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Voost Multivitamin 30 Pack $3 (70% off) @ Chemist Warehouse


Almost couldn't believe the price when I saw it, purchased some in store myself.
Considering the 10 pack usually costs more than this, this price is insane.

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    My general wellbeing is cactus - should i get some of these?

    I've got a 'Nature's Way multivitamin here and comparing the first few listed:

    Vitamin A 130mcg (Voost 430mcg)
    Vitamin B1 0.7mg (Voost 10mg)
    Vitamin B2 1.3mg (Voost 10mg)
    Vitamin B3 16mg (Voost 25mg)

    Voost seems to pack a bigger punch.

    • Adding a multi-vitamin, especially of this quality, isn't going to change your life.

      Have a watch of this, to see where, in my opinion, a lot of the issues start.


    • A multivitamin won't do jack for you. Live in a part of the world with little sunshine and spend daylight hours at an indoor job? Sure, get your vitamin D levels tested and rectify if needed. Eat a shit diet lacking in cruciferous vegetables and variety then take a multivitamin thinking it will compensate for this? Nope.

    • Doesn't look like good quality vitamins (IMO)

      Their B12 is cyanocobalamin, should be methylcobalamin.
      Zinc oxide is poorly absorbed and should be a chelated form (zinc orotate or picolinate etc).
      Vit E is actually about 8 different compounds call tocopherols and tocotrionols, usually only found in a dedicated Vit E product and not as part of multi.

      Didn't bother after that. But for 3 bux what do you expect? :)

    • Unless Vitamins are Whole Food Vitamins they are often useless and potentially dangerous.

      That stated no vitamins are not replacement for a healthy diet.

      • I appreciate what you're saying generally, but for a lot of people, vitamin supplementation is essential.

        For example, many people aren't able to absorb enough vitamin B12 because their stomach doesn't make enough of the required intrinsic factor. No matter how much food they have, they'll still be deficient. Supplementation is their only treatment. Same with lots of other conditions

    • Just go to your doctor then go to a nutritionist as well.
      Don't rely on ozbargain advise.

    • Start with foundations:

      You will find that old school advice is the best long term

    • If you eat animal products you'll be fine with the V vitamins. Eat 60 grams of carrots and you'll get 500mcg of vitamin A, a better form than you'll get in a tablet.

  • Might be short dated?


    Been this price for a while

  • Unless you have a vitamin deficiency you're wasting your money and making vitamin rich urine.

    If you do have a deficiency take only what you are deficient in (or change your diet).

    • Ah yes, the old you have to be having ill health effects for multivitamins to be useful story.

      • Even then, no where near as effective as whole plant based foods.

      • Ah yes, the old you have to be having ill health effects for multivitamins to be useful story.

        Ah yes, the old belief based non fact based argument.

        If you are not deficient then taking these will not do anything positive and there is a good chance they could be doing harm.

        I'm sure you do not take panadol each day just in case a headache forms?

        There are negative side effects with taking high doses of vitamins https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/6134278/redir

      • The old science double blind placebo studies? We found the uneducated ozbargainer.

    • I'd rather have expensive pee than an expensive heart attack.

      • multivitamins won't stop you from having a heart attack.

      • You are doing more than making expensive pee and you definitely are not preventing a heart attack.

        Last month, a review of dozens of studies found “no clear evidence of a beneficial effect of supplements” on heart disease, cancer or mortality. An accompanying editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine warned that “beta carotene, vitamin E, and possibly high doses of vitamin A supplements are harmful,” while other antioxidants “are ineffective.”

        If you smoke then there is a pretty good link between vitamin E and A and an even higher chance of lung cancer.

        The National Cancer Institute already advises cancer patients that antioxidant supplements “should be used with caution.”

        The antioxidants caused a 2.8-fold increase in lung tumors, made the tumors more invasive and aggressive, and caused the mice to die twice as quickly - all compared to mice not given antioxidants.

        Hang onto the feeling of a magic bullet if you need. Science disagrees with you.

        “It’s disappointing but not surprising that people’s beliefs are not modified by scientific evidence,” said Dr Paul Marantz, an epidemiologist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. “People so want to believe there is a magic bullet out there.”


        not only are vitamins not that beneficial for most of us; some supplements, such as "beta-carotene, vitamin E, and possibly high doses of vitamin A, [might increase] the risk of death" in certain instances.

        consumers don't know that taking megavitamins could increase their risk of cancer and heart disease and shorten their lives


        We all agree that too much sugar, alcohol, fat, panadol, water and really anything is bad for you however people are stuck thinking that a little magic tablet from a chemist can do something good when they have absolutely no reason to take it. Too much of anything is bad including vitamins.

        • I agree with much of your last paragraph, including the crazy idea that little magic tablets from the local chemist can be an all-fix.

          However, it's worth noting the source of the key article, Annals of Internal Medicine, is "published by the American College of Physicians" and so as a group - for good or ill - will have its own (likely unwritten) set of views and biases around supplementation, including the authors of the referenced "Enough is Enough" editorial — biases that may cause them to possibly overlook or downplay certain data.

          Therefore I feel it's often useful to read alternative views on big ideas like this, such as a response by Dr. Alan Gaby MD to the same article: Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Are Not a Waste of Money: Comments on a Widely-Publicized Editorial.

          Just to be clear, I'm all for empirical, evidence-based science.

  • Buy a set of scales and Vital Premix from Bulk Nutrients instead of something from supermarket.

    I can feel and see Vital Premix working. I have never felt or seen a supermarket multivitamin working. This may be because the supermarket multivitamins are not in a form that your body can use.

  • Will it make me smarter?

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    op might want to add that the whole range is on special. https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/Shop-Online/2368/VOOST

  • Dont forget Shipster members get free shipping for $25+ and cashrewards coupon CASHREWARDSFIVE for $5 off your order.

  • Maybe they could make Voost Juice?

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    do you know these kinda supplements don't do anything if any its a placebo effect.

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      Placebo effect can produce a real, measurable result so if in fact people do experience this phenomena then they are benefiting, regardless of whether it's placebo or a real nutritional advantage.

  • Usana is better


    The sleep variety is the best value out of the range at $3

    30 2g valerian tablets isn't too bad if it works for you.

    I prefer a decent quality magnesium and a low dose melatonin to help with sleep.

  • The claims that multivitamin tablets like these aren't beneficial, depends on what you are using it for - rather than taking the every day, high dose vitB is demonstrably good at helping with a hangover, as is Valerian but they definitely have some side effects to be aware of if you take the too regularly. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/body/health/a27616/best-hang...

    • I'm with you on the B group vitamins. Very important in general. Energy levels, brain sharpness, helps with absorption of other vitamins and minerals too (something often overlooked until there is a deficiency). But there is B and there is B. These are lower quality form. EightImmortals speaks about it in some detail above.

  • Wow…all this health advice from a forum that regularly advertises the worst junk food…lol

  • Good to waste less money.

  • I take the ones of these with 80mg of caffeine instead of energy drinks as there is no sugar. it works pretty well to perk me up at work in the morning without giving me the shakes.

    I am after some quality magnesium products though.

  • Compared to the normal price looks like a good bargain for sure. Health value wise if you are going to spend $3 on food grade product, might as well buy packs of rolled oats from supermarket at least it will be filling and cheaper! :)

  • As a doctor I believe this is a waste of money.

  • There is a term …junk advertising… the advertising is not illegal but it promotes items and services which do no harm but do no good
    even though often a 'famous' doctor - no-one has ever heard of - endorses these products etc. Because these products are often advertised to most vulnerable and gullible and on morning TV etc - viewers don't want to miss out or fell stupid because they don't spend their hard earned money on them. IT is a MASSIVE money making business! Recently one famous group was forced to tone down its advertising campaign re health benefit of most of its products. I suspect many more will follow. There are no health benefits in taking vitamins!

  • Makes expensive urine.

  • The full range was still in stock at Seaford Meadows, thanks OP. I didn't realise these were regular supplements, not effervescent tablets, but a good discount nonetheless.