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Google Chromecast 2 $38 C&C (or +$7.95/$5.95 Delivery) @ Harvey Norman/Officeworks (+ 2 Months Google Play Music/YouTube Red)


Wow what a price on the chromecast that isn't discounted by a coupon!! Finally living up to their name of being hardly normal..

Free pickup in store or additional $7.95 for delivery so get in quick to ensure that your store doesn't run out of stock.

Here is the link to the Officeworks Store

Officeworks price beat update thanks to milkyeggwhites

Enjoy :)

Price found at Price Hipster

Edit @ 13/6: Harvey Norman have added 2 months of Youtube Red and Google Play Music to the deal, so buy from them if you want this. However, Offer only available to customers who are not current Google Play Music subscribers, have not been Google Play Music subscribers nor participated in a Google Play Music trial in the past 12 months.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Ordered one, thanks!

  • Thanks, great price. The PS4 can finally be relieved of streaming duties.

  • buy Xiaomi Mi Box 3 instead..does everything


  • is this thing powered by tv usb or through mains power?

  • OW price beat yo!

  • Got one, thanks!

  • Does anyone else have trouble with their Chromecast 2 and watching Netflix? When I press the chromecast button in the netflix app the netflix screen appears on my tv, however my phone never connects properly and I cannot play anything.

    • Phone ?

      The Chromecast needs to connect to the internet/netflix and streams directly to that. The phone is just the remote control.

    • I find I have issues sometimes with some streaming services if my VPN is enabled either on the phone or on the router. In particular I have issues with iView, so I have to disable my VPN before streaming it.

    • I've had this issue on and off.
      It works with Animelab, but if I try and connect to my Chromecast through Netflix or Videostream it starts to connect, (even appears on the TV) but then the app on my phone says it can't be done.
      Note, I have a Chromecast 1, and this started after the recent iOS update as it has previously. Last time this happened, eventually things started working again.

      My partners android phone still connects fine, and once she has started playing something, then I'm able to manipulate it from my phone.

    • I just sorted a weird issue with Chromecast, icon wouldn't show for Netflix or Allcast on iphone but worked for Youtube, I was full sure it was an ios issue until I did a reset of the Chromecast and now it works. "Have you tried turning off and on again" doesn't cut it these days, factory reset is only way to be sure.

  • Any good deals anywhere for something that can adapt the HDMI outputs on this to RCA plugs?

    • Time to buy a new TV?

    • Its much more complex than that as red/white/yellow RCA tv inputs will be expecting an analog signal.
      Not juts a matter of changing the inputs

    • What kind of TV you have which required RCA? My 10yo plasma tv has hdmi.
      If you have a tube tv, its time to buy a one TV. You will save $$ on power bill :)

      Or outputs on this to RCA plugs can be find in ebay, one that work wouldn't be cheap.

      • It's an old TV that we keep because it works and it fits in the small space we want it to. A large TV would be overkill and why buy good quality if it's going to be small? I already have an XBox One that can do similar stuff with my big TV and am considering the CC here.

        It's small and it's LCD so I'm not concerned about the power. New TVs cost both $$ and materials/energy to make too, even if they are relatively cheap nowadays.

    • Something like this? Make sure you choose the right option (HDMI in, RCA out).

      Also, lots of used TVs on ebay & gumtree with HDMI. Worth a look.

      • Yeah that looks good thanks. For some reason when I looked last they all seemed to be about $30, hence the question.

        I might consider a used TV at a future point but especially with the older used TVs you could get a stuck pixel or cockroaches or who knows what, spending $5 and knowing what you're getting is a much better solution I think.

    • Go to your local pawn shop or charity store. Buy a 10 year old receiver/amplifier. As a bonus, you now have an amplifier which will do 5.1 if you want to connect speakers to it. The Lifeline store near me had about 5 receivers from decent brands (yamaha, onkyo, marrantz) for $100.

  • As far as I can see there is no Cashback through Cashrewards for this as it is not available at this price on Harvey Norman Business and Education website.


  • Is this actually much of an upgrade from the Chromecast 1?

    • The main thing is that it's mostly faster than the 1. Boot times and streaming is faster and more responsive. It also supports ac wireless so you don't get as many streaming issues when there's multiple devices on the network and you have an ac router. If you already have the 1 it might not be worth the upgrade if you don't have any issues with it and don't have an ac router. However if you have multiple TVs you can purchase the 2 for the main one and use the 1 for others.

    • The CC1 is really starting to show its age. Definitely go for the 2.

    • It can be if your 2.4GHz Wifi doesn't have enough bandwidth (because the Chromecast 2 supports 5GHz Wifi), but otherwise probably not.
      I have a Chromecast 1, and it plays movies in Full-HD with Dolby Digital+ just fine. My connection on normal 2.4GHz Wifi is good enough for that.

      When I needed a second Chromecast device, I bought a Xiaomi Mi Box, as I felt that the benefits over a Chromecast 2 justified the price. Very happy with the Mi Box (which can be cast to as well).

    • If you use it to stream music and picky about your sound quality, then it may be worth an upgrade. To my surprise, I immediately noticed an improvement even with regular 320 kbps streaming, and even more so with hi-res material (mostly 24bit/96khz FLAC) - not many people know that Chromecast 2 supports hi-res audio. Keep in mind that I used by receiver's DAC to for decoding.

      Still no DSD support on Chromecast 2 though.

  • Called JB Hi-Fi and they will price match. I will be picking one up today

  • Hmm, I wonder if a new Chromecast is in the offing?

    There is talk of some hardware launch in the June/July timeframe …

  • i found the first chromecast to be very buggy and wifi was dodgy .. hopefully this is better.

    does this also play netflix?

    • Yes it does (provided you have the Netflix app on your phone). The WiFi on the 2 is better as it supports ac, so if you have an ac router you'll see a pretty decent improvement.

  • This may be a silly question but is I possible to watch Disney Junior channel with this?

    • Only if you have a subscription (Eg. Netflix) that has this channel. The device just allows you to stream it to your TV

  • WOOHOO thanks op got 3x from OW price match :) theyre $55 each at OW so basically got one free :P

  • So what's the difference between the CC2 and the CC1?

    • Have a CC1 myself, can't stream in 4K, think CC2 has a higher transfer rate, meant to have less latency.

    • CC2 has a better wifi, this helps it mainly with interference since in a lot of cases its behind a metal sheet (TV) and a brick wall it can help maintain a clear signal.

      They also added the ability to precache streams … I think this is so when you are watching netflix the next episode can start caching once the previous one ends so you don't get that initial low res version while the video buffer builds up when the next episode starts.

      Apart from that you don't notice any difference. I have both CC1 and CC2 and didn't find the experience any different.. still have buffering as my internet is so crappy.

      CC3 / Ultra will give you 4K video - but you would need a 4K screen and a good internet speed to take advantage of that (and source material to watch also).

      • Thanks gentlemen, my only intent with the CC is to use it in a hotel room when travelling to watch youtube videos etc. I hardly ever use it at home. With the CC1, I was unable to get it to work in some hotels where you have to login to the internet via a splash page. Did they fix this issue up with the CC2 or is it still there?

        • It will be there still. This is would be an issue for the hotel/airport/cafe management software to resolve. Effectively they see a new device on the network and advise it to go to a page and enter a code to auth it for what ever period it is allowed access for, they then store the device ID and allow it future access. Since CC do not have a browser or interface for data entry they can't really hand this type of network control.

          A very technical work around is to use a laptop to spoof the MAC of the Chromecast and auth it then return the laptop to normal and set up the Chromecast and it should work - haven't done this specifically for a chromcast device but have done a similar thing in the past for an IOT device to get it on a locked down network so worth a try if you have the know how. you'd probably find it easier to pair/teather the chromecast to your device wifi / from a phone or laptop and therefore you only need to auth that main device.

        • @Elijha: If you are using a pc, try using a free program called Connectify. Works perfectly for exactly this scenario. Hope it helps.

  • Still hoping for a good deal on Chromecast Audio. Lowest is around $54 aud.
    or chromecast enabled speakers - I think the Sony ZR5/7 or Grace Digital castdock x2 are good options, but dropping 2-400 on a pair just doesn't spark my inner OzB..

    • You can plug a Chromecast (even a Chromecast 1) directly into an HDMI receiver and cast audio to it (Google Play Music, or even your own MP3's using Pulsar audio player). Don't even have to turn on the tv. Not sure whether that suits your circumstances, but works well for me.

      • hmm that's an idea, not quite what I wanted to do, but a cheap soundbar + normal CC would work. Thanks.
        One day we'll start getting the Vizio audio products that the US gets.

  • Thanks OP, just grabbed one from officeworks :)

  • Got one at Officeworks too, cheers OP!

  • Thanks, just bought 2 (as gifts, not for flipping)

  • Would a mi box do everything chromecast does?

  • Got it at Officeworks NO Problem with pricematch…cost $36.10.ALL GOOD and Very Happy :)

  • but..but I've just bought the Mi Box