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OnePlus 5 64GB from $599 Sold by OnePlus Australia (Overseas Stock)


One plus is entering Australian market with an open sale event starting today at 10 am with limited supply of oneplus 5 to test their product and supply chain. So, Order OnePlus 5 today starting at AUD 599 to get a free Sandstone case.

Please note:

We're selling the international version of the OnePlus 5 shipped from our Asia warehouse.

This means no GST / Tax Invoice, and an overseas charger.

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  • I was on the fence about the op5 for ages (especially due to jelly scrolling) but the price for the 128GB midnight black is decent, plus the free shipping, 2 year warranty and dodgy freebie case, so I grabbed one and a dash charger. Hopefully a nice upgrade from my Nexus 5 but if I don't get on with it then it'll be returned under their 2 week free returns policy.

  • Does it includes GST?

  • Still using a OnePlus x here great phone !!

  • If anyone buy the bumper karbon case and/or car charger and has buyer's remorse, I'll happily buy off you. I'm in Melbourne.

    Or alternatively, if you weren't going to buy it, please do and resell to me!

    I bought my phone from Vaya so couldn't get the accessories :(

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    It's from the one plus Australian store, but:
    1) It comes with a UK wall charger
    2) There is no GST payable or GST invoice supplied
    I am beginning to smell fish

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      Seems like some Asian guy has brought the OP guys here to test the product sale. Since the greed is involved and lack of courtesy and respect for the Aussie market for selling a device that has screen issues and not adding an Aussie wall charger, I am not giving them any business.

    • They are testing their Australian supply chain. It's a "soft" launch, but if it all goes as planned then there will be an AU charger and future models coming.

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        those who bought this faulty screen gadget will get a new brick charger for free?

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          No, it will likely be as an add-on or with full priced phones when fully launched here.

          As for the screen issue, I guess if you are the sort of person that just scrolls up and down all day looking for someone to interact with, then yeah it could be a problem. 99% of users wouldn't care. Faulty products don't seem to stop companies like Apple from selling truck loads.

        • @phluffed:

          Google Android authority poll.

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      I was thinking the exact same thing. How can you "enter" Australian market without paying GST or issue Tax Invoice or not have an ABN. Something is very fishy here. Plus all these + votes makes this "deal" even more suspicious. I would probably say this is more of an advertisment than a "deal".

      • its very easy mate. buy a grey import in bulk, lets say 500 pieces, sell them here with "pop up" store and people will go and buy it.

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    if anyone wants an AU charger - I have this and it is compatible with DASH charging. You will just have to use the cable provided.


    • You will just have to use the cable provided.

      Cable provided with the phone, the charger doesn't come with one.

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        That's correct. Thanks for clarifying

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    While the specs is interesting for the price. Any phone that doesn't have ip67/68 protection is automatically invalid in my book. Imagine the bacteria on the phone without washing it under running water.

    • Hahahahahahaha

  • Hi guys, we are trying to work out if the referral system is applicable and activate it on OzBargain. It seems however referrals don't work on the AU site (non-existant page). I've tested it with my US Oneplus account and also tried some codes from the web but no dice. Is this everyone elses experience?

    • goes to a 404 for me too. https://oneplus.net/au/referral

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      you are selling the product in AU, how about paying the GST?

      • This is the moderator you Muppet. Not a representative from One Plus

  • Great deal for a Snapdragon 835 phone. At this price point it's between the Xiaomi mi6 and this phone, and this camera is miles better plus overall the phone is.

    I would have jumped on this like a dog with rabies, if the camera did 720p at 240fps, but I just bought an iPhone SE the other day for $400. Part of me still yearns for the oneplus though..

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/6jlhw3/oneplus_ama...

    I feel sorry for anyone that buys one of these. Their dev team is notorious for putting out promises and never delivering. I definitely wouldn't want to support a team like this, or trust them with any future promises.

    • I agree, 600 or 700 dollars is still a hefty price tag for a phone like this that has known Jelly like effect. With the 3T release i became a huge fan of OP as a small company but one thing that bothers me is the price that never went down for their devices where as G6 went down straight from 800-900 to 470-550 even though its an amazing phone and has more to offer than 3T or OP5 (except the newer processor)

      • OnePlus is all about hype but they also make high quality phones (from personal experience and the comments left in this post). I read somewhere that they have retired the "Never Settle" slogan but it looks like it still around.

        The jelly effect might not be as bad as some people are making it out to be. Some said it's noticable. Other said they can't see it at all.

        Product not loosing market value quickly is actually a good sign of true market value. Apple and Samsung are leaders of the phone market and their products have resell value long after their launch.

        I do agree that they should offer more affordable options. I would be happy to purchase their last year flagship for around $300-$400.

    • Gee, what a disaster of an ama. What on earth were they thinking?

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    I am still using my OnePlus One and it is going super strong. Ordered one of these for my wife since she needed a replacement after the Nexus 6P boot loop issue. Will not be buying from Google again and this company I have never had any issues with.

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      Did you bought direct from Google? They supposed to have really good return policy under warranty. I have a friend who had a Nexus 5 with cracked screen. The phone stopped working. He send it back to Google and got a new/refurbished phone. It was a quick turn around with no cost to him.

      Google did not manufactured the Nexus 6P. I don't think the whole blame can be lay on them. LG had more bootloop history. Apple had bendgate. Samsung had exploding battery. It's kinda luck of the draw.

      • I bought it through Kogan and got a full refund. The cause of frustration for most people is that both Huawei and Google are refusing to take responsibility. Each is pointing the finger at each other. I have also seen that Google have sent refurb replacements that suffered the same fate only a few weeks later.

        I know they did not make the phone but the customer service and communication to those affected has been horrendous

  • that well-designed-sticking-out dual lenses kills the deal for me. just like i didnt buy iphone 7 (not comparing iphone to android phones. just state that design is stupid!)

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    I'm not sure I understand the benefit of buying from OnePlus Australia, when you can get it from Vaya eBay for $551 with the PRESENT coupon (minus $9 with Cashrewards). Both are overseas stock, shipped from overseas.

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      yes, it doesn't make sense. Might as well wait for it to be officially sold locally and you can expect grey stock prices to drop further (on top of ebay promotions).

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        I think the previous title ("Shipped Directly from OnePlus Australia") may have had something to do with the upvotes. When I read that I thought it was going to be shipped from Australia, with tax invoice and Australian charger. I would have upvoted that, but I thought I'd read the small print first.

    • The benefit compared to Vaya eBay is OnePlus gives you 14 day return policy like Apple and Google.

  • I still have my 129gb nexus 6p and it's going strong

    • 129gb uh 😉

  • I just cancelled mine because I needed it before the estimated date of Sep 8th, I thought it was local stock.
    So if you want a mid night 128GB/8GB go get it hopefully back in stock for you to see.

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      They ship next day. The estimated date is just for max delay. I ordered yesterday and it was dispatched. Now passing through customs in China.

  • I have a One+ 2 and have jumped on board the upgrade train, both my partner and I have grabbed one of these.

    My phone is about 2,1/2 years now and works well. The ringer on the side (adjusting from silent to do not disturb to noise) is broken and stuck on DND, but I don't have tiny screws to open it and reckon if I could it would be a quick fix. I've also got a broken screen with a big crack on the top right, which is a $130 fix but I no longer live near the store which could fix it and can't find another.

    I've had to hard boot this phone more then previous phones, (HTC 7, then iPhone 3) but haven't had any major issues that aren't fixed by a boot. Think, rebooting maximum once a month versus never. I also have had issues with messenger phone calls and normal phones turning the screen on when held near my head, but that's likely due to the screen crack messing with the sensor.

    Sounds like a bunch of issues, but otherwise it's been a positive experience. I really like USB C charging, despite it being still a rare cord. The camera for the 2 is great for me, and the OS is easy to use and attractive. Looking forward to android pay with the new phone. RiP wallet.

    • Remember they have a 14 day return policy if you don't like it. Test it out thoroughly when you get it.

  • Might as well wait sine IFA is tomorrow lol, also all the new announcements of phones all around the corner, if you're after a flagship, for it's price however it is pretty amazing.

    Unless you want a flagship, go for it, i'm still waiting for more info about the pixel XL 2 and RED's Hydrogen One (Titanium model looks so good, however 2k AUD).

  • Really good mobile phone. Use oneplus since 1.

  • +1

    Not cheap, I will wait for the pixel 2 and decide.

    • Pixel 2 will be a lot more.

      • -3

        Tax deduction is like 45% as I am in a very high tax bracket :) and so the tax office will paid for some of that.

        • +4

          Have you considered $80,000 luxury vehicles as high yield investments?

        • @pegaxs: Gone to Properties and shares mate. I am driving a Mazda.

        • +1

          @Bargain Zombies: Lol, Pixel will be around 1200$. This is 699$ for top model. They are not competing with one another. I doubt the tax office will fund half of your phone. You should consult your accountant or crack dealer, whichever is nearer.

        • @RandomDeviation: LG V30 is superior as well by a long shot.

    • Yeah same decided hold off and wait for the Pixel 2 release. Even though I know it'll be much more expensive but much better support when purchasing from Google directly.

  • Hmmm Huawei P10 Plus or this? Definitely considering as I was happy with the OnePlus One I originally had years ago. I was going to get the Note 8 but this is half the price.

    • You can order this and return if you dont like. 14 days return policy. I would suggest you could try grabbing a Nexus 6p which is better than the P10 unless you want something modern. LG V20 is nice too.

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    Already shipped. Expected in Sydney on Thursday 31-Aug.

    • Damn that's quick! Mine says estimated dispatch on 1st September

      • mine said that in the order on the website but it said 31st Aug in the confirmation email.

        • I just checked my order confirmation email and it also says 1st September.

        • @TheDifference: then maybe depends on the color and which version you picked then.

        • @johnnyle: I just got an sms from dhl… Delivery on 31st August apparently!

        • @TheDifference: That's great. I just order one this afternoon so hopefully will get it some time sooner than waiting 10 days as their estimated time. What color did you order if you dont mind I am asking. cheers

        • @johnnyle: black sold out so I had to get grey

        • @TheDifference:
          I pulled the trigger on the 128gb Slate Grey one as well… let's see how quick it ships! ETA is before 8 Sept.

    • Same here. And it had said "expected ship" 1st September, but then random DHL sms.

  • great phone, purchased from shopmonk few days ago for 550~. had it from yesturday

    • I have heard there is a screen issue resembling a jelly effect. Have you noticed it and does it bother you?

      • If he hadn't before, he will now, all thanks to you! ;)

        • By issue I meant 'feature'. Sorry for the confusion

  • This or Samsung S8 from Shopmonk eBay with 20% discount?

    • +1

      Depends what you want out of the phone. I want a powerful phone with customisation options. The op5 is pretty close to stock and easily rootable. The s8 has a heap of bloatware but has a better camera and overall support/community

    • +1

      As bad a after sales support / warranty OP has, it will be better than Shopmonk. At least its official AU warranty for 2 years. Shopmonk one i don't think i'd even count.

      • ok thanks, I didn't think about the warranty

      • Where does it say it has a 2 year official ACL warranty?
        Aren't they 'soft' shipping a 'grey' product (no GST) with a UK plug?

        • +1


          Look at the legals page it is clearly mentioned in there.

          Each OnePlus product sold in Australia comes with the following consumer guarantees:

          Each OnePlus phone purchased through oneplus.net come with a limited warranty of two (2) years, starting from the date of delivery (hereinafter, the “Warranty”).

          GST is not a requirement for selling in Australia, didn't Google sell their Nexus devices without GST for a while, shipping them from Hong Kong but offered Australian Warranty.

        • @sylon: Ok thanks for clarifying

    • I would suggest paying the extra bit of money and buying from One Plus directly. Its worth the 14 days return policy. You are gonna use it for a year or so, so might as well spend the money wisely. Who knows you might like another phone in that time

  • Been looking to jump on the OnePlus bandwagon since the OnePlus One was announced. Looks like a great phone. Accidental bought a US Nexus 6P and the lack of usable bands makes it a nightmare out in the rural areas.

    Give it a go. Don't care about the charger not being a Aus plug.

  • -1


    • +4

      can you find something else that have the same specs and speedy firmware update?

      • would have said the ZUk z2 but not much stock left for the Plus

        i would think there are other budget phones to much but much less cost wise

        at this price you may as well look at some of the local options

        saw some not so favourbal reviews that paint as the - same as the rest

        • ah ok then. so you meant last year phones, not like new flagship with similar specs with this one. I will still get this one for the specs and firmware support.

        • @johnnyle:

          Wheres Band 28 ? :P

        • @mikezillakind: I think it does have 28 lol

  • Slate grey 64GB ETA 1 Sep. Cannot wait to get my hands on it.

    • Delivery by 1 Sept? Really? My Slate Grey 128gb is due to be shipped by 1 Sept, arrival before 8 Sept.

  • +3

    I think it's a 100 too much for overseas stock, at 499 there would be nothing in its price range. However if JB or anyone local was selling it at 599, I wouldn't mind.

  • https://www.dpreview.com/news/8971241957/oneplus-5-camera-sa...

    The camera looks pretty bad judging by these photos.

    • Maybe whoever took those photos had no idea what they should do to get some proper sample. There is a group on Facebook called Onepluc 5 photography, have a look in there if you want to see the quality of the camera.

      • It makes sense the pictures would come out noisy, especially compared to the competition.

        The oneplus 5 uses a Small camera sensor combined with high megapixel count which = smaller pixels. Smaller pixels collect the same amount of noise as a bigger pixel but they lose out because they don't capture as much good data as a bigger pixel does. If all else is equal, the larger pixel will produce higher quality (less noise) images than a smaller pixel. This is why the likes of Samsung, HTC, Google have moved to bigger camera sensor combined with a lower megapixel count to have bigger pixels to take higher quality photos.

        • Yes yes and yes. Can't agree more than those basic info. But What I meant was the OP 5 can do alot better then the link above.

  • -3

    Why on earth would anyone want to buy this phone with all its issues, and the blatant disregard for a callback by OnePlus5…??? This is exactly the reason why i ended up purchasing the LG6 for around the same price or less and am extremely happy i made that choice.

    • +2

      I heard LG has boot loop issues?

      • My Nexus 6P just went into bootloop after 1.5 years… This is now look out for.
        bootloop = brick your phone.

  • Can't remember off the top of my head, can you claim this phone back during tax time if they don't supply invoice? Can you just use your bank statement?

  • Bought 8gb grey slate and replacing my Moto z play. Gonna have to put it on eBay soon.

  • The biggest problem with the glass back phones is how fragile they are and how dirty they can look. 200-300 dollors to change a glass panel and that is not cheap! Oneplus5 will atleast give you will have freedom to use your phone without a stupid fat case :)

  • +1

    Q: Does the OnePlus 5 come with an Australian charger? 
    A: The OnePlus 5 does not come with an Australian charger. It comes with a UK Type G plug charger. 

    Umm what?