This was posted 4 years 10 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Bauhn 65" Ultra HD LED TV $899, 40" Full HD $333, Android Media Player $79, BT Headphones $39 @ ALDI 25/3


Bauhn 65" Ultra HD LED TV $899

  • Resolution 3840 x 2160
  • 4x HDMI

Android Media Player $79

  • 1GB Ram
  • 8GB Memory
  • Preinstalled Kodi
  • WiFi and Ethernet.

Bluetooth Headphones $39

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Rechargeable Battery lasts up to 15 hours per charge.
  • 10m Range
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Hands-free calls with built-in microphone.
  • NFC

Just add a Chromecast to improve their intelligence

60 day Satisfaction guarantee

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    don't bother with the android media player - you really want one with 2GB RAM and 8 or 16GB storage. Which you can buy on ebay for around $55 AUD.

    • +9

      At $79, just pay a little bit more and get the Xiaomi tv box.

      If you get a cheap Chinese box, make sure you get libreelec. I run a 2gb/16gb s905x and it works very well

      • Yes, Android Kodi is pointless.
        Either get a proper Android Tv (Mi Box) or OpenElec on the cheaper hardware.

    • My 1 Gig Ram X96 box works fine. It has Android 6 installed, so i just leave a 2.5" hard drive connected to it.
      The Aldi box is way too expensive compared to most others. Mad if you don't get a Fully Loaded one, imo.

      • +2

        The issue I had with Android Kodi is that it stuttered when playing certain audio codecs (typically on higher quality videos). Libreelec solves this issue

      • Whats in rhe fully loaded versions apart from kodi?

    • Care to link an example of a $55 one please?

      • +4
        • +1

          Thanks, appreciate it.

          I'd rather have seen what was specifically in mind, as there is likely all sorts of other crap at that price point….

          Cheers, have an upvote :)

        • They are both 1gig/ 8gig versions that people say don't buy.

      • +3

        2gb/16gb represents best value. Get the registered shipping for $3. I think it's called priority line. It was very quick for me (less than a week).

        Nexbox is another popular choice but the remote interferes with my TV and DVD player.

        (I have three of the M8S II's at home)

        • +1

          I have the M8S II as well. I'm love'n it.
          Arrived from Gearbest in 12 days.

      • +1

        $52.something AUD delivered, this is the updated S905X chipset, but the same 2GB RAM / 8GB ROM version I bought from the same seller last year. Comes with US plugpack but I asked the seller before I bought mine if they could supply an AU plugpack and they threw in a cheap plastic US to AU plug adapter.

        EDIT: I installed LibreElec on mine, didn't like Android's handling of audio or screen Hz refresh rate changes.

        • Is the power lead removable so you can just swap over or do you have to use an adaptor.
          I assume it has a plug pack for power?

        • @PVA: ye, normal wall wart style plug pack. 5V 2A from memory.

  • +2

    since this is the version without smart features, it usually means its a better tv that the alternate one with smart features right?

  • +2

    Seems like Aldi has increased the price of the TV
    It was $799 last year -

    Edit: More likely different model as this one has 4x HDMI, the previous one had 3x HDMI

    • +7

      In general, every catalog sale is different model with different specs.

    • +4

      I purchased that model from last year and I actually have 4 HDMI… Arc works really well with them too..

    • It's probably the 'Smart' model too, which is a shame.

      • +1

        nocure has posted link to manual, and it's not the smart model.

        • Thanks, in that case it looks like the only 'value-add' for $100 over last year's specs is the 4th HDMI port. I use a receiver anyway, don't need that many.

        • +2


          I bought mine around 6 months ago and it has 4 HDMI ports

        • @smashed: But you paid $100 less,correct?

        • +1


          Correct. I don't know whether the model has changed this time.
          Other TV's come down in price and this is going up :) (I only use it for the rare PS4 session etc so it suits my needs (but I have probably paid $100 every time I switched it on so far , whoops).

        • +3

          …Last year's one had 4x HDMI ports too, so the 'value-add' is that you get the privilege of paying another 100 dollars for it, I guess

        • @dazzawul: That's exactly what I was afraid of…LOL

    • Different panel perhaps? This model is slightly higher with 4700:1 vs 3500:1 contrast ratio and 250v220 CD/m^2.

      • +1

        Different panel I agree, but I think your numbers are a little off. (Maybe those were for the 'Smart' model?)

        4700:1 for both, but 300v250cd/m2, according to the specifications in the manuals.
        March 2017 model, page 34
        Sept 2016 model, page 35

        • @BargainKen:

          That previous Ozbargain post had the wrong specs in the OP (as mentioned at the bottom of the OP). The correct specs were posted later in the comments: , as per the manual.

          To summarise the 0916 vs 0317 specs, they all appear similar however the 0916 quotes higher brightness (300cd/m2) compared to this current 0317 model (250cd/m2). 0317 model also appears to have lost WMA music compatibility in the supported media listed, and has slightly different dimensions and weight.

        • @Jad:

          Why is it $100 more expensive then? Only difference being a reduction in brightness?
          What would a different panel bring? Significant picture differences?

        • @theantipop:

          Catalog says 4K @ 60Hz, was the previous model 4K @ 30 or 60 Hz?

        • @BlinkyBill:

          My parents have previous. Is 60Hz. HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. Apparently Tempo puts together these TVs, I've emailed asking for more information.

        • @Jad:

          Just rang Tempo ( the engineers who put together the Bauhn TVs. They weren't able to answer why there's a difference in $100 and the specific differences between the models. They said to send through an email and they'll get the tech dudes to reply. It's just weird that the main differences, reading the manuals, is a 50cd/m2 reduction in brightness and different dimensions and weight… Surely there's a reason for a price hike. Usually Aldi is reducing prices, not increasing them?

        • @theantipop:

          Meh. I await my $500 65in UHD by Christmas 2017. Currently have a 52ish in Samsung plasma that looks awesome.

        • @theantipop:
          Tempo as a supplier to Aldi, source what ever is available (best specs to meet low sales price set by Aldi) in Chinese factory at the time & have their modified firmware added.

          So specs differ with different models & there may not be improvements between models - as you would expect with a major manufacturer. One model may be great, the next operate very differently & be a lemon

          Soecial Buys™ price is what ever ALDI decide to sell it for under their Bauhn trademark. Last year similar model was very popular & had good reviews, so Aldi know they can sell for more. May also reflect exchange rate changes etc.

          Model numbers 0916 & 0317 are just to identify catalog sales dates 09/16 & 03/17 for different models.

  • +3

    Wonder how this tv would perform as a monitor

    • Probably a lot of input lag, I don't think they generally have gaming mode either to get rid of the input lag.

    • I don't have a BAUHN but a 65" UHD Soniq - works great with a video card supporting UHD resolution.

    • +1

      If you get up really close to them, there's a vertical line right down the center because it's probably two 1920*2160 panels stitched together, as a regular dumb "it sits in the living room" tv you'd never notice it, sitting up close as a monitor you may.

      There's also slight brightness variations and all the usual stuff you get from a dirt cheap panel, though I'm pretty sure Aldi has a good return policy as well just in case you're not happy with it.

      • Aldi's 60 day return policy is great.

  • +4

    I have the 65" TV. It's actually very good, especially for the price.

    Pair it with a decent soundbar as the in-built speakers are a bit tinny.

    • Is the upscaling decent? How is the quality of SD channels?

      • +1

        SD is terrible… HD Netflix quality is near perfect though… Xbox 4K looks amazing!

      • SD is pretty average but HD is great.

    • That being said I am using a Bauhn soundbar on a GVA tv and it is great.

  • Wonder if the 65" has HDR

    • +5

      I highly doubt it

    • +1

      If this is simlar to last years model which I have (and looking quickly though this manual linked below it's almost identical) then it will not have HDR on it.

  • Where do I see the specs for the TV? Link opens up Aldi homepage and special buys only visible till 18th March. Seeing on mobile if that matters.

      • +2

        Thank you kind sir!
        Looking at model number it seems this is the latest release (0317)?

        • +1

          It appears only difference between this mode 0317, and previous 0916 (September, 2016) is the brightness. This one is 250cd/m2, previous was 300cd/m2. Weird.

        • @theantipop:
          Thanks, haven't looked that deep yet, but it is weird…less brighter than the previous? One can hope that it is done for a reason.

  • Got a photo of this TV?

  • +1

    it is possible to find some branded 65 TV's around $1k on the ebay with 21,5% off.
    only $100 more and you will have a good sound and picture quality as they were less than average on previous aldi's models

    • not 4k ones

      • -1

        yesterday I purchased sony bravia 4k 65" for ~1100 after all discounts/codes
        saw some other brands with prices around 1k

      • true, it is not 4k

  • Does the tv have arc?

    • Yes

    • Yes

    • +4

      What is arc

      • +5

        Audio Return Channel - sends sound from the TV to a receiver or soundbar using a HDMI cable.

        Combine it with CEC and you can control volume for the receiver/soundbar using the TV remote, and the receiver/soundbar turns on and off with the TV.

      • +1

        HDMI ARC is an audio send over HDMI for connecting to an audio system (sound bar, audio receiver etc)

        • I've read that ARC only does 2 channel (depending on the TV's capability) most of the time and individual HDMI's and or optical cables are still needed for full arrays of surround sound effects.

        • @pacificstorm: This may be true, but it is at least good enough for Australian DVB-T streams which rarely (if ever?) have multi-channel audio.

          My 2011 Sony Bravia doesn't have ARC, but it only passes through 2ch sound via the TOSLINK/optical cable (e.g. Xbox to TV via HDMI then TV to sound system via optical is only 2ch).

        • @pacificstorm: It is possible that some TV manufacturers are only outputting a stereo 'downmix' of the source however my understanding is that HDMI ARC is intended to pass-thru whatever stream the source is sending.

        • @SwampCrack:

          Mmm, I think, for example, bluray players doesn't get outputted to surround sound through ARC.

        • @cyssero:

          Your system sound output is puzzling. If it's connecting via a TOSLINK/optical cable then you should be getting a full surround effects, unless that is, you set it to 2 channels only. Plus also it depends on the source material or the prologic in your system should kick in and give you a processed surrounds, e.g. Prologic II or Neo6 DTS, etc.

          I also have a Sony Bravia 2011 model and I connect that by HDMI to the 2nd HDMI of my receiver (Onkyo) while my PS3 is connected also by HDMI to the 1st HDMI on my receiver. I get the whole range of surrounds from Dolby Digital, to Dolby TRUHD and to DTS.

  • +2

    Any more details on the 40" TV for $333

  • Any suggestions for a tvbox to run kodi and android apps

  • Whirlpool thread for TV -

    It's a bit of a gamble - if you can get a working one, then it's good value. I bought one in the last round for $799 but returned it a couple of months later due to intermittent flickering.

    • +1

      you will never guess what are you buying as they are all different and have different specs on aldi sales

      • True - it will be interesting to see if the model has changed. From outside appearances, it looks exactly the same.

    • What type of flickering> I have one and it gets like a creme/black horizontal lines flicker every 10 minutes or so. (after it has been on for maybe 90 minutes)

      • The whole picture flickered.

  • +2

    I am tossing up between the Aldi bluetooth headset or the Bose QC35. :-)
    On a serious note though, is it any good?

    • +1 any details on the BT headphones would be good.

    • high note or bass?

    • They're pretty damn good for the price. At least as good as the wired set, which punch way above their weight. It's my regular train set, so quite hardy too.
      I'll be buying another set, if I can get stock.

  • Forgive the naive question, but how do you see ALDI Special Buys further than the week ahead?

    The OP link and the ALDI website itself only seem to show the next week, not the week after that. I've tried modifying the link to sat-25, but it just defaults to a generic special buys page (until presumably someone updates it for the week).

    Is it a sign up for the newsletter thing, to get advance notice?

    Or does OP know someone at their printer!

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