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[NSW] FREE Safe Sex Play Pack (Condoms, Lube, Gloves) @ EndingHIV & ILoveClaude Delivered NSW Only & [At Risk LBGTI ONLY]


Update 8 Jan 2018 9:00am and 10:30am: Take-down request received from ACON to remove both items

Deal has been updated to link to discussion thread. Please continue discussion there.

Whether it’s a one-on-one session or group play with many, it’s important to keep yourself stocked up with condoms, lube and other things that can help you and your playmates stay safe. Get yourself a Play Pack before your next session. They are free and mailed-out to you discreetly! Each Play Pack comes with plenty of:

  • Condoms
  • Lube
  • Gloves
  • Info on where to get tested & access PEP
  • The latest sexual health & well-being info

As pointed out by sqeeksqeek, these packs are meant for gay & trans men.

This is an initiative from ACON, a registered charity that is targeting at risk members of the LGBTI community. If you are not part of this community don't order.

Mod: Our community is made up of people of all races, rich, poor and those of varying sexual orientation. We have made clear in the title and description of the deal that this is meant for those members. Similar to this deal where we made the same point. We will continue to follow the discussions on this deal and seek feedback from the community.

Update: Please voice your feedback in this thread

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  • What are the gloves for?

  • Ironically, Tightarse finds free gloves and lube…..

  • Why only NSW?

  • Some of the comments on the risk calculator (although amusing), lead me to believe that this website is specifically targeting male homosexuals.

    • That calculator is really classy.. Seriously.. Looks like it was written by some dero's or some year 8 high school kid wanting to be "cool".
      Options: Are you being (profanity) or are you (profanity)? "The top pulls his cock out of his partners arse before cumming".
      I mean really? I'm not gay, but I think it's fairly juvenile what ACON have used for their wording. Doubtful that you'd find that wording on a hetero safe sex website. They almost want to further stigmatise gay sex.

    • The calculator is a bit dodgy in its assessments IMO. + to + sex is not 'safe'.

  • The pack is only for gays and trans-men

    • Is this reverse discrimination?

    • I think homo's are allowed to get the pack too.

    • It’s for men who have sex with men because they are an identified and objectively high risk group of getting HIV. This category is not necessarily completely overlapping with identifying as “straight”, “gay” etc. And that’s why it’s not discrimination either.

      • -1 vote

        Yawns. Any fool who runs around having unprotected sex in 2018 is at a risk of contracting HIV. Targeting a particular group is just wrong and discriminatory.

        For macho heterosexual men who think they cannot catch HIV… Think twice! There are many closeted bisexual men sticking their bits into anything with a pulse.

        • Username checks out.

        • +4 votes

          Our efforts to eliminate HIV target everyone. This specific charity group is targeting the MSM (men who have sex with men) population. It's not discrimination. The efforts to reduce HIV in IVDU (intravenous drug user) populations aren't the same as in MSM groups, or reducing vertical transmission (mother to baby). It's perfectly reasonable for a charity or program to focus on one high risk aspect (especially since this is the single highest risk population in Australia). It's not discriminatory. It would be if collectively we only supported the MSM group and didn't give a shit about pregnant women for example.

    • How many hours of volunteer labor is going to be lost to the widespread misuse of this 'deal'? Stealing resources from the gay and trans communities because it's 'funny' or just because you can is so not on. It's upsetting to frequently read transphobic and homophobic comments on here at the best of times let alone reading them on an initiative that is to support the health of our community and people who might be vulnerable or at risk. Younger people in particular need access to safe sex information and resources. Every pack an ineligible person orders is one less safe sex pack for a young person at risk.

      ACON is our NSW LGBTI communities' health organisation and their resources are very limited and reliant on volunteer labour. Their Government funding goes to things like helping people living with HIV, helping a young gay person who's just come out or providing support to people experiencing and escaping violence. I have used their services when I was younger and I had access to their Safe Sex Packs when I needed them. This 'deal' would be fine if we lived in a perfect world and folks on here didn't exploit charities by lying about their eligibility or find it hilarious to joke about gay and trans people but OzBargain isn't a perfect world and this 'deal' shouldn't be on here.

  • For heterosexuals, there is another link

  • +8 votes

    these packs are for gay & trans men. Use your imagination

    I put my name as Scabby Arse and that I'm a recovering post-op transsexual.

    Reckon I'll be getting a heap of gloves sent.

    BTW, I hope you don't mind but when they asked how I heard about the offer I put from Tightarse.

  • Thanks! Sent one to the boss

  • do we mail them back when we done

  • Both of the initiatives - Ending HIV and I Love Claude - are run and funded by ACON, a non-profit. Should this really be posted as a bargain when they’re supposed to be distributed to the target groups and are funded by people’s donations? This is unethical and wrong.

    • What’s with the downvotes? Do people not have a sense of conscience?

    • -59 votes

      Get a life! We all pay the same taxes don’t we??? Why should the entitlements be different?

      • This is not an entitlement - it’s an initiative to help certain groups in society that may be more vulnerable to disease like HIV. And although ACON receive some government funding, they also receive donations and conduct fundraising. The fact is, they are a non-profit with a limited budget and it’s not right to rip them off and divert resources that could be going to people who genuinely need it.

        • -10 votes

          This is not an entitlement

          Pretty sure condoms and gloves are a human right.

          Wouldn't surprise me if the UN has it as a resolution.

        • @Scab: You can read Article 25:

          You’re right, these packs are designed to enhance health and safety, but they’re for the vulnerable people more at risk of contracting HIV and other STIs. If you don’t belong to the at-risk groups, you shouldn’t be diverting resources away from them. Your sense of entitlement is staggering.

        • +44 votes

          Well put.

          This isn't a 'bargain', it's the explicit exploitation of a charity's good will that may potentially see the very people their campaign targets not able to receive a pack.

        • +10 votes

          @WJD21: lets be honest with ourselves, if the people are smart enough to sign up for freebies and acknowledge that doms are a good idea when you're getting jiggy with a partner with unknown/untested sexual history, surely theyre smart enough to stop in at a 7-11 for a pack of durex or similar.

          Its not like "oh well, the freebies didn't arrive, unprotected promiscuity at the stonewall again tonight"

          I'm all for condom/safe sex promotion in countries where culturally and educationally, people are behind the times (and birthrates are well beyond the parents capabilities to support) but here in a 1st world country, people go through the education at school and if they're not using protection, its because they're not thinking with the right head, whether its theirs or they were born female and had one sown on.

        • @Matt P:
          I've heard that gay and transgender persons receive education in the same system as everyone else!

          The More You Know

        • @WJD21:

          No, it's not a bargain. Probably why it was posted as a FREEBIE!