This was posted 4 years ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Nationwide Except QLD] Smirnoff Ice Double Black Vodka Cans 30x375ml $44 (Was $136) (Possible Price Error) @ Woolworths Online


I think its a price error but its well worth buying it.
I think Woolies will honour it.

Not a big fan for the double blacks but for this price I ain't going to refuse.
Bought 2 packs and buying probably another 2 now.

Need to be logged into Woolies to see the special.

Here is a snapshot of the advertised price so you can show Woolies if they dishonour it.

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    unable now

    • Make sure you're logged in, price will show up

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    half price - their maths is off

    its amazing to me that people pay $136 for 30 cans…

  • In store as well?

  • Had 3 in my cart and as I submitted they have made it unavailable.

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      Still working for me. Make sure you are logged in.

    • +1

      Not available from the store that services your area. Try pick up and shop around. Third time lucky for me.

    • Managed to order 3 at $42 each for pickup from Bullcreek (WA)

  • tried pickup, though i doubt they'll have it at the store. for anyone that can't get pickup to work, try selecting a later time and/or a different store, as this worked for me

    • +1

      You have to select a branch that has an attached bottle shop otherwise you're shown an error trying to checkout. Use Google maps to work out which branches do.

      • the order went through fine, and i know the one i selected has a BWS next to it. not sure any in SA actually have an attached bottleshop though.

        we'll see i guess

  • Showing at $42 in WA I think it's ment to be the 10 pack 👍

    • that might be the case but I took a snap shot of the image so everyone can argue and get the price as advertised.


      Hope this worked ?

      • That's a better screenshot than Mr Chow's (which shows the 10x fridge pack).

  • they just took it down - Sorry, temporarily unavailable.

    • anyway to delete an account?

    • +3

      Still available, need to make sure you're logged in

  • went thru fine with me as well, charged me on paypal, but on item description it doesn't specify how many cans we get… it just says :
    Your Woolworths Online order:

    Item Description: Unit Price: Quantity: Price:
    Smirnoff Ice Double Black Vodka Cans 42.00 2.00 84.00
    Subtotal: 84.00
    Less Discount: -0.00
    Delivery Fee: 0.00
    Total Payable (including GST): 84.00
    Paid by PayPal: 84.00

    How much does 30 cans normally go for anyways?

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      Was $136. I think it's safe to say it normally goes for $136?

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      Dan Murphy's sell them for $122.99 per case of 24

      • Thanks for that, can anyone confirm if their receipt says 30 cans? mine doesn't specify the amount…

  • Tempted but CBF. Plenty of vodka in the fridge already.

  • Order confirmed 17:00 (pick-up)
    Wasn't able to buy in QLD but on NSW yes (border)

  • Ordered two cases successfully logged in and mixed payment with gift card and PayPal. Now to see if they have stock. (If not, I’ll insist I’ll wait until they get more in)

    • If not - insist on a rain check

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    I guess this isnt a queensland thing?

    • Maybe you have to have a woolworths rewards?

      • +2

        You can't order alcohol within QLD other than Bottle Shops, so this deal excludes QLD. Technically this is a BWS deal, but Woolworths doesn't allow ordering..

    • +2

      QLD has archaic liquor laws

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    Download the Woolworths app and login.

    You can see your past orders and it lists them as 30x375ml.

  • +4

    Damn, looks like it's time to take up drinking again.

  • Do they have expiry dates?last time I've got a similar deal when they were expiring and had about 1 eek left on them.

    • They have a best before date. A best before date is not the same as an expiry date.

  • Just ordered two for pickup tomorrow at the local.

    The order's gone through fine, but I won't be surprised if it's cancelled by the time I go to pick them up tomorrow.

    In any case, cheers for the effort OP, upvoting as it seems to have gone through fine.

  • This product is Unavailable

  • 'Not available'. Have an account

  • still showing

    Smirnoff Ice Double Black Vodka Cans 30x375ml
    SAVE $93.00

    $ 44 00
    Was $137.00

    • also you do not need to login in to get the price

  • +1

    Great find OP

  • +1

    I would say this is listed in error as they also have the 10 pack for $44, and the image reflects a 10 pack.

    Could simply be argued an error in the submission of item description.

    The only thing is, and my knowledge of this side of consumer law is not great, but unless there is a 30-pack available (I only see a 24-pack elsewhere) are they obliged to give you 3 x 10-packs instead? Something tells me this will get messy!

    • 30 pack is 3 x 10 packs. Thats what I can see from Dans and other online stores that list it.

    • BWS sell it as a "case" of 30, which is what this will be, but everywhere else doesn't offer this, think it's just 3 x 10 packs renamed

      • Woops! I didnt search Dan Murphys directly, only did a Google search!

  • Ordered my 2. Thx OP, you da bomb! (oops, can I say that - fk it, yes I can).
    That said, it's not in the bag till it's in the bag.

  • Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Awesome price! Thanks OP, have an upvote for your efforts :)

  • It is showing temporary unavailable even I am logged into my woolworths account. :(

  • it's gone. It says: "sorry, temporarily unavailable"

  • These products are not currently available for your location :( ( WA )

    • +2

      Did you select a branch that has an attached BWS bottle shop?

      • oh thank you . worked..

  • Still working here(ACT), just ordered 2

  • Went though in ACT. Will let youse know if it works for pickup tomorrow.

  • Just vanished from my cart and now unavailable :(

  • Just processed and paid for. Will wait and see

  • Still worked for me. Paid $42

  • Confirmed, still working. Didn’t work on my phone but fine on PC.

  • +1

    showing up as $42 for me… seems like a price error as it's the same price as the 10 pack

    10 pack:
    30 pack:

  • Order summary doesn’t show the quantity.

  • I put the order through for 1 pack, came up $44 for click and collect, then I used $20 in everyday rewards points..
    $24.00 if they honour it.. I’ll find out tomorrow when I try to collect from Warringah Mall, NSW

  • Ordered.

  • Good one, worked for me.

  • Price up to $131

    The price error was for the 10 pack. Goodluck to all who bought before the fixed it.
    Given its alcohol, I'd be surprised if they give these away.

  • I just ordered two 30 packs

    PLU: 907460
    Product name: smirnoff-ice-double-black-vodka-cans

  • Almost ordered even I don't like vodka… Then remembered I got 30+ bottles of vodka in storage from one unfruitful business venture… :P GULB

  • I'm in SA - not available on website or mobile app. :(

    • Works for me

      • Delivery or pick up? If latter, which store?

        • mitcham woolies works as BWS is attached

        • Worked for pickup at marion

  • +1

    Still works for me. Ordered and saved an extra 5% with GC :)

  • Will be interested in whether anyone's actually able to pick a case up.

  • +7

    We can thank the brilliant alcopops tax from 10 years ago for these ridiculous prices… aren't we glad that the tax cured the alcohol problem Australia used to have?

    • In all likelihood the tax on these is higher than $44.

      • Yup, alcohol tax is more than $1 per standard drink on RTDs, these are 1.9 standard drinks, so looking close to $60. And that's excluding GST.

    • I imagine according to pollies our drinking problem is probably that we don't drink enough of the things. They are raking in a billion dollars a year on that alcopop tax and are over the moon about it. But they won't tax beer or wine tax because they're worried about the backlash, and they can't sell it as "protecting the kids".

      For comparison though, the tax is about $60 on a 30 pack. Tax on two 4L casks of Sonata Estate Soft Fruity White (unknown vintage)? At most $5.20. Which has more alcohol? The hints of passionfruit and tropical fruits with a fresh acidity in that there goon.

      People enjoying themselves drink RTDs. Alcoholics with no money, ruining their lives, drink goon and beer, because it's a way cheaper way to destroy your liver.

  • Confirmed working here in ACT….just received the confirmation email as well. Used the web page and not the app

  • just ordered one, cheers op

  • Don't forget cashrewards

  • just ordered. working in nsw, neutral bay. thanks guys :)

  • Cashrewards, gift card and staff discount :-)

  • Just bought it now for 42 pick up tomorrow. No issues..

  • +2

    Does anyone know what the sugar content of these are?

  • +1

    I think they may have fixed it

  • +1

    do not forget to donate all leftovers to the AA

  • Worked fine for me just now, Floreat Forum, WA

    • I'm getting "Sorry, temporarily unavailable." on the product page and it seems to be hidden from search results

  • +6

    Put through an order in the ACT. Noticed after I confirmed the order it had $1 reusable bags automatically? added to my order. Very annoying. We've had the no plastic bags thing in the ACT for a very long time now and no-one cares, everyone has adjusted. Now we're getting caught up in the stupid hysteria some of the rest of the country is in about it. Hopefully I can just return them but I don't think I can easily because they weren't added into the cart they are listed among the service fees like shipping at the end.

    Forgot cashrewards though cancelled order and started over with cashrewards. no option to remove the $1 reusable bags. this is an outrage

    • +2

      That annoyed me as well, as there was no ability to remove it. And why would they put a 30 can pack into a bloody bag! Oh well if (when) they cancel my order they can credit me for that too

    • Yep me too.
      Ordered 20 cartons and got charged a dollar for bags!?!?

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