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Lenovo Ideapad 320s 13.3" FHD | i5-8250U | 8GB RAM | 256GB SSD $959.20 (Save $239.80) @ JB Hi-Fi (Free C&C)


Comes with the newly released 8th gen Intel Core i5 processor, 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. There have been a few deals posted recently which include the latest processors, however none for around this price and local stock I believe? TRS eligible if you have plans on going overseas in the upcoming holiday season.


13.3" Full HD 1920 x 1080 Display
Intel Quad Core i5 8250U 1.6GHz (3.44GHz 6MB)
256GB SSD Storage
Integrated Graphics
Card Reader + Webcam
802.11ac Wi-Fi + Bluetooth
1 x HDMI Port
1 x USB 2.0 Port
1 x USB 3.0 Port
1 x USB 3.1 Port
Windows 10 Home

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  • Usb 3.1?

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      Took me a while to find details about this laptop (searching comes up with a lot of results for the 14" model), but I finally found that this model has 1 USB 2.0 port, one USB 3.0 port and 1 USB Type-C (which is what is referred to here as USB 3.1).

    • USB 3.1 Gen 1(Basically USB 3.0 but with a Type-C Port).

  • +5

    For those interested - weight is 1.2 kg. Lenovo rates the battery as "**Up to 6 hours". I suspect it's usually less than that.

    • I'm assuming you grabbed those specs from

      I suspect that's the battery life for the model with the MX150 built in that this configuration doesn't have. Most similar laptops without discrete GPUs claim up to 10-13 hours and get 6-8 hours in web browsing tests so an upper limit of only 6 hours seems odd.

      • Yes that's right. The page mentions both the integrated graphics and the MX150 configurations. Manufactures usually do quote the highest possible battery life number they can though. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any actual reviews on the battery life.

    • Of course, manufacturers always over estimates battery life. Never under estimates

      • +1

        In my experience Apple are spot on or underestimate

    • Cant find the actual battery capacity in wh anywhere. This should be a mandatory specification they should list just like any other, just saying a certain number of hours is misleading.

  • +1

    wow, i5 now is standard with 4 cores, 8 threads, now you dont need the 7th gen HQ cpu which is bloody expensive.

    • yea makes no sense to get 7th gen unless it's heavily discounted, and I mean HEAVY!

      Btw, does anyone know if it has a backlit keyboard? If it does I am heading to my local JB now.

      • -2
        • +1

          Not the same model.

          The review one is a 14" 7th gen and weights 1.74kg, this one is a 13.3' 8th gen and 1.2kg.

      • +4

        Just picked one up and yes it has a backlit keyboard

        • I called my local JB and the guy told me there's no backlit?!?!?

          Sigh I don't know who to believe anymore…

          If there is can you adjust the backlit level?

        • How is build quality?
          Is the body made of plastic?

        • +2

          @mg_k: Backlight has 3 levels. High low and off. The JB I went to didn't even have a display model out. The guy went and looked out the back for me. He had a read of the box and the price and was pretty impressed with the specs. My guess is that they don't have a display model out as they want to sell all the old intel stock first. Would explain why they don't know about the backlight…

        • @SickDmith: Build quality is very solid. Made of plastic but definitely not flimsy. My last laptop was a hp and this one is miles ahead in terms of build quality

        • if anyone was wondering how to toggle the keyboard backlight, you have to press: "Fn + Spacebar"

    • Does this mean there is no 8th gen HQ variant?

      • 8th gen HQ hasn't released yet.

        • +1

          Thought only difference between U and HQ was 2 cores v 4 cores so noe that U series is quad core there is no need for HQ? Unless they make it 6 core or something.

        • +1


          They could maybe just offer a HQ version with higher clock speed targetted at the gaming crowd.

        • @TimboAus1234:

          In order for Intel to maximise profits and maybe even meet demand, you bet they eventually will put out a HQ version.

  • +3

    Again, is this with upgradeable ram

    • Is the RAM upgradeable?

      Most modern Lenovo laptops come with soldered RAM.

      • Nowadays, it's really had to find decent laptop with ram upgradeability

  • For TRS is it best to have it in its original packaging or can you just bring the laptop by itself?

    • +2

      Think all you need is the receipt + the purchased item

    • +3

      No need to bring the box with you :)

      • just have it and receipt with you as part of hand luggage.

    • Thanks. Just paranoid since we're not really meant to bring it back without incurring GST.

      • +2

        Why not? We have 900$ worth to bring back without paying gst. And can combine too if you travel with family. And when you bought say $1000 iPhone, after 2 weeks overseas the value is not full you can argue it's now $900 so you don't have to pay gst.
        Come on, don't tell me someone at ozb still dont know this things?

      • +2

        Nobody ever checked for us. We claimed thousands.

  • Touchscreen?

    • No touchscreen

    • +2

      Click the link and read the description?

  • If we discard "local vs non-local"…
    Just hardware wise is this better than this Zenbook?

    I see Lenovo doesn't have fingerprint sensor.

    • Did you find any comparison/review?

    • Wondering this as well as I was seriously considering that zenbook. Also wondering what kind of deals are going to come out with black Friday, Amazon au launch, etc

    • I was watching that laptop and shipping to Australia was about $17 now they want $95!!!

      • +1

        I saw it. It was $17 when it was under GST free limit.
        $76 out of $95 is GST.

        • +1

          US$711 +$17 postage now

  • Will this be light enough for travelling and also good enough for editing photonusing lightroom?

    • Yes.

    • +1

      it's an excellent travel laptop @ 1.2kg.

      Plenty powerful for LR with its quad core 8th gen and 8gb ram.

    • Performance will be fine.

      Colour reproduction wise, it's hard to say. Not many reviews available. A review for the 14" version states 68% sRGB for its display.

  • Just purchased 1 does anyone know which keyboard cover/skin this would use?

  • +1

    Anyone one know of any deals selling discounted JB HIFI gift cards?

    • +3

      Buy Discounted Woolworths egift cards for 5% off. Then Buy JB giftcards in store.

      • +2

        Ive never done this before,

        Is the process:

        Buy woolworths egift cards through cash rewards
        Buy jb hifi gift cards at woolworths
        Use jb cards to purchase laptop?

        • +2

          Yes, exactly right

        • +1

          Yep you got it in one. However beware it can take two to three hours for the egift cards to come in.

        • @gccmelb:

          Hmmmm with this sale ending tonight might just buy without

        • +1

          @Big Bad Bagheera:

          Ends Tomorrow. Buy tonight. Buy JB GCs tomorrow. Just note, WW only has $50 and $100 cards.

          Plus JB only accepts 5 GCs in a transaction. You can around this by buying e gift cards on the JB website.

          Eg. You can buy one $500 gc online with 5 physical cards.

          The JB cards I bought were already active when I got home.

        • +1

          Isn't it a bit risky you might buy all those JB cards then go to buy and its finished or out of stock.

        • @paulaus:

          You need to check stock at local surrounding stores. If a number of stores have the item, risk minimised.

        • @gccmelb: Is the 5 GCs in a transaction for online, in-store or both? And, can the JB Hi-Fi digital & physical gift cards be used in-store & on-line interchangeably?

        • +1


          Online 5. Instore, some stores say only 5 GCs. You can use both types online and instore.

        • @gccmelb: I bought an eGiftcard last Thursday and it arrived in my email on Sunday!

        • @Cheemeister:

          Sometimes you have to ring up. I did this with Jetstar GC's.

        • @samlor: Update: found a store with it on display (was a new product that some didn't have on display) and willing to take 19 x $50 JB Hi-Fi gift cards (couldn't find any $100) bought the same day at Woolworths using 5 x $200 egift cards purchased online in the morning so saved an extra $47.50.

  • Pretty good. Does this have a full size SD card slot?

    • Yes

      • +1

        Just picked mine up today. No it’s not a full size SD slot.

  • should I buy it or wait for lenovo coupon? I am in market after using latitude E6510 for 7 years (still going strong except battery).

    How does it compare to Lenovo E470, E570, XPS 13 and Zenbook?


  • Does this expire tomorrow?

    • Yes, but exact time is unspecified.

    • +4

      This deal is a part of the 20% off Computers promotion which ends on the 13th of Nov (assuming 11:59PM)


  • Is the screen IPS

  • What about this one guys? Is the extra $300 worth the 2 in 1 feature?

    • And 13" vs 14", and touch screen vs non-touch screen

    • +1

      personally I have a touch screen laptop for personal use and a tablet (2 in one) for work.

      I find that I seldom use the tablet function however touch screen for the laptop is quite useful especially when browsing youtube etc.

      If I were to purchase a new laptop I would find a traditional laptop with a touch screen (personal preference)

  • Anyone have any personal thoughts on this compared to the dell XPS 13 that usually goes on sale for $1440 on eBay? Might bite the bullet on this one

  • +1

    Is there anywhere you can find future release dates for newer 8th gen laptops?
    As OP mentioned there don't appear to many out there at the moment.
    I don't need one too urgently so am willing to hold out for these, but maybe not if I'm waiting til next year.

    • +2

      So far. Lenuvo 920, DELL XPS 13,15 and HP Spectre x360 13 and Spectre 13 is what I rounded up.

      This is both for looks and performance.

  • +1

    Thanks stuthb. After using a $50 gift card and $900 worth of discounted gift cards plus a further $87.20 for the TRS, it should come to a total outlay of $703.8.

    • How it come up at $703?

  • Does this have a removable battery? If so, how much does replacement battery for it cost?

    I don't like laptops with fixed batteries, as they either die when the battery wears out (which is inevitable within a few years) or the battery often costs a lot of money to replace.

  • +3

    Bought it today and had quick play. Very happy with the buy. Seems well built. Love the keyboard. Pretty thin. Can't see an easy option to remove the battery though.

  • +1

    I missed out on this, anything similar from a bricks and mortar shop?

    • +1

      Go to a jb hıifi and demand it for this price. If they could afford to sell it for this price last week I'm sure they can now too.

      • +2

        Thanks Sharp. I got lucky and got it for the discounted price.

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