This was posted 3 years 4 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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YouTube Red Free Membership for 3 Months


YouTube red seems to be free for 3 months (offer ends on 31st Oct). Allows you to watch YouTube videos / audio in background, offline etc. Normally, its priced at $11.99 per month. I saw that someone posted similar deal last month as well here However, it was flagged for new customers only and seems to be expired.
Give it a go anyway as it does seem to work for existing accounts too if the previous trial subscription was more than a year ago.
Just remember to cancel it explicitly (just like any other trial memberships) if you don't like it to avoid surprise billing.

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    Please be advised, 4 Months Here + GPM.

    • not sure if its the same deal as it says new subscribers only. whereas i had tried 1 month before and was still able to get 3 months with this one. also the post you have linked requires you to use code whereas i didn't have to use one. eitherway, try both and see which one works.

      • Good find ameyas7, but as Doweyy suggested, theres an ongoing better deal which isn't really advertised. It's been around for a while now, you don't have to input any codes, just click the link and it'd send you to the sign-up page. the 4mth promo is a great deal, i've signed up many of my mates to it already.

    • Hey guys. This is still working….. Thanks, I can use free music streaming until March 2018…..

    • Cheers mate :)

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    No thanks, I like the ads. They're often funnier than the videos.

    • Browser plugins get rid of ads anyway.

      Who would pay to watch youtube though!?

      • What plug-ins?

        Edit: sorry, I was referring to mobile.

        • They exist for phones too. Saw it just yesterday actually. Some require the phone to be rooted. But one article I saw was titled something like: "Block youtube ads without root."

      • So you don't want to watch ads and you don't want to pay.

        How do you expect YT to stay afloat?

        • LOL. Are you serious!? I think they'll manage to struggle through without needing to buy clothes at the op shop, and beg for food at the salvos.

        • @GregMonarch:

          you do realize youtube runs at a loss for google, right?

        • First, I don't believe that. But even if it is accurate, it's still not my responsibility to prop up one branch of a multi-million business just because they chose to make that branch unprofitable. Not that I would be propping them up, because even if I watched the ads, I wouldn't be buying anything in them - I installed the plugin after seeing the same 3 ads a dozen times in a few minutes - often longer than the youtube clip.

          Second, Google are shoving their leftist agendas down everyone's throats and deominitising everything normal and healthy, despite half the planet not being said 1984 mind control victims. Yet they still play ads and earn money on those videos. Since they don't care about my moral standards (or reality in a lot of cases) when inflicting their insidious leftist agendas, we should have no problem demonisting them where that ability exists.

          Third, I use mobile broadband. Ads every few minutes eats up limited data. If they want to display ads, put them in banners like everyone else.

          Four, youtube never used to have ads, and, it's the internet not TV. I gave up watching TV years ago because the ads are often offensive to me, with again, leftist agendas. So as long there are plugins available to give me the ability to block their infantile brainwashing I'll use them, as will thousands of other people - and as recommended by computer/tech sites (which is where I learned of it in the first place).

          Five, because of the above, they have no inherent right to stay afloat, nor make all of us their product. We definitely do not 'owe them a living'. Because: a) if they want to force people to watch ads they could easily write a simple code to automatically insert them directly into the stream on the fly to prevent removal (which means they're ok with the few people that block them), and b) there are plenty of other video sites without ads I could go to with the same clips, but that's just being silly - like walking 200m in a country town at 2am to cross the road at a pedestrian crossing. It's 'more right' perhaps, but in the end, totally pointless.

          Six, they're offering free trials, and will probably continue to in the future. So again, pointless to sign up just to remove ads, only to sign up again in a few months with a different email address to remove ads again - when a simple plugin solves the problem.

          Seven, obviously the plugin is not only legal, but encouraged by google themselves, being available in google chrome plugin library - their own company.

  • Just remember to cancel it explicitly

    is that like, cancelling it with my pants down?

  • Be careful if your dyslexic, you might end up on another site. ;)

  • How can you tell it is/isn't targeted? I only have the option to buy it for $12 a month?

    • maybe it has some eligibility criteria. not sure. if you are not signed into account, the link above shows the offer publicly. have you already tried this before (maybe for 4 months or so?) the eligibility criteria (if any) is not clear to me as i didn't receive it in any targeted mail or so. if enough people respond with similar issues, i can update description accordingly.

  • Thanks OP. Got another 3 months with another google account.

  • Thanks OP, I got 6 free months, this is awesome!
    “Welcome to your 6 free months of YouTube Red! The payment method you provided will be charged once a month beginning Apr 30, 2018.”

    • How did you end up with 6 months?

    • Got a Google device? Home etc

      • I got a google home 2 months ago, I was already using a Red trial back then that expired last month.

        • Ye i kinda recall to have used trial period for brief amount of time and still managed to sign on for 3 months offer but the "offer restrictions" say new subscriptions only so bit confusing. Just for others info I don't have any google device (neither chromecast nor home). Well no harm in trying luck with either new / existing accounts.

        • Google home comes with 6 months red :) doesn't matter that you've used a trial before

        • @Spackbace: Thanks Spackbace, I wasn’t aware of that. Does it apply to Google Home
          mini too? Cause if it does it’s worth buying a Home
          Mini every 6 months and never pay for Youtube Red :)

  • "Offer restrictions
    Restrictions apply to certain features and vary by device, geographical location of the user and others. Learn more
    Only first-time YouTube Red and Google Play subscribers are eligible for free trials, introductory offers or promotional pricing.
    Monthly subscription – 3-month trial. You’ll be automatically charged the price listed unless you cancel during your trial, and then every month starting on the first billing date until you cancel your subscription. Cancel anytime. No refunds or credits for partial billing periods. Refund policy
    Family subscription: Invite up to five additional family members to join your Google family group and share your YouTube Red subscription. All family members must be age 13 or older, have a Google Account and reside in the same household as the family manager. Learn more
    Playback: You must have an Internet connection to stream videos or to take them offline. Supported devices
    By completing your purchase, you verify that you are at least 18 years old and agree to these terms."

  • Don't even use the service make them fail at trying to put a subscription on everything yeah its free yeah you can cancel after but the less people who even use the service it sends a clear message

    • Yep, google is gonna care about a handful of people they lose out on… 😂

    • What's wrong with subscriptions?

    • but you do realise that the subscription is so that you get youtube red exclusive content and ad free among other things, and also you get google play thrown into it as well so for that reason its a great deal IMO. Even better if you subscribe using a family account way way cheaper

      • If you're already embedded in the Apple Music or Spotify ecosystems or you don't want to a music streaming service, then YouTube Red is pretty poor value.

        • Thats a fair argument I do understand the Apple ecosystem perspective not quite sure about the Spotify though (then again I dont use or have used it enough to understand it). What I think would make YouTube Red a much better platform is with original content that is at least appealing for people to sign up to the service

        • @muncan: Yeah I'll have a look again tried it when it first came out hoping its better now

        • I have Premium Spotify and am considering paying for Youtube Red when my trial finishes. No ads and being able to listen to things with my mobile screen off is almost worth it for me. The fact that the Google play music interface sucks compared to Spotify is the only reason I'm considering both.

    • I'm with user1488 on this…….pay to have them remove the ads that they put there so as they get paid………pay for access to product that they do not produce. Simply no

      And yes I am only "one", but many things start with "only one".

      • Just like Telstra is to the NBN…..

        I've always wondered how I could start one of these businesses!

  • Can confirm I've been offered 3mo, but will aim for 4 via the suggested code THD2. Just in interest, wonder if someone could report on a successful result extending the expiry out from any subsequent applied addition-codes. i.e.;
    Onto the one google account, you applied current $0 trial 90/120 days that is added to (not forfeited) when inputting an extension as from a home/mini box bundled trial or converted ultimately >1 year by adding 6 mo (purchased) gift redemption subscriptions?? Something like this.

    I'm not seeing ads on Youtube on Chromebook using the Adblock for Youtube extension fwiw; it's more about the lure of music+other content.

  • I bought a Google Home Mini on Saturday and as part of the setup process it offered me 6months free, I assume this would apply to everyone.

    Also didn't even have to put in any Credit Card details.

  • For those who aren't eligible, Chrome has an adblock extension (icon is a red stop sign with a hand) that blocks all the ads on Youtube too.

    • THIS! Firefox as well. Who is watching ads in 2017?!

    • Also if you're on iOS and can jailbreak you can get a tweak to remove ads and enable background listening.

    • +1 vote

      Does it let you stream music only via the mobile and screen is off?
      I assume not seeing that's the main advantage of paying but would like to know anyway.

      • yes you can turn off the video and play audio stream only and / or even play music in background with YT Music it takes youtube red subscription into account.

        • but you still have to have a paid subscription. I was talking more about the other comment where they just say use an adblocker - but I doubt that makes any difference.

  • Despite the offer terms, Google allows you to take up a youtube red trial multiple times on the same account as long as it has been 12 months since you last finished that trial.

  • You can sign up and cancel immediately so that you won't forget to cancel later. The trial will continue till the end of the original 3 month period

  • I was an existing member and got this offer pop up when using Youtube, I signed up and cancelled straight away, free 3 months of music (useful) and youtube red (not useful, except no ads!). Thanks OP.

  • Allows you to watch YouTube videos / audio in background

    Can't you already do that?

    offline etc.

    How does that work? Does it download the video and save it locally? Does it delete itself later? I have addons that can download YT videos anyway, so no need.

    • on your mobile the music stops if you don't have the app in the foreground

      How does saving offline work?
      • YouTube app: Save videos or playlists to watch offline when you aren't connected – on the road, at the gym or on your next camping trip.
      • YouTube Music app: Set a storage limit and audio-only settings, and the app will save a personalised selection of music.
      The number of video or audio files that you can save depends on your mobile device's amount of free space and storage capacity, as well as the size and quality of the saved videos. You can adjust the maximum amount of space to use for offline content and see the amount of space currently used by saved files. Videos will remain offline for up to 30 days. Some content may not be available offline when you reconnect to the Internet due to content restrictions from video creators.
      Saving videos offline is only available on the YouTube Android and iOS mobile apps on supported smartphones.

    • There are browser plugins that download youtube videos, convert them to mp4, mkv, audio-only, low or high resolution, etc. Just search for "download youtube" in your browser plugin section.

      • Used a cracked version of Keepvid Pro which works flawlessly everytime. No conversion necessary. Just rips the original video file as uploaded. Watched entire America's Cup from Bermuda + Goodwood Festival of Speed that way. Too easy. Who needs YouTube Red?

      • This seems like an immense amount of work compared to the Red Feature.

        • Inevitably there is a small price to pay in terms of 'work' to be paid in order to get something for free. There's always a price to be paid, be it in terms of convenience or cold hard cash. It's up to the user to decide with which they prefer to pay. The clever way or the lazy way is another way to look at it.

        • @Legoman:
          or another way to look at it

          the legal way and not the so legal way

        • @humdingaling: Indeed! But in some cases such as the America's Cup was a prime example, the only legal way to watch the series in some markets + parts of the world was so prohibitively expensive and inconvenient to watch, it amounted to virtual outright regional blocking. So when the marketing people go to such extremes to force payment, it's much better to be educated in the nefarious ways in order that you're immediately up to speed on the techniques required when necessary.

        • LOL, immense amount of work!? Installing a browser plugin (once), then clicking a button at the top of any youtube browser window and selecting "Download file xyz as mp4"!?

  • Thanks OP

  • Awesome, worked on an account that had already had it in the past. Just asked me to "Extend free trial". I think it had been a while since the last subscription though.

  • bahaha…youtube owns NONE of the content…and yet it slams us with ads…and now wants us to pay to not see them.


    • well they don't own the content but they do host it and it requires money to maintain underlying infrastructure + software. so the revenue has to come from either ads or via member subscriptions. choice is still with the customer. i'm not trying to defend google here but it is what it is.