7-Eleven Fuel App Watch - Nationwide - January 2017 to January 2022

7-Eleven Fuel App Watch - Nationwide - Current

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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app.

Step 1: Subscribe to this thread to get email updates. You can change your subscription settings in your Ozbargain account to enable more/less email updates.

Step 2: Upon filling up simply fill in the details in this format:

  • NAME OF 7/11 STORE


  • Richlands QLD
  • ULP
  • 111.9/litre

Step 3: Upvote the comment if you found it helpful

Note: OzBargain or the OP are not responsible for your use of the 7/11 app and you should abide by all terms stipulated by the app. This thread's content is not endorsed by the OP or OzBargain.

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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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    • +9

      Users can also choose to not use 7 eleven app. They are not forcing anyone to buy new phones

  • +11

    I hope they understand that this new app will cost them so much business.
    Me, as well as im sure most of you guys will get petrol pretty much anywhere, instead of ensuring to stop at a 7-eleven.

    • +1

      my local Costco always cheaper than the cheapest 7-eleven price almost all the time ..

      • -1

        If it's true then back to Caltex/WW + discounts for me.
        Our nearest Costco is not convenient in travel.

    • -1

      I'm sure head office is so upset at people like you not going to their stores anymore

      • +7

        You may laugh, but tabboo has a point. It is not just the fuel where 7-eleven makes money, but sales in store (which have way higher profit margins than fuel).

        • +2

          hundred percent. Using the voicher and saving $ on the fuel means i tend to spend more in store on coffee, muffins, hot food, etc. which is where they make alot more $

  • +1

    Trying to wait patiently for Freighter or Master131 to chime in to see if there is likely a way to mod the new app or if I should be venturing down the

    I use a rooted Android phone running Magisk to hide root and run GPS Joystick as a system app to get around the mock location detection.


    • +23

      Happy to root whatever comes my way.

      • +5

        after having a kid, you take what you can get

      • Whatever, not even whoever!

    • Fingers crossed for our lords and saviors.

  • +2

    I only have Nox and un-jailbroken iPhone. Is there a way to lock with my iPhone?

    • I understand from previous comments that JB iphones can still fake location and lock.

      • Yep.

      • Mine is not jail broken.

    • Which iPhone and which iOS?

      • +1

        I’m getting “Your device is not supported, restore your phone to factory” on a JB iPhone 6s

        • I am also getting this on my jailbroke iPad

        • +3

          That’s due to JB detection. Use Liberty Lite Beta from https://ryleyangus.com/repo/ to block JB detection

          • @sween64: This right here is the answer. Now to get a working Relocate tweak!

            • +3

              @Ten: Relocate from https://alexpng.github.io/Nepeta-Mirror/ works

              It has the occasional bug, mostly when attempting to search for a suburb you can’t bring the cursor up in the search box but is very powerful with blacklists and whitelists

            • +2

              @Ten: There’s also a new tweak discussed here but I haven’t used it and it appears to have Long/Lat entry only.

          • @sween64: Works a treat, thank you … I use AkLocationX to fake the location, has always worked for me

    • jailbreak is easy if you got a macbook and iphone X and below. search for checkra1n

      • +1

        Can also be done with Linux and Linux Live USB (eg before Windows boots). All devices can be jailbroken, but devices older than iPhone X need to be on iOS <= 13.5

        • Can iPads be jail broken without a Mac?

          • @Peanut money: Yes. What model and what iOS or iPadOS?

            • @sween64: IOS 12.1.4
              Model a1489 iPad mini

              Ipad mini 2

              Thanks for your reply

              • @Peanut money: Yes it can, it’s not very hard to do. There are details steps on youtube that teaches you how to do it.

                Mines up and running now. Thanks sween64

              • +2

                @Peanut money: Can be jailbroken with unc0ver, head to https://unc0ver.dev to download and follow the instructions. YouTube can be a good resource but videos can become outdated quickly. /r/jailbreak is a great resource.

              • @Peanut money: Can also be updated to 12.4.7 and jailbroken with checkra1n. There are some fundamental differences between unc0ver and checkra1n, I'd recommend going with unc0ver first. PM me if you need anything further.

  • +5

    Tried and it is working in Android Studio Emulator running in android 9/10/11

    • I was about to ask this. If set up, should be able to replace NOX/BS correct? Anything particularly different for location setting here that needs to be done?

    • +1

      Are you able to mock location with Android Studio Emulator?


    • Where to download ASE?

    • +1

      My way to make it works.
      1. Set your location thru extended control.
      2. Open Google Map and see if its probably set.
      3. Open 7-eleven app to lock your fuel

      • MVP^ will try this.

      • Just tested with Android Developer Studio AVD. I can set my location and Google Maps and the 7-Eleven app thinks I'm there, but when I try to lock in it gave me error E01, not sure what I am doing wrong… :(

        • I got E01 error too. Tried different phone models.

      • Doesnt work for me, get error e01

    • I haven't been able to get it working with the ASE I get a uh-oh error.

      • Must be the same E01 error I am getting as well I presume?

    • thanks for leting us know.

      I tried it on the ASE, after hitting the lock button

      It displayed an error:

      Uh Oh! that didnt work as planned . There seems to be a problem. Erorr E01

    • Has anyone been able to overcome the E01 error?

  • +67
    • +3

      We finally get to see what the famous Freighter looks like (well your hand anyway)

    • +1

      Watch out for the finger fetish folk out there.

    • Which Mock app are you using?

    • +32

      If someone can or will lock in tonight and wants to try, message me. I'll get upto 5 people to try it.

      Your account may get banned, I don't know. I haven't fully sussed out the app yet so the risk is yours. Literally all I've done is remove the mock location check..

      • +1

        Hey mate, Happy to try, have you got the link where we can download that modded app.

      • Happy to try

      • I'm happy to try

      • Willing to try thanks

      • +3

        Hello :)

        Willing to try as well.

        For those who have used my App Cloner method in the past, there is a way to remove the mock location flag, however, it appears Clones are not able to successfully lock, something in the locking sequence is detecting the app clones

        I'm unable to confirm whether they still have device limits like in the past.

        • Do you get the E01 error?

          • @jlao6: I got this with using gps joystick and a second app clone

            • @cheapass88: I just realised i got the same error for the original app. I can spoof to that location, bypass root detection and bang, error e01

      • I'm in champ

      • I'm happy to try too or anything else you want to throw my way.

      • I'm willing to try it out, cheers

      • Keen to try it out! Link would be great

      • Count me in

      • +1

        You are genius as always! I think the next question will be, when will project 03 be restarted again to report best prices.
        While current v1 API is still running, probably not safe to do the query on v1 API anymore

      • Happy to try Freighter

      • Happy to try it!

      • +1

        How did it go with the people volunteered last night to test your App with the mock location removed?

    • +1

      Tried this and the app said we've detected your location isn't true :( Smart app?

      • +1

        Read the comment carefully .. he is using mod app not original

      • It does imply that they are focusing on location truthfulness. Did earlier versions of the unmodded app have similar messages when using mock location?

        • +1

          Yes it did.

    • +2

      Nice work Freighter!

      Is there any way to remove minimum Android version requirements from an APK to allow installation on older phones?

      • Minimum Android version could simply be they are using calls to functionality which only exists in the newer versions of Android. So even if you remove the checks on Android version, it could crash when you run the app.

        • +1

          Should also try and even if with a loss of some functionality, maybe the "deals" and if the locking still work people would not care.

          Never know until we try. Hopefully it's hackable

    • Great to see , I can't seem to be able go past login screen , asks me to try again but no luck after that.

      • I've had that issue with my app Cloner clones, you can still do it, just need to cancel and retry

        • Tried a few times its just stuck on retry again :(

          Have tried reset password and sign up with new id , same issue ..

    • +2

      Seeing this has eased so much anxiety I've been experiencing the last few days.

  • happy to try if required

  • +1

    Another casualty of 2020…Catch Connect and this in just a week…

    • +4

      The death is greatly exaggerated. Give it a week or two.

    • +3

      This is prob a stupid Q but what was the catch connect glitch ?

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