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Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-Ray] [2009] AUD$20.98 [Soldout - Pricing error]


Only 10 pounds for complete series. This is the new version of Battlestar Galactica, not the old one from 1978.
Doesn't seem to include Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, but even so it is still a bargain for 10 pounds. It would be nice to have a box set which includes everything, but for such massive saving, I'm personally quite happy to get The Plan separately.



If you want to have your say about Amazon and the way it treats customers with pricing errors go to the forums and if thread is there add your flames etc there. Or open a new thread if it hasn't been started.

According to a post in this thread Amazon does reserve the right to cancel orders if a pricing error occurs. Not saying its fair, but it does exist….

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.

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  • Does anyone know if this includes the webisodes? It seems to contain all the extended episodes and a copy of the extended version of "Razor", however; it doesn't contain "The Plan" and I can't find anything about the two sets of webisodes (season 2 -> season 3 and season 3 -> season 4).

    • the comment in the comments on amazon said it doesn't include the webisodes or much of any extra features.

      • +1

        If you look at the title for that you'll see they are referring to the dvd version.

        The blueray version appears to have different special features which are in line with the american version. It definitly has the "Razor" webisodes although does call them "Battlestar Razor bonus: Minisodes x7".

        Also according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlestar_Galactica:_The_Resis... the series 2 -> series 3 webisodes SHOULD be on all blueray releases somewhere (but not on the DVD versions), however i'm thinking the series 4 -> series 4.5 probably isn't.

        Still, shouldn't compain.

  • Does anybody know what the ref=sr_1_6?s=dvd&ie=UTF8&qid=1284338445&sr=1-6 does in the URL?

    • UTF8 = Unicode encoding.
      Apart from that, no idea. I assume that qid= is a unique identifier for each shopping session. Changing the ref #'s and QID # doesn't appear to do much.

  • Just ordered mine!

    Thanks! Hope the show is good!

    • +2

      Nothing to lose by trying is there?

  • +17

    what a bunch of dicks ordering more than they need.

    • -19

      You're the dick! These are selling for approx $200 on ebay. Ordering 5 means I'll make $1000 on these you genius!

      • not for long

        • +7

          Dont worry AntMan I have ordered 200 sets and I am going to put them on eBay for $25 buy it now plus an appropriate shipping. Karma will sort out the rest.

          • @kimmik: i couldn't see any of these actually selling for anywhere near $200 on eBay anyways, only the one for $175 included the plan and a cylon replica

          • -1

            @kimmik: What's a karma???

      • +12

        Thanks for making any order cancellation bitter sweet. Any disappointment will be more than balanced out that you won't be making any money on this. Get a job.

      • +3

        If we do receive it do you really think you are going to get the current value of $200 when ebay is flooded with them genius? No doubt money will still be made but nowhere near what you are suggesting.

  • +1

    This is gotta be a mistake. It has to be … let's see if Amazon honors the orders or not …

    • +1

      Doesn't matter, I'll go to the UK and order them to give me a copy!

  • Thanks for the info, For $20 its worth a shot at watching and that its cheaper than renting it.
    I hope even if its an error we will be honoured with the discount
    Anyway Cheers again

  • nice, ordered 1. believable price, BSG got terrible towards the end.

  • lol and of course it's pricing error

  • Nice!!
    Order placed :)

    • Order Cancelled!!

    • +2


  • yeah I had a go at getting one, will be interesting to see if it is honored.


  • I just placed an order. Hopefully, even if it is a mistake, they'll still honour our orders. Season 1 and 2 were excellent however the series went downhill after 2.

  • Great offer, nice find!
    I just ordered it and I don't even have a blue-ray player either…

  • I ordered 2. One for myself and one for my sister. I doubt they'll honour it :( Do I need a PS3 remote to play blu-ray?

    • +2

      You can just use the game controller.

  • wtf so cheap. ordered 1

  • I ordered one… Thanks for the Heads up…

    Now that is a bargain..!!!!!

    Thanks guys…

  • +5

    Regardless if gets canceled this still a bargain deal worth +vote

    Thanks OP!

    To those who went nuts and bought more than need you just pushing amazon to cancel everyones orders!

  • -2

    Guys, just use your brains. There is ZERO chance they'll honour this pricing.

    Someone might be fired over it though…

  • cool just ordered one, never seen it but considering the price of blu rays this is a GREAT bargain! thx allyemil!

  • it will be a pricing error. but if you want a chance of getting it before they cancel, choose superfast delivery option!

  • ordered, slow delivery, hopefully get it soon

  • At a $1 a disc…that's sooooooooooo cheap.
    Props to OP (allyemil).

    • +4

      I bought more than one. I guess buying a gift makes me a bad person. Thanks dude, I'll go find a second job.

      • +3

        It was towards the people intending to flog them on ebay, hence me saying 'if you want to earn money'

        • +2

          I'm aware. But all this ranting isn't gunna help.. don't bother.

  • Did you guys even click on this link?-

    Amazon would have to be mad to sell it at that price, you would be lucky to get blank Blu-ray discs at that price.

  • Ordered one for me and 1 for my brother, hopefully they send them….

  • Just ordered a couple for myself and dad :)

  • How long before we know if they gonna honour it or not?

    • it's 6am in the uk. suspect the error came online when their systems updated at midnight. so i reckon we've got about 4 hours. the sea of uk orders in about 2 hours time will trigger alarm bells

  • -3

    Jesus just told me this is a price error. 0% chance guys (IMO) Of course I still ordered but made sure not to add anything else to the cart. Probably done on purpose to catch sci-fi freaks and get them to spend big.

    If by some chance this is going to work, they would have ran out of stock 3000 customers ago.

    Jesus was a carpenter, a jew, a rolling stone and a Cylon

  • +4


  • Lol this is a bargain..pity I dont watch the show.. a Positive nonetheless.

    Wow 150 votes!!

  • Agreed it more then likely is a price error but at that prices there is no harm in trying ;)

  • I do think Amazon UK will deal with this fairly. Probably won't honour it, but those that have added other items in the cart will get a chance to cancel the entire order. They might even throw in some free credits or something as a way to make up for the error and confusion.

  • +1

    not sure if this should be in a separate thread….
    Band of Brothers 6 Blu Ray box set for GBP 16 - is pretty decent as well.

      • +6

        Meh, i honestly don't care about any potential negs. My understand is that if someone out there finds a good deal and posts it here than that person deserves a +. If the company doesn't honor the deal, how is that poster's fault? Its not in any shape or form. When the deal was found, it was active and people could order. What happens after that is not posters fault and the person who already negged me, well as i said, i don't really care about it, but i hope you feel great about yourself because you gave a negative based on a guess that this 'might' be a mistake. You might be right, but the bottom line is, you don't know. Nobody does at this point.

        • +1

          i think he directed that at pigbearman.

          and +/- on a post is usually directed at the post not the poster anyway. not to do with "poster's fault".

          edit: and thanks for posting this deal i dont care if its honoured or not, you get my +

          • @kimmik: Yeah i figured that out after i posted my msg already. It wasn't meant to criticise theguyrules anyway and that is my comment in general as well. Good deal and great bargain IMO deserves a + every time it is actually on. If retailer goes back on their deal and orders are canceled, then that is not the fault of the poster here. At the time the deal was valid. That is all that matters.

        • +1

          Why are you being so defensive? I'm not having a go at you (the poster). You obviously don't understand the meaning behind votes. Votes are directed at the deals, not the person who posts the deal, and that is exactly where my vote is directed at.

          I appreciate it that people post deals, regardless of whether they're bargains or not because they took the time to post it. At the end of the day though, you vote on the deal and by giving it a neg I've brought more awareness to the fact that people are more than likely not going to get this 'bargain'. That's what voting is for.

          By your logic, I could post a laptop selling on ebay for $1 when it's clearly a scam, and say "It deserves only + votes though because what the seller does afterwards has nothing to do with me!" If I did that, do you not think people would give me neg votes? Of course they would.

          Geez, you sure are taking this personally aren't you.

          • @manbearpig: Well for one, I AM the poster. I'm by no means being defensive at all. I am simply stating my opinion. As for your example of eBay, how about you compare apples and oranges. You are talking about scammers heaven when you talk about eBay. Amazon on the other hand is very solid and reliable.

            • @allyemil: Yes, I know you're the poster. And yes, you're being defensive. You're annoyed at the fact that I gave the DEAL a neg and you're taking it personally.

              Whether you think eBay is scammers heaven is besides the point. It's a perfectly fair comparison. By your logic, if I was to post that laptop deal (change it to $300 to make it more realistic) even if I didn't know it wouldn't be honoured, and even if I only had good intentions to inform others, the deal should still only get positive votes. That's not right.

          • +3

            @manbearpig: Unfortunate aspect of social psychology. People are inclined to ostracise deviants.

            Not everyone's like that though. Even though I +v'd this deal, I thought your differing opinion was valid and well-stated.

  • +2

    Wow ive never ever watched a single episode, but for $20 ill sit down and watch the whole series! What a score!

  • Thanks buddy. Ordered this morning..Awesome deal.

  • +1

    Thanks for this, just ordered 1. IMO the longer this goes on the bigger the shovel Amazon will need.

  • +2

    Alot of people on ozbargain haven't heard the phrase "If it's too good to be true it probably is".

    • +2

      you forget ppl have the need to scratch an itch - and daim it feels good to press that "confirm order" button!

      and plus, even you're saying "it PROBABLY" is. "probably" doesn't equal "certainly"

    • +4

      A lot of people have also missed out on decent deals because they thought a company wouldn't honor it.
      You need to be in it to win it. ;)

  • +1

    Oh yeah and just to add to my last post, i'd rather see deals that seem to be too good to be true posted here so people can take advantage of it rather than assume that it is not going to be honored and miss out on it if by any chances it is not a mistake.
    But seem like posters get negged for that. Well done to everyone who does that, just to be different. Certainly something to be proud of.

  • Ordered one but not expecting to get it.

    I do remember reading somewhere on my web travels that Amazon UK made a price error with the complete X-Files DVD box set and cancelled all the orders and this was nowhere near as insanely cheap as this.

  • And note that the other resellers on Amazon who you can buy from are listing the same item starting at 87.75 GBP.

  • I just noticed that the product price has been updated. It's now 9.97 pounds.

    • That was the price all along - 9.97 pounds converts to AUD$20.98 once the VAT (UK equivalent of GST) is deducted and then postage added.

    • 8.49 is the ex VAT price.

      • That's correct. Sorry for the confusion.

  • Here's an article which outlines the some different responses from Amazon UK after pricing errors:


    "Amazon's conditions of use state there is no contract between the company and a customer until Amazon sends an e-mail confirming it has dispatched an order. "

  • think is price error, should be 99.7 not 9.97, so good luck!!

  • +5

    If this actually goes through, then its an amazing deal. I dont even have a bluray player, and I ordered it

  • Important Message
    We're sorry. The item Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] [2009] is no longer available from the seller you selected. We've moved it to the Saved Items section of your Shopping Cart. To see if it's available from another seller, click here to return to the item's product detail page.

    Aww its gone

    • That's a positive outlook for those who ordered it already.

  • Was just in the process of ordering one and whilst looking for some other itmes got this message when accessing my cart…
    "Important Message
    We’re sorry. The item Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] [2009] is no longer available from the seller you selected. We’ve moved it to the Saved Items section of your Shopping Cart. To see if it’s available from another seller, click here to return to the item’s product detail page."

    The status of this has just changed on Amazon. Now shows as available for £87.75.
    Would be interested to know if anypone actually gets their order.

  • +1

    Now it seem the product has sold out? The price is gone from the Amazon site.

  • +1

    sold out??

    I clicked, saw it was for £9.xx. signed in to amazon and then it disappeared out of my cart!

  • +1

    Dead, I think. Damn!

  • +2

    Now we play the waiting game…

  • +1

    Well I ordered one as well and have been keeping an eye on the product listing on amazon.. The price has now disappeared and it simply states "Available from these sellers."

    I am also watching my email waiting for a sad letter of rejection :-(

  • +2

    drum roll

  • They just noticed it. Expect an emaill soon cancelling orders.

  • UK's just waking up, so probably sold out the rest in an instant.

    If this does go ahead, I'm gonna need a good deal on a BR player!

  • +12

    Just got the email, It say's:

    Dear valued Amazon customer,

    Thank you for your recent purchase of 5 x Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series. Are you fracking dreaming? You in la-la land?

    We have also included a gold plated rolls royce as long as you pay for it.

    Thank you for your business you gullible goblin.

    Amazon customer support

    • +3

      But how much are gold plated rolls royces going for on eBay?

      • +3

        Last time I checked around £8.49 something like $20.98 AUD delivered

      • +4

        I just got an email from a kind old fellow in Nigeria, He wants to give me his gold plated Rolls.
        All I had to do was give him my credit card details and its mine.

        I cant wait to play my new Battlestar Gallactica Blu Ray box set in the in car blu ray player when my Rolls arrives!

        • Why would you neg this deal for that?

      • +2

        lol he's made 0 posts. and 101 comments presumably like above. we can definitely do without him

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