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Seven Seas Crushed Garlic 1kg $4 @ Coles


Cheapest price since October 2015. A great time to stock up!

Often a good substitute for fresh garlic for cooking stir frys, curries etc. Also delicious mixed with butter and spread on toast.

Edit: Possibly end of line and difficult to find stock. Good luck! Thanks to Click_It.

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  • Man, now they are growing Garlic in the World's Oceans.
    I feel old. lol

  • Coles branded garlic equates to $6kg so saving is $2…

  • Why is Chinese garlic always so white? (And only Chinese)

    Use within how many days of opening? I'd rather keep the powdewed/granulated stuff as a desperate backup when out of fresh (or find it has gone bad).

    • I keep opened bottled garlic in the fridge for weeks/months.

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      Methyl bromide and chlorine perhaps.

      See this The Age article.

    • Chinese garlic is also meant to be irradiated before import to make sure it doesn't sprout, but I've seen white Chinese garlic sprout at my local Asian grocery. Whatever they're doing it's not effective.

    • There are over 1000 different cultivars of garlic around the world. I think you expect that the natural garlic colour is purple-ish, like the italian red garlic. Some manufacturers uses the whiter garlic because it is easier for their "vision-system" to identify contaminants in their batch. E.g. Plastic, dirt, insect which cannot be detected by a metal detector.
      Importing food into Australia has to meet very strict requirements set by BICON. Methyl bromide use is required by BICON @ the rate of 40 g/m³ for 3 hours at 21 °C.

      I was told by a very old farmer that the reason our garlic are now white is because people in the past never liked buying purple garlic and carrots, which explains why we now have white garlics and orange carrots.

      Source: Have worked many years in the food industry.


      Dioxin probably. Its keep your teeth whiter until they fall out.

      The Food Company garlic is so much tastier. Its locally made. But alas more expensive (but hey you use less and a few $'s over 2-3mth isn't too bad).

    • I looked for that yesterday and didn't see a use within time frame but still didn't buy it

  • Are they personally grown by Captain Jack Sparrow?

  • Country of Origin:
    Product of China

    • Most fresh garlic sold here are from China. Not only the jar one.

    • I never buy Chinese Garlic. It just all white with small cloves that are awful. Like they grow this garlic in a lab. It gives food a horrible bitter flavor. Always buy Aussie if available or Spanish Imported.

    • Sadly all the "processed" garlic (crushed, powder, flakes, etc.) I've seen is product of China.

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    Hate that funky taste and lacks the punch of the fresh stuff.

    "Avoid at all costs that vile spew you see rotting in oil in screw-top jars. Too lazy to peel fresh? You don’t deserve to eat garlic." - Anthony Bourdain

    • +5 votes

      Hate that funky taste and lacks the punch of the fresh stuff.

      Couldn't agree more, it never tastes anywhere near as good as the fresh stuff and always has a weird taste.

    • Bourdain is the best!

  • Chop up a batch of fresh garlic, mix well with plenty of oil, put glass bottle and into fridge, last for months and the aroma is fantastic as they are from fresh garlic. Much better than these vinegar added stuff.

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      I peel the cloves and put in the freezer whole or just crush them and freeze them.

      I find leaving them whole keeps the flavour a bit more though.

    • Please be really really careful doing this, as there are many cases of botulism from DIY garlic in oil.
      Low acid, low oxygen is perfect for the bacteria, and I recall guidelines saying that even in the fridge, it should be either used in 2-4 days or frozen.

      There's a reason it's stored in vinegar rather than oil ;)

  • This garlic is 23% oil and water. Price per kilo should be considered in terms of actual garlic.

    • Is it actually that bad? Coles branded stuff is 90% garlic, which is the best on the shelf (I've sat there comparing lol)

  • We always use this brand , Usually lasts one year in the fridge ,They supply to all restaurants too


  • Great as a quick snack

  • I was in until I read Product of China.

    • Yeah, it speaks volumes that the parents in china want infant formula from overseas. Any country that has had fake rice made from plastic has major food safety issues (not to mention sewage, poisonous additives to toothpaste, and so forth). I'll happily buy my gadgets from there, but for things that go into my mouth I'll happily pay extra for it come from somewhere else. For Australian consumers, that primarily that means no Chinese garlic, and no frozen seafood from China.

      • Fake rice.
        Fake Eggs.
        Fake toothpaste.
        Melamine in baby formula and other 'milk products'

        The list goes on and on.

    • It's pretty hard to find Australian garlics nowadays.

  • Fresh from Chinese sewage farms


    I love CCCCCCC crushed garlic

  • I hope the chinese "flood" the market with avocados. I am tired of paying $4.00/piece from the local green grocer.

    • I can see it now…It would be called the Xiaomi WonderBollock and only grown in the finest chinese faecol matter

    • Unfortunately China is new to avocados. In fact they enjoy Australian avocados as much as we do. You can get pretty good deal from aldi below $2 per piece


        When I bought Avocados in China-Xi'an a few years ago it was $40/kg imported from USA… The people who I spoke to over there desribed it as ice cream and didn't know how to eat it but raw.

  • GZ guys dont eat Chinese garlic its absolutely rubbish deprived any good stuff.

  • this stuff is YUM

  • I've tried a few stores, all said it's end of line and out of stock.

    Newcastle NSW area. Good luck if you can find some

  • Found some in local Coles. Make in India with 70+% garlic plus vinegar and oil. Didn't buy it as not sure about the taste and 1kg is too much for me.
    Crushed ginger also available at same price