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  • Richlands QLD
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  • 111.9/litre

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Further Info/Tips

There are two "tricks" that can be extremely beneficial as there is a common trend experienced by 7-Eleven App users: 1) If you receive an error processing your credit/debit card, you can purchase a 7-Eleven Gift Card in-store and apply the credits instantly onto the App. 2) You do not need to use the funds on your App to pay for the fuel, you can lock-in the price and pay via Cash or Card at the checkout saving the hassle of constantly topping up, gift cards, etc.

Master131 spends a lot of time creating and maintaining the script at Project Zero Three that we all know and love.

Working Methods (Updated 14th July 2020)



Note: There's currently no APK or Android Simulator (Nox doesn't support Android 9) Available.

Credits to master131

Mod: Please don't ask for vouchers, obtain the lock yourself or use the classifieds for any wanted requests.

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  • Cant lock at the moment sad

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    Seems like it's back!

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    Anyone having trouble logging in? Getting error G09

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      No issues here.

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      From previous comments G09 means account deleted due to "suspicious activity"

      Time to whip out a new email and create another.

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    This is the safetynet fix

    Post in thread 'Magisk General Support / Discussion' https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/magisk-general-support-di...

    I bought version 2 as well. That didn't work. Also update your magisk modules.

    • +1

      Bought? Isn't it supposed to be free?

      • There is a version 2 that's a paid version.

  • iFakeLocation has been running smoothly for the past +10 months up until the last week or so where i now get an error "Mount failed with status: N/A and error: ImageMountFailed" whenever i try and set a fake location. I've tried manually inputting the developerimage. I've tried deleting all and redownloading and extracting from scratch, and nothing has worked. Anyone know of a fix or what i could be possibly doing wrong?

    I'm using an ipad with ios 14.7 if that makes a difference.

    • +1

      Make sure your screen is unlocked

      • It just started working the other day out of the blue. Not sure what was the cause before. But yes moving forward i'll be making sure the screen is on.
        Thanks for that

  • Hi guys,
    I am using ifakelocation for a few months with no issues but today I keep getting the error of ''unable to start simulatelocation service''
    Anyone know what this is about?


  • 7/11 app on XR wasn't allowing me to log in with any and kept telling me we're having trouble(happened after the maintenance. Uninstall didn't fix it, New account didn't fix it. Factory Reset Fixed it. (IOS 15 Beta 8)

  • Anyone else getting the Foxtrot error when trying to log in to the 7-Eleven app?

    Also, why is the iFakeLocation method so much more popular than 3utools (which is rarely mentioned in the comments)?

      1. No
      2. It was developed by the legendary master131, who also made the Project Zero Three website and modified APKs previously, so he has quite the reputation on this thread.
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    Melton west, Vic
    [email protected], same price as the station's regular unleaded petrol
    -37.6867, 144.5674
    Credits to projectzerothree.info (Master131) for alerts
    Vu's refinery.fyi for co-ordinates

    • Looks like an old screenshot?

    • 4c below the current trend, nothing too exciting.

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        Better than nothing I suppose

  • Hey guys, i tried to chopper today and i noticed its not working on android, the app ninjas gps is not working anymore, it takes me to the middle of atlantic ocean now, anyone have any fixes please, this happened out of no where, has been working for a long time, my safety net is passing, so its not that

  • Has anyone been able to lock in today? I keep getting Error E01. Tried clearing cache, deleting data, checked Magiskhide

    • E01 means safety net test fail

      Have you tried to put in the kdragon safety net fix 1.2.0?

      • I'm trying to resolve it now. I was thinking this could be the reason but no one has said this in this forum. I'll keep you all posted. Currently using universal safetynet fix v2.0.0 on samsung S10+, Android 11 and it isn't working.

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      Hey all, I found that after the latest magisk update, it stuffed up safetynet passing. I used the link below and managed to get safetynet to pass.


      Error E01 indeed is caused by safetynet failing.

      • Overcomplicated. My solution above works fine

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          Butt hurt much?

    • I can lock with ios and 3utools

  • struggling to lock in iOS with ifakelocation

    • Has your phone been updated to ios 14.8?

      • using an iPad, running iOS 12.5.4

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      iOS on 14.8 working fine with 3utools

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    Just an FYI, iFakeLocation is compatible with iOS 14.8 as of 14/09, and is compatible with iOS 15.0 as of today (iOS 15.0 will be released to public on September 20).

  • Sorry to bump the thread but my gps ninja has started to not show any map for gps location. Weird.

    I'm thinking I might just by a cheap iphone and someone mentioned on the page before they have a 5s and it works.

    Would an iphone model this old be fine to use or should I get something newer?
    Do these older models get updated to latest ios software?


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      Nope. iPhone 5S stuck with iOS 12. The 7-Eleven app still works on iOS 12 and up.

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    When 7-11 went through and disabled/banned accounts, mine was one of them. I had my velocity account linked to that but now can not link it to a new account as 'it is already registered'. I can't login to that account anymore to de-register and the Velocity website says to login to the 7-11 app to de-link. Has anyone found a way around this to de-link/register with the disabled accounts?

    • I'm in the same boat, 7-11 refuse to do anything about it so I've requested they delete my account and any personal details related to that account. Hoping that will break the link….

      • So CS came back to me and said they can't delete my account because it's blocked…. what a pain

        • Pretty sure they have to under protection of your information link

          • +1

            @sween64: I had a feeling that was the case, thanks for the link!

            I'll be sure to use it if they reply that they still can't after my reply email

    • Another (non ideal) option I suppose would be to create a new velocity account instead. Then transfer all your points to the new account.

  • Unable to login on 7/11 iOS

    • Did you see the message?


  • Has anyone recently been credited 0 velocity points when filling up using fuel lock. It has been working fine up until last week. I filled up yesterday and now on my velocity account it shows the purchase of fuel, however 0 points credited to the account.

  • Did the latest magisk update, SafetyNet passes. But still getting error E01 :(

  • Trying master131's ios solution using ifakelocation on mac. Im getting an error 'access to the path <developerimages> is denied. Anyone else had this issue?

    Edit: needed to move the DMG into the folder 'developerimages'

    • did that, still cant get it to work on 14.7. was working with before not updated to ifake16 and cant set location

  • +3

    U98 for 146.9 if you weren’t already aware. Coolaroo, VIC

  • First time in the chopper with iFakeLocation. Location appears to be set on my Mac but doesn't change on the iPhone?

    • after making sure your phone is unlocked, can you see the phone name under Device Name when you hit refresh button?

      • Ah yes, fixed thanks!

  • does anyone have it working for a jailbroken device ?

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      Yep. iPhone XS, iOS 14.1, unc0ver 6.2.0, Shadow and Relocate Reborn

      • +1

        can I message you about a few questions about it?

      • My phone auto updated to 14.4 and made sure I disabled auto updates properly afterwards. Do you know any untethered jailbreak for 14.4 as it looks like uncover stopped at 14.3, I'm not sure how their progress is going on adding 14.4 support is going.

        • Which phone do you have? checkra1n works on iOS 14.4 but only works up until iPhone X, anything newer isn’t compatible with checkra1n. There’s currently no other JB for 14.4. Keep an eye on /r/jailbreak for releases

  • Is Perth at 1.49 the cheapest for Diesel?

  • Is anyone having this issue of when U put uname/pwd, app just goes back to login screen and it goes in a loop? This is happening on both magisk device and genuine device too. Any kind words of advice would b appreciated. Thx.

    • Create a new account and try again?

      • Thx, will give it a shot.

    • +3

      I have the same issue as well, but only on the rooted 7/11 helicopter phone, which means I couldn't manually type in username and password. But I've figured out a work around, which requires you to be using Google Chrome and add saved username and password on a computer.

      When using Google Chrome as your default browser you can save usernames and passwords on websites, and if you haven't follow this link - "How to add a password-input field into the page with the Chrome DevTools":


      Then go to: https://auth.7eleven.com.au/ to start the process.

      But instead of adding the suggested coding, add "<form><input type="field"><input type="password"><input type="submit"></form>", which will allow you to type your username and password, once typed and clicked on submit, you should then be able to save your username and password for the 7/11 auth page.

      Once password is saved, force quit Chrome on your phone and try logging in again, this time, the saved password option should pop up and you should be able to just tap on it and it will insert your username and password automatically, then just tap on sign in.

  • "That didn't work quite as planned, there seems to be a problem. Error A02"

    Is anybody familiar with this error code and why its occurring?

    I'm stuck having done the following: flashed lightROM onto an old Samsung Galaxy S7 to get Android 9. Got Magisk 23.0 and enabled MagiskHide, did Smali patcher from page 1, did the safety net fix from an earlier post - https://droidholic.com/fix-safetynet-failed-cts-profile-fals...

  • So it's been working for a while but then it comes up with an error that says "We've detected your location isn't true"
    Rooted android btw which was working recently until today

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      You have to configure it as mock location app in the Developpers menu

  • -3

    what is the cheapest 98 or 91 at the moment, i got $1.469 for 91

    • +4

      Bookmark the below please.. P03 is stickied in the post.

      91 = 136.9cpl
      98 = 156.9cpl

      • https://refinery.fyi/

        Seem this for the first time, is this a new price checker ?

        • +1

          It use the same data as Project Zero Three, but with a prettier UI and you can copy the coordinates.

          • @thangcuoi: Thats awesome, I didnt notice the copy coordinates feature at first glance.

            • @bym007: Neither did I. It was pointed out to me when I asked a similar question recently.

              My main concern was that the person behind this new site is piggybacking on the work that was done by the creator of Project Zero Three and at the same time diverting donations away from the original creator.

              At the end of the day, it's up to the user to choose which website they use and who they donate to.

          • +4

            @thangcuoi: It doesn't use the same data or piggyback, he is doing his own data collection. Those rare times that zero three stops refreshing you can switch to refinery and it's got different data.

            ElevenMe app on the play store is piggybacking from zero three data and soliciting donations & ad removal fee.

            • @Agret: That's good to know. I assumed they were using the same data when I compared the two sites and they were showing the same info.

              • +7

                @thangcuoi: See this comment by Vu (creator of refinery.fyi)

                Hi everyone, inspired by master131 and keen for a weekend challenge I've created another option to check for fuel prices

                Introducing Refinery(refinery.fyi)

                At it's core it's not much different to P03, however not wanting to piggyback off master131's work it does source it's own data. One feature to note is that you can select a price to copy the location's coordinates to your clipboard.

                I also made a Twitter bot(twitter.com) that posts a morning and evening price update, as well as any price drops seen during the day. I had hoped to be able to finish the ability to receive your own custom price alerts via DMs by today, but wonderful weekend weather put a delay to that, so it might be done sometime later this week.

                If you have any feature requests or if you encounter any bugs or issues, please let me know. Happy to hear what you think!

                Vu's comment underneath confirms it uses 7-Eleven data directly

                sween64 on 01/03/2021 - 15:05
                Is the data sourced from 7-Eleven?
                Excellent looking website. I’ve also followed the Twitter Bot because why not.

                vu on 01/03/2021 - 15:58
                Thanks! Yes the data is from them.

                Vu regularly posts woolies deals as well on OzB

                Please consider donating to both master131 (projectzerothree.info + iFakeLocation) and Vu for their contributions (refinery.fyi)
                Their time is highly valuable and benefits many
                Master's Buy-me-a-coffee link
                Vu's Buy-me-a-coffee link

                • +4

                  @cwongtech: Thanks for the citations, and your continued efforts helping new users setting up their own choppers. If there's a most helpful OB member award, I would nominate you.

      • -2

        Hey mate,

        I saw in one of your posts that there may be virtual machine or remote desktop method for locking the fuel price so you don't have to get on your PC to lock it. Could you point me to it please?