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This thread serves to let everyone know how much you have saved on your 7/11 fuel app.

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  • 111.9/litre

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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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        • +2

          You have the A20?

          XSA and VAP refer to the carrier version I think, you should be able to see whether your phone is specifically XSA or VAP when you go standard samsung recovery mode (it will say "waiting for download, and have a bunch of text on the left)

          I've worked on both VAP and XSA models and both were successful

          Sending you my private notes that I kept to remind me what I need to do, if I ever needed to redo the process

          • +1

            @cwongtech: Yes, A20 from a previous deal and yes the 3 letters refer to carrier. VAP is Vodafone and XSA is unbranded. Just got the April 2021 security patch. I believe everything required was installed, patched, safetynet passed, packages renamed. Must have overlooked something.

            Phone started to reboot every time I unlocked it so decided to factory reset with XSA. Appreciate the documentation and will try again.

  • +3

    NoxPlayer Android 9 Beta is now available. 7-11 app can be sucessfully installed and login. However location isn't working apparantly. Any pointers can help?

    • +2

      Can you root it? You'd probably need to do the magisk + GPS ninja + smalli patcher stuff on there

      • +1

        Rooting mean you need to be able to patch a boot image with the magisk app (not hard to do), but the question is, can you load a patched_boot.img into the NoxPlayer? Does it even have a recovery mode or an advanced mode to load in a boot.img or let you play with the files?

      • no need to root it as nox player has its own built in virtual gps system. However nox 9 is still in beta and i have never been able to get location services working on it at all

  • I am getting an error E03 with the message Unable to lock. I tried with the different accounts but the same result.

    Using iPhone 8 with iFakeLocation. Never had this issue before.Haven't updated the os.

    Accounts are working on android device, but not on this iPhone.
    Have they locked my iPhone 😔??

    • Do you recall ever changing your Location on iPhone whilst having the 7 11 app open. I use Imyfone Anyto and when you're about to change location they have a warning that says "Teleporting May Incur warnings in other location based apps. You are suggested to close these apps before changing location."

      • If this is indeed the issue I recommend going forward setting the IOS Location setting to "Allow Only Once" in settings whilst locking the fuel so that the 7/11 App doesn't get alerted for Teleporting and Fuel Locking

        • Thanks for your response.

          I may have done just that, the app must be running in the background. Tried it today as well, but not able to lock in. May be they have blacklisted the phone's UDID :(

    • At what point does that error occur? I don’t get an error code but when I got to lock (after the cheapest price is found) it just hangs after pressing the green lock in button. Same thing was happening last night.

      • I get the price after teleporting, and on the click it throws the error (E03)

        • I get the error when attempting to lock in. There’s no error code, it just hangs.

          Are you on iOS? I am, and was jailbroken.

        • Okay. I’ve fixed the issue. Not sure which part worked but I restarted my phone. And then after searching for a price, I waited approximately 5 minutes before tapping “lock in my best local price”.

          I’ve read on here that waiting for a bit has helped people with E03 in the past.

          • @sween64: Yep, its Ios, not jail broken.

            Glad you were able to sort the issue, I am still getting the same error. Will try again tomorrow.

            Dont wanna pay local price of 1.81 for 98..

    • I wrote to 7/11 about the error and below is the response.. Not helpful though-

      Thank you for contacting 7-Eleven Customer Service.

      We have been in touch with our App developers who have advised they are aware of the issue you are facing and they are currently still working to find a resolution with Apple, unfortunately at this time there is no known workaround for this issue.

      We have been advised that the issue should be resolved for all affected users in a future app update, we have unfortunately not been provided with an expected timeframe for this fix.

      As we are unable to assist you any further with this particular issue at this time, we will be closing this case from our customer service team, however, the issue will continue to be worked on with our app developers.

      If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team on 1800 247 711.

      • lol contacting support when using gps spoofing…

        Had this happen a few fimes on ios. only way around it was a fresh wipe

  • +2

    after latest ios 14.6, ifake location on Mac not working. while selecting location this error "Your device's iOS version is not supported at this time" I tried on my iPad 14.5 no issues.


    am unable to find 14.6 diskimage,

    Anyone facing similar issue?

  • +6

    I'll be taking the chopper out this evening and will make some lock ins.
    DM me before 1pm

  • +1

    iOS 14.6 still works fine with the 3utools method.

  • -1

    Still working for Android users?

  • Could anyone give me a little help trying to get set up to do my own fuel locks? More than happy to helicopter people if I can get it up and running, having some issues setting it up and I can't seem to find my issue elsewhere.

    Failing that a chopper for me would be awesome, have a lot of driving to do this weekend

    • Which method are you using? Android or iphone, I was able to get it to work on an iphone 7 using ifakelocation

      • iPhone with a macbook air

        • +1

          https://github.com/master131/iFakeLocation should be all you need, have you tried it yet?

          • @shiznit: Yes that's what I've been trying, I must be doing something wrong. My device never shows and when I click refresh I get an error message

            • @Caerdyddblue: Your device needs to be unlocked. You also have to have the latest version if you’re on iOS 14.6.

            • +1

              @Caerdyddblue: Try opening iTunes, you need to 'trust' your device when plugging in.

  • How do I get developer mode on iPhone? Trying to follow the instructions on Github but don't think any links were provided.

    Edit: I have downloaded ifakelocations successfully but when I click on "set location", the downloads don't pop up to allow for developer mode. Is it because my MacBook is running on Mojave 10.14?

    • I don't remember this development mode. I'm running an iPhone8 and i just use iFakelocation on a MacBookPro to set the location. As long as the phone is unlocked and the screen is ON, it should just work.

      • I'm using an iPhone 6s on 14.4. I set to fake location but when I use google maps, it shows my current location and not the location I've set it to.

        • +1

          did you get an error after clicking "set location"?

          • @Bargain4Life: Nope. Nothing pops up. The button just fades colours. So I can click it but it won't change my iPhones location. I've tried resetting both phone and laptop but doesn't work.

            • @hotnhumid: hhmm, sorry mate, hard to diagnose without seeing what is happening.

              • @Bargain4Life: No worries. Thanks for trying though. Bought a 6s just for this :/

            • @hotnhumid: Is your phone unlocked with the screen visible?

              • @sween64: Yeah it's unlocked and screen is visible.
                I might just have to try it on someone else's laptop and see if it works?

            • @hotnhumid: Ensure the ifakelocation is moved to applications folder.

    • +4

      Just use 3utools.

      • -1

        I don't have a PC

    • +1

      Make sure that your iPhone shows up on top of the map. If not, press refresh.

  • So I tried scanning my barcode tonight after filling up petrol but it wouldn't apply the discount. Attendant tried three times to scan it but it just wouldn't work. First time this has happened in my 3 or 4 years of fuel locking. Anyone know what's up? Missed out on a 10c/L discount!

    • +1

      Was this your first time to fill up at this specific servo ?

      • No it wasn't.

    • +5

      Contact 7-Eleven customer service and they should send you a gift card with the discount.

      • +1

        Will do thanks

      • sween64: has this also happened to you?

        • Has happened to me, I contacted the support and they sent me a gift card in the mail.

        • Something similar. I had a lock that didn’t work. I contact customer service with my receipt and a screenshot of my lock. They reimbursed my digital gift card that was linked to the app at the time.

  • +8

    Flights to Cockburn, WA departing from now for an hour or so.
    PM me your login details.

    • Update: If I keep checking Ozbargain tonight I may be able to assist.
      P.S. tell me what fuel grade you want.

  • -1

    Hi, Apologies if this has already been asked. What would be the cheapest iPad that would be compatible for "chopper flights"?

    • +1

      iPad Gen 5 or iPad Air Gen 1 or iPad Mini 2

      • Thank you, much appreciated.

  • -2

    Can someone direct me to the step by step of how to download iFakeLocation on Mac, I can't seem to get it to work, when downloaded it and double clicked, it comes up with a message to say “iFakeLocation” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified.' And i can't seem to locate the step anywhere. Thanks peeps

    • -1

      problem is your mac not ifakelocation. find out how to open apps that can't be opened

    • +2

      Allow the app from privacy and security in the setting menu, I guess. I am not a Mac user but I sth like that last time on a friend's Mac..
      Hope that helps

  • +8

    For those who want to open their own airport, all you need is an iPhone and a PC. It's super easy.

    1. Download and install iFakeLocation on your PC.
    2. Should be the "ifakelocation-v1.5.0-windows-x86.zip" file.
    3. Unzip it, run the exe file, it'll open a window in your internet browser.
    4. Hook up your iDevice, then you're done!

    Does not need a jailbroken phone!

    • Or instead of ifakelocation, 3utools!

    • Legend. Thanks

  • Hi all
    I am getting an error while locking the fuel today
    ERROR E03
    Please help

    • Sometimes you just have to wait for the server to fix itself. I had to restart my phone and that seemed to fix it last time.

      • I did try that.
        Still no luck


        • +1

          This might also work:

          And then after searching for a price, I waited approximately 5 minutes before tapping “lock in my best local price”.

  • Is the new update IOS 15.0 working with ifakelocation or 3utools? I haven't updated my IOS to 15, it's still on 13.4 something.

    • Im looking for this answer as well, so I will leave my le dot here for a captain.

  • +10

    U98 133.9 11-Seven Bracken Ridge.

    GO GO GO

    • Done thank you

    • Woohoo! Thank you <3

    • legend. thank u.

    • nice work
      just saw on the drive home, places selling e10 for 179 or so. ridiculous…

  • +10

    I'm free to lock in for next 30min if anyone is interested.

  • +10

    Flights to Bracken Ridge, QLD departing today.
    PM me with your login details, no silly passwords please.

  • +1

    Windows 11 will run Android apps from Amazon App Store. If only the 7-Eleven app was available there.

    • I'm reading you can install apks from anywhere but neither Amazon or external apps will have Google Services support. I assume the 7-eleven app uses Google maps services.

  • +3

    U98 131.9 at Ashwood, VIC

    • +1

      2c cheaper than this which I was going to use tomorrow before it expires!

  • Ashfwood, Vic 98+ 131.9 cents

    • back to 193.9 now :(

      • That is incredibly expensive.

  • Im getting an error "No local price available" using 3utools on ios
    Anyone else getting the same

    • +2

      Are you sure you didn't accidentally fly to Ashwood, Oregon :)

      • +1

        you might be right haha
        cheers thanks mate.

  • +3

    For people who don't have a windows machine and looking for solution to lock fuel on Mac OS.
    I am somehow struggling with fakelocation and found this better to use.
    You can download and use this for free. You don't need to buy it and its very similar to 3utools.
    you can download, this connect you phone/iPad as usual.
    Now, it would prompt to "trust" the device on your phone/iPad.
    Type in the location with cheapest fuel price and press the arrow button just adjacent to the location box.
    next, click "move" and that's it.
    your new location would be set on the device.
    you don't need to buy anything, follow the above steps everytime.
    Also, to avoid your account from being flagged, do not open 7-11 app before locking the fuel price. Close the app first, Change the location, and then open the app for locking.

    • +2

      Ifakelocation works fine on mac os

    • hey buddy I think Imyfone Anyto began asking for money after 5 location changes I believe, How long have you used this?

      • Have probably used it 7-8 times. Not sure about the money after 5 location changes. Will update if asked further.

        • +1

          anyway if it does ask for it I just added another user to my Mac and it works fine. Rinse and repeat

          • @kedaking: Yeah that's a good idea if it's does ask to pay up.

  • Wow prices are touching almost $2…half of country is in lockdown and fuel prices touching sky….can anyone help to decipher this…

    • +9

      This thread isn't the right place for idle chit-chat…please post your discussion topics in other forums so 1300+ subscribers don't waste time with notifications like this.

      • hey mate, can you please help me with something, ive subscribed to this thread and ive overlooked all the notification options, but i still dont get any notification or email when someone comments in this thread, im not sure what else to do aye. cheers mate

        • +3

          Scroll up to where you see the page numbers, there is a subscribe (or unsubscribe) button. Click on that and select:

          Send me notifications for:

          • new comments

          You should now get notifications for every new comment.

          • @CodeXD: Aha, i knew i was missing something, thank you boss!

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