What Was Your Best Bargain You Got from OzBargain?

I joined Ozbargain about 1-2 years ago and I admit that I enjoyed heaps of bargains but the most memorable bargain that I grabbed in Ozbargain was from ASOS with CK sunglasses at $20 delivered.
I don't have a link and cannot remember who posted it but I was just in the right time, right place and quick enough to grab one back then.
The rrp was about $400 and everyone in the thread said it will not be delivered and will be cancelled but surprise, it was delivered shipped from UK and it's a fantastic product at fraction of the price.

What was your best bargain so far?


    • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/447368

      Flew to Dubai on Emirates for ~$600. That was fun.

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      Fee free for life Citibank Signature card. The no frills priority passes every year makes it worthwhile.
      Another memorable one for me was: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/333197
      Paying with discounted woolies gift card (when it was allowed) back then essentially made those $10 rebel vouchers 70c each. So I got a bunch and bought a UE boom for close to nothing :)

    • Jetstar $10 from Melbourne to Brisbane one-way on a Saturday - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/425305 - some folk even picked up $10 to Perth return!

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      Citibank signature - fee free for life, still going strong.

      7-11 fuel app. Still going for now, rumours of demise are yet to come to fruition.

      Toyota Camry Hybrid. The forums wouldn't let me buy anything else.

      All of these continue to save me serious cash.

    • Citibank free for life and the bose/google home for $20 each from eBay.

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      The printer deal if anyone remembers

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      Price protection from Go Master/28 Degrees/Coles Mastercard, combine with Price Hipster ….. thank you Ozbargainers for the info. and Ozbargain for the deals to keep it going.

    • Got 12 free pizzas with this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/336341

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        Good times! I shouted everyone pizza at the office. We had over 20 pizzas over the course of the week. Local dominos were onto us though.

    • AMEX 5000 bonus points for every 5 transactions (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/6641).

      This 'deal' was made in error, but for those that registered early, AMEX surprisingly kept their end of the bargain.
      The bargain, of course, was: 1) No cap placed on how many transactions/bonus points during the promotion period, and 2) No $ amount on what constitutes a 'transaction'. =)

    • A pair of wireless headphones for roughly 35c off Amazon, delivered. Still use them today. They've lasted 2/3 years now I think it is.

    • These bargains bring joyes and memories

      1. eBay gift cards at 10% off. It is fun while it lasts.

      2. Return flight to Hainan on Easters for 400$ !!!

      3. Get an Air Fryer on Ozbargain's recommendation and I use it everyday during quanrantine!

      And various other stuffs. Feel bad as I only post one deal (and in limited quantity) 😑.

    • Heaps!
      Free bike lights at reid. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/196050

      All the free krispy kreme donut posts

      Also the cheap ginger deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/484688. I still have heaps in my freezer because of this. Thanks team.

      And can't forget the countless hungry jacks vouchers…

    • +1

      9 dollar dell printer, dell ran out of stock and provided an upgrade for the sane price. but my greatest deal was a $1.70 brother laser printer from staples delivered! The printer had full size toner. I didn't post this deal on ozb. My dad still using the printer from staples after 6 years.

    • I think the Boost discount prepaid mobile data sims (I've since seen are regular Coles specials) - which I bought and since have told friends so about 6 of us now have as a result - thanks Ozb !

    • I think mine has to be the steam link from ebgames for $20 with $29 steam credits.

      Bought like 20 just to get the steam credits. Then slowly selling the boxes for $50 each.

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      I got a $700 kelvinator split system for $150 after GG eBay had 20% off with $100 supplier cash back and also government rebates of $300 then the model wasn't legally able to be installed in qld so they upped the model for me too lol

    • Dell $9 printer. They ran out of stock and gave me the WIFI version (more expensive)


    • I have won so many movie tickets thanks to the competition page so thanks to OzB and everyone who posts competitions!

    • Amazon $315 for Nintendo Switch
      eBay Plus $169 Airpods with wireless charging case
      Catch Birthday $149 iPad Mini
      7-11 fuel

    • 1: Bose store programming error which was stacking 2 codes. I dont normally look into deals like this but was curious to try it out and hey, it worked.
      2: Brought into attention of ebay 20% off deal when I was purchasing network gear. Saved me over $600 for the total purchase.

    • Sub $300 switch back in 2017


    • The Pure Blonde 6km for a 6 pack

      You "ran" 6km with strava and in return got a voucher for a 6 pack of beer. But the barcode was generic…. so i got a case worth of beer.

  • $99 Airpods 2: Great product for half the price. Was already considering paying the retail price for it so came at a good time.

    $79 Samsung T5 SSD: This one I would never have bought at full price but having used it, I don't think I could ever go back to HDD. Awesome product with a slick design.

  • +2

    Free access to dad jokes, puns, and occasionally highly insightful advice and commentary from what seems to be a lovely community of equal parts middle aged white men and impoverished Asian students, with a spattering of a few clever ladies with all kinds of technical knowledge and good old common sense.

    Tldr the memez.

  • Toilet Paper. Can't believe no one has mentioned the toiletgate bargain yet

  • Macbook air 11" $450 13" $800

    iPhone xs max 256gb ($469+$50) iPhone xs max 512gb ($699 + $50)

    • howd you get the phone for $500?

      • I think they mean the +$50 is a plan.
        JB had some sharp Telstra deals.

      • Last week from Good guys, upfront $469 for phone +It was $65 per months for 12 months but you can change to $50 per month (no contract).

        • Post it as a deal, it is good.

            • @mudjr21: so when you say no contract, so you can just leave without paying any cancellation fee? that means you can just pay the $469 and leave right away?

              • @bargainhunter5800: Change to $50 per month and no contract. So you need to pay $50 once even you cancel the contract. But no canceling fee

                • @mudjr21: shit thats a bargain, i thought of doing that with the jb plan, but i heard from other ozb comments that they stopped allowing people to change to the $50 plan.
                  So you basically got an iphone xs max for $500 outright, damnnnnn

        • so how do you change to $50 no contract plan? just chat with telstra rep?

          • @Farrba: It's luck most of the time, not guaranteed to work.

            Try chatting with Telstra with reason.

        • how did you pay $469 for the phone? it says $699. which store did you do it at? i wanna do the same if you can help me with it? thanks

  • Stapes $20 codes - I'm still using some of the A4 paper from 2011.
    7-Eleven Coke/sandwich vouchers - probably ate $1k worth of the stuff…that's coming up to 12 years ago now.
    Various eBay Plus lotteries
    Various Amex Connect lotteries (KitchenAid mixers not the mini ones for $199 plus a few other things I forgot)
    Free $260 voucher from Bunnings

  • So much wisdom in the forums as well. I've picked up a lot of advice about investing, insurance, super not getting ripped off with wedding and funeral arrangements.tons of free movies trials, half price groceries. They should teach ozbargain studies to year 10 kids.

  • 18.4% off WISH, Ebay gift card back in Sep 2019. Spent the whole afternoon calling Paypal to sort out the payment issue.

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    There's been a couple for me… but I think the BEST deal I got was the Huawei P30 Deal with JB Hi-Fi. $199 upfront and could redeem a $200 WISH eGift Card (making the phone free). I needed a new phone plan anyway and I ported in from Optus (after only 10 days being with them). I switched the plan to a Telstra $69 one, which allowed me to claim $10 online purchase discount and $10 'port-in' credit; bringing a 70GB POM plan down to $49p.m. Sold the phone for $800+ and so phone has been paying for itself for a while now. :)

  • Tcl plex for $249 with a free Bluetooth headphone
    TDK a71 boombox for $89
    Countless freebies

  • Cheap Qantas flights thru Expedia Brazil. Brisbane to Frankfurt $1250 return

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