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Telstra Friends & Family: 15GB Data - $59/Month (24 Month Contract) now with Google Pixel 2 64GB


Same old deal but Google Pixel 2 64GB has just been added.

Edit 13/12: Pixel 2 no longer available online, however reports that it's still available in store. Previous phones are still available online.

Edit 13/12 10pm: Pixel 2 is back online.

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      • You can disable the Bixby button so it'll be like it never existed.

        • You can, but in a lot of ways its more indicative of how obnoxious Samsung has become.

          We had S Voice, it was never really a quality solution, so they killed it. Now we have Bixby. It's still not a quality solution.

          We had that weird Samsung Milk music service, which was, again, not really a quality solution. So they killed it to. I can't wait for SAMJAM or whatever the next music service is that Samsung makes.

          The issue with Samsung, as a company, is that they can't seem to recognise that they are a hardware company, not a software company. They have never written a piece of software that has blown my mind or seemed to be actually useful. When they try their hand at it, most times it is an absolute failure. Take for example the S8+ messaging app. It has got to be the slowest thing around (compared to something like Textra).

          The day that Samsung bins touchwiz and just starts doing vanilla android on their phones will be the day they hit their stride.

        • @misterpotatomato:

          You can, but in a lot of ways its more indicative of how obnoxious Samsung has become.

          Isn't that exactly the same as the Pixel 2 only allowing Google Assistant to use the squeeze feature?

          The day that Samsung bins touchwiz and just starts doing vanilla android on their phones will be the day they hit their stride.

          They seem to be doing very, very well doing what they do now…
          Touchwiz is long gone, replaced by Samsung Experience in Dec 2016. It's generally well-regarded now.

    • +1

      Camera on the Pixel 2 series is touted as the best yet.

  • +1

    Wow, flying out in a day and a half so most likely won't be able to get this deal. I'm not complaining though, saves me a heap as there is nothing wrong with my current phone + plan :)

    But dang that's cheap and so tempting.
    Pixel 2 is my ideal phone - a phone made by Google, but designed and engineered from HTC's best that have been bought by Google. The only Android 'flavour' that is better than HTC Sense in my opinion is stock.

  • A question, is it possible to 'lock' the data so that will prompt before the 15gb have been used up?

    I use my mobile as a hotspot for work and easy to forget and watch a movie online and that would eat up the data very fast…

    • yes, Android has this option

    • You get a warning at 50% 85% and 100%. 3 warnings is enough i recon.

  • Do you have to actually know a staff member or can you just sign up?

    • I talked with persons in a Telstra Store and no one ever asked if I was friend/family member… I eventually signed it online after chatting with rep, no one asked either.

      • +1

        I can confirm it’s open to everyone

    • You don't, as they advertise it to everyone on the main Telstra website.

    • +1

      The staff in the store don’t ask what so ever.
      The (profanity) on web chat Ross Thon ask me though and refuse to sign me up. What a ass.

  • +2

    If only this was the XL. Not a great deal in my opinion. These companies have released too many phones and saturated the market. The consumers haven't been sucked into getting two year contracts on exuberant prices.

    • The consumers haven't been sucked into getting two year contracts on exuberant prices.

      That's a pity, everyone could use some energy and excitement!

      • Bloody auto correct. Exorbitant.

  • +1

    Thank you so much OP!
    Signed up on my way home at my closest JB HiFi. Got the Google home mini and a $100 JB gift card too!

    • +1

      are JB hifi able to sign people up to this deal for them? i thought they are offering the $49 byo for 20gb for $200 gift card

      • Not really sure what youre asking. I didnt enquire about anything else.

        Just got the deal the OP posted; which also included a google home mini and a $100 jb gift card :)

        • Any T&Cs on the $100 voucher?

        • @mrjaytee: Just whatever their standard Ts&Cs are. It's a generic gift card.

        • @CharcoaI: Why are they handing out the $100 gift card, just for signing up with new plan?

        • Yes-this

        • +1

          @CharcoaI: Did you port your number in from another provider? Or were you with telstra before signing up this?

        • @lixin420: I was with Telstra before-hand (did not port). I was also mid-contract, so just 'renewed'.

        • +1

          @CharcoaI: Nice one, thanks for confirming. Can't say no to the extra gift card. :)

  • I signed up a $39 deal with 15gb data, sim only, 12 mths post paid plan with Telstra yesterday.

    It was a $49 deal for 10gb. but if you go through online order, you'll get $10 off. and if you switch from other telco, you'll get additional 5gb data.

    • Do you have transcript they wouldn't give me the 10 off said I had to be changing telco.

    • With the phone???

  • Just to add you receive free google home mini with Pixel 2 might be worth adding OP

    • I just spoke to Live chat and he advised the below. Maybe it depends who you speak to

      "As for the Google Pixel 2 on the Friends and Family offer, it does not include the Google Home Mini."

  • Just signed up my Wife and I for this plan. Got the extra 5GB (per service) via the online chat. Just sign up then tell them the order number and they apply the 5GB bonus.

    We were already paying $50 / month each on a BYO plan for 15GB each, so paying an extra $9 for 5GB is a bonus with a free handset. Can't complain really.

  • +1

    since vodafone no longer do 24 month lock in contract. wondering what's their response to optus and telstra

  • FYI I did the live chat and got the extra 5GB data per month with the pixel 2

    • If you have any other service with Telstra you will get a bonus 5 GB πŸ˜‰

      • +1

        Does this include prepaid Telstra? Have been on Telstra prepaid for a few years

        • +1

          Sorry I should have clarified it’s any post paid mobile or fixed service nor pre paid.

      • Same question above, if yes is there any requirement as in how long have I used prepaid?

        • +1

          Sorry I should have clarified it’s any post paid mobile or fixed service not pre paid.

        • @JoshRidgway:
          Could we get the same extra 5GB deal in store?
          I have an old old telstra staff plan the $39 cap.

        • @Bernstar:
          That's two services in one account.
          ANtoher one is the one im upgrading.

        • @Bernstar:

          Absolutely the bonus 5gb will be applied to your newly upgraded service πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

        • @JoshRidgway: they told me they won't do bonus as it's not a consumer plan also no data sharing.:(

        • @911r: I'm fairly certain the online checkout process let you add data share sims?

        • I would suggest going to your local Telstra store and doing it there as long as you have the second post paid service you are %100 eligible

  • A noob question - is that phone locked to Telstra? I want to give the Pixel to my gf (she's on Voda) and use the plan myself with my current phone - will I be able to do that?

    • +1

      No phones on contract are locked. It's been like that for easily over a decade or longer. She can use the phone on Voda.
      There's no reason to lock phones on contract. They don't care what you do with the phone itself as it doesn't affect them, since they'll be getting paid regardless because of the contract.

      Leased phones are different, but this isn't a lease.

      • +1

        Wow, thanks for this detailed reply! Coming from the country where they only have postpaid, contracts are still a new thing to me.

    • +1

      Yes, all contract phones are unlocked

  • you guys so good to get discount, I can't -,,-

    • Why not?

  • -1

    If only it didn't have those massive bezels

  • Bloody spewing got the S8 a fortnight ago. Although I'd probably only go to the 2 XL if there anyway chance of that coming available

  • +1

    Come on Telsra.. add some free international minutes to the offer..

    • +1

      You would have to go to the $79 Friends and Family plan for that πŸ€«πŸ˜‰

      • Is there a plan like that? Could you please share the link ?

    • +1

      You can add the $10 international dialing pack to your plan.

  • Does it come with wireless headphones?

    • Nope wired only but you will get the bonus google home mini πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

      • Just confirming you CAN get the home mini with the friends and family plan? Someone upthread was told no over live chat.

        • +1

          Absolutely as they are shrink wrapped to the pixel box - It is also while stocks last but you should have no problem.

      • What do u mean when u say u can get wired headphones with the pixel 2? i believe the pixel 2 does not include any earphones in the box

        • The kits that are provided include a USB C set of head phones a google home mini shrink wrapped to the pixel box

        • @JoshRidgway:
          Are you sure they are USB C earphones? The ones I got from Telstra are just standard 3.5mm plug and you need to use the adapter.

        • @ozbargainer88:

          Sorry my mistake you have to use the adaptor to use them via USB c.

      • Let say we take up the Pixel 2. Do you have to ask staff for Google Home Mini or it come together as part of the deal?

  • Really want to sign up for this since Telstra PP took away the google play credits, but my PP renewed yesterday for $40 worth, and I'm loathed to just throw that away. I will wait until the 24th and order then if there is any stock left. :(

  • +3

    Need a deal for Note8 or Pixel 2 XL, given how quick the Note 8 sold out on 24/11 (when JB had it on special) I'm sure i'm not alone here

  • Do you just walk into Telstra/JB and say you want the friends and family deal even though you dont have friends or family that work for them?

    • See above comments. It's open to everyone and they don't ask apparently.

    • Absolutely πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

      • Currently with optus and am very keen on jumping on this deal. Is it best to call up mobile sales or chat online to get the best deal? Have a cable account with the Telstra at the moment so hoping to at least get a $10 discount and 5gb data. If I can somehow link this with the jb hifi offer at the moment that would be awesome!

        • Either of the options work but would recommend doing it online or in store, with this offer the $10 discount is unfortunately not compatible with the friends and family plan but as you have the cable plan you would get the bonus 5gb (just mention it to the chat team)

          Also the freinds and family plan and JB Hi Fi offer 2 seperate plans

  • +1

    Any chance they'll match the optus iPhone 8 offer anytime soon?

  • Interesting. Currently on Optus and haven't had any issues. Is Telstra really that much better?

    • Depends on your area.

    • I've been with both (Sydney metro) and there are several spots I know where Optus gets little or no data reception and Telstra is fine.

  • For the JB deal I'm just wondering how they know you're a new customer?

    • They use the same systems we use and if the number isn’t in the system we either create a new number for you or port you in πŸ˜€

  • +2

    59 x 24 = $1416 total cost
    Sell the phone, get lucky and sell for $999 on Gumtree (unrealistic)
    $417 over 24 months.
    Go via JB Hi-Fi and get the $200 gift card.
    $217 over 24 months.

    Brings this 15 GB plan to $9/mo.

    • i dont think you can sign up via JB Hi-Fi as their promo is for BYO on a 12 month contract.


      • Correct, the $200 gift card JB HI FI offer and the family and friends offer are two seperate plans.

        • If you don't have to be a new customer for this F&F plan, what's stopping you from recontracting as a +31 immediately after getting the $200 JB gift card?

        • @Nuggets: recontracting means you cancel the byo plan ? Not sure of cancellation costs.

        • @Jaff: no cancellation fees as you are contracting on another telstra plan
          I have changed three plans within last two months, everything is pro rata..

        • @amshopping: oh that would be a good deal then.

    • I got the $100 card only from JB

  • From my conversation with the customer care:

    As for the exit fee, the exit fee for device is $1080 from the start of the plan, it decreases $45 every month you stay with your plan.

    You can upgrade after 12 months, and just return the device in good working condition this will be just $149.

    • Optus charges $99 for that on their deal. Signed my wife to the Optus deal for the iphone 8 but I'm more tempted by this Telstra/pixel one.

  • -1

    note that if u have more than 1 telstra service it may actually work against u and not for u which is pretty silly.
    sure u prob get a bonus 5gb per plan if u have 2 or more sim/ plan services
    and of course u can all use the data pool.
    when i wanted to upgrade from sim plans to the family and friends plan i was told i could only upgrade 1 service as i was a new customer. in 6 mths time the credit check would allow me to upgrade my orher sims.
    b better off having less telstra services and instead using a competitor like optus.
    so basically im gimped on the old sim only plan for the familys contracts.

    not the end of the world but a warning for those thinking its always the best idea to put all the family phones with1 telco
    also if u have an optus service and a telstra u can use optus for free netflix streaming and telstra for free apple music etc.

    • +2

      ur spangrish just killed a few of my brain cells

  • +1

    Does anyone know if you could use the "new phone feeling" promotion to move to this plan?

    • +1

      For anyone wondering, I just chatted with them and it is compatible. Thanks so much for posting this, I'll be saving $30 a month, getting 5 extra gbs per month and a new phone.

  • +2

    Currently with VF (no contract). What's the best way to change? Go to JB HiFi and join a BYO SIM plan, then to Telstra and ask for the FnF upgrade?

    Someone said earlier they managed the $10 discount, is this for porting in?

    • I'd jump in, if this is possible. Missed out on the HN Optus gift card deal owing to over contemplating.

  • Pixel XL 2 would be awesome although wishful thinking I think

  • Can I pay extra and get the Note 8??

    Or should I just get a phone, sell it, and wait for the note 8 to go on sale again..

  • Also remember guys to use the cash rewards link for the extra bonus savings

    • I thought that the cashrewards offer expired ages ago? I can't find it.

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