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There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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    • +8

      ironic how there are people complaining over overpaying 5c and the very small round up. But in turn they are saving >10c per L by "hacking" the 7-11 System for Fuel Locks…

      I'm totally happy with 7-11 with that very very minor rounding issue, if it means they don't look further and start putting in algorithms to block fuel locks.

      • Yes it amazes me they didn't/haven't gone that route yet …

        How easy would it be for them to compile a list of accounts that just always seem to lock in the cheapest price in Australia, no matter where it is, every single time…. Then ban them in waves.

        This would have been an easy solution when everyone used to have $100+ locked in their accounts… Now I guess people just create a new account if they get banned.

        • Especially during the pandemic when movements are restricted eg. From this Friday anyone who has been to Victoria must quarantine for two weeks on arrival in Qld, therefore they couldn't physically be able to use a fuel lock, so you'd think 7/11 would ban accordingly…

          • @DisabledUser224598: I doubt. Unless they have coded the business logic in such a way that can be easily configured (from their backend dashboard?) without having to change the code in the backend (and/or push a new version to Google Play/App Store). Otherwise, they have to change the logic in the backend, run all the tests (if they have any) then make a release. It might take a couple of days or even a week for all of those to happen. But who knows, maybe two days after they made a release, the policy changes again. They have to do all the above again. So, I highly doubt they'd bother

      • Think the difference is… I don't "cheat" and lock in fuel from anywhere… I lock in cheapest fuel in my area. As I said, it's only 5c… money is not the point, it's the faulty system.

        As for 7eleven… I really don't think they care… all these threads, groups gathering talking about 7 eleven and ultimately using 7 eleven as their preferred petrol station, is a good thing for 7 eleven. They're not running at a lost even at the cheapest fuel price in Australia… margin might be lower but at least they guarantee customers… rather than one day you go to Coles Shell… next day you go to Woolworths Caltex and the next you go to BP…

  • I'm trying to sign up with a new account and getting the following error when I click on the verify link "Uh oh!
    That didn't work quite as planned, there seems to be an error." - Anyone else had this?

    • +2

      I think I was having the same issue trying to reset my password and clicking the link from the email on my computer.

      Try clicking on the link using your phone's email and it should prompt you to open the my7-Eleven app (at least on an Android phone it does ~ not sure about iOS).

      Hope it helps :)

      • Thank you mate, it did.

  • +2

    Received the gift card refund in mail today..

    • did you used up all your balance before?

  • -3

    I am just wondering if they will send me a gift card, I got $0.02 on balance (I applied for the gift card).

    • Wow hope you just did it for fun! I had the same and they also sent me an e-mail but didn't bother applying for it.

      • +1

        I didn't know how much I had so responded to the email. Just received my gift card for $0.00. Yay!

        • Same here. In this ozbargain game you win some, you lose some..and sometimes you lose none.

        • I hope you spend it wisely.

  • Hi all i have a question im using my girlfriends old iPhone 7+ with 3u tools. Since i have an older andriod can i turn on my personal hotspot for the iPhone to use when i go to use the voucher instore? As i plan to just use the iPhone for the 711 app or do i have to put my simcard in the iPhone each time?

    • +1

      The fuel lock should be linked to your account, not the app. The barcode you need to show them should be the same whether it's on the iPhone or Android device

      • Thanks for the reply. I am unable to install the new app on my older oppo, i want to keep it and use it as my everyday phone and just want to use the iPhone solely to use the 711 app. So wanting to know if i can use my oppos celular data as a hotspot so i can use the iPhone in the servo?

        • +2

          Of course you can. The app shouldn't have any need to use the internet when you redeem your voucher, it just shows the barcode so the servo bloke/girl can scan it. Just tether it from your Android and you'll be right

          • @Freighter: Ahh i see. So the barcode doesnt need an internet connection to be used, when they scan it? Also has anyone using the 3utools confirmed the locked vouchers are working?

            • +1

              @Joe1835: Yes barcode does work using 3utools don't know about the internet requirements in your case

            • +2

              @Joe1835: you can also just take screenshot of your card's barcode and save the pic on your everyday phone

              • @CodeXD: I tried to give a mate of mine a screen shot once for him to use but they wouldn't accept it

                • +1

                  @Joe1835: I would always just send the misses a screenshot and it always worked

                • +2

                  @Joe1835: don't tell them it's a screenshot, make sure brightness is max.

  • Has anyone tried BlissOs? Any luck?

    • Probably won't work, it won't pass the SafetyNet check.

      • We're doomed unless Freighter can save us this time

        • There are a few guides for iOS/Android in this thread, you can have a look.

  • +1

    Noticing price descrepancy b/w Projectzerothree website and ElevenMe app.

    Cheapest U95 per Project is 116.4 at Healthwood Vic vs 114.9 per app at Endeavour Hills Vic. I locked in 114.9.

    Cheapest U98 is 122.4 at Healthwood vs 120.9 at Endeavour Hills. I locked in 120.9 for a friend.

    Both have E10 and U91 cheapest at Endeavour Hills.

    • +5
      VIC prices are not guaranteed to be accurate as they are based off crowdsourced data
      • I wonder where the app is getting the Vic prices from then.

          • +1

            @shapers: That is source for the website, not the app BellaWii is asking about

            • @CodeXD: App gets info from the website. Or at least it used to. Maybe different update frequencies.

              • @sween64: Noticed it this morning. Checked again in the afternoon and differences was still there so decided to post. Just checked now, cheapest U98 on projectzerothree is now showing 120.9 at Endeavour Hills but U95 is still not reporting the cheapest price of 114.9.

      • +2

        As others have mentioned; since VIC doesn't have mandatory fuel reporting I'm stuck with crowdsourced prices. You can submit missing prices to PetrolSpy so everyone can benefit.

        • Will do going forward.

    • Sorry if it's obvious but i've been searching, where can i Download the ElevenMe app?

      I found that 11-Seven site hasnt been updated since 3 days ago.
      And https://fuelprice.io/brands/7-eleven/ isnt accurate it said the cheapest is in Carlisle WA at 93.9 but it's not right when i tried to lock, it's like more than 110.9

  • +1

    Looks like relocate is not working for ios devices anymore. And even without using fake location i am getting " uh oh! That didn't work quite as planned…………" whenever trying to lock a local price. Anyone else facing same issue?

    • +3

      Yes, gave up in the end. Un-installed the jb and still cannot lock in a nearby price. Have to lock a price on another iphone using 3u tool.

      • Yep, 3utool is still working on my end.

    • Im using xgps pro to fake location. And liberty lite to hide jailbroken device. Im using iphone x 13.5. But i paid for full version of cydia app xgps for $22 for lifetime subscription.
      I locked 9:00 pm sydney time today working fine for me. Locked endeavour hills vic

      Eleven me app is working fine. Looks like project zero three is not updated for while.

    • Relocate still working for me on iOS to fake location in Google Maps. I’ve got an active fuel lock in 7-Eleven so I can’t test it there.

      • Yes.Relocate is also working for me on google map and other apps. But its not working for 7eleven app.

  • it happened to me this afternoon , can't lock the price normally (no mocking gps ) , getting error 01 .

  • -1

    not working this morning as well , ERROR E01

  • +7

    I can't believe that iOS devices have it easier than android users to fake location to fool new 7-eleven app. Is there any way to do it on an android device?

    • Have a look from page 115, there are a few guides there. Hope you can find one that fits you.

      • ok will do. Cheers. Would be nice to sticky them to front of this thread

        • You need root though which most people wouldn't want to do. Especially with Samsung phones, once you root you break security thus can't use samsung pay etc.

          • @NeoX: I think you can hide the knox bit with the smali patcher, but I haven't tested myself.

            • @theBestBastion: Isn't knox a hardware "trip"? Once you trip it, it gets marked forever in hardware as tripped = no more warranty.
              You can hide it in software, but you will never have warranty again.

  • +1

    Does anyone know if the "My Card" barcode/# changes each time you lock?

    Wondering if I can store the barcode in Stocard and just get them to scan that (since I'm using 2nd android phone to lock)

    • +2

      It does not change. Unique to your account.

  • Where the hell do I find the actual .zip for installing Magisk for TWRP?
    I looked at XDA and their github, I can't find the .zip file, only "Magisk Manager"…
    EDIT: Found it, but my 7 year old Android phone is spitting out errors, guess I will have to wait for a PC solution…

    • What phone model is it?

      • Samsung Galaxy Ace II - GT-I8600 running Lineage OS 16.0 (Android 9.0)
        This is what I get when I try to flash Magisk:

         Magisk 20.4 Installer 
        - Mounting /system
        - Target image: /dev/block/mmcblk0p15
        - Device platform: arm
        - Constructing environment
        - Adding addon.d survival script
        java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid image header: missing magic
            at a.v3.b(Unknown Source:176)
            at a.v3.a(Unknown Source:20)
            at a.a.main(:1)
        - Unpacking boot image
        Parsing boot image: [/dev/block/mmcblk0p15]
        ! Unsupported/Unknown image format
        - Unmounting partitions
        Updater process ended with ERROR: 1
        I:Install took 15 second(s).
        Error installing zip file '/external_sd/Magisk-v20.4.zip'
        Updating partition details...
  • I'm still having error E01 not being able to lock in price on a cloned My 7-eleven app (cloned by App Cloner method by cwtech from this thread) on my Android. Anyone having the same issue? Thanks

    • +4

      Appcloner doesn't work anymore.

    • +1

      You don't need App Cloner anymore
      The new 7-eleven app remove the restrictions of 2 locks per deviceID per day
      Just logout and login to do a new lock

      • Unless you use App Cloner so you don't have to log in and out of 10 accounts. Frieghter's app was what removed the device ID restriction.

        • +7

          In 7-eleven API v1 (the old app), 7-eleven has enforced each DeviceID to create up to 2 fuel locks
          Frieghter's app makes it bypassing the restrictions by randomly generating new DeviceID so 7-eleven will always thinks its a new Device

          Then the App Cloner that clone "Freighter's app" can have multiple DeviceIDs per app which 7-eleven will also consider each of them as a different device

          In the 7-eleven API v2 (the new app), 7-eleven no longer has the 2 fuel locks restriction
          However, app cloner do not work with the new app because the new app enforced the Safetynet protection
          you can still clone the app, but just not able to do a fuel lock which requires a special token that generates when the app starts

          So in summary, at the moment you will have to logout and login if you want to do multiple fuel price locks
          But since the new app uses a membership barcode instead
          Just store all the barcodes as screenshots or Apps that stores barcodes (eg. Stocard)
          Then scan the one you have the fuel lock
          Not as convenient as the old ways, but the current way to get around

  • +20

    Not sure if anyone knows this already but if there's an in store promotion that reduces fuel price (eg: buy a pack of donuts to get 10c off), it will override the fuel lock.

    I never usually buy anything in store but my wife wanted donuts so I bought some last night. Even though the barcode scanned correctly off my phone (I heard the beep), the discount never applied, instead the 10c off was applied.

    Just a heads up for anyone who has a better fuel lock than the promo to pay for the items in a separate transaction.

    • +1

      In the radio ad of this promo, they have mentioned about not able to stack the 10c donut offer with fuel price lock

      • +3

        He wasn't trying to stack though, just wants the better of the two discounts. At least he can submit a claim to get the money back.

        • 10c off per L?

          least he can submit a claim to get the money back.

          Stackin time! :)

    • Can you just put a claim in?

  • +3

    For those who are struggling to get a workaround, I noticed Shell V-power app is giving a 5c/L discount (mine expires 12/7), and if you happen to have a 4c discount docket then that gives you 9c/L off which may be decent as an alternative to 7-11 depending on the servo price. VIC is on the downward trend so you could end up with 101.9c/L for U91.

    • +1

      Agree that 7-11 price is not always the best when you can stack multiple discounts in coles
      eg. Last year I was able to get up to 22c discounts with Flybuys (10c) + V-power (8c) + Coles (4c)

      7-11 price lock become great deals only when particular station run out of U91
      and they are selling U98 with U91 price
      This might not happen in the near future given most people are still working from home
      and the fuel demand is not as high as usual

      • +2

        Interesting about stacking discounts but the shell servos are currently already 10c more than 7-11 before discounts near me

        • Agree too
          Hope that coles will introduce flybuys fuel discount back then they will have better deals

    • In addition for Shell V-Power 5c + shopping docket 4c, you can also add further 4c from Carsales app. Just register and can get 4c - one such 4c discount per account per day.

      In all 13c off using all 3 discounts..

      • +1

        I don't think Carsales stacks with Shell V-power

        • I think I have used it in the past. Will try this again tomm and can reconfirm..

        • Yeah.. You are right. It didn't work.

          I think I've used… Flybuys+docket+shell in the past then..

  • +2

    FYI: For those having issues locking in on iOS using relocate.

    Make sure you are using Liberty Lite Beta to bypass JB detection and not Shadow.

    Shadow disables Substrate/Substitute injection which prevents the fake location from working.


    • I can't seem to get relocate working =(

  • +10

    iPhone NO jailbreak

    I have just used a Mac app (available for windows too) called "iMyFone AnyTo" that spoofs your location via USB, I was able to lock in a fuel price in Victoria, I will let you know if I successfully redeem.


    EDIT: turns out I got the price to appear on my screen but when I clicked lock-in, it says Error E03, my apologies.

    EDIT 2: well after letting it sit for a minute, I locked it in again at the same place, and it works, no error code, no idea what changed :/

    • Too easy

    • Worked perfectly.

    • +1

      Is it a paid software?
      Saw the pricing its $9.95/month

      • Unfortunately yes but I'm sure there's other software out there that may do the same thing for no cost.

        • +2

          Yes like masters ifake location

  • -1

    So, for now for Andorid there is no way to get the chopper flying without root, correct?
    Looks like it's easier for iOS device, but I only have Ipad 2 at home which can only have iOS v9.3.5 while the fuel app requires iOS 12 and above..

    There is no way to lock via website, is there?