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15% off 700+ eBay Items + Extra 10% off from eBay @ Warehouse1


Hi Bargainers,

We ran our own 15% off our eBay store sale earlier today, then later in the day we noticed eBay is running a 10% sitewide!

Its only til midnight for the ebay side, there are 700 odd listings with our 15% off as per the link above, then use code "PEARLER" for an extra 10% off the current discounted price on the listing.

Enjoy guys, have a good night :)


credit to original post!

Original 10% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post


this is a bulk discount on over 700 items, some users have unfairly cherry picked out a few they dont like.

The post never claimed EVERY item was the cheapest best deal, it said there is a 15% + 10% from ebay across many items.

We do not lift our ebay listings up before a sale, we never have.

yes, business have higher costs on ebay, so when you compare something on our website (that also has shipping + fees you arent referencing), no-one is ever going to think that is a reasonable comparison. Our website pricing and eBay pricing are not going to be the same.

thanks to all the reasonable people who defended us from the mob :)

one of our items on the deal has its own post now, it has escaped the fake news…

https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/327044 - 24 upvotes

sadly we ran out of the red and blue now below though ):

https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/326562 - 62 upvotes

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  • So a total of 23.5% off?

  • Any bargains vs staticice?

  • Is there any price hike to begin with?

  • SO DAMN HARD TO SAVE MONEY with this site, Sigh!

  • I know no one wants to be jv, but since you're the rep of the store, "any bargains"?

    Whenever you guys participate in these 20% off sales, your prices are always more expensive than people who don't participate. After the discount, you're only slightly cheaper.

  • Wouldn't buy from these scammers if they were offering 100% off! I don't think there's any other business in the country that has lower customer satisfaction ratings than these tools anywhere on the net!

  • www.productreview.com.au - 1.6 stars out of 242 reviews.

    Google reviews - 1.6 stars out of 145 reviews.

    Says it all..

    • Okay but that is confirmation bias is it not? You're showing us reviews on sites where people literally go to complain about products/companies but actively ignoring their eBay feedback where you have a much larger sample size and much less selection bias…

      • Not in my case. Ordered a BenQ projector from your store on the 1st of August after you guys promised item was in stock and would dispatch quickly, got to 7th of August and item had still not been dispatched even though I received promise after promise that it would ASAP. Had to paypal claim to get money back. You guys just lied and lied and kept lying to me each day…pathetic to deal with!

      • Ebay feedback has much larger sample size. Does not support supasanz's argument. Must be fake.


        • Well they've received 153 negs/neutrals in the last 12 months. But if you look at the positives, it far outweighs the negatives. This is where productreviews/google reviews fails as a proper "review" site. There is no reason for a customer to go there and leave positive feedback. Would you go to Woolworths/Coles' productreview page to let everyone know how nice your apples were? Or would you be more inclined to leave negative feedback if they were absolute trash and rotten?

        • +2 votes

          @currentfad: thats what i was saying. If one was merely pointing out how bad business is. You would want to choose a source with as big a sample size and that which will have little to no bias regarding a business. This way your argument has weight to it.

          By picking a place frequented by a lot of people whose only goal is to complain does not show a true picture of satifaction or dissatisfaction from said business.

        • @currentfad: But 153 negs in last 12 months is a sign isn't it. Plenty of online sites with good reviews. This site is riddled with complaints of severe nature

        • @sunnyc: Oh yeah 153 is such a massive number if Warehouse1 does say 10,000 orders a year? Oh let's look at a random store, like DanMurphy's since everyone loves booze and DanMurphy's is pretty popular on Ozbargain. Hmm…322 negatives/neutrals in the past 12 months with a WORSE feedback percentage compared to Warehouse1. Yeah sure keep twisting the facts but the figures don't lie. Warehouse1 is like any business out there - they are not an outlier.

        • @sunnyc: Love how you resort to using personal attacks when you clearly cannot understand basic statistics. Law of large numbers. Look it up.

        • @currentfad: Sadly personalise attacks are necessary when you are defending companies or people that cause more harm than good. It's like anti vaxxers, I can't argue with them with their statistics because their statistics are incorrect just like you saying warehouse 1 153 neg reviews is not much compared to the supposed 10k orders because you don't know how many orders they have. Law of large numbers doesn't even work when your comparing a primarily online store to multi-retail outlet with an online store. Do you even understand law of large numbers? Have you even checked the ratios. Check the 6 months.

          As an ex B2B customer of Warehouse 1. They ticked all the boxes of a bad business. Not having product, Taking forever to refund that I had to get a dispute with the credit card company, charging credit card surcharge, slow response, bullshit verification system.

        • @sunnyc: No they're not? If you actually bothered to read why people negged this deal the majority is NOT what you are saying it is hahahahahaa. Otherwise they wouldn't have a deal on the front page right now.

          The reason they were negged on this deal is because they have clearly jacked up prices on certain products. It's like arguing with a brick wall hahahahahahaha. You pick out whatever looks nice and pretty and use it towards your argument, when in fact you've got it all wrong.

          I can't argue with them with their statistics because their statistics are incorrect just like you saying warehouse 1 153 neg reviews is not much compared to the supposed 10k orders because you don't know how many orders they have. Law of large numbers doesn't even work when your comparing a primarily online store to multi-retail outlet with an online store. Do you even understand law of large numbers? Have you even checked the ratios. Check the 6 months.

          The hell are you talking about. I am comparing the feedback for both stores on eBay. Law of large number states when you have a large sample size it converges to the mean (safe to assume LLN with 5000+ feedback for Warehouse1 and 8000+ for DM). No matter if Dan Murphy's does 500 orders or 5million orders their feedback average will almost be identical. LLN has NOTHING to do with retail store/multi retail outlet what the hell are you talking about?

        • @currentfad: Sorry no point arguing with you. Good luck with your life. I mean it, you definitely need it.

        • @sunnyc: There was no argument. You had no idea what you were talking about and I simply called you out. Cheers.

          1. "Clearly if you can't see the similar number of negs to positives in this post, You must be blind." when trying to argue that Warehouse1 was shitty service, when the majority are negging for price jacking.

          2. Saying LLN doesn't apply when we are talking about one common statistic - feedback.


      • Ebay feedback is even worse because most people have set it to automatic.

  • can you do the 15% discount on the Asus RT-AC68U?

  • http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Intel-BX80677I77700K-Core-i7-Quad...
    Was:AU $579.00 What does this price mean?
    You save: AU $86.85 (15% off)
    AU $492.15

    $579 Sure "15% off"


    $446 Standard price

    neg for issue with price gouging with the store.

    • -15 votes

      ebay has:

      Free shipping
      Significant eBay fees
      Merchant fees

      Website has:

      No eBay fees
      charges shipping
      merchant fees are recouped via a surcharge

      we dont lift ebay prices up before a sale, but naturally ebay is a higher priced environment :)

    • Just looking at the HP mouse is $45 down to $38. Selling for $32 on their own website…. Aren't I supposed to be seeing a bargain? Also "eBay has significant eBay fees" isn't an excuse. That's just the price you pay for using a platform which is so well-known. It's benefiting your company and I bet brings a lot of consumers to your store. so "they have fees" (hence the price rise) doesn't cut it.

    • $446 Standard price

      To be fair, you still do save $4 after 10+15% off.

  • Lol warehouse one sent me an email this morning saying 20% off with code PRESENT, and that doesn't seem to work, what's the go?

  • they alright seller
    once i conctacted them with keyboard key repeating issue that was within the 12 months warranty. they upfront told me to contact the manufacturer and deal with them directly. dealing with the manufacturer was abit of hassle sunce they were overseas

    • So why the downvote?

      • the fact they didnt want to deal with warranty them selves. sending the item back to manufacturer was going to cost at least $60. i had to call them either late at nights etc

        • -1 vote

          Hi Stealth,

          perhaps there was a miscommunication there.

          We ask that you troubleshoot with the manufacturer, get a reference number from them before you return it to us. The reason they ask is that a large % of returns are often non faulty, due to people not understanding the product.

          its fairly standard with most brands, they wont even let us return it without it.

          Customers can ALWAYS choose to deal with the seller

  • Only needing a 500gb drive - recommend this? Around $54 I think? WD 500GB blue

    Is this an ok SSD for ~A$90? Only 120gb though

  • Harsh crowd - this is a pretty good deal here:-

    LG 34" Monitor - 664.02

  • put your money elsewhere!

  • Check the warehouse1 reviews. Majority 1 star and frequently severe complaints.

  • You guys should be embarrassed of yourself. I will never spend a cent with you again. Why?

    Look here

    Dell [SE2716H] 27 Inch Curved Full HD Monitor

    On your page $403.95 http://www.warehouse1.com.au/epages/shop.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPat...
    On eBay AU $479.74 AFTER 15% off http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DELL-SE2716H-CURVED-27-WLED-/2529...

    Do you guys think we are dumb? If i had any say i would ban this store for unethical behavior

  • Poor form , vendor like these should be banned from ozbargain

  • The TP-Link powerbank is $50+ dollars when it was $19 at MSY just a few weeks ago

  • I think you shouldn't bother with ebay sales if the price difference is just a few bucks after the sale.

    And if these list prices are reflective of the normal prices when there's no sale, I think you shouldn't bother with ebay, period. Stick to your web store where there's no nasty fees.

    Oh your web site's traffic doesn't compare to ebay? Well, quit trying to have your cake and eat it. Pay the fees like everyone else, or accept reduced sales.

    • Exactly. These ebay promotions and the privilege of hosting your store in ebay shouldn't be taken for granted. They're for building a customer base not destroying your reputation.

  • At this rate more like -15 votes than 15% off.

  • There is no sale at all, seriously!!

  • Uh oh. Price gouging gone wrong.

    No deal! Crossed arms in the air

  • Are these guys the kings of price jacking?

  • If you wanna fool folks on this forum, try harder please.

    • -2 votes

      how can you try to "fool" someone if you offer 700 different items and they choose what they do and dont like?

      Some of the items in the post have their own threads with 50+ upvotes..

  • So much hate.. I've never had a problem with these guys. And i don't believe they price jack. EBay and PayPal cost serious $, for a casual seller it's 13%, i cbf finding what it is for a store, but for electronics it's higher than other categories. What kind of markup do people think there is on some of this stuff?? For some things like hdds it's SFA (few %). And SFA less a big fee is a loss. Nobody is going to give you money for nothing. Lot of ppl here are whining without being well informed and it's pathetic

    • +2 votes

      That's fine, to set whatever price you want just don't go posting it as a "bargain" unless you want to be flamed.

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