This was posted 4 years 7 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Telstra Friends & Family: Phone (Galaxy S8, Pixel XL + More) + 15GB Data - $59/Month (24 Month Contract)


Facebook post for the promotion

Family and friends of Telstra staff can get a Pixel 1 32GB, Pixel 1 XL 32GB, Samsung S8 64GB, iPhone 6s 32GB or Telstra Signature 2 when they take up our $59/mth Friends and Family Go Mobile Plus BYO plan for 24 months with a huge 15GB of data and no additional phone repayments (Min cost $1416. Data for use in Australia).

The offer ends 25 December 2017, while stocks last

It's basically a repeat of this deal but with a ~$800 phone included as well (on 24 months instead of 12 month term).

Compared to this $49/month JB BYO deal, you are paying an extra $240 over the 24 months and giving up $200 JB gift card & 5GB of data; however you are getting a $600-$900ish phone included instead.

If you value the Galaxy S8 at $800 (I think the cheapest deal we saw was $799 for Bing Lee) then you are paying $640 over 24 months for the 15GB contract = $26.66/month which seems like a great deal on the Telstra network and also no upfront cost required. That's probably the best value there since the Pixel XL and iPhone 6s are older models but they are options for Apple users or someone not wanting to go down the Samsung path.

CIS for the $59/Plan. 15GB data, unlimited calls/sms/mms/voicemail, no international calls.

Only available for recontract, new activations and port-ins on the $59 Friends and Family Go Mobile Plus BYO plan for 24mths with a Google Pixel 1 32GB, Google Pixel 1 XL 32GB, Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 6s 32GB or Telstra Signature 2. Not available with any other offer (including second service credit or port in credit) except Telstra staff discount.

Note: You may be able to receive an extra 5GB of data via the chat popup. See here.

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          @enigma48: i was offered it at jb southland last night

        • can you please let us know the name of the sales person? thanks

        • @Jake17:
          can you please let us know the name of the sales person? thanks

        • @waterboy: suphy

  • Probably a stupid question but can you get this if you're not a 'Friend or Family'?

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      JB are selling to their friends😉

      • Ok gotcha! Thanks!

  • the early termination charge is $708, so is it worth getting the phone and terminating/changing over to a cheap company?

  • Great find!

    Just signed up for the pixel 1, amazing phone, just had to give mine back as I switched jobs so was back on a smashed up nexus 6 that had a battery life of 4 hours and took 15 seconds to unlock.

    • What proof did you provide to get this deal?

  • Need this with international calling which is an extra $10

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    Thanks OP, picked up a GS8. Currently on the $49 plan with 10gb so $10 per month for 5gb extra and a GS8 :)

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    Can get the 5GB bonus data if you CHAT online during the signup page. I received a popup during the checkout process asking if I wanted to get 5GB bonus data and to chat.

    Do not know the conditions (not yet completed checkout….going to visit JBHIFI re the $49 plus phone offer

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      Was told you cant get the 5GB bonus on this deal in live chat.

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        stoopid web server..dishing me up a popup "on this deal"..during checkout process.. saying I could get 5GB?!!!

        • That's potentially a targeted offer.

      • Was also told i couldn't have the 5GB bonus due to the already low price of the Family and Friends deal.

      • Yes. I got the extra 5gb via live chat during sign up process

      • Just got the 5gb 5 min ago via chat

      • +3

        I was told by the first rep that I couldn't get it, then closed the chat and opened again and the following rep was happy to do it.

        • Do you just ask if they're able to add the extra 5gb onto the plan?

    • "I'm sorry. If we have any offer avaible on this $59 plan then I will be the first person who will share that information with you. This is the best we can offer now."

    • I got offered the 5GB bonus without even asking for it just now.

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    Hmm, 4 weeks in with my BYO JB Hifi Telstra plan which is a 12 month contract. Is it possible to swap downgrade to this plan instead?
    I kinda need a new phone…

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      Use your JB gift card towards a new phone?

      • That's the logical choice.

      • Already redeemed for a M6100 Samsung TV…. :)

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        6:30AM update
        just had a confirmation from Telstra Live Chat that I can start a new 24 plan taking advantage of the Family and Friend offer without breaking my BYO 12 contract…

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          Confirmed. No breaking contract penalties if you upgrade to a 24 month contract

        • @LDS:

          Confirmation confirmed, read all comments in this thread.

  • What's the realistic price of a Galaxy S8 if I sold it? Gumtree/ebay?

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      Free. You will most likely get scammed.

    • BNEW? sitting around 600-700 mark around Gumtree/Facebook Marketplace

    • Sold mine two days ago for $780 cash on Gumtree!

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    The deal may be no longer available. I was redirected to the normal Telstra plan page (!/filter/brand//os//features//plan/s/sort/featured )

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    think its ended :/

  • Does anyone know if JB S8 stock is unbranded or not? Trying to decide whether to go direct with Telstra online or instore with JB as I'd prefer an unbranded handset given the choice.

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      All stock from JB on a Telstra plan will be Telstra branded :)

      • is it SIM locked? if yes, how to unlock ?

        • Not locked 👌🏻

        • @JoshRidgway:


  • Can i share data with another sim so that it can be put into a pocketwifi?

    • Absolutely

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      Costs $5 per month extra to do this. Ie, if you want an extra SIM that uses the data from your phone plan.

  • Is this deal a phone lease or purchase?

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  • Recieved a SMS shortly after order saying ''Your Telstra Mobile order has been stopped''

  • Link still works, make sure you turn off any popup blockers or try a different broswer.

  • I was hoping to upgrade my existing plan but because this is BYO plan on 24 months, I'm getting charged full ETC

    From my Telstra account:
    The estimated cost for changing to a new eligible contract: $636.57
    The estimated cost for changing to a casual plan: $1364.84

    When I signup online:
    Please note: Choosing not to redeem New Phone and Tablet Feeling for this order and keeping your existing device will result in your remaining device payment fees of $1364.84 being applied to your next monthly bill.

    When I've spoken to live chat in the past they indicated that moving to a new 24 month plan is just $636 price… Can livehelp apply the lower ETC or am I screwed because of the BYO plan family?

    • I just chatted them and was told it would be just the phone's remaining payments and the ETC would be waived from the bill, but you should confirm this in writing.

  • super fast redirection to telstra home page. Only give you a millisecond to know its existence.

    • Try Chrome. Works in that for me, but not in Explorer.

    • Try incognito mode as well

  • Just signed up (8:55PM).
    Had to refresh the page a few times to stop the page from redirecting.
    Received confirmation email straight away - now just waiting to see if a SMS comes my way telling me the orders stopped.

    • Any luck on the extra 5GB?

      • Nah - no pop up came up whilst I was filling out the form.

        • Likewise. Tried via chat also but to no avail. 15GB per month it is!.

        • @JohnsenCo: the sales rep offered me the 5GB without me asking for it.

      • Got a tracking email today - and I tried my luck with the online chat to get the extra 5g.
        Basically told the chat person that my neighbours signed up for the same deal in store and were offered the extra 5gig - and asked nicely if I could also get the same deal since my home phone is also with Telstra.
        She agreed and updated my plan to include the 5gig. Easy

    • +2

      Ordered 1hour ago received email. Have had no sms so looks like order went through ok.

  • ring them on 1800 131 305 if the page doesnt work. Mon - Fri

  • Included Items

    Telstra New Phone Feeling
    Love the feeling you get from having the latest phone?
    With New Phone Feeling you can take up a brand new mobile just twelve months into your contract for only $149. More details

    International Day Pass
    Our International Day Pass lets you manage your roaming costs when you're overseas. More details

  • it's only giving me the option for the S8 no other phone options

  • Does this work with Pricepal $150 cashback or Cashrewards $105 cashback?

    • Tried it, got the cashrewards email confirmation that sale is tracked but doesn't mean it will be given back, estimated clearance is march 2018.

  • The International Day Pass = $5/day for NZ and $10/day for other countries (that is 200% more than VF if you care to compare this feature alone)

    Great deal but someone with a very slow network can be quick enough to stop the redirection and snap this deal ;)

  • Great idea for all the information provided, unfortunatelye JB store in glen waverley rejected me. I pulled out my number from telstra and transferred to vodaphone prepaid at 9:30 am, went to jb try later around 6:30 to open my account. The assistant from JB called out a number to other department and noticed I still had 2 other services with telstra. For someone who has more than one service withe telstra the method probably won't work.

  • Ordered 2 S8 and received confirmation email at 21.25. My $40 byo contract expires in jan 2018 and the chat rep said i can upgrade with no termination fee. For people hesitant due to their contracts, just ask the chat rep. If it falls in a couple of months it should be alrught. Especially when upgrading to a higher plan, chances are they will automatically upgrade you. Good luck and thanks op as well as the other op.

    • BYO is not a locked contract.

      • Some are 12 month contracts for sim only. Some are month to month. The 12 months contracts give more data or cheaper price for the same amount of data usually

        • 12 month contract is not locked. I've broken them 3 times now. You're only locked to Telstra, not that specific plan. It's different to mobile plans.

        • @Viper8: Wow…u need to teach us how to get away from contracts. Let's say you get this 24mnt plan, how would you get out of it without going to a higher plan? Is it possible?

        • @Volution:
          Sorry, we're talking about 12-month BYO plans (no device).
          Plans with a device are locked, unless you upgrade (as you said) or unless there's only a couple months left and you renew with the same carrier.

      • Yeah, most byo plans with good data plans needs to be in a 12m contract unfortunately.

        • As I said above, I have broken BYO contract 3 times now, and my partner once. Its a 12-month contract (data and price), but its not locked.

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    This link worked for me: (weird, doesn't work when I click it but if i copy paste it into my browser it works)

    In regards to the extra 5GB this is what I was told by live chat looks like it is a targeted offer.


    New customers who take up two or more eligible services on a 12 or 24 month contract in the same transaction.

    Existing customers with:
    - An eligible primary service who add an eligible second service on a 12 or 24 month contract.
    - Two or more services on their account who recontract an eligible service on a 12 or 24 month contract with a plan.

    If you're currently not in-contract with Telstra the JB Hi-Fi deal is definitely better unfortunately I only recently started a BYO contract so I had to go through Telstra, still a ripper deal though.

    • I renewed 2 of my numbers in the same account for this 24m and they still resisted to give me the extra data when asked. Perhaps i should make a complaint to them when i receive the phone then.

    • Two or more services on their account who recontract an eligible service on a 12 or 24 month contract with a plan.

      Our current arrangement is that my wife and I have individual accounts/bills. I'm wondering if I get my service onto her bill if I can get the 5gb

  • Link only works for me if I copy/paste the URL. Clicking it redirects using Chrome. Haven't tried any other browsers.

    Anyway, great deal, just signed up. Thanks OP

  • +8
    • +1

      Tks for the direct links! The Pixel XL one worked for me. Have also confirmed via chat that you can't add the extra 5gb

      • No worries mate.

  • Thanks op this is a wicked deal, I was going to get the 49 dollar jbhifi deal and get an LG g6 outright, but this is a great deal.

  • I am currently using s7 and my contract with Optus ends next July.69/month. Is it worth pay out of the s7 and get this s8 deal instead? Lots upgrade?

  • +1

    I'm going from an LG g4, yes survived the bootloop till I got a new phone, touch wood 😁

    • My G4 survived the bootloop too. Glad to see another survivor LOL

      • Yeah me too, G4 -20 months later and still no bootloop…

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