons
      • 2 x 284g Rump Steaks
      • 2 x 370g Pork Schnitzels
      • 2 x Lilydale 319g Packs of Chicken Thigh
      • 2 x Lilydale ~400g Packs of Chicken Breasts

      Lots of random veggies that go into the 5 meals.

      So meals I cooked so far are Chicken Souvlaki (chicken thighs, pita, baby spinach, cucumber etc.), Garlic Chicken with Jasmine Rice.

      I'm not very picky with what I eat whereas the mrs is (e.g. no seafood), so this would never work for us. Coles and Woolworths could make a killing off something like this. Just have preset meals which will autoselect all the ingredients you need and add to your online order + chuck a printout of the recipe in the order (or a PDF online).

      • Nice. Thanks for the pic. I'm guessing you didn't use the original code, but one of the ones in the comments?

        Only 2x steaks? I understand the others as they are much larger portions, but it doesn't sound like a lot of steak.

  • +25 votes

    someone's going to get in trouble

  • Ordered successfully, thanks

  • Just ordered for Monday the 19th. I'm unsure though, do I cancel right away? Or do I cancel before next Wednesday the 21st (and after I actually receive a delivery).

    • You can cancel now but choose your last delivery as 'Monday the 19th'.

      • Do you choose deactivate right now or order last and deactivate?

        • Wondering this as well. I'm assuming it's deactivate right away since technically we've already ordered. Will await confirmation before I do though.

        • I selected 'Order last' which worked.

          You'll then get a pop up and confirmation email that will say:

          Your deactivation has been processed immediately. After your final delivery on 19 Dec 2016 you will receive no further deliveries.

          19 Dec 2016 being the date for the first/free delivery.

        • @hamza23:

          I deactivated but I got no email?

        • @SeriouslyJk:

          Any popup after deactivation? I got a popup that said the same as the email which came a few mins later:

          Your subscription is now deactivated
          Your last box is scheduled for delivery on December 19, 2016 after which you will receive no further deliveries

          Thanks so much for being a part of the HelloFresh family

        • @SeriouslyJk:

          Try deactivating again - and go through the entire process (including the survey) until you see the "
          Your subscription is currently deactivated" on Subscription Info screen.

          I made a mistake of closing the survey (as the final Submit button was on the bottom) instead of selecting a reason (I just wanted to try it out or something like that) and requesting the cancellation.

        • @hamza23: where do I find this option?

        • @Jimmy007:

          Login > Settings > Deactivate my subscription.

    • I figure the box turning up on my doorstep will trigger my memory to cancel it. That as well as the reminder I have in my phone for Monday.

  • Shame they don't deliver to Perth

  • Hmm! In a minute OzBargainers will descent upon this like starving birds on a farm, and things will go wrong. I think I'll pass this one.

    • Seems to me its a generic code given to all new customers - Only valid for a short time also so i cant see what could go wrong. Its an offer to share with friends :)

      • I mean, if it were a few people making the orders then it would be understandable. You posted it on OzB, so when hundreds of people make the order within a short period of time and then deactivate/cancel their accounts, that will raise some red flags from the company's perspective, don't you think? And I don't think this is a billion dollar company (haven't heard about them before today), so I am not sure if they're able to deliver tens of thousands of dollars worth of food for free.

        • Fyi They are a multi national company. Have operations from USA, netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Belgium.

          Source wiki.

          Pretty sure they can handle this scale of operation. They are active in Groupon see them in kiosk mall in Hornsby on occasion..

          Their margin is pretty big. I buy it for the convenience.

        • @harkoliar: I see. Ta

          Edit: 130+ upvotes and over 2000 clicks in exactly one hour since the deal was posted, and still growing. This is what I have been talking about.

        • @AussieDaddy: 3700 clicks. Either someone will be very happy or sad with this at hello fresh this afternoon.

        • @harkoliar: Tell me about it. Good luck to those whose orders get honored, and manage to cancel future deliveries with no difficulties. I can't be bothered to go through all that trouble and headache.

          Edit: Looks it has already expired. Thought the freebie was supposed to be up for 12 more days. Lol

  • Just ordered and charged the $1.00 transaction confirmation which will be refunded. Now to set a reminder to cancel. Thanks OP

  • Ordered and cancelled subscription right away. We'll see what happens. Thanks OP.

  • Don't forget to cancel your subscription after you order. It's easy to do via android app.

    I'm on my twenty something box now. I find it good alternative if your lazy on thinking on what to cook.

    • +2 votes

      You have had 20 free boxes?

      Don't you feel a bit scummy doing that?

      • I think you misread, when I meant I'm on my twenty something box, I have been subscribed for 20+ weeks (hence 20+ boxes comment) now and paying full price after my initial free box.

        • Ok, just an odd thing to say after you have put "Don't forget to cancel your subscription after your order"

          Kinda makes it sound like you have done it every box.

        • @kasp:

          Fair point.

          Kind of a habit now when I tell all my friends and family about hello fresh. I want them to try it out but don't want them to stay subscribed if they don't like it.


  • No option for 5 meals?

    • Depends on which box you choose as to what options there are:

      Classic - 2/4 people, 3/5 meals
      Veggie - 2/4 people, 3 meals
      Family - 4 people, 4 meals

  • +1 vote

    Do we cancel the subscription immediately, or after the first delivery? Or does it make no difference. Thanks!

    • I clicked deactivate immediately as you have already ordered your last box. I received my box as per the delivery date set and then no further deliveries since. You can however reactivate with ease once you decide its for you!

  • Generic codes for hundreds of dollars of product, every company must be baptised in the fires of Ozbargain.

    • Unprecedented exposure of what their products and services are all about (Check)

      ….accompanying budget to do so?

      • It only takes a small percentage of people to forget to cancel (must be done by tonight to avoid extra charges) and they will make it back. Plus maybe some people actually like it and stay.

    • May OzBargain cleanse them of their sins

    • "hundreds of dollars" is amusing, given the markup on the actual items..

  • time to stock up on two months worth of food! thanks op


    From the site -

    We've popped out for a bit

    We're always working on giving you new HelloFresh flavours - website and all. We're cooking up something good but, while we do, the page you requested is unfortunately not available.

    Please try again later.
    If you have questions about your order specifically or HelloFresh in general or captains of customer service are phoneside 02 8188 8722 and email ready [email protected].

    Thanks for stopping by. Sorry we weren't in.

    The HelloFresh Team

  • Can you add excludes NT also?

  • To mix it up maybe some people should use HFR6A05, HFR6B05, HFR6C05, or HFR6E05

  • +13 votes

    this will be cancelled for sure

  • I see this post ending up in the forums.

  • ordered for the first time ever. lets see.
    thanks OP!

  • ordered and cancelled but did not get any confirmation mail for cancellation?

  • Oct-2014 - Free Hellofresh Classic Box ($1 Checkout Cost Refunded) for $64 Grocery Box (Most Major Cities+

    Hopefully won't be cancelled as it was back in Oct-2014, but I doubt they will honor.
    Also they did not refund the $1 to everybody.
    Use of Paypal is recommended.

  • +4 votes

    This seems so wrong.

  • Get ready for the 'Oh No! Your Order Didn’t Make It' email https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/163605

  • Ordered a box then deactivated subscription, they charged me $1. What now?

  • Although they've asked you to reconsider deactivating multiple times, I managed to unsubscribe eventually lol.

  • I tried Hello Fresh and found their portion sizes and meals to be of little value.

    Am guessing that a lot of people have found the same thing so it seems sensible to offer something too good to refuse and hope to get more business.

  • I had no idea they started charging for the first month. I swear the first month was free when they were going door-to-door and stationed everywhere a few years back? Or am I mistaken?

  • Done. Just gotta sit and wait.

  • Thanks, just ordered

  • Amazed they deliver to Townsville!

  • Be careful we had a bad experience with them. They sent atlaeast one additional box after cancellation and charged us for it, very unpleasant to deal with.
    Avoid them at all costs is my advice.

    • Use a prepaid credit card next time :)

      • I'd be surprised to find someone with a prepaid card lying around.. then again it's OZB - its like saying you dont have an AMEX or eneloop batteries

        • I used a prepaid card. I will use the remaining funds over the weekend then discard it.

    • I also had the same experience with them, was charged an additional box.. gave up in the end as they refused to refund and the fight was no longer worth it. (ACCC etc etc..)

      P.S. the groceries weren't 'fresh' - if anything they deteriorated pretty quickly

  • I will pass, shouldn't take this advantage..

  • Do i choose the order last box and deactivate or deactivate immediately

  • 1600 clicks already lol. done it but can't see it being honored.

  • No idea what i just ordered, but it's ordered. OzBargaaaaiiinnnnnnnnn!