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20% off Storewide @ Dick Smith by Kogan eBay


Hopefully some great prices on TVs, iPhones, MacBooks, Nintendo etc. T&Cs here. Offer ends at eBay's discretion. Enjoy :)

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Dick Smith / Kogan

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  • +2

    Awesome, haven't seen a DS/Kogan 20% off in forever! P20 Pro for $879.20 is a great buy!

    • +14

      Was just on sale for $820

      • p20 pro better or mate 10 pro?

        • p20 pro for sure.

  • -1

    This Dick Smith is no longer associated with Mr. Dick Smith?

    • +7

      It’s Kogan owned.

    • +39

      He hasn't had anything to do with it since 1982 ….

    • +10

      Not for the last 36 years…

    • +1

      owned by Kogan

      • +6

        Krogans own earth business now? Damn what’s next Klingon 20% off?

    • +1

      It's just a front for Kogan now, for better or worse. Strangely the two sites have different prices on some stuff.

    • Its kogan smith or dick kogan now

      • +25

        I prefer Kogan dick.

        • What you get up to in your personal time is none of our business.

        • GAYYYY

        • A bit gentler than a Krogan's dick

  • Wow. They only have Apple iPhones.

      • +51

        The seller did you a favour.

  • +8

    they are so expensive even after the 20% off, products are likely to still be more expensive

    • +3

      Hopefully they dont hike the amazfit bip

      Edit: too late. They already did.
      Just sent an email to accc.

      • +1

        Do you have a link or email address that is direct to the ACCC or is it just a general inbox that they go through and filter stuff out of?

        And have you previously messaged them and actually had them action anything?

        Just curious and might actually be contacting them if Optus don't get off their arse.

  • +25


  • Dick Smith Australia.

    I wonder if there are Dickie USA, Dickie N.Korea or Dickie Nigerian.

    • Dick Smith Electronics also operated in NZ

      • Oh forgot abt the Dickie Kiwis LOL.

    • +1

      Not the Dick we used to know

    • +4

      Dick is huge in Congo. Not so large in North Korea.

  • +1

    Why isn't it PICKDICK or ARSEDICK?


      • How about PICKARSE.

    • +1

      It's Kogan, you're bound to get DICKED regardless.

  • I think they've price jacked already. Nest doorbell in Logan 300, DickSmith 343.

    • P20 Pro doesn't seem jacked yet.

  • +2

    Came here for the funny assssss comments.

  • Suggested strike price for Apple Watch series 3? Best I could find on OZB was $389… https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/382827

  • +5

    1TB Samsung 970 EVO currently listed @ $565.05

    Assuming no jacking that drops to $452.04

    Cheapest via part picker is $544 through Skycomp

    That’s pretty legit to me!

    • +1

      Tempting… but do note the item ships from Hong Kong. The ebay listing says it will only have a "12 month Australia wide warranty"

      Australian stock at today's price would be $496.40 after discount. This listing still only says "12 month Australia wide warranty"

      Samsung generally don't provide International warranties, so repair/replacement would rest with Kogan. Their website claims you still get the full 5 year warranty on the HK import: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/samsung-970-evo-1tb-m2-2280-sam...

  • +2

    Kindle is price jacked - $179 ($144 after discount) on DSE, $159 on Amazon

    • +14

      Lol! Just because a company lists something more than a promotion price doesn't mean it's price jacking. That's like saying Officeworks price jacks if they aren't running a promotion on itunes cards when another company is.

  • can we get free delivery with the ebay+ thing?

  • +5


    27" 1440p 144hz monitor for $499… with another 20% off thats $399

    should I make post about this?

    • +1

      If it is a bargain then yes

    • I notice this is the cheapest model around with that resolution, size and Hz. Also notice it's been around for a couple of years now. Is it cheapest due to age and poor specs?

      • +1

        There also doesnt seem to be any proper reviews on it either. There's 157 ratings on mwave however with an average at 4.5 which is good particular online shopping standards. I'll make a post then and see if anyone here has tried it.

        • Please do, thanks.

    • alright made the post

    • how do I set my post to say TOMORROW like this one… my post just got unpublished because the coupon is active untill tomorrow :/

      • Never posted before, but had a look and noticed there's a start date field. I imagine that should do it.

        • +1

          yeah i did filled that out saying it started tomorrow… oh well I'll just post it tomorrow. thanks anyway

        • +1


          Related posts cannot be posted until the day of the sale, repost at 12.01 and you will be fine.

        • +1

          @nocure: Cheers! I'll keep that in mind

  • +2


    $315 = $252 = $21 per month.

    Just paid $304 via Kogan eBay. Now I see this. I'm burning! Still paid $9 less than Kogan website…but still!

    • good buy hope no price jack

  • +2

    Hopefully they leave the mobile plans there!!

  • 55" listed as $549 with included Chromecast on their website - $629 without Chromecast on eBay. Works out cheaper from their website and getting a Chromecast for $41 from Officeworks.

    • +1

      Have you got them reversed? Website without chromecast?

  • Any ideas on shipping costs for TVs? Could make the difference between a great deal and a wasted effort :o

    • mine was $47 to Adelaide metro

  • Ooh, Nintendo minis!

  • looking tv but $44 postagem too expensive.

  • I'm all for standardisation but the title revisions often make me laugh. Change for the sake of change. Pretty sure TA knows how to post correctly.

    • +4

      Comparison between 1 Year Kogan local warranty (Melbourne) vs some random seller with no warranty. I know who I'd pick.

      • Local kogan warranty that sends it back overseas yeah ok mate….

        • +3

          @doweyy: SO kogan is a direct import that has local warranty, do you listen to yourself talk ? Still goes back overseas to be fixed.

    • for posting TA. Looking for an ipad pro
      , hopefully will have a deal.
  • +5

    I'm glad the coupon code is 'PICKSMITH' and not 'DICKPICK', as that would've been just been inappropriate.

    • Please explain

      • …on Insta

  • Looks like no new eBay lows for anything except their in-house stuff.

    They seem to stock a decent 4k HDR TV now, so that can be had for $500 and under (43"/49"/55").

    • +2

      Had really bad experience with a Kogan TV before. Will never buy a Kogan TV. Chucked the TV away within 6 months of the purchase. The panel felt like a Samsung rejected panel, the firmware was awful (HDMI Auto was implemented wrong and zero firmware update).

      • Opposite experience here. Loving the 4K curved I got last year

      • You definitely want to grab a set top box for their panels. The Mi Box just got Oreo.

  • Shipping to aus for 2 light bulbs is $139 :D

  • +1

    Can anyone comment on how long delivery normally takes for a laptop?

  • +32

    No deal. Bought the 2000w smart heater for 129 delivered last week. Now 288 WTF?

    • +9

      Exactly except I got negged into oblivion, the sheep will follow blindly

      • +1

        The sheep from Cheapies?

    • +9

      Which heater are you talking about? There is no $288 heater listed.

      Oh, okay found it. The regular price is $199. You bought it at a special promotion price of $129. I don't know where you got $288 unless you meant $208 as that is what the price is on ebay.

      Seems unfair to complain that it's no longer $129 if that was on sale at the time. You expect it to be permanently $129 from now on or something?

      • -2

        Kogan and Dicksmith are same..
        If it is 199 at Kogan, why is it 288 at Dicksmith?

        • +5

          Where does it say it's $288? Even on dick smith it's $199.

        • @BlazinPast: Yup 208 in your link. Which is not bad price for eBay.

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