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Dyson V8 Absolute $455 Delivered (SG) @ Shopmonk


good deal for Dyson V8 absolute think it's the cheapest it's been

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  • Do Dyson products have international warranty?

    • probably not

    • Not really, but they're not exactly clear about it. Sounds like they'll probably sell you the replacement part, but won't warranty anything.


      Where is the Dyson guarantee valid?

      Dyson guarantees cover normal usage of your Dyson machine in the country in which it was purchased. If you take your machine abroad the guarantee may be invalidated. However, we will do our best to help you in your new country of residence.

      If you need any advice, please call us on 1800 239 766.

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    Wonder how the warranty works…the price seems to be really good!

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    Photo is of v6 absolute?

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      I agree. The photos certainly don't look like the Australian version of the V8. Are the colours and shapes different in different markets or are the pictures definitely a V6?

      • The pic is definitely a V6 absolute. If you zoom in you can see it has the older attachment connection and bin emptying mechanism.

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    Purchased. Says V8 in the description so I'm confident that's what is being delivered lol

  • Thanks OP, bought one

  • +1

    I don't want third dyson. Please
    But price is damn good???

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      I'm in the same boat, already have V6 Animal & V6 Absolute.

      But at this price, it's very hard to resist, so I bought one anyway. 😜

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        That's the OzB spirit!

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        You must have a super clean home

  • Great First Post OP !!!!


  • This is amazing price, I paid a lot more for ours but its well worth it!

  • i paid $660 for one last week -_-

    • Where from?

      • look for cheapest brand new one on ebay there was ones for $735 to $740
        then ebay had a 10% off code "PAINT"

        if you camp hard enough for a 20% or 15% off code you can pay even lower then what i did

        dont forget cash rewards refund too

    • Where from mate? I'm keen on grabbing one

      • look for cheapest brand new one on ebay there was ones for $735 to $740
        then ebay had a 10% off code "PAINT"

        if you camp hard enough for a 20% or 15% off code you can pay even lower then what i did

        dont forget cash rewards refund too

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    That's a crazy price if its the V8. I'll admit I'm a little weary it's a typo or something lol

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      This wasn't a typo, if you read the description it clearly says the running time upto 45 minutes.

      V6 only has running time of 20 minutes. So, it was definitely V8

  • link dead

  • Shows out of stock?

  • tried to buy a second but think it's ended.

  • i guess it's out of stock now…

  • Was at the payment page and gone

  • I wonder what the input voltage for this overseas model is? 220v or 120v?

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    Nooooooooo. Hope Shopmonk runs this again. Missed out this time. Great deal guys

    • Might be a once in a blue moon deal ☹ just like the $250 QC35… Let's hope it isn't.

  • Dammit missed out! That 40min battery life! 😱

    • +2

      It's not really 45 minutes, it's only 25 minutes with the motorised floor tool.

      That's not much more than the V6.

      • As an owner of both, I can attest to it having a much better battery life AND effective power. Plus HEPA plus easy empty, larger, canister. It's well worth it, for my purposes. Puts the v6 to shame, really.

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          I don't doubt it's better, especially emptying the canister which is annoying on the V6, but you won't get 45 minutes on the V8 with the motorised heads.

        • +1


          V6 normal 20mins, with motorised head 14mins
          V8 normal 40 mins, with motorised head 25 mins

  • .
    Could not have had much stock they were OzBargained in less than 45 minutes !
    a shame as I wanted one too

  • How do these compare to just walking into the biggest vacuum cleaner retailer in the city and just dropping $455 on the best value for money looking machine they have there?

    • You could buy a Dyson V6 (older model) easily for that price, with change. V8 has double the run time, is quieter, and has a bigger and easier to release collection bin.

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    Now $667 - looks like a pricing error

  • Keen to get one even at $667. Are we sure it has all the components? Can't see docking station on the list of things.

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    Man I have been looking for this one for like a month now and then I miss this sale….By the way it is not out of stock, it has gone back to normal price….

  • Hey OP. It may be the cheapest price but this was not actual local Australian stock. It would probably be some stock coming out of China or Hong Kong. And then you've got to deal with shipping a largish sized box back overseas if it's DOA or faulty which would be an expensive affair.

  • Strange. The picture displayed is of the Dyson V6 Absolute, not the V8 Absolute.

    For example look at the V6 Absolute here, notice the red vacuum pipe stick, it's an exact match for the picture displayed on Shopmonk: http://shop.dyson.com.au/vacuum-cleaners/handstick/dyson-v6-...

    Whereas this is the V8 Absolute, and notice the orange vacuum pipe stick. http://shop.dyson.com.au/vacuum-cleaners/handstick/v8-absolu...

    So it's confusing.

  • Is $667 not a good price? Is this one australian stock? How do i know?

    • No from Shopmonk it would be asian stock, probably coming from Hong Kong or China.

  • There must be different versions of the Dyson V8 Absolute at different market regions because this one from Hong Kong has a grey pipe stick.


  • Can somebody ask Shopmonk and confirm?

  • Damn i missed this one.

  • Link shows $667 now for V8 Absolute.
    But the photos are of V6 Absolute with the product description of V8 Absolute. Still a good price for V8 Absolute.

    • Also remember that this isn't local Australian stock. That's why it's still a good price. And if it arrives DOA or faulty then you're in for trouble as there's no direct international warranty on these Dyson vacuum cleaners.

  • +1

    Hm interesting.. so was price error or real? Has anyone got theirs delivered yet?

  • Not yet

  • Did anyone who purchased has got it delivered?

  • I still haven’t received this.

  • I just got an email back from Shopmonk confirming this was a pricing error that they will honor and to expect my dyson before oct 12th

    • +1

      Wow, shows even at that price, that there is still some profit to be made.

  • now im being told next friday, starting to get a little concerned

  • and their support email address bounced back

  • +1

    I got a shipping email and tracking number today!

  • Also received today, the stick is orange.

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