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Unlimited NBN Lightning100 (100/40) $74.95 Mth (Was $94.95 Mth) + $5 off Per Mth Wth Modem, No Contracts, $0 Setup @ Mungi


Hi OzBargainers,

I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to Mungi. Our team is proudly based in Melbourne.

Mungi was created by a team of savvy consumers who wanted a better internet service provider.

We believe that every Australian deserves access to a fair and fast internet connection.

We leverage the existing assets of DreamIT Host to ensure a smooth, reliable and fast nbn internet connection while offering 24/7 Australian support. That’s how we can provide low prices, great value and a lightning-fast network.

We’re still relatively new, any feedback regarding our website or services to see how we can improve would be much appreciated.

We've changed our prices where you can now save up to $20 off per month! This is applied automatically.

You're welcome to pre-order this service (3 months maximum) and your billing cycle won't begin until your service is confirmed activated. This is a great option if you need to have 30 days notice with your old provider, nbn is coming soon in a few months or moving homes.

OzBargain Special Offers:

Lightning 100 ($20 Off, $74.95 per month) WAS $94.95 > this is now $20 off, that was an error

Lightning 50 ($20 Off, $64.95 per month) WAS $84.95

Lightning 12 ($10 Off, $54.95 per month) WAS $64.95

Save $5 Per Month For 6 Months With DVA-2800 Modem Purchase
- Code: LEGEND
- If you signup for any Lightning plan along with a DVA-2800 Modem, save $5 per month for 6 months.
- Expiry: 28th of February 2018

Mungi Add-ons:

Mungi Voice
- Unlimited Local, Mobile, Nat, 1300 & 1800 for $14.95 Mth

Mungi Voice Lite
- Incoming Calls Only for $4.95 Mth

Mungi Turbo
- Higher bandwidth allocation network for $19.95 Mth

Mungi Hardware Options:

- D Link DSL-G225 is designed for households looking for a basic standard modem. Includes lifetime warranty (T&Cs apply). RRP $99.95 discounted to $89.95

- The D-Link DVA-2800 includes a VoIP port and is designed for busy households looking for great wifi coverage. Includes lifetime warranty (T&Cs apply). RRP $329.95 discounted to $199.95

- The AC5300 COBRA Wi-Fi Modem Router is like three wireless routers in one. It has a 2.4GHz wireless band offering speeds up to 1,000Mbps and two separate 5GHz wireless bands delivering speeds up to 2,167Mbps that all operate at the same time. Perfect for prioritising important data or devices on a dedicated Wi-Fi network. RRP $749.95 discounted to $649.95

Click to order your nbn plan here. If you're currently connected with Mungi, please raise a ticket from My Mungi and we'll update your plan.

All orders will be processed in less than 12 business hours.

Existing FTTP customers can get connected in roughly 4-8 business hours.

All our plans include no contracts, unlimited data, dynamic IP included, no late fees, no connection or disconnection fees and lifetime warranty. We also have a great referral system in place.

Please check out mungi.com.au for more information.

Feel free to contact us through live chat, email, facebook message or our contact form.

Also, read our reviews at CompareTV and at ProductReview.com.au.

Mungi Internet acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional custodians of the lands on which we work, live and play.


James from Mungi

Also please note that there are no credit card surcharges when paying with Visa, MasterCard & American Express. Easy way to get points ;)

T&Cs apply. Min. total cost for the first month is $54.95 to $74.95. No setup fee based on BYO modem. Our plans do not include a modem. Lifetime modem warranty applies only to the DVA-2800 Modem and as long as you remain a customer. Actual speeds may vary due to many factors including type/source of content being downloaded, hardware and software configuration, the number of users simultaneously using the network and performance of interconnecting infrastructure not operated by Mungi Internet. Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by Ethernet cable. Additional once off $300 nbn™ New Development charge applies if your premises is identified by nbn™ as being within the site boundary of a new development.

EDIT: This post has been updated the increase prices for Lightning 100 (still discounted) and extention of $5 off for 6 Months Coupon

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2017

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  • +6 votes

    Hi everyone!

    The Mungi team are currently available and ready to help on live chat if you have any questions :)

    Have a great day!


    Mungi Team

  • +18 votes

    How are you going to deliver uncongested 100mbps unlimited services at these prices? After the BuzzTelco disaster I am very skeptical of anyone offering these sort of rates…

    • +5 votes

      nbn have recently reduced their prices on the nbn50 and nbn100 plans. Plus we use resources from DreamITHost.com.au this means we have reduced overheads regarding staffing.

      We also saved funds by building our own website and billing system :)

      • +10 votes


        100mbps base wholesale cost is $65/month for only 2.5mbps of included CVC. You are trying to resell it for $69.95. Recipe for disaster?

        • Can some one point me where to go to interpret those values? As it it reads as paying for a potential 100MB connection but they only allow 2.5Mb/s … thats 2.5% - so how can you ever use the rest? Do they just bundle 50 users together and hope they don't all use it at the same time?

        • @Elijha:

          Yes, and the reality is not everyone uses it at the same time.

        • @Elijha: 100mbps service. It's worse. That's 2.5mbps (250KB/s) per connection and exactly what rsp's do. Hoping everyone doesn't use it or max out their link all at the same time. Hence nightly slowdowns when everyone gets home and gets on the net.

        • @samfisher5986: There obviously is a strong overlap 6PM -10PM for high bandwidth uses eg Netflix.

        • @Elijha: Outside of business services where the business typically pays very high rates for an uncontested amount of bandwidth, yes, all residential ISPs are going to be overselling capacity with the expectation that not every customer will try to utilise it at the same time. This works - but when you're offering these speeds and unlimited data at these prices your customers are a) far more likely to be using their connection and b) not going to have much margin to buy additional CVC let alone make profit…

        • @Elijha:

          To put it in as basic a way as possible its a little like the old airline issue where they would oversell flights as data showed that not everyone would turn up on time for a flight or would cancel etc. Same principle they assume not everyone will be maxing their usage at the same time.

        • @Berek: >Hoping everyone doesn't use it or max out their link all at the same time

          Despite this being exactly what people do.

        • @Elijha:

          I get full speeds 24/7.


          @samfisher5986: that's the flawed logic leftover from the old POTS days, where Telstra exchange capacity was to be only be able to handle 5% of the poeple using their telephhone a the same time.

          Where as the internet is more like electricity and is always in use.

        • @Aussiekev: I get they oversell. I'm just really surprised at the ratio - I was kinda hoping the 2.5 was a 'bonus' on top of some standard 10MB or something. Especially as the 50 get 2 (or 4%) and the 100 gets 2.5% which seems like a downscale in value.

          NOTE: I'm yet to move to NBN - I could have 2 months ago but I had heard these new plans were coming "pre Christmas" and I wanted to see what they turned into.

        • @Elijha:

          It is high but keep in mind that although a lot of people are on at any given time hardly anyone is using their full capacity or close to their full capacity. Remember Full HD netflix uses approx 7mbps. Now its safe to assume that a lot of people arent watching netflix and are just sitting around watching Ozbargain site so they can Broden the next deal. Or are just doing emails in their home office etc.

          It really only starts being an issue if the vast majority of people start watching netlfix or doing higher end stuff

        • @supabrudda:

          That makes no sense.

          Many ISP's today buy very little capacity, oversell, and yet all of their customers get full speeds.

          Why are you suggesting they do something differently?

          Yes sometimes ISP's are too greedy, they don't plan capacity when a flux of new users come in, or other reasons.

          But the business model works and its how we have cheap Internet.

        • @supabrudda: guess you never heard an engaged tone dialing into your POP then, contention ratios have been a thing since the dawn of time

        • @Elijha:

          The Industry average is around 1.2mbps iirc, Aussiebroadband provide one of the least congested services have an average of 1.8mbps on a mature poi.

        • @samfisher5986: It's NBN's fault.



          Many ISP's today buy very little capacity, oversell, and yet all of their customers get full speeds.

          that'd be why there's never been a complaint about NBN speeds :-)


          @donkey: Not sure microbes in the primordial soup, or the Cmmb Jellyfish ever had contention ratios issues. But I could be wrong.

        • @donkey: True, but that's not an engaged signal, it's a congestion signal. Different thing.

        • @samfisher5986: >the business model works

          Seriously? The ACCC is having enquiries into how it isn't working meaning Australian are being ripped off by ISPs and the shitty, appallingly bad situation that Turnbull created whereby every Australian gets screwed so Telstra keeps getting paid.

          Blind, deaf and dumb.

          Did you vote for Turnbull?

        • @Diji1:

          You do realise that we've been doing the exact same business model ever since dial-up has existed in this country.

          The specific NBN issues are not related to the business model.

          Also there are huge differences in FTTP and FTTN.

        • @samfisher5986: "But the business model works and its how we have cheap Internet."

          We don't have cheap internet.

        • @Aussiekev:

          I actually must watch two streams of Netflix on different devices before I log onto OZB. It is how I get into my broden mood.

        • @samfisher5986: Diji1 Is always promoting the anti govt line. While I can respect their views, infering if someone who has a different view is also politically motivated like diji1 is is a bit over the top

        • @mattyman:

          We do compared to the real cost of having your on 100mbit line.

        • @samfisher5986:

          Noone here can say for sure how their congested is unless they are using it. However, seeing as they have a 20 dollar bolt-on option to get less congestion would indicate it might be an issue. Although I do like that they have that option to pay more to get an less congested connection.

          Their plan is dirt cheap and I am sure there are downs sides for that, I wish I could pay Optus more cash to give me a reliable internet on the HFC network. However that is not an option.

        • This article is highly misleading. For a start, RSP's all have different agreements with NBN. My company has 3 different agreements based off brand name… Plus, the CVC bandwidth included in not only 2mbps… I don't understand that bit myself to be honest, but it's completely illogical. The agreements I've read don't have anything at all like them

        • @kasp:
          The Mungi Turbo addon is a fair and reasonable way to expect a higher bandwidth service. This means your service is provisioned on an network which has close to double the average bandwidth per service.

      • I dunno if being on work internet has anything to do with it but the formatting of your website is all jumbled up on my 1920x1080p display with massively over-sized images taking up the entire screen width.

      • Are you guys Buzztelco?

    • Not commenting on this deal specifically, but just in response to the comment about Buzz Telco…

      I've been on Buzz for about 3 weeks on the 100Mbps plan, and I have to say the service has been great. I'm paying $60/month (joined on one of their recent promotions). I'm getting about 90Mbps (+/- 5Mbps) speeds whenever I'm home (anywhere from 7pm to late at night).

      I've been having some trouble with upload speeds, but customer service has been decent, and so far we've worked out it's an issue on my end, or with the settings on my router.

      FYI I'm on an HFC connection.

      I know there has been quite a lot of issues with Buzz, but just wanted to let people know that my experience has been positive.

      • +2 votes

        Im on buzz aswell and they do still slow down some times.
        Sunday is the worst and this sunday was appalling till around 11 at night, rest of the time is fine.
        Dont care for what Im paying tho and Ive always got some downloaded content for that night.

      • I am on Buzz as well, 25/5 plan as I'm on Fttn, and have always gotten around 21+ on WiFi. Connection was up and running 2 hours after technician left, pretty good experience for $49pm.

    • They aren't.

  • I agree your back-haul solution is going to come crashing down at these prices.

  • +3 votes

    I agree your back-haul solution is going to come crashing down at these prices.

  • Changed your position on publishing contention ratios yet? Now that Aussie BB will be releasing their CVC?

  • is the DVA-2800 Modem any good?

  • Are you able to provide 7 days free trial like Launtel? Or 30 Days free trial like AussieBB?

    Otherwise it's hard to compare on the customer point of view.
    I m currently with AussieBB after their trial and decided stay with them, can't fault it at the moment.
    If that $10 bucks cheaper per month with same quality of services, i might switch.

    • Unfortunately, we don't offer a free trial however if you have any issues, please let us know and we'll take care of it

  • Is this for fixed wireless service as well?

    • +2 votes

      We can only offer the Lightning 50 on the fixed wireless service however most of our customers opt for the Lightning 25 (due to nbn cell congestion where we have no control).

  • Hi there, are you passing along the New Development Fee or are you able to wave it like a few others are?

    • The New Development Fee is passed on however we do offer our customer the option of an installment :)

      • Okay will keep thinking on it. Have been offered connection without the fee but unsure I would like to go with that RSP.

    • I wasnt even aware of this fee? Is this on top of the fee that the company that builds the home already charge(approx. 1500-2000)?

      • It's for FTTP. It's essentially a new connection charge and is pretty much identical to the ~$300 you had to pay the first time you connected your old copper phone line to the house. In short it's not really a new charge (but it would have been waived under a Labor government).

        • Not sure it is only FTTP.
          There will be some areas that are covered by FTTN where an address has no wires (no house yet, one being built, etc.) that will require the copper cabling to be done if someone wants to connect to NBN there - this will attract the fee as well.

        • @OzB123: True. However, all new estates have FTTP. The only situation where this would occur is where a new property was sold in an already established area that only had FTTN.

  • +1 vote

    Lighting 10 isnt cheap at all.

  • Vocus.. no thanks. never again