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30x70cm Multi-purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloth USD $0.01 Delivered @ Rosegal


Definitely the cheapest yet (can't really get much cheaper). Restricted to one purchase per Rosegal account. Apply coupon CLEANARSE at checkout. Coupon will only work with AU IP addresses. Select Flat Rate Shipping and remove Shipping Insurance to avoid additional charges. Use PayPal for buyer protection lol. Enjoy :)

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  • +3

    Cheaper than toilet paper.

    • +3

      Not sure what you're buying at over 1c per sheet. Normal price is about 33c per 100 for Quilton

      • +34

        You have to factor in that this cloth has the surface area of 21 sheets of toilet paper.

        It can also be washed and reused for extra savings.

        • +14

          Washing is optional for maximum savings.

        • +11

          @ronnknee: In that case, I'd suggest restricting use to one side for you and the other size for your partner.

        • This suggestion should be in the OzB Hall of Fame!

        • Use and then take out to the lawn at your neighbours house and wipe clean

        • @ronnknee: Turn it over and use the other side first

  • +8

    FYI.. 1c USD = 2c AUD

    • +1

      Got it for 1c AUD

    • +1

      It is on PP, however I doubt that would be true when billed in US$. Don't see how they can round up 0.2 of a cent to 2c.
      Be sure to remove shipping insurance, it's US$1. If you need it sure, either that or order 101 towels and hope that at least one makes it.

  • +1

    Wow. How they even make money for it ?

    • +40

      By selling our personal details to other companies… anyway… cheap towel!

  • Thanks TA

  • +7

    watch out for shipping insurance!

    • +8

      damn, i accidentally insured the 2cent item for $1 :'(

      • +18

        You should always read the OP :)

        • +2

          at least it wasnt too expensive a lesson :) <3

        • +13

          And cheap entertainment for us.

        • @ayyofam: It's not that bad, you just paid retail. 😂😑

      • LOL me too.

      • $1 for peace of mind. Bargain.

  • +1

    Don't really need one but… who can say no to a 2c deal?

  • +2

    I do not understand this kind of deal. Is it all about the credit card and personal info?

    • +4

      Use PayPal?

      • Even using Paypal, you have to give them your: real name, physical address, real phone number… for delivery purpose.

        • once you use internet (net banking, twitter, email, etc) there is no such privacy anymore.

    • +13

      It is about getting you to set up an account, enter your details, establish a payment method and get your email address.

      Then when you see something you actually like next week, the barriers to purchase (i.e the tedium of typing in all that stuff) are gone.

  • +1

    Price has increased to $1.08?

    • +3

      Login to use coupon

    • +4

      Also remove the shipping insurance

      • thanks!

  • +29

    Nice! The previous 10c deal was too expensive for me.

    • ^^this

  • +11

    Damn, I bought one earlier today from the other deal for USD 0.09. I feel like I've been ripped off.

    So now I've bought this for USD 0.01. That brings my average price down to USD 0.05 making me feel slightly more ozbargain-worthy.

  • paypal must think we're (profanity) buying shit for 1 cent

  • +2

    thanks! pretty much an incentive for registering a new account with them in the hopes of future orders i guess

  • +9

    Imagine the carbon footprint required to get this delivered to your door. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

    • Bigfootprint

      • These towels go well with the Rupes bigfoot polisher

    • +6

      I used "environmental impact" to turn down the fidget spinners, even the metal Star Wars puzzles, but dammit I actually have a use for this (so many touch screens)

  • +3

    what is rosegal?

    • +5

      Online store.

    • +1

      website looks oddly like gearbest

      • +1

        I saw someone comment in another deal that it was the sister site.

    • A girl who likes roses.

  • Thanks! Got one

  • 10% cashback @ TCB. Probably won't work anyway ><

  • +3

    The coupon code made me do it.

  • +1

    So glad I missed the previous deal. Saved myself 7c

  • Paid 2c. Did I get ripped off?

    • +19

      PayPal dispute lol

      • +3

        True Ozbargainer

    • +1


    • +1

      (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • +1

    Congration you done it

  • 1 cent is too much

    • +10

      1 comment is too much

  • +2

    +1 for the code alone. Looks like they will be a lot of cleanarses tomorrow on Ozbargain!!

    • +2

      They'll remain unclean for about another month.

      • True lol, we will have a lot of cleanarses this time next month!

  • overpaid 12c this afternoon on gearbest T-T

  • +1

    I don't need it. But, I bought one
    for decoration purposes.

  • Upvoted for the coupon code.

    Stayed for the bargain.

    • +1

      Reported, invalid upvote.

  • +1

    Final stage payment page error: "无法读取验证数据." (Browser/PC is in English)

    As if we all read Chinese.

    • +1

      Unable to read data verification.

  • Are they shit quality microfibre? Because there's microfibre and then there's microfibre.

    • +2

      Only one way to find out….

  • +1

    Using PayPal makes it AU $0.02. I demand my 1c back.

  • +2

    These towels are terrible, terrible!

    If you're using these to either Wax, Polish your Car I strongly advise you to AVOID!

    On the other hand, if you're not using them for that reason, go for it.

    There is an old saying: You get what you pay for!

  • +1

    Made a mistake and accidentally left the item warranty/protection on. They got another 1$ out of me haha.

    • -1

      Reported to the mods.

  • +1

    $0.01 aud with 28 Degrees.

    It will probably take 3 months to get here but I just couldn't resist a bargain :)

  • +2

    Saved 50% by paying with my Coles MC ($0.01). Paypal's exchange rates converted to $0.02. Thanks OP

    • I was going to do that. Although I went for the safe option via PayPal, I wouldn't want to worry about my 2c purchase.

  • Got three, thanks Tighty.

  • Bought! I guess the cat has a mat to sit on now.

    • I eagerly await the day TA promotes a cat-oriented version of this deal with the coupon, 'PUSSYARSE'

  • +1

    Finally got 1 after missing out again on the USB light.

  • Item may never be sent. Don't expect it to arrive for $0.02.

  • Thanks TA. Terrible exchange rate though, from 1c US to 2c AU, 😉

    Some things you can live with.

    • I finally found a use for the £0.01 that's been sitting in my PayPal account for months.

      Thanks TA

    • +1

      Pay with your 28 Degrees Card!

    • Changes back to AUD 1c at checkout though?

      Edit: nvm its 2c

  • Bought, but at the order confirmation screen, my MBAM blocked a malicious website: cps.idvert.click
    Hopefully these guys aren't selling off our info or something dodgy…

  • You've taken things too far. This is Big Kev territory.

    • +2

      Big Kev's territory has been restricted to a box since 2005.

  • the site is not even SSL secured. Sorry I will pass

    • +2

      It's using one at the shopping cart and login pages. You're safe.

      • tpanon is right, it happened to me as well, follow these steps:
        1) Click the ozbargain link
        2) Add to bag
        3) Apply coupon code
        3a) Website says "Please login before using any promo code." Click login URL
        4) It takes you to an insecure signup page at http://www.rosegal.com/m-users-a-sign.html

        However if you sign up with the menu bar at the top, it takes you to the https page.

        • Yeah you're right. Best to sign up first then.

  • Wax on, wax off.

  • A true ozbargainer would realise that regardless of the quality of microfibre in these cloths, they will be perfect for cleaning the packing lint off both eneloops and Bangood flashlights!

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