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Dell RYZEN 5 1600X Gaming PC - RX570 4GB, 8GB DDR4 2400 128GB M.2 SSD + 1TB HDD $1199.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


It's back! The Dell Ryzen gaming pc is back on the eBay Tech sale

Original 20% Tech (Ryda, Dell, Grays Online, Vaya & Videopro) @ eBay Deal Post

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  • Just a dumb question - Will I be able to connect a Desktop SSHD Firecuda drive as a backup ?

  • https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/qdCDGf

    This seems to be a very very good price.

    Edit: Forgot Power supply so added one
    And a case lol

    • Don't think you're getting a keyboard with this deal, but disregarding that it's still a good price.

    • Add another $20+20 if you want wireless+DVD drive.

      • Kinda worth it at those prices, this really is a decent setup.
        Too bad it looks ugly now… and will only age worse/uglier in the future.

        Could possibly transplant it into a kickass case like the NZXT S340 Elite, Bitfenix Aurora, In Win 303, Corsair 270R, Corsair 400C, FD Meshify C, FD Define C.

        I'd also consider upgrading the SSD to something like a 1TB Samsung EVO 850, and the RAM to 32GB-DDR4 3200 when prices drop in 2018.

    • They'll be using lower spec variants/brands of those components though.

  • 1600X with RX570… more then enough PC power to last a long time.

    • CPU is overkill for that GPU.
      CPU will last, GPU will already max out on a lot of today's titles at Ultra/1080p/60fps, let alone those of tomorrow.

      • +3 votes

        570 wasnt designed as an "Ultra" grade GPU. It will be able to provide a good experience at Med-High settings most games for years to come. Great little card which competes with the new "4k" consoles

        • agree, for ppl who buys this, i dont think they care all the settings, they just boot and run.

      • It's easier and cheaper to upgrade a gpu in the future than a CPU.

      • so in other words just change the gpu? instead of a whole cpu, mobo, ram, gpu upgrade down the track? sign me up lol

      • I'll be mining ETH with the GPU 24/7, it's not much slower than the RX580 for this. One of my 570's actually mines as fast as my 580's!

        • Who is your energy provider?
          Do you make much after the expenses?

        • @congngo:

          Who is your energy provider?

          Lumo energy. But I change regularly. You get the best discount rates if you change, then come back when the retention team calls you.

          Do you make much after the expenses?

          Currently it is still profitable, has been for at least a year. But I wouldn't get into it now. We've had good luck because there has been a global shortage of efficient GPUs.
          Miners couldn't get enough of them turned on fast enough, and the crypto prices have gone up very nicely, so it's been highly profitable.

          Since GPU supply is increasing (and cards are returning to sane prices), I believe we'll reach a point where it's not profitable any more, because we can't compete with other countries and cheaper power.

          If you already have a GTX10x0 or RX470/480/570/580, then it's worth mining.

          I'll be getting about US$1.20 profit per day out of this card, but it might not last long. In April my RX570's/RX580's were getting around US$6-7 profit per day.
          See here for some rough calculations. They under-estimate the hashrates and overestimate the power usage of the cards, but it's a good rough guide:


          But don't be fooled, the difficulty goes up too:

          https://www.coinwarz.com/difficulty-charts/ethereum-difficul... (look at the all-time graph)

        • @idonotknowwhy: Thank you! I’ve got a Vega 64. But the profit seems very low to even consider.
          Thanks again :)

        • @congngo: Lucky you, nice card :)

          I've never tried one, but according to this: https://www.tweaktown.com/news/59036/ethereum-mining-amd-rad...

          You can get 42.8MH/s at 294W if you setup -28% power. Not super profitable but mining ETH 24/7 you'd be looking at dail:
          Reveue: US$2.20
          Profit: US$1.14*

          *Assuming you're paying US$0.15/Kwh for power
          Anyway, I'll stop derailing this post topic now lol

    • Think a 580 would have gone better, but I guess its an extra 150 or so?

  • https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/znL4r7 ————> The cheapest I would be able to build (give or take a few dollars for windows/other deals)

    This is a pretty good price considering its pre-built (the post)

    • Dell will be using something wayyy cheaper than Wraith lol.

      • AFAIK AMD is shipping Wraith coolers to OEMs for use in their PCs

        • Woops I said Wraith instead of Max.
          1600-series use the Spire, not the Max. Would be significantly cheaper.

        • @Viper8: actually you're wrong there. AMD are shipping MAX coolers to OEMs so we would need someone to check whats inside. Would either be a spire, wraith std or a max

        • @H32017:

          As someone using the Wraith that came with my 1600, would I get a significant return on performance with heavy overclocking if I get a better cooler at some point? Or does the Wraith good enough in most cases?

        • @zerocents:

          I'm also curious as to what others might say about this.

          The wraith is rated for 95w and your 1600 is a 65w part. So there's definitely headroom. Plus most 1600s top out at 3.9-4Ghz anyway, so probably likely that the wraith can handle it. - my 2 cents.

        • @zerocents:
          There's 4 different types of Wraith cooler…

        • @tebbybabes:
          95W with fan on 100%, excellent case airflow and air-conditioned room temp…
          I use a 130W tower cooler with a low rpm PWM fan on my 77W CPU which only draws a max of 37W during torture testing (locked clocks). Fan noise is still audible (just) when running at 37W. Point is, get something wayyy over the required TDP.

        • @Viper8:
          Yep, that works too. That's similar to what I had on my old FX 6300. That being said, the spire on my current 1600 is doing a decent job. I haven't felt the need to purchase an aftermarket cooler yet.

          The big tower cooler migrated along with the FX 6300 to my son's desktop.

          And yeah, I could hear either rig when they're running. While it would certainly be nice, I'm not chasing utter silence. As long as it doesn't sound like a jet spooling up, then I'm not complaining.

    • possibly add an OEM OS to make it even steven? no a huge cost i know … i do prefer some of the parts in your list to the typical Dell stuff however :)

      • That's fair enough, but if you look hard enough, you could an OEM OS for like 5 bucks max. I got mine from Ebay for 2 bucks! (Would have posted on Ozbargain but wasn't a user) :D

  • For anyone that purchases this system, I have started a discussion about it in the forums.

  • 1600X a worthwhile upgrade from an i7 4770k?

    • Similar single and quad-core benchmark performance (relevant for general desktop and gaming use), however for multitasking (>4 cores) its about 50% faster (workstation/power-user use).

    • For gaming? No.

      • I literally just replaced my i7 4770k with a Ryzen 5 1600 (non x), and for productivity it’s much faster (video, for example). I’ve oc’d mine to 3.8ghz on stock cooler, and it’s been great. Games hav been running faster too (ipc if Ryzen is more than Haswell, and its got a faster clock rate when at 3.8ghz.

        If you’re gaming alone, you won’t notice too much. Everything else though, considerably faster.

        • Everything else though, considerably faster.

          Well no, only for programs that utilize more than 4 cores.

        • Thanks. I'm really close to buying it now.
          I do c++ compilations, sometimes Android studio as well. Also block-chain syncs, I think are cpu-bound on my connection.

          One more question: if I buy this and them gumtree the WD 1TB HDD, does this screw my warranty?

        • @idonotknowwhy: Yes- You void the warranty if any changes are made or even if the case is opened

        • @ozhunter:
          Except that the IPC per core for Ryzen is actually higher than Haswell. So yeah, even if it is only one core, its still faster. The Ryzen @ 3.8ghz is almost equal to a 4.4ghz i7 4770k in the same benchmarks (the intel favoured Cinebench, as an example). Since the 4770k base clock is almost a whole Ghz lower than that, its even slower. It's only after Broadwell that the IPC of Intel CPUs are higher.

          I thought that Australian consumer warranty allowed that sort of thing, as long as the changes you made weren't the direct result of the failure?

          Edit: A lot of online sources seem to suggest "Warranty void if removed" is not legit in Australia, and they would have to prove it was your customisation that was the reason for the fault. Anyone have any first hand experience or reference?

        • @ozhunter: in a 6 core CPU, there's a significant speed boost from just having the extra cores free.

          even if something only utilizes 4 cores, windows will shift its background tasks to the 2 unused cores.

        • Dell doesn't void warranties if you open cases to add hard drives etc. If something goes wrong in their systems they are the first ones to try and get the owner to open their system up to reseat RAM, check cables etc because it saves them money if they can fix the problem without having it looked at by someone.

          Unless you go breaking stuff while doing it, then that's another story.

    • ryzen R5 are really good for the price. totally worth it.

  • Could we also get a deal on the Dell XPS 8920 Tower Desktop 7th Gen Core i7-7700 16GB RAM 256GB SSD 2TB HDD NEW

    It was listed under 2k a few times this year (before the 20% code)

  • Just letting u guys know the PC is based in Malaysia..shipping took like 3 weeks last time I got on the deal. It was due to parts shortage.

    Nevertheless, at this price the wait is worth it…


  • Do I have to join eBay and/or PayPal to buy this computer or can I checkout as a guest ?

    • You have to join eBay and PayPal. AFAIK, you also have to link a bank account to your paypal account.
      This might take some time to confirm before you can buy, so you might want to get a mate to buy it for you, and let them keep the cash-rewards or something lol

      • AFAIK, you also have to link a bank account to your paypal account.

        You can instead link a credit card. Doesn't need to be a bank account.

  • Would this be good for application development. Like Android application development.

    • its geared towards gaming, so i'd say probably overkill then again i guess depends what apps your developing (i.e. games or just apps etc)

    • I feel that asking this question says you're a long ways off any form of developing.

      But you can develop on anything really, might just take a few more moments to compile on a slower machine, but even then I think Android compiles on install so this would be done by your development testing device.

      • I feel that asking this question says you're a long ways off any form of developing.

        You'd be surprised how many skilled professional developers I've worked with, who don't know anything outside of their specific skill—set. No networking, no hardware, no "OS Administration". Particularly mobile platform developers (both Android and iOS) but also Web devs.

      • I've got about a decades worth of experience and am currently teaching myself angular, typescript and using web API for the backend.

        I was in a hurry when I posted this comment 😀 specifically what I was asking is- I'm unfamiliar with the Ryzen processor, would it handle compilation etc in a reasonable timeframe?

        Can we still be friends 😣

        • would it handle compilation etc in a reasonable timeframe?

          Yes it would do the job quite well, I think they were just referring to it being a gaming desktop, therefore the GPU would be somewhat overkill, but even then it's still fairly cheap.

  • great price. and in 2 years down the track, upgrade the GPU and get some faster ram, OC the cpu and its good for another few years after that!

    • It seems the BIOS is looked by Dell so faster RAM and CPU OC may not be possible.

      • It seems the BIOS is looked by Dell so faster RAM and CPU OC may not be possible.

        Huh? What am I missing here?
        Correct me if I'm wrong (I really could be), but isn't the only reason to get a 1600X over a 1600, for the ability to overclock?

        In which case, why the fuсk would they ship a 1600X with a bios that doesn't allow OC?!!

        • well, 1600X has faster clocks out of the box, and it also happens that 1600x is the best CPU in the Ryzen 5 product lineup. Without overclocking, the 1600x is probably around 5 to 10 percent faster than non-x

          I don't think dell had 'overclocking capability' in mind when they designed the specifications of the product. They probably just picked the 1600x because the X makes it sound cooler.

  • This is a good deal, i cant build it cheaper, certainly not with windows included.

  • Great little PUBG/gaming machine there if anyone is wanting to into PC gaming but don't want get into the build part.

  • I'm actually looking at building something very similar to this, but as far as I have read you need Ram which is as fast as possible for a Ryzen system to be decent.

    Heres my list of parts so far, fast ram is a killer on price, I need at least 6 3.5" slots and sata ports for hard drives.

    Part Part Name MSY Price
    CPU AMD Ryzen 5 1600 278
    MB ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4 135 (the only B350 that has 6 sata +M2 afaik)
    SSD 500gb Samsung 850 EVO M2 228
    RAM 16GB Kit (8GBx2) 3200 G.Skill Flare X/ 315 (ouch)
    case Fractal Design Define R5 Black 155
    GPU 8GB GTX 1070 590

    Total 1700 so far.

    • I would recommend at least 2600 or 2933/3000 ram. you lose out on too much performance with 2133/2400

      There is diminishing returns with ram speed the faster you go. You don't get the same performance difference from 3000 - 4000mhz ram as you do 2133-3000

  • "1 P/S 2 port"

    Why is this still a thing?

    • ibm model Ms

    • I wouldn't have bought it without this, not joking.
      My steel series mechanical keyboard is ps2.
      Low latency cpu interrupts ftw!

    • For keyboards it's better than USB

    • I have a $400 p/s 2 kvm I bought about 15 years ago. It's better than remote desktop and it switches almost instantly unlike a lot of the USB ones which disconnect and reconnect usb devices each time you switch. And it's quicker than physically swapping devices and trying to find room for them. Why would I want to throw it out?

  • Help me out please! This PC or the Dell XPS 8920? (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/338605)

    I guess the question is…. is the XPS 8920 worth the extra $400?

    I'm not a heavy gamer, but predicting my kids will be in like 3-5 years time, so hoping it will cover for the short to medium future.

    I will mainly be using it for video editing, some gaming… and who knows maybe some mining….

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • As of this posting there's only 4 remaining.

  • Does this play runescape?

  • Back in stock!

    • Got mine just then! It will be my first computer I'm excited!

      • Congrats mate, very nice rig for your first!

      • Congratulations and good choice!
        Here are a few tips to keep it running well and protect your data:
        1. Download Chrome and/or Firefox, and use them instead of Edge.
        2. Install the "Ublock Origin" extension for whichever of those browsers you use, to block ads and malware.
        3. Remove the free trial of McCafe which comes installed with this system, and activate.
        4. Get a dropbox account and keep any important files (homework, irreplaceable photos, etc) in the Dropbox folder to keep them backed up.
        5. Don't use your ISP email address (@bigpond.com.au, etc). You lose this if you change providers. Grab a free gmail.com account instead if you haven't already.