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eBay 20% off Tech Sale at 62 Stores


This offer commences at 16.00 (AEST) on 14 August 2017 and ends at 23.59 (AEST) on 21 August 2017 (“Offer Period”).

  • Only 3 transactions per person during the Offer Period.
  • The total discount is capped at $1000 per transaction.

To search the sale, use the blue search box via the main link. Alternatively you can use this link

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Participating Stores:



This is part of Father's Day deals for 2017.

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  • coupon not working for all stores?

  • Probably a dumb question, but do the Sony Seconds goods come with a GST invoice?

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      Yes, they do

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    Any good deals for 32-40" smart TVs?

  • +4

    These deals are becoming more common and the practice of price hiking is also becoming more common.

    Good luck eBay and eBayers when Taobao and Amazon is in full swing.

  • How annoying … am about to return to Oz, and the discount code doesn't work when connecting from my local network and also doesn't work via a VPN (with Australian end-point).

    • +1

      use socks5

      • Thanks, I'll give it a try this evening and will see how I go. Better not muck around at work more with this at the moment. ;)

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    any deal for Samsung TV 4k 65inch please?

  • Any deals on storage drives

    • No

  • +1

    basically no bargain?

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (G955FD Dual SIM 64GB 4G LTE) - Coral Blue $791 after discount from buymobileau

  • Am after some power boards with fast charging usb ports.. cant seem to find any deals here

  • This code can't be applied to your order. Trying to buy a camera, should I create a new ebay account ?

    • +3

      make sure, you select Paypal as a payment method in order for the code to work

      • Yep, I am using Paypal

        • why did you neg my comment, I was just trying to help you, that's all !!

        • @OzSikh: I am sorry, I did not neg it

  • Any recommend for Mini PC or PC stick? Prefer 4GB RAM. Thank you

  • +1

    Thanks OzSikh. Just picked up a Canon 6D mark ii (a camera I've been waiting for even before it was announced) from Teds for only $2090. I just happened to check instore earlier today the best they could offer was $2400.

    • I am trying to pick the same camera however getting error " This code can't be applied to your order."

      • may be contact eBay, not sure or just create a new account

    • Glad that it helped you :)

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    Why so much upvotes needs to be downvoted now…

    Not a single th deal shame shame

    • +2

      We can start with your upvote

    • Not a single deal

      Yes there are.

      I suggest you to have a quick look here

    • Haha, have to agree many comments here complaining about no good deal and price hiking, yet not a single person has the balls to downvote.

      • +1

        Well maybe you could put your balls on the line and go first…?

        • I wasn't complaining about this deal like others.

    • +1

      Why so much upvotes

      Isn't it great? Obviously many consider it a deal.

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    Beware of Teds Camera Store. They have jacked up the prices of some items e.g. Nikon 70-200 f/4

    • they always do that. I never shop from these opportunist bastards.

  • Any Moto G5 on any of them?

    • +1

      ShoppingSquareAustralia has jacked up it's 32GB XT1685 price to $409 grrr

      • +3

        Been caught out by them twice.
        Won't click on their store again.

    • Try the NZ FutureGear ebay shop.. Using the code brings it to $295.06 inc postage and that the G5 Plus model, for the basic G5 it's $219 with the code

  • -2

    Any laser colour printer with good bargain?

  • +2

    Lenovo just upped this:
    from $699 to $899.

    This is why we can't have nice things.

  • +1

    I love you OP. Picked up a 32gb Blackvue DR650S 2ch for $431. Was supposed to purchase one last week, but kept delaying it. Worked out well :)

    • Glad that it helped you :)

    • Was thinking about that model too. Does the 32gb refer to its internal memory or the max SD card size it can use? If the former, can it use a 128gb or larger card?

      • +1

        Not sure mate. I thought about this a well. It's 32gb external micro sd.

        Actually just looked at the blackvue website and it can take up to 128gb. To be honest, I had 16gb on my old car and it was enough.

        So yeah you should be able to change to a 128gb cars in future if required.

    • Hi. Can you tell me which seller you bought this deal from? Also, what do you think of this compared to the Thinkware F770?

  • +1

    Thanks OP.
    Just got an X34 with G-Sync for $1220.
    Created an account to say thanks!

    • +1

      Glad that it helped you :)

  • Thanks OP!

    I purchased an Olympus Pen-F (body only) for $1370 delivered from Teds (it seemed to survive the reported price jacking). Cheapest I've been able to find from an Australian store/retailer lately is $1548.

    • Glad that it helped you :)

  • Any good monitors? 24" ones 120-144hz

    • +1

      search here and see if you can find something

  • Looking for a good deal on hdd. 4-8-10.

    • search here and see if you can find something

  • Does anyone know a good hard disk to buy with this code to hook upto my tv, i was told these samsung evos aren't compatible with tvs

    • My research lead to buying an external, powered desktop hdd, as opposed to a portable drive that is powered via USB. Apparently much more stable.

  • +1

    If we had around 10 examples from different companies to jack the prices for every of these events, we could bundle them and send them to one of the news channels. Ebay likely wont like to be called out on this with amazons arrival just around the corner

    • i agree, but im not sure whos right and whos wrong, my understanding is seller sells item for $100, buyer gets 20% off so pays $80, and ebay make up the difference so the seller still gets $100, if this is true the sellers are at fault, and it needs to be sorted.

      people should make screen shots of before code and after code, then we can easily see what is happening

      • +1

        When it's a blanket ‰ off the entire site,yes.

        But when it's a deal like this, where it's selected retailers, those retailers are definitely paying for some of the % discount.

        • i was talking to ebay and they said

          "The promotional offer is from eBay side so there is not effect on sellers payment."

        • @perplex:

          Talking to what, their online chat, head of marketing, or their ceo?

          It makes no sense why the retailers wouldn't be paying for a % of the discount, otherwise why would they be 'one of the selected ones'.

        • @SBOB:

          yea ebay live chat, but a couple gave different answers like they didnt understand

          yea im not sure, maybe they offer some sort of deal, one of the ebay sellers said they are not allowed to talk about it, some sort of contract, ebay give them better advertising, (the list of 62) maybe the seller has to pay abit higher fee, i dont know, im trying to understand it myself, im guessing it would be some tax benefit

        • @SBOB:

          Although likely - Not 100%. Could e.g be 'a targetted offer' based on certain criteria.

          Also remember ebay collects final value fees on all these sales.

        • +1

          @Wallyt99: ebay arent losing any money, another rep from the QLD computer store who was involved in some of these deals explained how it works. eBay throw in 10% (so basically the ebay fees so ebay in effect are paying nothing) and the sellers pay the 10%… the price jack is usually around 10-20% which means the sellers arent contributing anything, ebay isnt contributing anything (in reality - but they make their fees via paypal payments anyway)

          so ebay dont care, the sellers dont care, no one cares

        • @wingwang: Yeah this seller seems to suggest that the sellers have to cop half of the 'discount' too.

      • Basically the way it works using Good Guys as an example retailer:

        GG decides they want to increase sales and market exposure so are going to start selling items through eBay. eBay acts as a third party selling their products and is another distribution channel.

        eBay gets a commission % from GG for all items sold via their website. I'm not sure how much it would be but lets call it 15%.

        So GG sells a $1000 laptop through eBay. GG takes home $850 and eBay takes $150 as a commission.

        eBay contacts retailers saying they are doing a 10% off promotion to boost sales as a call to action for consumers. Retailers can decide whether they want to be apart of this or not. Usually eBay will cover the discount from their commission or there will be an agreement between the split of who is going to cover what e.g. eBay covers 5%, retailer covers 5%.

        Same laptop gets sold in a 10% off promo for $900 ($1000 - 10%) - but this time eBay takes home $50 (15% commission of $1000 minus the 10% discount) and GG still get $850.

        It does vary from promotion to promotion.

  • Is XPS 15 worth buying? anyone here has got one?

    • +1

      Yep got one at the beginning of this year when they first came out - the 4K, 512Gb version. Had a couple driver issues that kept causing BODs but once that was sorted out it's been fantastic. The 4k screen is a little glossy, but I'm used to it now. No major issues with scaling (apart from some engineering software that hasn't been updated in the last 5 years), and the battery lasts me pretty much the whole uni day (8-10 hours). I would recommend it!

  • +2

    $808 on the DJI spark flymore grey stock

  • +2

    Samsung 850 EVO 500GB M.2 SSD AU $191.90 shipped - which seems pretty good.
    Seller has some poor feedback but is still @ 96%, so I took a punt.

    • good luck with that

      half the specs on the sale refer to the 256GB 470 Series Solid State Drive

      • +1

        it was legit :)

        • sweet!

  • Can't be applied to your order????

  • Has anyone found a good bargain on a 34" ultrawide monitor? Not interested in Gsync.

    • Me too, Can't find anything great.

  • Anyone know how to search for an item within the vendors participating in the 20% off?

    • At the top of the deal look where it says:
      "To search the sale, use the blue search box via the main link. Alternatively you can use this link"

      Go via that link, and you will be searching only the stores in the sale.

  • Any good camera deals? im after a a6000 / a5100 / d3400

  • +1

    Apple pencil Bargain.

  • -1

    Has anyone else found a seller who's got a DJI Mavic cheaper than this? ($1789 before discount) Cheers!

  • +2

    Just ordered 3pack google wifi for $394 delivered!

  • any samsung 250gb ssd?

  • Not many big bargains around which is expected really, raise prices during sales.

  • some sellers have already pushed their prices up. Caught one up price by about $15

    • +2

      Was looking at a laptop from jwcomau and they have lifted the price from $599 to $729 for the duration of the 20% off period, making it like only $15 cheaper..

  • Bought TomTom GO 520 5" In Car GPS from ryda-online. $247 with free postage.

  • Anyone gonnna post up some nice TVs yet?

  • +1
  • Does anyone know a dealer that sells Thinkware or Blackvue dash cams with this current deal?
    I was looking between the Thinkware F770 and Blackvue 650 dual channels.

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