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[Nationwide Except QLD] Smirnoff Ice Double Black Vodka Cans 30x375ml $44 (Was $136) (Possible Price Error) @ Woolworths Online


I think its a price error but its well worth buying it.
I think Woolies will honour it.

Not a big fan for the double blacks but for this price I ain't going to refuse.
Bought 2 packs and buying probably another 2 now.

Need to be logged into Woolies to see the special.

Here is a snapshot of the advertised price so you can show Woolies if they dishonour it.

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  • Dam Queensland

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    i was going to buy it until I read the macro panel - 24 grams of sugar per can, no thanks

    • +15

      Really? Awesome! That is so much sugar for the price! Bargain!

    • That's kinda low for a sugary alcoholic drink.

  • was showing $42 for me in Bendigo, Ordered one., Thanks

  • Damn! Not available anymore. I just added 3 to the cart and after logging in, it's gone.

    • Are you in QLD? If your delivery address is in QLD it will show the unavailable message

  • $42 at Riverton. I'm tempted to get some but I've got a busy day tomorrow.

  • Will woolies honour an online price in store? Tempted to pop by my local to see?

  • +1

    Just ordered two at the discounted price, when ordering play around with a few local stores. One had them at full price and a few others a little further away had the discounted price.

  • just got one for 42 in vic

  • Guys I bought it as soon as I saw the deal. Then went to the store to pick it up. They already knew bout the pricing error. They cancelled my order but gave me 10 pack for free for inconvenience. Still good tho 😂

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      Did you set pick up for tomorrow but show up at the store today anyway? or just get in early enough that there was a pick up time available for you today?

  • It would have been smarter to just go to a store and scan it in store? I ordered mine online, but should have chanced going to the BWS down the road

  • I bought it online but pick up date for today wasn’t available. I set it up for tomorrow. But then called the store and told them if it’s ok to come and pick it up tonight. They said ok. I went there in 5 min and then yea they cancelled and gave me 10 pack for free

    • Tried that but the woman said their system won't let them fill the order yet and best she could suggest was to cancel and reorder for the 8am block instead of the 11am one (even though 8am pickup block was already closed). I don't think she looked at the actual product and price. Will see what happens.

  • They also said that they don’t have 30 pack of these ones at all. They don’t have it anywhere. They only have 10 packs. And I told them that well that’s what comes in 30 pack. 3 x 10 packs but they said they can’t sell it like that. They called the head office

  • +1

    They have just canceled my order

  • Initially didn’t work for me at all, system kept on saying stock wasn’t available, but after a while it worked again. Ordered 2, fingers crossed hopefully they will honour it when I pick up tomorrow

  • Now showing as 'Sorry, temporarily unavailable.'

    • check you have your store setup as one with a bws attached..

      • Thanks for the tip, it worked!

  • +6

    just picked up Joondalup, only had 5 10 packs, so got 3 x 10 packs, guy couldn't believe price, put it through as 1 pack , get 2 free as he couldn't work it any other way ..

    • Haha. That's brilliant customer service! Must have been high enough ranking to be able to price override too.

  • so guys i didnt give up and had a chat with customer service. they said if its been replaced already, they will honor it and give it away. so i will be able to pick up 3x10 pack tomorrow. but now the question is, whats gonna happen to the one they gave me free? :D should i mention it or ? they didnt even scan it !!

    • What do you mean "if its been replaced"?

      • if the order is placed. sorry wrong typo :P

  • +1

    agent : "this is happening across australia at this very moment and the ones who ordered already will be honored and be able to pick up their orders tomorrow "

    • They're all being cancelled and refunded…

  • Just grabbed 2x delivered.. then thought, hey - i wonder if pickup works too… it did for another 2x.

    Still working then.

  • how long till expiry on these? can only have one or two before i start to get a sugar overload

    • +3

      alcohol is the worst drug in the world. so you are worried about how much sugar its got? :D

      • -3

        then why are you bothering to come here and comment dad? sheesh go do something better with your time

    • +1

      These don't have an expiry date

  • +2

    also there is bundaburg lazy bear too. 6 pack and 10 pack is the same price

    • Nice find. I love these things.

    • 3.5 though… why even bother?

      • Because it's nice?

  • Why did I pay 44 each wtf :(

    • Which area are you?

      • NSW Moruya

  • "Sorry, temporarily unavailable."
    I think they fixed it…..:(

    • check your prefered store is setup as one with a bws attached.

    • I just ordered and worked through!0

  • Just ordered! Got 4 lots… haha

    • how? its showing as unavailable

      • Clicked on the link, shows $44, signed into my account, pickup, chose my store (has a alcohol place attached to it) and it went through $176 for 4 lots.

  • +15

    Just picked up 2 packs from Dan Murphy’s for $43 each. They did the best price guarantee and beat the $44 by $1. Staff were skeptical to begin with but after confirming the price by accessing the website themselves, they were happy to honour. One of the staffers even said she would grab one for that kind of price haha

    • Great work!

    • great work!

      Just wondering for next time ( if there is another good deal) , did they Access the website with their own phone/computer? im wondering because i dont got data on my phone

      also did they not notice the pricing error when they accessed it themselves? it says 1/2 price, even though its more than half price off ( $93 off)

      • So they did a few things. I showed them the offer on my phone (could’ve been a screenshot I guess but I had the live site). They were skeptical so they checked it on their own internal server using the checkout computer (which seems to be linked with BWS/Woolworths) and it was actually showing the 3x10 at the original price. I told them that the Woolworths site had it listed as $44 and so then they looked up the the actual Woolworths website on the checkout computer and found the $44 price. Decided that was enough to satisfy Dan Murphy’s policy, and scanned the two cases for me, after taking a photo of the website with their phone to show their manager. Hope that helps!

        • Yes thanks alot

  • Thank you op. Just ordered one.

  • +3

    Just picked my order up. Team member was sus (still showing up full price on their store POS) and had to ring the store manager to approve it. They said it was a price error but they'd honour it as it was live on their website.

    • +1

      Great work. Name checks out.

  • Just ordered for pick up tomorrow - Vic

  • Cheers just bought one for pickup tomorrow from Balaclava VIC, hope they'll honor it!

  • put thru 2 orders of 2 at 2 different stores , went to do a 3rd and now its finsished :(

    • Swap stores. It’s still live

  • Thanks. Ordered one and was confirmed successful so pick up tomorrow! Awesome deal!

  • website price just went back to $131

    • +1

      I can also confirm the price has reverted and so I have expired the deal. Please report to mods (or OP please update) if the price error miraculously comes back.

      • +6

        Wow, I got negged for doing my duty as a power user. Crazy. Neg away, it won't stop me and it won't bring the deal back.

  • -1

    Hope they honour tmr when I get there…

    My guess is they won't have stock for everyone and people will get screwed over.

  • 137 now

  • -1

    My ordered got cancelled. Went earlier like some ozbargainers, would have been happy with free 10 pack. Maybe my mistake was I called the online support team and got told my order will be cancelled, seconds later got email saying my order has been cancelled.

    • Demand to see the manager!

    • Seems that your keeness has caused it to be cancelled. Live and learn I guess.

  • +1

    Mine just got cancelled/refunded 😭

    "Thank you for contacting Woolworths Online regarding order number xxxxxxxx.

    Your credit/debit card used for payment will be refunded with the amount of $44.00. Your refund will take 3 to 5 business days to show back into your account, dependent on your financial institutions processing times."

    I never 'contacted them'.

    • Me too!

    • Yeah just got the same email, I got in early too… Oh well, a few lucky ones might get it still

    • -1

      Me three. I don't usually shop online so the refunded online only store credit is very inconvenient. I wonder how I can convert it back to cash or gift card.

      My neg vote is for WW not honouring the purchase and then locks up my money with credit I cannot easily use. It expires in 1 year whereas cash don't expire.

      • If you chat with them theyll convert it to an eGift card

    • Yeah, bit of a weird way to announce they've decided to not go through with our purchase. No apology or anything.

  • WOOLWORTHS GROUP LIMITED has just sent you a full refund of $44.00 AUD for your purchase.

    • +7

      You ordered 20 cases? Of course they wouldn't honour that.

  • When I check the progress of my pickup order it says there is none to show. Yet I have received no email about a refund.

    • same

      • I really hope our money hasn't just disappeared.

        • ah I'm sure it'll be fine one way or the other; I did get a confirmation of order placed email, so I can prove order and payment. Worst comes to worst I'd put a claim in with Paypal. Who knows maybe they blanket cancelled all orders for it but will still honor some and that's why we haven't gotten the cancellation email or something. Or it'll come through soon. If I don't get one or a refund by tmro I'll go down with my confirmation of order email and see if they'll give em to me I guess

  • -3

    Yep I got the same, refunded. Wtf?

    There was absolutely no explanation email as to why it was refunded.

    • +2

      I mean it's pretty obvious.

  • +2

    Who is responsible for 3 whole marinated chicken, to consume with smirnoff? Woolworths is disgrace. Ruined a good weekend.

    • +1

      I guess there’s no winner winner for this chicken dinner

  • Yup refunded as well… Oh well

  • +1

    Refund, I'm not surprised.

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