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Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB - $484.49 Delivered (HK) @ Smartphone Online eBay


Delivered from Hong Kong, allow 3-8 weeks for delivery. Includes 7 extras (see listing description).

Original C5AUS deal

Update 4/5: Now $484.49 (previously $494)

Mod: Deal marked expired as many users are receiving items not as described, see comments. If you have purchased, consider an eBay dispute to get a refund and return.

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  • Noob here, can somebody confirm what bands this phone covers, and what bands operate/are needed in Australia? In a similar vein, are the bands covered by this S7 the same as domestically sold S7s?

  • What would be the cons to buy this phone from HK? Thanks

    • Almost no warranty.

    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/299036

      There is a risk Samsung will refuse to repair it EVER - even if you agree to pay for the repairs

      • Just fyi, a cracked screen is not included in Samsung's warranty or Kogan's (the retailer quoted in that link). If it was for something that did fall under warranty then it wouldn't matter if Samsung refused to repair it, the retailer would by law be required to resolve the situation.

        • Bought a phone from DWI. Almost impossible to get warranty for phone fault from this company. Bad Experience with them.

          On the other hand. Got my phone fixed by Qd-AU with the bootloop issue, which was good

        • @aerona: I too got a repair from Qd-AU for my G4. It took 2 months but they communicated fairly well.

        • @CleverCounter: How did you communicate? I bought G4 from ebay and they havenot responded yet. It is few months over warranty though.

        • @aerona:

          I've purchased an Intel CPU from Kogan that died after a few months. Kogan rejected responsability and told me to contact the manufacturer. It was only at the point when I quoted the ACCC's website and demanded that they handle the return of the item that they became helpful.

          Know your rights and let them know you know. Obviously this can be more of a struggle with a business located outside of Australia though.

        • @Gaggy: I used the message feature in Ebay. They told me what to do to send it back.

        • @CleverCounter: Thanks. I msgd them. They asked s.no and asked if I did a water damage. After that they havent come back. Its been 5 days.

    • no bloatware on your phone like if you purchased it from telstra or other suppliers here in AU. I've been traveeling to HK each year for the past 7 years and have always purchased my phones in HK

  • My brain says no buy, but my fingers are controlling my mouse to buy this 😔

  • Mmm not bad, I'd rather the dual sim variant though

  • Will be interesting to see how close this gets to $400 over the coming months, with release of the s8.

  • I bought a dual sim s7 last month with the 20% off, after cash rewards was just about bang on $500. Impressed with it so far, battery is much better than my old LG G3 and its a fair bit quicker too.

  • +6 votes

    This deal really highlights the poor resale of Samsung phones.

    I paid $920 upon release of my S7, thankfully with a 20% paypal discount, so say $1,150.

    If I purchased an iPhone 7 at the same time for the same amount, I could sell it secondhand for $650-700. I'd be lucky to get $400 for my 13month old S7 based on this deal.

    Still happy with my S7, but I wouldn't buy one close to the release date again.

    • You'd be surprised… People on eBay quiet often pay over the cost of a new grey import for a 2nd hand local stock Samsung.

    • Apple has better resale, no question about it. But you're also comparing a 13 month old grey import S7 with an iPhone that was released 7 months ago.

  • The flagship Samsungs drop sharply at first but then level off. Australian stock S6 still sell for over $500 new.

  • Guys as someone who sells on eBay, the customer service reps exist to protect the buyers, not the sellers. You have 30 days money back guarantee and that should be enough time for most problems to arise. Outside of that, they advertise a 1 year warranty, an Australian Law (it is also ACCC law that the retailer is responsible for issues with the product, so make sure you request them to handle any issues). Make sure you save your information as I'm sure eBay will make them liable in case of a claim and they're not holding their side of the deal .

    • +3 votes

      Listing says it ships on 3-8 weeks. When does the 30 day guarantee start?

      • When you buy something it will have an estimated date of arrival, so if you buy something on the 1st of March and it is estimated that it will take a month to arrive then after the 1st of April you can make a claim if your product hasn't arrived.

        The 30 day guarantee starts after you have received the item, so if the item has tracking it is when the item is delivered, without tracking it is at the end of the estimated shipping period.

  • I have the note 3 and just pre-ordered the S8+ on Optus, first time buying at launch. Like big phones and S7 is too small for me. This is a good price though for the S7.

  • It is a good price but if you are on the fence i would hold off. With the s8 arriving soon, the local prices will drop too. Not worth the hassle uf you are worried about warranty and repair issues.

  • Ok to clear this up. To be able to make calls/ text it needs to have 900MHz/1800MHz compatibility. Which basically all phones do.

    Where it gets tricky is the 4G networks. Optus, Telstra Vodafone have different 4G frequencies. These can vary between states so look out for that.

    But basically:

    Telstra 4G: 700MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz and 2600MHz frequencies (700MHz, 900Mhz and 1800MHz most important)
    Optus 4G: 700MHz, 1800MHz 2100MHz and 2600MHz
    Vodafone: 850MHz and 2100Mhz

    If youre with someone else they are probably using one of theses networsk, so do your research.

    This phone has:
    GSM frequencies: 850 900 1800 1900
    Standard UMTS: 850 900 1900 2100

    So looks very safe with vodaphone, pretty good with telstra and Im not sure about optus.

    Please correct me if im wrong :)

    • Has G930F as the model no. which should work with any Aus network.
      I have my G930F grey import on 4G Optus no issues.

      • Optus also has 2300. Does this phone have 2300?

        • According to phonemore.com it has 700/800/850/900/1700/1800/1900/2100/2600
          Whirlpool says that the 2300 band is used for Vivid wireless. Not sure how accurate that is.

  • I've used Kogan for grey Samsung phones and it was new stock …..Not sure about this seller …..But yeah …..Sweet price BUT the delivery date seems longggggg especially from HK ….Should be 1 week max express with tracking……I've gotten xiaomis from China faster than the delivery times in the listing.

  • Allow 3-8 weeks for delivery - err. no thanks.

    • Economy Shipping from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan to worldwide (11 to 35 business days)

      but then… Estimated Wed. 7 June - oh gosh

  • Kogan need to drop their prices!!

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  • only 1 person bought it so far , 73 + votes

  • Delivery: Estimated between Wed. 3 May. and Thu. 8 Jun
    It's more like the latter.

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